Something Writing related On My Mind!

There are topics I’d like to cover this week and get feedback on them, but this topic came to me Last night (Sunday) while watching a show about comic books and the history how Marvel Comics came to be. In it, it revealed something I & most writers/authors already are aware of, but thought this might be a good topic to talk about.



I knew most comic book artists didn’t get paid a lot back than, (if they did, it wasn’t anything) & they didn’t get much credit, this would go for novel authors too I would think. I have not decided how I’ll publish my book or the erotic works yet, but decided long ago that all aspects will not be dictated by a company! Say the vampire novel gets made into a film, the characters are in essences living beings to me and I don’t want any alterations to them to suite a movie, agree or no?


Sakura redone picture 1


Same goes for my erotic characters/writings. While unsure if they’ll be made to manga or self publish as stories, I don’t wanna lose control of them either. Love to hear your thoughts on this! 🙂


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