Baby’s New Look/Last Run Of The Season!

F150 Raptor Stampede 2017


Wanted to let ya guys see this new look for my former brushed 2WD Stampede a few months ago, but yeah. Baby badly needed a new body due to the old one was cracking all over. Sure, it didn’t that the truck went wild and went under my nephew’s truck, but my controller batteries were bad.


The Ford 150 Raptor body, (above) was painted blue with white stripes by the same guy who painted the old shell and it looks AWESOME! Looking at the truck in person, it pops, saying, “Drive me!!!” and makes the R/C have a modern feel, I love it. Though the body came home in August, with the chair cutting out, I didn’t wanna risk going out, which burnt the last half of Summer up.


However, seeing the warm weather has all but gone, over the weekend, Baby was taken out an ran Friday and Sunday, the last three runs of the season. Being out with the truck, just running it balls out felt great, very healthy for the mind and spirit! I mean crud, one almost forgot how much speed this brushless system has. 😛 I know most people in the R/C hobby run their cars and trucks year round, but the cold can mess with my body temp, making it sink, even with me bundled up, so this passed weekend was the final run of 2017. 🙂


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