An Anime Blast From The Past!



Again, this may tell my age, but me no care! 🙂 If you were into anime and Toonami like I was in the 90s/early 2000s, more than likely you were aware of Outlaw Star. Love it or not, it was on in the afternoon here and had a good run. At first the anime was eh to me, having a few episodes skipped, but it grew on me like grass, sprouting and I came to like it. 🙂


For the last few Saturday nights, I’ve been watching Outlaw Star on Toonami, and despite me twitching from the English voices, though the DO TRY, I’ve rather enjoyed revisiting it all these years later. True, I’d get the series on DVD/Blu-ray so the twitching can stop, (one anime on my bucket list), but for now, the dubbed version will do.


What are your thoughts and feelings about the series? I’d love to talk to ya! 🙂


16 thoughts on “An Anime Blast From The Past!

  1. I actually started watching this because of Toonami in these past Saturdays. In a funny way, it reminds me of Cowboy Bebop except it involves space pirates. I like the traditional classic anime and I thought the English Dub is decent. I am still watching the show and I like Gene.

  2. I started watching it about halfway through, and I loved it, watched it to the end, and then started back at the beginning. 🙂 The ending is a bit less cohesive than the rest of it, but it’s great!

  3. I loved Outlaw Star. As a youngin’ I probably shouldn’t have been watching it but I did. I’m also re-watched it on Toonami. The voice acting pretty crappy but I’m okay with it for nostalgia sake. What I found crazy is I still remind the bits and pieces of the ending theme. LOL

    Nice post.

    • For nostalgia sake, I’m dealing with the dubbed voice acting as well, not easy, but :). Thanks for stopping by, I need to review trigun and Elfien Lied, but for some reason my Blu Ray software plays Elfien Lied out of order.

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