Thoughts On A Game Reveal!

On December 11th, the Video Game Awards happened, but this year I didn’t watch them, which I didn’t mind. However a day after, my inbox was flooded with posts of You Tube videos by channels I follow and a video caught my interest, so it was clicked on. Watching it, strong hints were dropped, revealing what it was, & what game was it? Soul Calibur 6, (SC6).



Yes friends, a sixth installment of the weapon based fighting game from Bandai Namco is due out sometime in 2018. As some who visited this blog for years know, SC5 was played, loved and hated by me, (mostly because some players on PSN wanted to be fools, but I digress). Five also seemed to be disliked due to many reasons, (the new cast of characters, lack of story & Arcade mode etc.) For me, the only reason to hop on the game was the Character Creation tool, which I created the characters from my writings.

Anyway SC6 will be a reboot of the series with apparently the original cast, (or so it seems), easier mechanics, character creation and be out for PC, (Via Steam), PS4 & XB1. My thoughts on the news? Guarded ready! Oh, I’ll buy the game for PC, so I can recreate my troop, maybe create new girls and mess around offline, but I’m not gonna do online too much. Sure, IF friends wanna have matches, I’ll play em, but I’ll be leery with random people.



As a side note here. SC5 was played by me last week and if I thought players were awful when I stopped playing years ago, the game got worse now! 🙂 If any of you want to hear a funny but screwed up tale that happened to me between another player & myself in game let me know. ^_^


A New Approach To My Blog!

There have been posts I’ve been wanting to get up, but either life or other issues put em on hold. I’ll try not to let that happen, so let us began. 🙂 When you read posts from me before, more often than not, errors might’ve caught your eye, but I never corrected them, which was very lazy on my part!


For a few of the newer post, the errors and such aren’t really there, if they are, they’re not apparent to me. I’ve taken to writing said post I have on my mind using open office writer first, then pasting it here. I find if I do the draft in office, the post doesn’t get errors in it & it comes to me clearer. This technique will be used on most of my posts from now on.


Thoughts? Let me know.

Pointing Things Out



Please forgive if it sounds like I’m salty, I’m not and this isn’t a post about how snobbish about losing Tekken matches. Let me go on record as saying, if the match is close and the opponent plays well, without dirty spam or anything like that, then I will take the L with pride. In fact, the first weekend the game dropped, I found myself in a match vs a very good fighting game hype man on you tube, (I won’t put his handle here for reasons). Anyway, he had me dead to rights the first two rounds by air juggling me, but third round, the comeback of the ages happened, having me win.

Getting back on topic, a subber to my you tube channel ask why I only post wins and not losses, basically calling me two faced. As stated above, if I lose to a good player, posting it would not bother me, but as of late, players use spam tactics to win and I’m not putting up one sided bs matches. However, to prove to him I’m no snot, two videos of losses were uploaded, though the players spammed the same moves to win.

Please note the second match because the guy/girl pulled off some dumb sweeps to get a win. To me, the whole 2nd and 3rd rounds were stinky. Next we have video two.

In this one, the first Nina, who was a higher rank than me thought they could win by the same spam, but rage quit right when it saved my win. I hope the player enjoyed having to restart a new save file! 🙂 This second match, the user was all trash and had a one sided win, but do you see my point?

A day after that person subbed to my you tube channel, he/she deleted me from their steam list, kinda funny, no? What I’m about to say may make me look bad, but it needs saying. I don’t have nothing to prove to anyone who views my matches. If I take a loss from a legit good player, I’ll show it, but these one sided spam fests, no thanks….

Am I in the wrong?

Book Chapter Progression

Blackrose 2 redone 1


While a bit of editing is most likely needed, something I try doing as I write & after each chapter, thought you guys/gals might enjoy the progress of chapter VI. This has been a labor of love for me & it may show, so please enjoy! ^_^


Starcross Love:


Author’s Note: Blackrose and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

Rated Mature: For violence/gore, language, and adult themes. So if you object, turn away now!

Having this crimson furred double of Blackrose staring at them, preening it’s arm fur so carefully put the vampire cat and Fujiko beside themselves, making the two on edge, but Blackrose more so. She didn’t need to guess what this entity was or what it wanted to do, the look in her double’s eye told her as much, forcing a cat like demonic howl from her as, “I won’t let you harm him!” fell from her lips while she got on all fours, running and jumping to attack this copy, but it caught her arm. While there seemingly trapped, it wasn’t lost on Blackrose that she could get free, she knew she could get away by shadow stepping, that wasn’t her plan. No, her plan was to study this copy and find out what her senses told her were true, which prompted Blackrose to roar as she threw a dark energy spire in the crimson cat’s face and jumped away.

Watching the vampire cat she once spurred as a friend fight this counterpart with her full power, Fujiko could see the change in Blackrose from centuries ago. True, though one of the undead and fighting with her full power at her disposal, being in love with a man who brought this out in her amazed the feline blacksmith, letting, “Suzu, my teacher’s son, Xavior warmed Blackrose’s heart?” work through her mind as a smile formed. After the vampire cat finished her flurry, an attack that did nothing and saw her land on all fours, it became apparent this evil entity wasn’t anything that would be taken down by “normal” means, having Fujiko step forward with her friend.

As it licked it’s fur, the vampire’s counterpart saw the two approach, allowing it to get a smugness about it. While staring at the felines, trying to debate whether to battle them here or attack the one weakness the one who cast her aside for first, an idea filling the crimson furred cat with perverse bliss. There was no doubt Blackrose’s evil enjoyed the image of Xavior, the man who she herself was hired to kill, but let love for him change her, an idea giving the entity a headache. Something about seeing the human’s blood on her claws and sword excited, the double, as if it got stronger, prompting, “I’m going to go after him myself and do what you couldn’t, no wouldn’t, kill him!” out of its mouth in a much more darker tone than the one who shed it before disappearing into a red mist.

Hoping to get to the entity before her counterpart dissolved, Blackrose roared, summoning an energy spire to her hand and threw it, missing her dark double by seconds. She didn’t need to guess her evil meant Xavior, letting, “Fujiko, stay and see what his sword might do, I’m going after my twin!” fall from the feline vampire’s lips in anger, anger at herself because she let Alucard, her Sire influence her darkness through the generations, causing this embodiment to exist. While a shadow overtook her into it, Blackrose took to the night, jumping from tree to tree like a cat would, off to the one place she knew this entity would be, the tomb of Xavior’s mother, having the feline shadow step faster.

As she watched the vampire vanish, the blacksmith had a lot of things going through her mind, driving her to sit on all fours and scratch her fur. Once done, she sheathed her blade, walking into her forge, in front of the cocooned Kahimoto while, “How will I know when it’s ready?” came out of her mouth, but what really worried the woman was the fact that she didn’t know if the newly infused sword spirit would help or hurt Xavior, and that alone made her light brown fur stand up. Oh, Fujiko would train with her master’s son so he could get use to the now half demonic blade and the weight it now most likely had, it went without saying, she didn’t know how the sword’s spirit force might act towards him.

As Xavior sat cross legged deep in thought, attempting to come to grips with killing his own sister, an act the man felt off about, something, perhaps a heaviness or the way shadows played on the tomb walls made Blackrose’s mate slowly stand. Scanning the area with his eyes, it couldn’t be denied he knew when the cat vampire was around, though he was still trying to get his head around Blackrose becoming good, but this felt much much more darker, having Xavior go for his sword, just remembering it wasn’t there, triggering an, “Ah shit…” from his lips while getting into his fighting stance. Every part of him could be heard telling the man this had risk written all over it, he knew this, yet, Xavior had no choice, other than Cerberus, the Guardian Spirit from Dracula’s castle, which, if needed, he’d use.

Still looking at the wall at the far end of his mother’s resting place, a figure of a feline started forming on it, making the question, “Is she back already?” come to the front of the warrior’s mind, but when he saw what stepped out of the shadow, he knew this battle just might be one he may not be one he would walk away from. “Woah, love the blood red hair and fur ya have going on! What are you, cause I know who you look like, but you aren’t her!” came out sternly as he looked in its eye, watching for any hint of an attack plan. Keeping an eye on the entity, something his mother Suzu said about evil began ringing in the Izurian warrior’s ear, something about some evil being so full of hate for something or someone, it splits off from the host and tracks the person itself, making Xavior chilly with what maybe fear.

“You are correct human, I’m the evil side of that weak kitten of yours, the side she tossed aside. You can call me Bloodrose! I’ll do what Blackrose’s too weak to do, kill you!” spilled from the double’s mouth so easily as it found joy knowing the man could die by her hand, driving it to attack. Using otherworldly speed, no doubt shared with the vampire it called a kitten, the counterpart went after the man, but though smirking, knowing a couple blows were landing, shock couldn’t keep away from Bloodrose’s face when it saw Xavior block one or two, making the entity madder. Pressing the attack, it knew how to injury the warrior, a way to mark him with a brand, prompting the vampire’s twin to use it’s paw and claw the man, leaving claw marks under Xavior’s left eye, causing a scream of great pain to explode from his mouth. Hearing the man screams and seeing him hold a hand over the area made the evil entity lick its claws happily before going in for the kill.

Feeling the sting of this thing’s mark and the blows before hand didn’t sit to well with Xavior, or maybe that was an understatement, but all he knew was the pain. “I need to call Cerberus…” shot across his mind, working through every corner of it, but could he chant the words in this condition came to mind as well, letting doubt come in. There wasn’t any debate of any kind, he knew he had to do something, and perhaps his mother’s spirit came beside the warrior, silencing the pain, having, “Oh great demon of the underworld, guardian of the gate, hear the plea of your servant. Come up from hell and help fight this foe and drag it down to be your plaything!” flood from Xavior’s lips like water while his right arm began bleeding where the dog demon marked him. Though this would be the first time summoning it, the Izurian didn’t deny a slight feeling of what might be fear coming into play, holding him a bit, but he slammed his hand on the ground, letting the blood flow, forming a pentagram.

Looking at the man and seeing the pentagram of blood taking shape, Blackrose’s evil went after him with everything it had, knocking Xavior into a wall, having a gasp of pain exit the warrior’s mouth as offerings fell around him. It knew what the man attempted to do, the double wasn’t a fool, but little did Bloodrose realize, Cerberus heard the call of his partner and was on the way, prompting the crimson colored cat to go after the man to try ending him. Before it could, Suzu’s tomb got pitch black, as if night broke the doors, blowing out the touches lighting it, but in the blackness, three heads of the guardian spirit formed before the body of it completed, drawing the enemy away from Xavior.

Once solid, a great roar that shook heaven and earth exited the great demon, having it fix a gaze upon the warrior who summoned it. As his middle head leaned down, giving a low growl as it inspected the Izurian, Cerberus could smell that the warrior had life left in him, putting the demon at ease, letting it’s anger be directed towards Blackrose’s copy, having the left head look at the entity coldly. Turning to face the opponent, the great beast could smell his companion’s blood around it, enraging the demon more and getting plans together to fight this opponent. Eyeing the vampire cat woman’s copy, the underworld’s guardian knew this battle may not be an easy one, why would it be, but either the knowledge the speck of dust hurt the warrior or the demon’s standing among the demons of the other world fueled it, but fire started within Cerberus, driving the desire to defeat the entity and drag it to hell.

Peering across the room, looking at the beast, Bloodrose couldn’t deny the fact the human, a weakling such as this had tamed a demon, having her lick her fur, plotting. As it did, of course it didn’t matter if he had a devil guarding him, she would kill him, a fact it bathed in as a smirk started across its face. After what seemed like hours, Blackrose’s copy got on all fours and launched after her prey, letting the shadows cloak the advance, allowing the entity to jump from wall to wall, preparing to strike. To say that it had the taste of the man’s blood already on it’s fangs would be an understatement, the look on the double’s face said all, having Bloodrose bare its claws, but at the last second, Cerberus swatted the entity with his paw, knocking it into the floor.

“I will not allow this to happen!” left the great demon’s mouth in a thunderous growl while shooting Blackrose’s evil a cold look. Sure, the beast maybe a demon and fought the human himself, a battle still thrilling him to this day, but after, the blood contract sealed him as Xavior’s guardian spirit, a job it would perform within reason, having all three of Cerberus’s heads charge ice, fire and electricity to use. While doing so, the guardian of the great gate of the underworld knew his opponent could attack while his defense were getting ready, knowledge making the demon plot alternate plans. Like the great demon predicted, Bloodrose launched an attack, shadow stepping, trying to confuse it, but little did the evil know Cerberus anticipated it’s movement, allowing him to discharge all three elements point blank, sending the blood furred cat back.

“Cursed beast!” leaped from Bloodrose’s lips in a growl before licking burnt fur. There were no words to describe the anger of not getting to the human it wanted to kill, having it shoot a stare the giant demon’s way. Peering at the man that sat seemingly motionless behind Cerberus ate at Blackrose’s double, almost mocking it, something it couldn’t take, causing ideas to spark, letting a dark smirk to infect Bloodrose’s face. Preening a claw as it looked at the man it would use as a scratching post before killing him, one thought letting the crimson cat woman’s smirk grow, every part of it said the task wouldn’t be a simple one, something it already knew. After basking in the image of Xavior’s demise, red smoke gathered around, cloaking the evil feline, allowing it to disappear and reappear behind the guardian of the underworld, but before Bloodrose could get near the warrior, Blackrose arrived, fighting her copy and drove it back.

As the vampire cat woman set the man she loved in a safer place, she looked at the great dog guardian, giving him no words, but Cerberus needed no order to protect Xavior. With her mate safe, a demonic howl exited Blackrose as her icy gaze turned toward her counterpart and said, “I told you that I wouldn’t let harm come to him!” with fire in her voice, prompting her on all fours, launching after her dark double, shadow stepping as she went. While heading for her crimson furred counterpart, Blackrose couldn’t stop the images of Xavior, the man the feline vampire was hired to kill but ended up in love with laying half out of it because of this evil copy from flashing in front of her eyes, fueling a need to protect, a feeling she had yet to get use too.

“Then be glad you both are in a tomb, because I’ll bury you both here, weak little kitty!” Bloodrose said in a demonic roar, a bit of laughter followed as it summoned the image of the human and vampire dead to its mind as it ran to meet the human’s pet in battle. As the two opposing sides drew closer, Blackrose’s counterpart couldn’t keep a smirk from bleeding through, knowing once the two were killed, it could be free to ravage the land, knowledge, making the crimson cat chuckle weakly while disappearing before meeting her target. When the two clashed, demonic howls and the like could be heard as both Blood and Blackrose landed strikes, each trying to gain the upper hand, compelling the crimson furred demon to back off.

While licking her fur and popping her joints, it didn’t get past the feline vampire that her double was gaining strength, a fact leading Blackrose to search for a reason. Locking eyes with the crimson counterpart, thoughts of when her sword burst out of Fujiko’s cleansing pool came back to her, hinting at what she suspected. “So, you did latch onto the evil aura from the sword when I shed you and grew from the deeds it remembers.” the vampire said, a little genuine regret in her tone, but knowing that fact helped her plan, lighting a fire in her.

As the two stood there trading icy stares, Xavior started opening his eyes and struggled to focus. When his vision started clearing, though still a bit blurry, the Izurian had to do a double take while looking at the two cats. “It’s like looking at a mirror. Aside from the hair and fur color… they’re almost the same…” the man said in a strained tone, fighting the sting of Bloodrose’s blows and the brand she left on him. Every part of Xavior knew Blackrose’s counterpart was getting stronger, after all, he had the pain proving that fact, making him try to stand and want to help, an act his body resisted, forcing the man back down.

The way Bloodrose’s face contorted into a sadistic grin before sitting and scratching herself with her back leg gave hints to truth to the vampire’s statement, letting an evil chuckle pass the crimson furred copy’s lips. “You’re correct, weak kitten! Once you cast me out, this sword took me in, letting me feed off everything, every murder you committed with it, it let me feast off the aura, which gave me form!” the counterpart said in anger, fire fueling every word as she unsheathed the tainted blade. Licking it, as if to thank the sword’s darkness for her birth, Bloodrose’s eyes fixed upon the one who shed her, launching after the feline.

It didn’t take any thinking at all, Blackrose knew this fight just got tougher, having her dodge her crimson twin’s sword swings. While doing so, thoughts of how Xavior fought her by looking for openings and use them to gain the advantage in battle started flowing to her, memories allowing the vampire to use her double’s momentum against it and strike Bloodrose’s back with claws exposed, leaving a mark. As Blackrose did, the hellish screeching of her evil’s pain filled the vampire’s ears, compelling them to twitch, which filled her will a bit of optimism this copy may yet be defeated by her, having her take a stance.

“Oh, how clever… You think by avoiding my attacks and using that human’s tactics will aid… in my downfall… Don’t make me laugh, weakling…” Bloodrose said in a strained tone, a sort of sick laughter at the end while getting up and healing. After healing, as it licked it’s paw, tending to the matted fur, ways to prove the one who shed it wrong seemed to flood her mind, allowing it a momentary sadistic grin before shadow stepping and knocking Blackrose into Xavior’s mother’s coffin. While looking at the once cold blooded vampire, basking in what might be her final moments, Bloodrose smirked while walking towards the downed feline, unsheathing the blade, getting it ready for the deathblow.

Looking on, though still fighting the pain of the crimson cat’s blows, Xavior struggled to stand, knowing he had to help the woman who could be in love with him, but knew he wasn’t in any condition to fight. “Cerberus, help Blackrose…” the Izurian warrior weakly said, the sting of pain still holding firm in his words, but little did any realize, twin blades on the nearby alter started glowing with a white aura. As he watched her evil incarnate stand over her about to take the vampire feline’s head, something snapped inside the man, as he said, “Am I just suppose to do nothing?!” COME ON, MOVE!!!” in an angry mutter, trying to get himself to forget the pain and aid the cat woman. In that minute, a roar of what could only be from a big cat echoed throughout Suzu’s tomb, making all notice the twin swords unsheathing themselves and head Blackrose’s way.

By Bloodrose’s look, it didn’t take much to tell the weapons wanted to protect the one she split from, knowledge making Blackrose’s counterpart twirl the cursed blade and swing. “I won’t allow them to save you!!!” the crimson furred copy said in a roar, anger and hatred oozing all over it, but a the last second, Tiger Fangs got between the downed vampire and the devil sword, stopping it. “No, I won’t let these “THINGS” protect you!” Bloodrose screeched, a roar trailed the fiery words as it asserted force to it’s sword, attempting to break through and kill the human’s pet. Yet, as the hate for Blackrose drove the counterpart mad, it didn’t realize its blade started smoking, as if the good aura of the twin blades were draining the cursed sword, driving the copy back.

As Xavior’s vampire laid against the coffin, something warm began wrapping around her, causing Blackrose’s ears to twitch. “You who have seen the light and put your immortal life on the line to protect my son twice, rise. My sword’s spirit has deemed you worthy to carry them. Take hold of them and use them to defeat this evil.” a voice said calmly but had a warrior’s code in the tone, compelling the vampire’s eyes to shoot open and take possession of the twin swords. Though many questions as to why these blades choose to save her and who spoke to her filled her mind, Xavior needed aid, a fact having Blackrose shoot her evil a cold look before she attacked it with renewed vigor, striking her old blade, but with every blow, her counterpart roared in searing pain, as if it got weaker until it backed off, disappearing in the shadows.

Oh, how Blackrose wanted to pursue her twin, it couldn’t be put to words, how her grip on Tiger Fangs tightened said it all, but she had other concerns, having her walk to where Xavior was. “Cerberus, I’ll tend to him now, thank you for guarding him.” she said as the sheathes for the weapons appeared on her hips, allowing her to put them away. After watching the guardian of underworld’s gate vanish, Blackrose’s gaze fell upon her mate, noting his injuries as her hand began to glow red with aura. Sure, she never healed a human before, the task would make her cough a hairball up if she thought of doing so, but now that Xavior brought her goodness out, she would fight alongside him and guard the man, thinking making a smile come across the vampire’s face.

As Xavior began feeling the effect of what could only be a healing spell surge throughout his body healing it, his eyes started stirring. Still hardly able to move, a fact that had every swear word he knew in the Izurian tongue come to mind, begging to be said, but when his blurred vision saw the vampire cat bleeding, cursing wasn’t important. “You’re hurt…bad.” Xavior said in a strained tone, trying to get up to attend to the feline, only to have Blackrose’s hand on him, letting him know not to move, an request he took to heart.

“I’ll heal when I rest or feed, you’re worse. Besides, one more scar will not matter.” the vampire replied with, a certain coldness for her own well being in the words. While licking the wound, Blackrose knew how she sounded, cold and heartless, but up until she shed the evil, it made the vampire frozen to things such as consequences of her actions. She saw herself caring for her well being, and by her action now, healing the human she loved, Blackrose couldn’t deny she was starting down that path, a path the vampire would find rewarding in every way, an outlook defrosting more of her heart. Coming to the still festering scar under Xavior’s left eye, a mark Bloodrose undoubtedly enjoyed giving him, though Blackrose tried, the claw shaped scar wouldn’t shrink, in fact to her eyes, it looked as if it protected itself in some manner, if that made sense, compelling her to pick the man up to take him to Fujiko’s, hoping she would know a way to treat the wound.

Sitting on all fours, before scratching herself with her back foot, Fujiko thought about howling at the Kahimoto sword to see if that would get the now part demonic sword out of the cocoon. “How long are you going to take?” the feline blacksmith said in a somewhat subdued fit of anger, a howl trailed the statement, unsure if the blade would react negatively. Oh, anger and those emotions weren’t in her nature, and Fujiko knew this, but she knew her teacher’s son needed his sword, that alone prompted the mood. A few moments after the light brown furred feline admitted that, sounds of cracking pottery began echoing in the room, making Fujiko glance at the sword, noting the cocoon breaking away, revealing itself.

Watching Xavior’s blade begin to float to her, the cat couldn’t escape the fact that it has changed, which she knew may happen. Taking it up, she didn’t feel any evil or anything that might harm the man she would train how to wield it, a weight off her shoulders. Inspecting the Kahimoto in detail, Fujiko knew if a blade’s force would be good or bad when she held them, a gift of hers, one she took pride in, but as she held this one, looking at it, she said, “’Only your appearance changed, not your motives? I’m pleased.” in a calm mutter, having a sigh of relief follow before polishing and putting finishing touches on it.

As she worked, something caught her attention, getting her to stop, put the weapon down and look up, finding Blackrose. By the cat vampire’s look, words weren’t needed, Fujiko knew Xavior was there and needed aid, knowledge getting her off her workbench as she sternly said, “Show me, my friend!” a sense of urgency in the tone, knowing the man was injured beyond what Blackrose could heal. While heading to the back room, healing herbs and salts, along with water and bandages were gathered, but Fujiko didn’t know how bad Xavior was, she admitted that, but he was her teacher’s adopted son and she would do everything in her power to help him.

Once the two got into the room where the Izurian was, Fujiko didn’t need to examine him, she had an idea what happen, having the cat quickly put everything beside him as she sat down on all fours, mixing the herbs, putting them in the water with the salts and letting them fizz. After cutting the bandages to the required length and adding a piece to the bubbling liquid, letting the cloth soak a moment, the blacksmith had little doubt Xavior would be in pain, more than he knew and might thrash around when she started applying the bandage, making Fujiko look at Blackrose as she said, “Hold him down, but mind your strength!” in what could be an order, her eyes silently conveyed the need for haste. The vampire cat did as instructed, putting her front paws on her human mate and carefully applying a bit of pressure, just enough to keep Xavior still, or she hoped.

When the cloth went on, letting the formula get into the scar and combat whatever poison, aura or spell Bloodrose marked the warrior with, deafening screams of pain filled Fujiko’s home, hitting every corner of it as Xavior thrashed, arching up, trying to move his arms, having Blackrose apply more force, trying not to hurt him. The pain he must be in wasn’t lost on her, far from it, how her ears twitched and the way she held him dictated that fact, but though a creature of the night, once a heartless killer, the cat wanted to take this pain from him, making Blackrose come by his ear and purr after she said, “Be strong, my warrior.” in a soft whisper, her feelings expressed in every word. Once the man settled and let sleep calm him, a sigh of relief passed the feline vampire’s lips, knowing Xavior was finally out of danger, but she didn’t let the fact that she purred, something she had no use for in a longtime pass her by, one more thing defrosting her heart.

Fujiko could say something about what she saw and heard Blackrose do, the words were there and ready, a voice inside her, possibly a want to live advised against that. After licking her paw, she said, “He needs rest, come…” kindly in a whisper, leading her friend to the other room, though Blackrose couldn’t go without taking a last look at the man she fell in love with. When the two felines went in the other room, it didn’t need to be asked how the battle with the darker half of her friend went, the blacksmith knew by Xavior and the way the vampire licked her wound, compelling Fujiko to ready more blood so the vampire could heal. After readying it and putting the pottery cup of blood on the table, the blacksmith couldn’t help but notice her friend looking at Tiger Fangs oddly, almost questioning herself, having Fujiko sit across from her as she said, “Those were my master’s, Xavior’s mother’s blades, they will not turn evil.” calmly, fondly remembering Suzu and the lessons she taught about blacksmithing.

While relieved the swords would not end up like her old blade, perhaps that word couldn’t convey how the vampire cat felt, but it’d due, there were a few more unanswered questions in her head, swirling around. “Fujiko, why me? I mean the dark part of what I am had me doing deeds for countless centuries and yes, now I shed the dark part Alucard influenced, but…” Blackrose said in a low questioning voice while still looking at the twin blades, regret of every bad deed she did hanging over her like a storm, making her fur stand up. That alone bothered the undead woman most of all, probably more than what she could atone for in fifty lifetimes, but there was something else that had her mind swirling, driving a sigh from her lips before Blackrose added, “I understand the swords let me use them to protect Xavior, but they grew heavier, like, I can’t find the word. It was as if something weighted them down.” calmly, though trying to grasp the reason.

While sipping her tea, the smith knew she needed to tell her friend the reason behind the swords feeling like they did, it went without saying, but putting what she had to say into words without going off to randomness or making it too hard to grasp wouldn’t be a simple task, and that made Fujiko nervous to put it mildly. She could explain it using the long and quite time consuming story, the feline knew this, she didn’t want to risk Blackrose’s wrath if she started wandering, a though making her fur stand up, having her drink her beverage in one gulp. After finishing it, the issue remained, having Fujiko struggle with the words, but as she put the cup down she said, “Each sword has a spirit force attached to it, you’ve seen it with the Kahimoto, but what you don’t know is that Kahimoto was a real warrior in Izurian history. Once the honored fall, their spirit can come help the living warriors by attaching to their weapons and fighting alongside the person, sort of having a symbiotic relationship.”

Licking the blood from her fur before it dried, Blackrose’s face contorted when she heard that, making a piece of her believe Fujiko was out there, but she did see Xavior’s sword spirit and heard it speak to her. This was hard to believe, or hard was to light of a word to describe it, she had things that would fit better, of that the vampire agreed, having her preen her fur more while a chuckle threatened to escape. Even with the information sinking in, the spirit attached to her twin blades didn’t feel human, more like an animal, a fact causing Blackrose to about to say something, but a force had her listen.

Oh, how was she doing had been on the blacksmith’s mind with each word, hoping she wasn’t wandering on too long as she continued, “But the person wielding that weapon must learn how to work with the spirit force, hence why Tiger Fangs feels alien to you, you need to go through it’s trials.” calmly while looking at the vampire, seeing Blackrose understood. Before Fujiko sipped more of her tea, little hints she picked up on from her vampire friend spoke volumes, which were expected due to the twin sword’s spirit force being what it was, having the blacksmith sip the beverage quickly, possibly to brace herself for a ear full, though by Blackrose’s face, if she was getting set to get upset, it didn’t show, making Fujiko on edge.

All she heard, though hard to believe, sunk in, the vampire heard Xavior’s sword spirit speak to her, so it had truth to what her friend told, but the question remained what spirit force was within her twin blades, forcing Blackrose to almost chug her blood in order to find the words. “I understand, it makes sense in a way, but the force I felt when using these didn’t feel like a warrior, more like an animal.” the cat vampire said calmly, hoping her statement didn’t make her sound unbalanced. True, letting her vampire side out and let it demand answers would be how Blackrose handled this in the past, it did serve her needs well after all, but now, though she felt that side, her evil wasn’t with her to push it to the surface, letting a sigh of relief pass her lips.

Silence entered the room and lasted for awhile, leaving the felines looking at each other. It wasn’t that Fujiko wasn’t aware of the spirit inhabiting Tiger Fangs, far from it, but she only knew bits of the story Suzu, her teacher told, having the blacksmith struggle. Fujiko knew she needed to come up with something, but what though, a half truth? Those type of lines weren’t her way, besides they left a bad taste in the smith’s mouth, making the cat scratch herself before she went into it, but Xavior stumbled in, having the two help him sit.

As he struggled to sit on his knees, he didn’t deny the sensation of the thing under the bandage still had a bite, but this wasn’t the time for pain. “I heard your question about Tiger Fangs and I can tell you what the spirit is.” Xavior said in a calm voice as he did his best to block the pain of the scar. Taking a second to gather the way he’d explain it, not to mention dealing with the scar’s little bite, a sigh passed his lips before he added, “When Shara and I were young, our mother had a snow beast as a pet and it had cubs. Though highly respected in the clan, there were some who found Suzu teaching us Kumaria disgraceful and tried to stop her. One night a few tried taking us, but she and the snow cat stepped in, fighting them off. However, after the battle, Suzu found the feline wounded and at the moment of death, it’s spirit merged with the swords.” some remorse in his voice as Xavior remembered the animal.

Hard to believe would be the statement the vampire cat might use in this instance, but Blackrose had a feeling it was true. When she handled them in the battle with Bloodrose, she felt an aura that wasn’t cold or anything of the sort, having the vampire cat look at the weapons. She knew she needed to learn how to work with the spirit, which meant going through the trials it might set for her, like Xavior would more than likely have to do with the now half demonic spirit of his blade, but after a sigh and a scratch break, Blackrose said, “While I agree I should learn how to work with it and train with these, Bloodrose may attack at any moment.” in a half calm half angry tone, driven by the knowledge of what carnage her darker half may do.

Therapist Tale!

Today I would like to explain the therapist my doctor more or less duped me into working with and why he can work my last nerve. Originally, I thought the guy was just coming out to see what I needed for the new wheelchair, measurements and such, however that wasn’t the case! Seems as though my doctor wants me to exercise, which I get, BUT getting into bed myself and cleaning some works me out fine….

It is known that the therapist flips if our dog’s around, having the fool not come in the house. Well, last Wednesday, he worked on my nerves quite a bit. Again he wouldn’t come in, had the door open a crack, letting the wind & cold in, repeating is the dog locked up? I kinda took his head off and in a decent way told him to get his ass in here! After three times of me telling him she was downstairs, he came in and did his paperwork bullshit. Here’s where the nerves got worked on.

He took my blood pressure, telling me it was a little high, asking me if I was feeling okay, was I stressed etc. All the while, I was thinking, “I’m probably stressed due to your weekly sessions I have to beat into your head about the dog.” Honestly though? Whenever someone is due here, a little stress is felt because if I start doing anything, a minute later, they’ll show up.

Furthermore, if I tell the therapist my posture’s off due to this chair, he tells me “It isn’t the chair’s fault, you cam sit better.” Derr whatever, idiot! Might report him.

Progress On The Sailor Moon Crossover!

Though it has been awhile, big progress was made in writing my Sailor Moon/Starcross Love crossover. Below is the work and as you see I’ve shortened some paragraphs. Please let me know what ya think! ^_^


PS: I’m having prince Darien come off as a bit of a suspicious fool, don’t hit me! 🙂



Broken Savior: A Star Cross Love, Sailor Moon Crossover

Blackrose and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the original characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED! That said, Sailor Moon and the anime’s characters ARE NOT owned by me, money isn’t made by me from their use.



Some months after having to put his wife Blackrose, the feline vampire he loved into the crimson coffin to regenerate for five hundred years, their two daughters, Asuka and Kasha taken places to be safe, not to mention the kingdom they both built back up after killing Queen Chanista’s son being ripped away from him, everyone of his remaining loyal guards knew how Xavior felt. It went without a word that the soldiers could see he hurt over Blackrose almost losing her life due to summoning her dark guardian spirit, Shadow Stalker to fight a corrupt mage, a man who took over the kingdom, they felt the sting as well, but no one could see it better than Fujiko, the friend of Blackrose asked by her to watch his back. Every night when he’d go up to the peak that was in the kingdom, she would be below him sitting on all fours, preening her claws while the thought, “Has he drank blood at all today?” entered her mind, making the feline ask him.


She knew Xavior’s answer already, even before the question left her tongue, an answer having the feline get in his face and peer into his eyes. Fujiko had great respect for the man, before and after Blackrose turned him, that didn’t go without saying, but after everything, she seen Xavior go without blood for a few days, a prospect that could be dangerous for everyone. “Have you really drank blood, because you know what may happen if you don’t. You’ll weaken, attack others, or both!” left the cat woman’s lips as she gave off a low feline howl of anger


Listening to her howling, it went without saying what she’d do if he answered with a no, but truthfully though, after his wife going into hibernation and feeling his vampire nature’s grip on him, making the warrior go out of control that one time while protecting Asuka scared him. Sure, Xavior wasn’t a fool, he drank a little blood, but just enough to keep his nature at bay, having, “I’ve had some today, don’t worry Fujiko.” escape his mouth as the two looked at the other. Little did Xavior and his friend realize soon both would be transported to a land, a place that would have them aid a queen and force him to confront his nature head on.


Though she believed him, something in his eyes told her he needed to be watched, like she could tell a piece of Xavior wasn’t right, though the cat couldn’t point out what made her think that. Walking back, that same feeling pressed her, causing, “Did he lie to me?” to bleed into her mind and hit every corner, having debate reign over the issue. No, Fujiko knew Xavior might not be drinking a lot of blood, but she knew he wasn’t lying to her, letting a sigh pass her lips while the two walked. And yet, she couldn’t shake feeling that a coming battle would leave him open due to Xavior not letting his nature feed.


Right before getting in camp, a feeling came over Blackrose’s husband, drawing him to look at the sky, but didn’t see anything. Though he couldn’t explain it, something felt odd, having Xavior put his hand on the Kahimoto sword’s handle, ready to draw while the other hand went before the feline, stopping her. Looking around, noting the sounds of the forest ceased, thoughts of an unknown attacker came into play, a thought making the warrior growl, but at that moment, light hit the two, enveloping them until they disappeared.


While inside it, both had no idea what was happening or who, if anyone caught them, making Xavior roar loudly, ready to rip anyone apart. As the light started fading, dropping the two warriors in the mysterious area, there was little doubt the level of tension they both felt, having Fujiko and Xavior draw their blades, ready for anything. Scanning the area, though not sure where the feeling came from, but the area felt alien, as if something or someone transported them to another land, getting the man angrier. Perhaps the cat woman’s look or knowing it wasn’t the time for this, Xavior cooled his head as, “This isn’t Ervere.” fell from his lips while looking around, trying to think about something.


Fujiko didn’t need to question his reasons for stating that, the stars and landscape alone told the cat her friend was correct, having, “Can you feel Cerberus?” fall from her lips in a concerned way while licking her fur on her arm. True, the feline was a warrior who didn’t have a guardian spirit, she read about and heard how the people with them have a bond with the creators, able to sense them in their minds, hoping Xavior felt the three headed dog demon, but how his face looked confirmed he couldn’t sense anything. Having that fact hit, the thought, “If we get in a battle here that’s too much for us, how will we far without Cerberus?” began crossing the cat woman’s mind while her ears twitched, making Fujiko look at Blackrose’s husband. It went unsaid that she knew Xavior wasn’t in the best condition for a battle blood wise, she already guessed that by seeing how little he took in, but what made worry mount her more was there seemed like nothing they could eat.


While true, he couldn’t sense the great demon, Xavior felt a need to try to summon Cerberus, driving, “Oh great demon of the underworld, guardian of the gate, hear the plea of your servant. Come up from hell and help fight this foe and drag it down to be your plaything!” to cross his lips as his hand hit the ground. Every part of him knew the outcome to his effort, the warrior didn’t deny that, having, “What world is this?” run his mind, fueling his anger to want to find the person responsible for bringing them there. Yet, perhaps Blackrose’s spirit came by her mate and told him it wasn’t the time for this, quelling the fire inside him, letting Xavior think as he pointed to a castle in the distance as, “We may find answers there.” came out semi calmly.


Looking where he pointed, the feline blacksmith knew they had to look somewhere for a way home, making Fujiko nod and follow him. As she did, it couldn’t go unnoticed that the warrior seemed off, letting debate rage on asking Xavior how much blood he had today, but before she could, she saw him take a blood pack from a pouch he carried and drink a few sips, having her discard the question. Still, every part of the cat woman knew a couple sips wouldn’t be enough to see him through if, gods forbid they came under attack, prompting, “Sire, I know you’re afraid of drinking blood because of that incident, but you must drink more than a few sips. I mean if Blackrose…” out of the cat woman’s mouth, but once she realized she brought up her friend, his wife he had to put in the blood coffin to regenerate for five hundred years, a chill crossed her, stopping her mid sentence.


A low growl dropped from the vampire, attempting to tell her she was out of place, but every fiber of Xavior knew the blacksmith’s words were true, he knew if his wife would do more than scream at him if she saw him in the state he was in now. She’d send him to the underworld for the way he was now, an image giving the man chills. Yet, part of the warrior couldn’t shake what went on when his vampiric nature took over in Dracula’s castle, having Asuka, his young daughter scared of him, something Xavior regrets to this day.


Drawing closer to the mysterious palace, a feeling of eyes watching them began coming over them, driving their hands to their swords, ready to draw. While looking over the area, swords ready to be unsheathed, the two felt as if guards were surrounding them, putting both on edge, making Xavior’s anger refire. Giving Fujiko a nod, a mini signal, every part of the man knew he could use his nature’s senses to draw whoever or whatever out, having the warrior’s eyes turn red as a low growl dropped from his lips while turning to mist. While hunting, the thrill of which excited the vampire’s mate, a fact Xavior wouldn’t deny, the way his nature scratched and clawed at him, making him lose control like he did, leading him to the state he was in now.


Though momentary, the vampire caught himself thinking about things he couldn’t fix until he and his companion got back to Ervere, if that was possible, making Xavior shake his head to focus. As the vampire approached his prey silently like the dead of night, he noticed the man’s gaze looking into the distance, having Blackrose’s husband hold a moment to observe. “What are you staring at, human if not us?” Xavior asked in a mumble, a growl tailed that question as the immortal let his vampire nature out a little before noticing a queen and her envoy approaching, making him note the soldier unsheathing his weapon a bit.


While preening her arm fur a bit, Fujiko’s eyes locked onto the envoy as well, having her hide, but as she did, she too spotted another hidden man eyeing the group. Even in his mist form, the feline blacksmith could see Xavior moving towards something or someone on the opposite side of her, giving her all she needed to do the same. “He must feel as if the people coming might know how we can get home.” Fujiko said in a low mumble while slinking to her target, gaze still fixed on Xavior, watching him intently, waiting to see what he’d do, though she knew he would take action


While moving on his target, getting so close to the unsuspecting trash, the vampire could taste the terror the man might be in, fueling his nature, Blackrose’s mate couldn’t ignore the five or eight other men he could sense around them, driving Xavior to mentally signal the feline blacksmith and have her take a few down. Coming up to his prey, the vampire unsheathed the Kahimoto sword, carefully not making a sound and putting the cutting edge to the unsuspecting man’s throat as he asked, “Who are you and what are you planning?” in a semi demanding voice, letting pieces of his nature overlap in the question, hoping it might prompt the soldier to answer, but if not.


“Wouldn’t you like to know. The negaforce will conquer the moon kingdom!” the soldier replied with, cockiness in the way he said it, trying to goad a reaction from Xavior. He wasn’t about to tell the man who held the scales between life and death one damn thing, that was for sure, but something about this encounter chilled the soldier, what he didn’t know. Wanting to look behind him began pushing at the guy, more than his brashness would let on, having him start to turn, but as he did, all he saw was mist. Staring at it, nothing could describe the feeling the soldier had, having shock come over the man, sending his hand to his sword, slashing at the mist.


Having this mortal avoid the question was bad, but his action compounded the matter, letting Blackrose’s mate surround the poor fool and take his head. While letting the Kahimoto feed, Xavior felt his nature nudging at him, trying to get him to at least lick the blood that poured from the headless corpse, an urge met with a sip from a blood pouch. Like he explained to his companion, he wasn’t too thrilled with drinking from another sense Asuka saw how out of control he was, but the reflection had to wait, the others from that man’s troop were attacking the envoy, prompting Xavior and Fujiko to action.


Getting on all fours, Fujiko didn’t need to guess, she knew to follow the man as he became a solid before striking one of the dark soldiers. Leaping into the air, the blacksmith unsheathed her blade, taking one’s arm and aiding a knight. Fujiko couldn’t know that a dark soldier started to come behind her, raising his blade, getting set to strike, but she turned, letting her blade meet his in a stalemate. “You think you have me?” the feline asked, a bit of strain in her voice, followed by a cat howl. Any normal swordsman might fail, she admitted, her senses and reflexes already had him where she wanted him, letting both of her feet get the man off balance, letting her flip him, adding a scar to his face, which probably might make him look better, she wasn’t an expert on that though.


When the fighting ended, the guards with the envoy looked at each other and their queen, wondering who these two were. It didn’t get past them that Xavior and the feline could be spies sent by queen Beryl, one fact having the prince of Earth approach the two. “I guess we should thank you, but in these times, we are very wary of people.” the young man said in a distasteful tone as he peered over them, like he was condemning both.


As Fujiko’s ears twitched, she stopped preening the blood off her claws before answering that with a remark, but before she could, her friend stopped her. One thing Xavior couldn’t stomach were false conclusions, dragons knew he heard his far share back home, causing him to sigh before saying, “Spies, really? If we didn’t come by, you might’ve lost your girlfriend there.” There was more things he wanted to say to that affect, but Blackrose could’ve been in his ear, controlling his temper because he quit.

Personal Blog For December 2017



Sorry for going MIA again, but having to debate whether or not the new chair’s ordered & other things have been on my brain. Let’s start this on a positive note. Even though the Thanksgiving writing fest didn’t really take, some progress was made, which is good and I’ll show today in another post. In A Wife’s Wish, errors pointed out to me by a friend and my adopted bro were cleared up I hope.




Other news: Our female dog, who’s a sweetheart of a Pit Bull is messed up, a bit blind, way underweight etc. Yes, she eats well and everything, we just suspect the last litter took a toll on her, it is just sad to see her this way. My nephew wants to get her fixed and have a hysterectomy done so maybe it’ll clear some of the issues up, (and I hope it does, she’s an angel!) Adding a somewhat weird and dumb note to this. The therapist the doctors roped me into seeing to exercise me, which I’ll go into at a later date is scared SHITLESS of her that the guy won’t even come in the forking house unless she’s downstairs.

The first time he came, she was up here and sniffed him, making him flip out, saying where he’s from, stray dogs roam the area. “Um, A: She’s blind and harmless. And B: There’s a difference between dogs you see roaming and domesticated dogs!” but he left! Last week, 15 minutes was spent trying to convince the fool that the dog was downstairs, at that point I was about ready to yell at the guy because he would repeat the same thing! He got on me for the way I was sitting, I told him it was due to the chair and he was, “Its not the chair’s fault, you can sit better.” Okay, you try sitting better in this!



This Saturday & Sunday I’m planning to binge watch TRIGUN so a review can be written. Wanted to do it last weekend but due to issues I couldn’t, so yeah. After TRIGUN, Elfen Lied is on my list, sorry for the delays. 😦

Not this Saturday, next Saturday is my birthday and unlike last year, I really don’t have no plans to order anything. There are things I want/need, but bank issues are holding me up, so a six pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade will need to hold me I guess. Wish some of the anime club lived around here so we could meet up & do something.