Amazes Me!

So, yesterday, (Tuesday), the doctors came out & while I’m not against them, (too much), it amazes me that they pull some stuff. I’ve been calling for a script so a therapist can come out to see what I need for this new chair, but they don’t call back.However, once they wanna come out for my monthly checkup, they call and I feel on the spot.


Another thing, every damn month, they want blood for some test, which they drew three or four vies of the shit, so what, they couldn’t use the last three for the test this month? I won’t tell what they want me to get, but I think it’s bull…


I kinda bitched them out a tad for these and showing up early. Okay, I had my cell off, half my faiult, but the other crap… Am I wrong to feel this way?


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