Personal Blog For September 2018!

Had no intention on posting my monthly personal post a few days late, but computer issues cropped up in the past week that had me wanna push this off my desk, so let us begin there.

Gaming PC 1


Lately on boot up, my gaming/workhorse PC above gets past the windows screen & locks up before getting to the windows login screen, forcing me to flip the switch on the PSU. After I do, it boots fine. If it asks to restart after a driver update, it won’t freeze, but shut the thing down for the night and boom, the computer will lockup on boot the next day! I’ve scanned for any malware/virus that could be causing this, coming up empty so it might be windows ten, but Wednesday the issue got to me.

When it froze Wednesday, my usual step was taken, only a CMOS prompt showed up then would go no further. This went on, having me go into the bios and try everything with zero luck, depressing me. No really, I know hate is a strong word, but I’m getting to where I hate screwing with this thing! Late that night, going into the bios again was retried, and finding that the boot sequence was screwy, so on a guess, I switched and saved the change. It booted to windows, thank the gods.

Last night, Microsuck updated 10, (an update that took half the goddamn night and finally reinstalled windows at 4am)! Windows 10 hasn’t been loved by me since they forced the second major update, a update that makes my tower restart without warning!! Next month is going to be spent shopping for computer parts to overhaul this thing, and if I run across windows 7, I’m going to go back to it!


F150 Raptor Stampede 2017

In other news, it has been raining a lot and when it hasn’t, the lawn looks like a freaking jungle, so running Baby has not been a good idea. The last few runs, the R/C ran like a champ! I wanna get up to the hobby shop before the Fall temps and grab another battery pack! πŸ™‚

Finally: Some good anime related topics will be put up for discussion, one in a day or so.


Love This Truck!

F150 Raptor Stampede 2017


Ever since my R/C truck was β€œfixed” finally a couple weeks ago, the yard has been owned by me daily. I’ve love being out with it & when outside running the Stampede, the peace I get can’t be measured in words. True, I have a condition where my body temperature is higher than normal & if the temp outside is 95, it feels like 100 degrees to me, but lately I didn’t mind going out in the weather.

Grant it, I might’ve had a sunburn starting, but was is worth it! ^_^ Sure, when it rains, staying inside is my choice, but before the weather changes & it gets colder, my plan is to be outside. And I need to put something here before closing this post. I could go out and just sit, however if I do, strangers will ask if I’m okay or do I need help fifty times, driving me bonkers.

He’s Back To Rule The Yard!!!!

F150 Raptor Stampede 2017


It took half the running season to get the issue with baby resolved, but as of last Friday, the R/C truck is FINALLY up & running the way he should be! πŸ™‚ I’ve spent all weekend out driving him, (my truck is my baby, hence the name) & boy it felt nice! ^_^ The receiver and battery pack was replaced an told Ken, (the lazy guy who half asses jobs) to just switch the receiver, even though he still maintained that it was the battery pack.

What, since I have Cerebral Palsy I dunno anything or can approve preventative measures? As a topping on cake, I had him test the truck in front of me, because like he and Cameron heard me say, I don’t like getting it home and it screws up, making me rebook a trip to come back there. What he told me, β€œI took it home before he got to it last time.” made no sense what so ever since he said it was done! I’ve said it before that Ken should be fired and that statement proves the point.

Anyway, the truck is home, fully running and as a proud β€œfather”, I’m loving the outdoors time, running the R/C!

Early Personal Post For Aug. 2018.

If there is a LOT of cursing in this post, please forgive it, I haven’t had a good month…. This summer has not been one to write about, if that can be put mildly, but let us start this early August personal post with baby, my R/C below. After two trips to the hobby shop, the guy I don’t trust to work on my things swears to me the battery is bad, that’s why the truck cuts out every second. However, if I run it with the shell off, it runs semi fine, with only two or three cut out sessions. BUT, body on, I can’t get two inches unto it cuts out, ticking like a bomb.


F150 Raptor Stampede 2017

Now, I spoke to Cameron, the worker I trust up there last week and explained what the FUCK it was doing and he said the receiver might be the cause, not the battery pack. This is more likely the case than what Ken told me. Honestly, Ken’s rude to me, telling me that he cannot fix it over the phone last time I talked to him weeks ago. The guy should get fucking canned, if I need to be truthful! So a trip was booked with Your Ride for this Friday to go back to the hobby shop & HOPEFULLY the issue will get resolved!!!

Home life:

On top of the truck issue getting me down my home life added to the black cloud over me. How you might be asking? Well, seems my shithead of a nephew, who’s in charge of my care can’t be bothered bathing me! No, he’d rather talk to his Face Book little girlie, the one who has six other guys she’s dating than do his job! Damn tempted to fire his ass and move out, he’ll be up shit’s creek cause I pay all the bills round here! Let the bitch with the cry baby kid support him!


During the past several weeks, I didn’t do much writing, due to the above issues. Saturday and yesterday however, the bug got me, having me complete a fan based story. It’ll be up on my other blog this week, & a link to that blog will be in my WordPress profile if any of you are interested! πŸ™‚ I will be putting older original works up there, as well, but they aren’t up to the level I’m at today, so be kind? ^_^

Early July Personal Post!

While this isn’t my normal first of the month personal post, you followers should know what is up with me & why no posts. Short answer is, the heat has been bugging me. Most here know that my disability effects my body temp, making it feel ten degrees hotter than it is. Annoying hmm? But wait, there’s more! With the heat, my energy drains away, so yeah.

F150 Raptor Stampede 2017

My doctor wanted me to get out and get sun, but as it is, the weather has made it hard to function. On top of that, both my R/C trucks are sick and need to go in, so. Yes, I could go out, kick back, get sun, but knowing people around here, they’ll bother me every five seconds asking if I’m okay and shit!


On with better topics.


Gaming PC 1


I’m making plans to do a major upgrade to the gaming rig above, future proofing it as much as possible. A path has already been thoughtout. An AM4 motherboard with a Ryzen 1700 or 1700x CPU, 8 Gigs memory (will go 16 gigs later) with a 120 SSD (for OS) and a 2TB HDD for games. I’ll be reusing the case, graphics card, (for now), blu-ray drive and fans. What do ya think?

Active Few Months

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!


This will be one of those “All in one” posts that touches on some personal things, tells what I’ll be up to, welcomes new readers etc. First to the new follower. I hope you find the posts of mine entertaining. πŸ™‚ I blog about anything from anime, my life, my writings/hobbies to gaming. Please feel at home and join the conversations, if ya have a question for me, I’ll answer it if possible.


Last Monday, I woke up to find out that my doctor was changed without my knowledge. In itself isn’t new, these visiting doctors love to flip the script on my ass without warning, but this fool made two mistakes already. He acted like I was a two year old, getting in my face and talking to me as if I was two… I told him to back off me before something happened!


While here, half the stuff he said, I couldn’t understand cause the guy can barely speak English, am I off for saying that? Before leaving, he let me know my vitamin D level was low and to get out to get sun. Yeah, with people up my nose asking me if I need help every five seconds if I go out the door, that will be on my top priorities sir. Oh, I’ll get out and try, with this new recline function on my new wheelchair, THAT sounds ideal, but people cannot leave me be for some reason, which does get annoying.


F150 Raptor Stampede 2017


Rival 1


With these two kids back from the hobby repair shop, outdoor fun will be had, ripping the yard a new one. Ran one two weeks ago, but Baby’s (the blue with black fendered truck) control stick fell off then my charger for the trucks blew. Now though, all is right! πŸ™‚




(Blackrose, the vampire cat woman from my novel).

Later this Summer, between running outside, I’ll be working on my writings, book chapter, the crossover, erotic work. Hoping to do the writing when my nephew’s kids aren’t here, but before closing this, will this character work as a priestess/slayer?


Synda (Human)

Mini Update

Sorry for not posting anything in a while, but been busy, not willing to do much & hermitting. By the time you readers read this, (I HOPE) the new wheelchair’s under my butt, so here is news about that! Two Thursdays ago, it was shipped from California due here two days ago & it was in my state, being assembled Friday. I called Greg, the guy I went through to get it to see where it was and what stage it was, hearing it was due to be delivered tomorrow, (Monday).

If true, you have no idea how happy I’ll be when it comes. πŸ™‚ After eight or something years, my ass won’t know how to act, it’ll feel so cool! New wheels will be soooooooo good & I’m not sure how to break it in, but me think after getting it, I’ll start going places, like the hobby shop etc. cabin fever man!


F150 Raptor Stampede 2017


Anyway, this week will be warm with sun out some days, so I’m taking my Stampede, aka baby out & driving it, which I can’t wait! πŸ™‚ In more R/C news, my new truck is here, the think is sweet as sin! Look below for pictures.


Rival 2


Rival 1


Rival 3


As you see, it is built like a tank, but some additions had to be done! Plug extensions were added, I cut the body where power switch is so my finger can get to it. I do need two battery packs for it, which will be bought next week or after the third, but can’t wait! πŸ™‚