A Writing Topic That Needs A Post

So many great topics popped into my head this past  weekend that will be discussed, but I thought this one needed to be first. It is a topic my adopted brother and I talked about in detail yesterday & we agreed on the final conclusion. Before going further, let me ask a two part question.

  1. How many of you are writers, whether it be professional or dabbling?
  2.  Do you think building a world for your characters, crafting it with rules, rewards and the like is fun?


My brother and I love building these for our creations and though I’m now growing more as a writer, adding detail to my pieces, one thing I love is building worlds for my troop to live in. Heck, a couple of my elves below have been geared for fantasy settings, but they could & will be used in modern settings. Point being, as writers our characters can fit any roles, given the attention we give in making the world believable. 🙂


Skya redone 1





What am I trying to say? A few days ago, a friend of mine messaged, asking me to help him with his story, but in the end it turned out as he wants me to design his world for him, which his reasons will sound like excuses, they do to me. The first was: Due to all he has been going through, he can’t think right. This one is most likely true, it has happened to me, but find what evens you out man. Second was: He didn’t know where to begin, though I gave him tips awhile back, & reminded him of them, to which he said, “He knew all this…”


After that, I wanted to move my keyboard and bang my head on my desk a few times because I don’t see an issue here. To me, it sounds like he just doesn’t want to try and if so, well then, he should just walk away from writing, blunt as it might sound. See, I would not mind helping him build a world, but I’m not doing one for him, his muses aren’t mine.



What do you all think?


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