Therapist Tale!

Today I would like to explain the therapist my doctor more or less duped me into working with and why he can work my last nerve. Originally, I thought the guy was just coming out to see what I needed for the new wheelchair, measurements and such, however that wasn’t the case! Seems as though my doctor wants me to exercise, which I get, BUT getting into bed myself and cleaning some works me out fine….

It is known that the therapist flips if our dog’s around, having the fool not come in the house. Well, last Wednesday, he worked on my nerves quite a bit. Again he wouldn’t come in, had the door open a crack, letting the wind & cold in, repeating is the dog locked up? I kinda took his head off and in a decent way told him to get his ass in here! After three times of me telling him she was downstairs, he came in and did his paperwork bullshit. Here’s where the nerves got worked on.

He took my blood pressure, telling me it was a little high, asking me if I was feeling okay, was I stressed etc. All the while, I was thinking, “I’m probably stressed due to your weekly sessions I have to beat into your head about the dog.” Honestly though? Whenever someone is due here, a little stress is felt because if I start doing anything, a minute later, they’ll show up.

Furthermore, if I tell the therapist my posture’s off due to this chair, he tells me “It isn’t the chair’s fault, you cam sit better.” Derr whatever, idiot! Might report him.


Personal Blog For December 2017



Sorry for going MIA again, but having to debate whether or not the new chair’s ordered & other things have been on my brain. Let’s start this on a positive note. Even though the Thanksgiving writing fest didn’t really take, some progress was made, which is good and I’ll show today in another post. In A Wife’s Wish, errors pointed out to me by a friend and my adopted bro were cleared up I hope.




Other news: Our female dog, who’s a sweetheart of a Pit Bull is messed up, a bit blind, way underweight etc. Yes, she eats well and everything, we just suspect the last litter took a toll on her, it is just sad to see her this way. My nephew wants to get her fixed and have a hysterectomy done so maybe it’ll clear some of the issues up, (and I hope it does, she’s an angel!) Adding a somewhat weird and dumb note to this. The therapist the doctors roped me into seeing to exercise me, which I’ll go into at a later date is scared SHITLESS of her that the guy won’t even come in the forking house unless she’s downstairs.

The first time he came, she was up here and sniffed him, making him flip out, saying where he’s from, stray dogs roam the area. “Um, A: She’s blind and harmless. And B: There’s a difference between dogs you see roaming and domesticated dogs!” but he left! Last week, 15 minutes was spent trying to convince the fool that the dog was downstairs, at that point I was about ready to yell at the guy because he would repeat the same thing! He got on me for the way I was sitting, I told him it was due to the chair and he was, “Its not the chair’s fault, you can sit better.” Okay, you try sitting better in this!



This Saturday & Sunday I’m planning to binge watch TRIGUN so a review can be written. Wanted to do it last weekend but due to issues I couldn’t, so yeah. After TRIGUN, Elfen Lied is on my list, sorry for the delays. 😦

Not this Saturday, next Saturday is my birthday and unlike last year, I really don’t have no plans to order anything. There are things I want/need, but bank issues are holding me up, so a six pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade will need to hold me I guess. Wish some of the anime club lived around here so we could meet up & do something.


I will try not to swear in this short post, but this is annoying & I think these doctors are milking the system quite a bit. I’m sure readers have seen some posts about how the doctors ask for blood every month for some “test” they need to run, which I think they could’ve ran said test when they ran the others, strike one!


Well wait until you read this. They tried coming out today and run a heart scan on me at 9am! When these doctors started coming to see me, we told em that I do not get up until 11:45am or noon when my nephew’s on lunch, but seems what we say doesn’t matter to them & I won’t get up at 6am to wait for them. As for these tests? While I’ll admit my teens were years ago, the way they are doing things are to me. a bit overkill!

I never trusted doctors throughout my life to be honest. Two gave me the same Antibiotic that gave me hives, landing me in the hospital for a week and another fucked up a surgery on my left arm. “Oh, he’ll be able to use the hand!” Well doc, you screwed up!


Amazes Me!

So, yesterday, (Tuesday), the doctors came out & while I’m not against them, (too much), it amazes me that they pull some stuff. I’ve been calling for a script so a therapist can come out to see what I need for this new chair, but they don’t call back.However, once they wanna come out for my monthly checkup, they call and I feel on the spot.


Another thing, every damn month, they want blood for some test, which they drew three or four vies of the shit, so what, they couldn’t use the last three for the test this month? I won’t tell what they want me to get, but I think it’s bull…


I kinda bitched them out a tad for these and showing up early. Okay, I had my cell off, half my faiult, but the other crap… Am I wrong to feel this way?

Personal Blog For Nov. 2017: Stress, Delays & Writing Projects

So I will not go into whining about why I’m a day late on this, most here know what I’m been going through with getting the new chair and keeping this old crap hep running, but hold on until ya hear the latest about the chair issue. Last Thursday, I turned from my computer desk to do business, but after, the chair shut off. Usually when it happens, I have to just mess with the wire to get it to work, well, nada.


Had to put myself in manual and try to get to my desk again, which I did, wasn’t easy, but it happened. However, who got shit for fucking this chair up and was told I best take care of the new one when it comes? ME, and had to listen to it for a day! It needs saying that I TRY MY DAMNDEST to take care of this chair! Okay, there were spills, but to the best to my ability, I wiped them up, wasn’t my doing (& the chair is how old now?)


Could go deeper, but moving on. Saturday, the guy I have to get the new chair through came out and replaced the broken cord for this old crap, getting it to work well, kind of. Still has the short, but I can unplug the cord and plug it back in, making it work, so onto the new chair drama. After the new one was picked, the guy tried getting a script to have a therapist come out to evaluate me to see what I need on the thing etc. My doctor, even though she told us call her if we needed more help getting it, WILL NOT call back, adding more stress. Seriously, what do I need to do?


Enough stress, time for fun. If/when a fellow blogger has her monthly Anime carnival, my post is ready, yay! ^_^ Short but sweet, like the memory attached to the series! 🙂




Now, about writing projects. Awhile back, an old good movie, Blade Runner was caught on TV & enjoyed! If you haven’t guessed that old movies from the 80s are my thang, you know now, but after watching it, my mind started working and the next day a new story with the lady above began. Don’t wanna spill the coffee on what the story’s about, just know I’m putting my all into writing it! 🙂

Personal Blog For Oct. 2017: Roller Coaster Of Emotions

First let me say sorry for the no posts in weeks on end. Planned to post an anime related topic and a few others this month, but thanks to my whacked out sleep schedule, being sick and stress on account of the wheelchair issue, days were spent just attempting to stay sane! 😦 Shall we start?


Doctors came out not too long ago, & might I say were decent? Seriously, usually I’d get docs that treat me like I have no mind, talking to me like I’m three years old, which can and does piss me off, but these two were cool. The nurse though tried taking blood with a huge fraking needle, drilling into me, (IT FUCKING HURT) and blew the vein, then she drew it using a butterfly needle, hurt less.


Got the script for the new chair though, so yay. 🙂 That day, Mike was called to let him know the chair could be ordered, but here’s a downer. I couldn’t go through him to get it or have him fix it, something to do with Medicare I don’t understand.  He did refer me a friend of his & he seems cool, however, my rep for popping footrest bolts is known to him so I’m afraid! 😛 Last week, he came out to show a chair and get this started.


Out of the gate, this guy saw how screwed this chair is & I feel he’ll do everything he can to get the new one asap. The new chair looks sick as shit! Its from a company I dealt with before, their chairs are like the Energizer Bunny, they keep going, going and going! It’ll be smaller than this one, sleeker is always good, it can go over small curbs, a plus and get up and go! 😛 I even had a chance to pick my colors, which will be basic black with grey trim, which some who read this blog know black is my favorite.


If all goes well, without red tape holding things up, should get the new chair in three to six months, hoping for three.


Look for two others post to see what else I had going on.

Some Good New About The Wheelchair Battle!

Just a fast post about the battle to get a new chair. Monday or Tuesday, my insurance card finally got here! That’s right, I can now go ahead and get a doctor to write a script for one so insurance will cover one, which takes a great weight off me! Question is now, will the doctor do the script or say he doesn’t do that. Had that happen before until my repair guy set him straight.