The Reason I WILL NOT Buy Wolfenstien II

Had this topic on my mind since Wednesday/Thursday, but something major went on that put the topic on hold, (will explain what went on in a few days). When Wolfenstien II was announced a few months ago at E3, plans already were set to save it to my Steam wish list when possible to buy when a sale happens, (after Tekken 7 & the headache opponents give me on it, won’t ever reserve a game again). I digress though.


Last week, Wolfenstien II was up for Pre-load, so I added it to my list, but after seeing a cutscene of it and saw what went on in said scene, the game was removed from my radar. I am no prude when it comes to content in games. Sex, I can take, blood/gore, okay, but having a father make his son shoot the family pet to prove he’s a man, but if you don’t shoot the dog, he’ll murder it for you? I draw a line at that crap. There are those who might say it is just a game, get over it, & you’re right, but for me, I’m….




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