Oh, The Horror Stories!!!

Before starting, it must be said that back in the early days of 2001-2006/7, I’ve must’ve had my stupid rose colored glasses on phase, cause what I’m bout to post will leave you asking why! In highschool, the level of shyness I had was high and it didn’t help that the ladies just looked at the chair and outward appearance, not bothering to take a chance and talk to me. This dogged me into my 20s up til today where now I’m like meh, but back on topic.

Something got it into my head to try to find a girl online through chat rooms & get to know em and work from there, (Bad move, I know). The two stories I’m about to tell is the reason that I’m no longer trying to find Ms. Right & focused on me.

This first woman, (I use that word loosely as sin), met me after messaging me and we talked, exchanging emails until one day it stopped. Days went by but nothing, and I wrote her off, going on with life. Then a year later, a email from her was in my inbox. Reading it, flags flew in my head, cause it sounded like a cop drama. She was in Witness protection due to taking children she babysit from their drug dealer parents etc. She pmed me on messenger, but didn’t tell me shit so me being about to smell a pile, I began a search on a search engine, guess wtf turned up!

Turned out, she married her highschool sweetheart a month after we “met”. I confronted her with this and she goes, she was treating me like a game at first, because she thought I was playing her. Um, I never play around when my heart’s out. Then, well, I’ll just say my adopted sibling Adrian and his then wife saved my sanity, she was bad for me. Didn’t have to, but she asked for some titles to get into anime with, & though I told her it would be better to watch them with someone, she pushed the issue.

A list of mild anime was given, but a day later I get blasted by her, telling me I’m sick cause she found hentai? Do I like this shit for that reason? Swear the titles were not hentai, they were InuYasha and a couple others, that was it!

She now has two kids, last I heard, but good rittens,

This next one, I’ll keep short. We met in 2004, talked a bit, but she’d go off messenger fer a bit, then a new screen id would friend me and talk to me. Then I found out it was her testing me to see if I would cheat, and she’d say I failed the test. This went on for month until I grew tired of her “tests” & told the bitch off.

There you have it, horror stories. Now I think I just wanna be a pen pal to someone in Japan. Not looking for a wife/girlfriend, just a friend.


False Assumptions!

A few topics were set in mind to be posted, but something happened Monday & yesterday that needs addressing. Let us talk about false assumptions and how people accuse things about a person without knowing the whole story. I’m sure this happens to people at some point, (& that can blow), and I’m not immune to it.

People who play Tekken on Steam think just because I have a twelve percent disconnection rate I rage quit without reason. Though some would disagree with me, there are reasons for the disconnections. If a player has a bad connect, making the match feel like I’m playing in mud, ya can’t blame me for backing out. Players who try to hard, or think everything’s a tournament is another reason I back out, and yes, no excuse, but eh.

Yesterday on Tekken 7, a King player came up and I did my best to fight him, but last round, it seemed like they were cheating, so me being sweaty, tired and my temper was high, I quit. They added me and assumed that I’m a rager! Told them, “I hate when people assume without knowing everything. My disconnects are due to mostly jerks who think they are in competitions daily, rude players or players who add me to tell me off. I play with one working hand and I play casually, not try hard, but don’t believe me I don’t care!”

They apologized up and down, talking to me friendly, but Tuesday night I find that they deleted me. Ah well.

My Creative Juices Are Burning Once Again!

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!

Going to try to do at least a post per day this week, so let us get started. As some know I had SC5, (Soul Calibur 5) on PS3 and got tired of playing online due to the community always being rude, or the new friends I did have always inviting me to one round lobbies, and ringing themselves out for laughs. I like joking around, but watching them ring themselves out got annoying, but I’m off topic. One feature that game has is the create a fighter, create a soul, as it’s called properly.

Most of you have seen the characters I’ve created, & yes, most are hot ladies, but with SC6 coming to steam in a month and a half, let us talk about my characters and that game. I will get it on steam & create the characters from my novel and other writings. Characters like Blackrose, (evil)


The pic of Blackrose, my vampire cat woman above was drawn by a talented artist who goes by Ikeda and from the image, she did my vampire like I seen her in my head. Reference images were sent by me and she took over, doing the piece you see. When creating her in SC5, some things had to switched to make the avatar look somewhat right.



From the game image about, elf ears had to be used for her feline ears, (the game offers cat ears, like I used for Fujiko, but they didn’t look right on Blackrose). As I continued writing the chapters, my muse, (Ms. Blackrose) told me the reason she had a darkened fur tone, so I ran with it. When creating the good version of her, (her after shedding the dark side her Sire made her feel) I took liberties with it.


Blackrose 2 redone 1

As you see, her fur lightened up and she put her hair down. Figure the change would make sense. 🙂 Now, I’ve seen some of the crazy stuff create a soul Soul Calibur 6 has to offer and I bet the evil & good Blackrose can & will look more vampire like once I put time in! 🙂 All my creations will get remade in the new game, plus Anime characters! Any requests? ^_^

A New Idea, But Question!

An idea for my next story has been kicking around my head for the last week or so, ever since Enslaved Princess was finished. While one or two love scenes will be in it, sex won’t be the main force behind it, I’d like something tasteful this time and the plot is close to my heart. I need to put this in here before giving the jist. A question will be posed at the end of the post, if you guys could chime in, I’d be grateful! 🙂



Aki, (above) is a Japanese college student who goes on a website for pen pals, seeking one, finding a guy from America. They start talking through email, exchanging pictures, talking about things and finding they have some of the same interests. In time, the two become close, but at the same time, Aki notices he isn’t himself and asks what’s wrong. He won’t answer her at first, thinking he doesn’t wanna burden her, but that only makes her wanna be his friend more.

Though she just knows him through emails and pics, she visits him. While there with him, their friendship grows into more, having Aki become his caregiver as well as lover. It ends with them marrying and moving back to Japan.

My question’s this: Is it a bad idea to add some of my real life to the male character?

I’m More Than The Wheelchair! Adding To The “One Sore Time With The Anime Club” Post.

While this might smell like a rebranded post, I thought it might be a way for the new followers to get a little of who I am and what I’m about. While I won’t repeat that I’m wheelchair bound with CP, (beaten that horse to death and ran over the body), I will say this, there is more to me than the chair. ^_^ The word can’t is a four letter word to me, one that only fuels me to prove people wrong.

In my teens, the teachers knocked my self confidence to shit, to the point I turned to martial arts to build it back again. Yeah, it was mentioned that most instructors, (by the book idiots) took one look at me, showing me the door. However a cop who was a Hapkido instructor took the book and threw it out. He took me aside, sat in a chair and reworked techniques from the sitting position, which blew me away!!

The man even helped me work in moved he didn’t think of, (so nice!) I even honored him by completing a sword kata he started with me, competing with it in a local tournament here. When I talk about that to people, the replies I get are as follows: “Oh, of course you are dear.” or “May god bless you, he loves you.”

Uh, god? Anyway, there is more I do/did that people are shocked over. I trained myself to get in bed, taught myself to cook. Meh, some think I can’t but they don’t need to eat my cooking dang it! Most who read this blog know about my gaming PC and that I game, and yes that skill was self taught using one hand. (vids below) Took me half my twenties to perfect the technique, but bam!

I’ve also got the hang of living on my own, a feat that some say I shouldn’t. Is it a fricking mortal sin I dunno about? It’s really missed and now, if I go outside to chill, people are like, “Are you okay?” every minute, but when help’s needed, no one asks.

Finally, & this one took YEARS, but I’m getting to be a decent writer. It is still a learning process though, however my flow is coming to me. I’ll be posting progress on a story soon, be the judge? So you see, being in a wheelchair does not mean I can’t do what my mind’s set on, though as people might differ, I’m not helpless!

Something On My Mind…



Since completing an old story that I started months ago, possibly last year to be honest, an idea has been going around my head. Some of you may have peeked at the original work that I’ve put on the other blog, reading them. If so, what do you think? 🙂


While I know more work has to be done to improve as a writer, between a a couple years ago until now, my writing has grown & gotten better. So some thought has went into this and I might see about getting a couple of my original stories edited for errors and published. No, none of the erotic writing will be on AFF.NET, I tried getting my stories on there before, & the webmistress has struck them down for reasons I’ve addressed in my disclaimers, yet she still took em down.


Skya redone 1


What I hope to do is read up on how to get em published through a publisher or something and go that route. Don’t misunderstand, I’m still working on my vampire novel, it is coming, slowly, but… Any thoughts?

One Sore Time With The Anime Club…

While it might’ve been written in a post sometime ago, as I replied to a comment on Saturday’s topic, what the follower said gave a good idea for what I’m about to explain. (Thank you moyatori)! 🙂

Growing up, there were people who thought since I’m wheelchair bound with Cerebral Palsy, no lights are on upstairs, if ya get my drift, having them ask my parents questions about me, which my dad’s response still makes me smile to this day! Someone asked him something about me, I forget what, but he was, “My son’s next to me, ask him!” He didn’t like people who thought I’m mindless. Mom was the same, even putting a wheelchair company rep in their place for saying I was too rough with their chair, hence why it broke down damn near weekly.

Even nowadays, when people meet me, they act like I’m not all here, taking to me like I’m two or something, but in the early 2000s, a situation unnerved me and that’s the topic today.

In many posts, you’ve read where the anime club I was in felt like home, after they got use to me, but when they first met me, a few were clearly not seeing me. When mom took me to the anime cons in the 90s, she trusted me to do and go where I wanted when I wanted, which had me buy up half the dealer room, BUT LOL! 🙂 In 200-01, after her stroke, my sister took me as part of the club and set me loose to be on my own and here was when crap took a turn!

One of the members saw me on my own and rather than talk to me to let me explain myself, she ran to get the club president crying, and he dragged me up to their room, not letting me say my piece, but saying I needed supervision. He then brought me to my sister and she told him off almost, saying, “My brother has a mind, He has been coming to these for a longtime and yes he does alright for himself. Did you even try talking to him?!” Hearing her put the brakes on them was great, but for a few minutes after, I felt like shit.

They treated me better since, until the club disbanded, but can people stop treating me like I’m retarded without me having to prove myself?