A Story Has Been Posted To My Other Blog!

I just posted a fan based story on my secondary blog, but before clicking the link below, there are somethings I’d like to state. If you cannot take erotica, please do not read further or click the link to go to the other site. I activated a AVS wall there to keep children from reading the stories. Lastly: The character is not mind, money isn’t made from this story, please DO NOT repost it at all, thanks!


Ya think my butt’s covered enough? If so, please click below and enjoy, but if you see errors, let me know?





Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Dropped!



Well now, this was bound to happen, I dropped watching Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans as of last weekend. This might be a pee poor reason, but it seemed like they kill someone every episode now and I know why, just NO! Am I shallow for the reason or do you agree, I’d really like to know.

A few of the older Gundam series had deaths, that I get, but not to this degree, or perhaps my memory’s faulty.

Taking A Poll…..Well Sort Of.



While plans are still in my head to use my blogger blog to post my erotic works, I’d like to get thoughts on a idea I had in my head. I know a few of you followers expressed interest in reading some of my work, so please after you read what I may do, comment below and let me know if you would want to see them.



I do have a few early stories with Aki Yoshira that I could re edit & post. They were early works mind you, not to the level I am today, but still good. Would any of you like to read them?

Out With The Old In With K.I.T.T. 7.0!!!



As of yesterday, shortly after 12:30pm, my new wheelchair was delivered & since than, a smile has been plastered on my face! My readers, you have no idea how good it feels being in a new 2018 set of wheels after so long in a piece of ****, I can’t express how happy I am!

Swear the new chair is rocking some tech right out of something you saw if you watched Knight Rider in the 80s. Below are pics of the control display, but let me say this thing is more like a computer than the rust bucket! I have a clock on the screen, my miles per hour, five profiles with various speeds, (profile 1 has been named my indoor mode) and a tilt/recline feature, which will be used when I wanna nap! 🙂

Sorry if the pictures are a lil blurred, holding webcam and filming is not my strong suit. 🙂 With that said, from the first shot I hope you see the power bars, clock and MPH icon. What did I tell ya, some space age stuff! 😛 The second and third pics are of the tilt/recline features, which are easy to operate from my control stick.


New Chair 1


New Chair 2


New Chair 3



Haven’t given the chair a test yet, but did try out the fastest profile & holy shit, that made me glad my seat belt was on!!! Need a flat straight surface to do that shit because a bumpy sidewalk is too hard on the butt to speeeed down! 😛

Mini Update

Sorry for not posting anything in a while, but been busy, not willing to do much & hermitting. By the time you readers read this, (I HOPE) the new wheelchair’s under my butt, so here is news about that! Two Thursdays ago, it was shipped from California due here two days ago & it was in my state, being assembled Friday. I called Greg, the guy I went through to get it to see where it was and what stage it was, hearing it was due to be delivered tomorrow, (Monday).

If true, you have no idea how happy I’ll be when it comes. 🙂 After eight or something years, my ass won’t know how to act, it’ll feel so cool! New wheels will be soooooooo good & I’m not sure how to break it in, but me think after getting it, I’ll start going places, like the hobby shop etc. cabin fever man!


F150 Raptor Stampede 2017


Anyway, this week will be warm with sun out some days, so I’m taking my Stampede, aka baby out & driving it, which I can’t wait! 🙂 In more R/C news, my new truck is here, the think is sweet as sin! Look below for pictures.


Rival 2


Rival 1


Rival 3


As you see, it is built like a tank, but some additions had to be done! Plug extensions were added, I cut the body where power switch is so my finger can get to it. I do need two battery packs for it, which will be bought next week or after the third, but can’t wait! 🙂

WTF Black Clover?!!!




All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!

While there are so many things wrong with the anime series Black Clover, one of them stuck out last night, having me think “what da fuck”? Before going into the “what” side of this rant, let me say these two things.

1. I may use an excerpt from my writing to explain my point.

    1. In my many years of watching anime, there are a few seen that had a character struggle with a new ability, weapon etc. after being given it, compelling him/her to learn how to use & control it properly.




Perfect examples of the second thing are the episodes of the Samurai Troopers, after the Inferno Armor was worn by Ryo. The five warriors had to go “searching themselves” to learn how to control it without giving into evil. In my writing this technique was carried over, read below:




“While relieved the swords would not end up like her old blade, perhaps that word couldn’t convey how the vampire cat felt, but it’d due, there were a few more unanswered questions in her head, swirling around. “Fujiko, why me? I mean the dark part of what I am had me doing deeds for countless centuries and yes, now I shed the dark part Alucard influenced, but…” Blackrose said in a low questioning voice while still looking at the twin blades, regret of every bad deed she did hanging over her like a storm, making her fur stand up. That alone bothered the undead woman most of all, probably more than what she could atone for in fifty lifetimes, but there was something else that had her mind swirling, driving a sigh from her lips before Blackrose added, “I understand the swords let me use them to protect Xavior, but they grew heavier, like, I can’t find the word. It was as if something weighted them down.” calmly, though trying to grasp the reason.”

Yes, Tiger Fangs let Blackrose use them, but the spirit knew she needs training in order to use them without feeling weighted down.

In the Black Clover episode, it seemed once Asta, (butchered that name to hell, sorry), took up the new black sword, he was able to use it asap with no drawbacks. To me, that seems like a lazy way to do this, but maybe something will happen that will have him be in training & hope they reveal it soon because as it went, poor is how I’d describe that turn.

Would you agree?

A Revisited Work

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!

Before getting too deep in, my email is darklight996@gmail.com and darklight2736 on skype… If you wanna repost this work, please contact me and ask permission before doing so, because a blogger reposted my pieces twice without my okay.

I realized something a week ago. Though one story has been completed and edited for errors to the best of my ability, before posting the piece to the other blog, I’d like to get some unfinished stories done to give you readers variety, which had me go work on an older piece. I thought I would show you guys the progress due to it will some anime references when complete. And yes, it’s known that I’m dead set on not posting any work here due to the review blogger going over my head, BUT I shouldn’t make you honest readers suffer on account of one fool.







Lovers From Two worlds

Destiny and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

WARNING: This piece has M/F sexual situations, strong language, but also makes references to anime culture. Read at own risk!

Though queen of one of the tree kingdoms of Ervere, not to mention one of the most beautiful of the elven women, having suitors come from far away to try to win her hand, Destiny sat on her thrown with a heavy heart. Oh, she wouldn’t show it of course, not with peace talks with humans and her own people on the brink of breaking down, but to her, the males trying to wed her seemed to not care that she was trying to avoid a war. Taking her quarter staff and unwrapping it to go out to the training yard below the palace, it was no secret the blonde found peace in practice, having Destiny ready herself.

Twirling the weapon, striking the wind as if imaginary opponents, her people’s well being and safety began trickling in, making, “How do I proceed without?” tumble from her mouth in a mumble. Her people always were her top priority, something Destiny didn’t take lightly, she wanted it that way because she didn’t want to rule like her father did. Jabbing nothingness and doing other techniques, the idea of a getaway sprang to mind easily, having parts of the elf ponder the thought, but with the talks going on, she knew it couldn’t be, bringing her down.

As she finished her practice and ascended to the palace, movement front out of the northwest caught her eye, calling her attention. By the look on her face, the prince that was coming down the path made her ill, having, “No doubt another uncaring rich boy!” exit her lips while going in to put her staff away. It went without saying Destiny had little patience for these wannabe “kings” of her kingdom to try winning her hand. In fact, she found it tiresome, letting her toy with the plan of throwing him out herself, something making her grin evilly.

While looking at the young elf being shown in, thought on the peace talks continued to press her, consuming all. Though not evident, Destiny knew this prince was like the others, not interested in helping her find a way to stop a war before one started, a fact making the queen wave her hand, dismissing the man. It wasn’t like she didn’t want love, she wanted a man, a family, everything, however not with a male elf who wouldn’t aid her in diplomatic affairs, and that was trait she wanted in a husband.

All that night while trying to rest, the thought of a vacation visited Destiny more times than she used magic to speak with fairies, letting a sigh pass her lips. Sure, it went without saying that she didn’t need to get away for awhile, the elf did, with the talks breaking down, her personal wants didn’t apply. Still, the idea of regenerating her spirit and coming back to view this issue with a revitalized hope was appealing and that perhaps tipped the scales in favor of her going, pasting a slight smile across her face. Sure, Destiny needed to ensure the two sides wouldn’t kill each other while she was away, a task that wouldn’t be easy, the blonde admitted, and she’d have to ensure the kingdom continued running, having the queen ponder who to put in temporary charge.

Laying there thinking on the subject, any of her advisers could fill in for her, Destiny knew this, and she knew they saw how bad she needed a break, but while the elf debated leaving one in charge, reality set in as she said, “If I do, they might undo the work I’ve done.” in a sigh, regret thrown into the tone. However as she started to let the dreamworld claim her, something sparked the flame of a idea, one that cleared the mist from her mind, letting Destiny drift to the peace she needed.

The next morning, the blonde queen left her bed, knowing what she had to do. It wasn’t uncommon for elves to ask the tree imps for assistance in some matters, GETTING them to agree on what they wanted in return would be a point that could stress the queen out, one thing she knew, but by the forest, Destiny wanted time away to get a better perspective, making the elf queen’s resolve stronger. While fixing her hair, brushing it slowly, watching that it didn’t mat, tangle or anything of the sort, it wasn’t missed that the imps had homes in the area she was now in talks over, trying to stop the humans and her kind from destroying themselves, bringing Destiny a way to get the tree imp people to assist.

Getting some hair ready for the red bow to hold the style she liked, a simple workable one, the queen knew the imps felt the same as her in this disagreement, nothing needed to be said, so if she told the imp king and queen the other reason she was going, they’d likely agree to help her create a double of her. After Destiny adjusted the hairpiece, she grabbed her quarter staff and set off on the first step of her mission of mercy, praying the time away would be fruitful, but what the queen didn’t realize was that she’d find a man who would bring peace to her land and love to her heart while on vacation.

Coming to the entrance of the imp kingdom. Destiny didn’t need a spell to know someone had their eye on her, she could feel the gaze from where she stood, prompting the elf queen to sigh, gathering her words. “I’ve come seeking an audience with your king Inguar and queen N’gaila, hoping for help in ending the crisis that both our kingdoms face.” she said calmly, words full of the truth, not to mention an overtone of needing time away. Standing there not knowing if the imp guards that were in the brush believed her, Destiny couldn’t deny that chill threatening her, nobody in this situation would, it worked her over to say the least, having her wonder.

“How can elf queen end this?