Personal Blog For June 1st 2017

Once again sorry for going off grid for days/weeks, but health issues got in the way. I’ll be happy when my coffee gets ordered this weekend, hopefully it helps keep me from getting backed up.


Anyway, on with the post, & I’ll get the crappy part out the way first. After some odd months, my nephew in his dimwitted wisdom let his stupid ex girlfriend move back here. Yes, the woman who was wanting her own place, her own life, money but stayed with her mommy this whole time IS HERE! I voiced my opinion, telling him that he was a stupid moron for letting her back here because it has already started to decay into fights, but not my problem.


Before feeling muddy, so many words a day were being written & my stories were nicely constructed. Tomorrow, my plan is to write more & try finishing one I’ve been working.


As for the Elfen Lied review, I am trying to get that rewatched, believe me. Wish there were more than 24hrs. in a day.


Finally, in a few weeks, some Tekken 7 matches and training content will be going up. When the game’s bought, I’d like to train some and do arcade stuff before getting destroyed online, but I’ve recorded another game while the gut hurt to see how the quality was before I streamed and stuff. Look below and drop your thoughts. 🙂


Second Topic Of The Weekend: More About My Discussion With That So Called “Doctor”

Before starting I’d like to say that I’m an anime lover, have been & will be until my end. I like it in almost every form, even the hentai doujinshi/manga, but before anyone who may read this thinks “Pervert””, I rarely view it.That said, moving on.


As this “doctor” and I talked, before I told him to just send me the information, the topic came up that I had some manga I was curious about getting translated & he claimed his coworker’s wife might do it and he’d ask him to ask her. Supposidly she agreed and emailed me wanting the manga I wanted translated. I sent the pages, but told her what they had on them, she said it didn’t matter. So I think a month passed, no word, so emailed her.


(Her reply): “Was busy with the newborn, should be completing the translation soon.”


After that, nothing! If you ask me, it was the same person, who even knows. It would’ve been nice to have the pages translated though. True there are sites that do it, but I have no clue how they work. One needed the image uploaded, tried doing that, but it wouldn’t take the file type. Any help?

Two Topics For Two Days

While responding to a followers blog post on the process how manga is translated into English, two topics popped into my head, (shout out goes to Anime Girls NYC). 🙂 If it wasn’t for her topic, these would have been forgotten and left by the road. Before starting, let me state that the first topic is personal and a bit of a warning for people, but leads into tomorrow’s topic.


By now about everyone who follows me here and Facebook knows I have Cerebral Palsy, I’ve had it since birth, leaving me one handed and chair bound, but the brain works great. 🙂 For all of my life there were things to overcome, some anger etc., but anything I wanted to do, my parents found a way to get me to said goal. Earning my black belt, competing in weapons demonstrations, horseback riding, traveling around the country as part of a sports team, I did it!


I’ve always adapted to do things one handed, thanks to my parents. Even later, their guidance helps me do things I wanna do. A few years ago, someone claiming to be a doctor saw one of my videos demoing how I played the PS3 one handed messaged me and wanted to ask questions. First time I answered him as well as possible, but in time, his questions got odd, meaning he’d repeat them, until I asked what this was about.


This answer made the rest of my red flags fly. He claimed to be working for a hospital in Canada, researching a treatment for C.P. to help people with it walk and have more control. Now though I haven’t read up on things lately, if there WAS a treatment, I would’ve heard about it. The conversion lasted over a few months of emails, even someone claiming to be his brother that had Cerebral Palsy emailed me several times.


Got to a point where I told him to send me the info to look over for myself, but after that, that was it, he never replied. His “brother” never emailed, so it is a very good guess that doc was scamming me.


What are your thoughts? I’d love to here your take about this.

I am So Sorry People

I know I’ve been off the radar for a week and some days, not following up on the anime review & I’m sorry. If you have been around for a time, reading the blog, then you know that around this time, the heat gets to me, but due to my C.P. my body temp’s higher than normal. Say it could be 80 degrees, I’m 5-10 degrees above that, & it makes doing anything hard. Yes, stories were added to, but not much else was done and I feed for not doing the Elfen Lied review yet.

Story Time With Shadowlight

While replying to a fellow blogger’s post & talking with them, a topic sparked that might give you a peek into how I was. Again, no this will be a clean post, little swearing and level heads will be used. Let us begin.


Before my mom passed, the house I grew up in was passed to me & though it needed work, I tried making it livable by having my nephew help with housework etc. When his mom couldn’t deal with him, (my sister’s a mess?) she’d kick him to me, but I let him slack off. Anyway, everything was in walking/driving range and a few times I’d take myself to the coney place to eat, the video place to rent movies and so on. Coming home one day, I got home and settle, but a neighbor from down the block came over, saying I shouldn’t be living here, you can’t do things for yourself like mow, take trash out yada yada.

I sat there telling him, um who do you think puts the trash out on the curb every damn Monday hmm? I DO YA OLD DUMB IDIOT! I know it could’ve been handled better, but just wanted to eat and chill, but daily he’d return, getting on my case about the house, lawn whatever. Got to a point I answered the door with a phiilipeno Fighting stick. In time and under pressure/stress, my house was signed over to mom’s power of attorney and Mike the guy who repairs my chair got me into an apartment complex.


Sure, it was for seniors, but the apartment was great, big and had a Little Ceasers, my bank, Radio Shack next door, AND a 10 mile bike path through the woods, a path I hit daily. 🙂 The tenets were a mixed bag though, but a couple of them were cool. Some of them really got on my nerves by asking the guy next to me how I take care of myself or what do I do for fun without asking me, I was sitting right there. After that, I just drank coffee in my Apt, keeping to myself, but some would come and wanted to talk at all hoursm until a sign was posted on my door saying, “If its after 9pm, I’m either watching anime, reading or in bed! Don’t be an idiot and and knock, just leave!” it helped, but there’s one part of this story I get sore over today.


Came home from the hobby shop, my hand and lap full of my R/C stuff, and my bladder was about to blow, got half way to my place when I hear my neighbor call my name, asking if I could fix a tenet’s wheelchair? In my head, I though, “The heck do I look like,  a repair guy?” I agreed after I had a bathroom break. Turns out, the guy had a spell of forgetfulness and couldn’t remember how to turn it on, but I looked at the people and said, Anyone of you couldn’t have tried that? How sad. and left. A time after, they thought I could repair anything.


The people aside, I’d live there again.

I’ll Never Understand People

This maybe a rant, but I’ll try and keep it clean and constructive. Growing up with Cerebral Palsy in a wheelchair, there were people who would see me somewhere and come ask if I needed help or if I was ok. Once they saw that my mind was sharp, they went on their way & this trend continued. Nowadays though, people are worse with it! Two Winters ago, a woman driving by stopped to ask if I was okay while I was waiting for my cab/van, err ride, & though I told her five times I’m okay, she walked to her car, calling the cops on my butt! My ride came to transport me to take me to the hobby shop, but my nephew told me the police were here.


pede 2016


While running my R/C hobby, I’d hadsome stupid questions flung my way etc. and I know it sounds like I’m off my nut, but I have all my “Pop cans”, so to speak, my legs just don’t work. Yesterday while running the truck in the picture, I was sitting in a shady spot by the porch and a car pulled up, a guy came out asking me if I was okay. Told him I’m great and he left me be! However, what’s a riot is when I DO need help, no one stops or cares and that’s messed up.



A Look Into Shadowlight….

Yesterday about the Ghost In The Shell movie, it was mentioned that some movies, if seen in theaters gave me vertigo, sending me to the door. Today I thought it be time to let you readers in and expand on the subject.


I’m not sure when it started, I just know the feeling drove me nuts because watching some movies I’d be fine, while others, the feeling of having your stomach drop if you were riding a roller coaster would make me wanna leave. When my dad and I went to see the first Hot Shots, (a funny movie), it didn’t bother me until the flying sequences, sending my head down and had my dad ask what was wrong, but we seen that same movie twice after and it went fine. It was odd, I’ve seen The Crow when it first came out & though the vertigo was making me climb the wall, I wanted to stay.


The old live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies or Terminator 2 movie I don’t think ever caused me to trip and they were seen numerous times, so I’m not sure what sets me off. Now, if there’s a movie I want to see, waiting til the Blu-ray/DVD is the best choice for me.  However, some video games give me that feeling as well, Assassin’s Creed III to give a good example. There is one task of climbing a building that is under construction to get to a crane & every camera angle made me cringe. Got to a point the game was almost turned off!