A Fun Saturday Night!



As I finished the anime post yesterday, I added a paragraph the novel, but a nudge pulled me to my Steam library to play one of the classic JRPGs, Final Fantasy VII. I started playing it months ago when bought, during last year’s Summer Sale, but with all the game pad shorts that I’ve had, wanted to get a backup before trying to play it more. It can’t be said how good it was to play on PC, & guess you can classify this as a comparison post between the old PS version and the PC port.

(PSOne Version)

Before going further, it needs saying that JRPGS never interest in the slightest before, but I asked my mom to get FFVII for either my birthday or Christmas and for it’s day, the game blew my mind! Sure, the graphics tied with CG cut scenes stung me, but the story and game play drew me in as well. The original PS had its drawbacks, there was no denying that, but compared to the 16 BIT era, man! πŸ™‚

The biggest con for me, (& I know others will say something different), but the biggest issue for me were the cds getting damaged, though I took good care of them, having me go rebuy the game. It got annoying as hell, which I’m sure made my mom annoyed to no end!

(PC Steam Version)

I had the Windows 95/98 disc version of the game, but it ran like garbage, even though our computer specs were in that minimum column to run the game. I will not count that version, so yeah.

You could say I wanted to get FF7 on Steam because I wanted to see how it’d run on my computer & the nostalgia. Well, yes and yes! πŸ™‚ Right off the bat, the game brought back the memories, having me back in the 90s, but not sure if I don’t remember or if things were added to this version, but the characters seem to be more flushed out. Up close they have a better mouth, where as the PS I don’t think had that.

Graphics are much better, which is a given and the game runs better, from what I see, certainly better than the old windows 95/98 crappy port.

If you own either the original game or the Steam version, what do you prefer, notice between the two?


Thoughts On The Crypto Currency Fad!!!

Since missing a post Wednesday, due to having something on my brain, two posts are going up today! Monday, in my post about console gamers thinking gaming on PC is hard, it was hinted that building a new computer costs more than it use to be due to a issue I’m bringing up today.

Let’s talk about fads and get rich quick schemes. I’m sure some who read this lil corner of the net heard about Crypto currency and/or crypto mining. It’s digital currency made or mined by using graphic cards and its the latest craze for the last few years, but here’s how it hurts the PC gamer. Say someone buys every Nvidia card for their mining servers/computers, that jacks up prices for said card! Not long ago, I was curious about saving up for upgrades, but soon as I saw graphics card prices, my jaw dropped!

In my mind, these people who buy these cards in bulk just to mine this fad need their heads examined. β€œOh, I’ll drive up the prices so I can get rich fast!” But as soon as the crypto market dives, they bail! I’ll admit, I don’t care to follow or learn about this craze, I’m a guy who just games, that’s it!

Not sure if this can be done, but someone needs to step in, whether the card makers or retailers and limit or stop people from buying the cards in bulk! I know some of my readers play on PC so I’m interested in what you have to say! πŸ™‚

Why Do Console Gamers Think Gaming On PC Is Hard? A Logical View, & Counterpoint!

Today I’d like to kick off the week of daily posts with this computer topic and ask why most console gamers seem to shun or hate the PC & the community. Now, keep in mind what I stated in Friday’s/Saturday morning’s post, when I announced these topics, I’ll try to speak logically, invite discussion and yes, I may have a sarcastic tone to some of the post, but it is to bring a point home


Gaming PC 1

As a lot of you readers who followed me for years know, I’m an ex console gamer who has returned to his PC gaming roots due to various reasons, one being the games are more adaptable to me being one handed, unlike on consoles. I get less stressed when playing computer games, mostly because I try staying out of drama on the Steam forums, if a person adds me on my friends list just to say I suck, they’re deleted without a word. Even if a friend who’s on it already spams stuff to win, I don’t ask why, they are just deleted.

What I typed above may sound like a side track, but not really?

Before this computer was built a lil over two-three years ago, the choice to come back to PC to game was weighed, watching pro/con debates, among other things and what I found did, but didn’t throw me. I’m not gonna go on a limb here and all console gamers live in a candy coated world, though a good half do, thinking PCs are hard to get up, maintain etc. Building one today might be, thanks to the issue I’ll cover later in the week, but moving on.

Two weeks ago, I decided to fire a old game up, (Devil May Cry 4) and play it. While watching the cutscenes, the graphics were glitching, even on game play, they were choppy. I thought my graphics card was crapping, but other games seemed fine. So after sleeping on it, google was consulted and found out the new version of my graphics card software had a bug with the old DX 9 games. Now the game’s played in DX 10 mode, fixed and good.

Now, let me sound like a critical bone head here! If a console fanboy saw this glitch, it’d be, β€œOh, see gaming on PC sucks!” They wouldn’t even try to see if there was a fix or ask around. No, they’d act lazy and not research shit, β€œOh, let’s not be smart and attempt to fix this, consoles are better.”

To add to that, there is this myth that PC gamers must upgrade hardware yearly to play the latest games. Honestly, where does the console fanboy get that from? I wanna know really! I’ve had same FX6300 setup for years and all I upgraded was my old Radeon 7770 card to the RX480 & I can play all the games in my library no problem. Again, let us not use our heads.

What is your take on this topic, let yourself be heard! πŸ™‚

Personal Blog For Feb.1st 2018

There’s a lot to cover in this month’s personal blog, so let us start with the elephant in the room, no news on my claim for the new chair. For the new readers who just followed me, & those who have been away, I’ll be brief. I’m way overdue for a new wheelchair, like three years? A script for one was FINALLY written and passed to me last year with a new chair picked out that same month. Easy right? Nope! I then had to wait for the therapist and the guy that I gotta get it through to communicate, taking weeks of phone tag!

Last week, my doctor asked if I talked to the guy and to be honest, I gave up because he rarely returns calls. Wish Mike was still in the game, I knew he got shit done! Guess on the upside, my tilt function works on this chair again, though I wanna new chair.



Moving on! Thank you to all who supported me after the post about our female pit bull passing, it helped so much. Before she passed, her son use to try attacking me, biting my foot once, which got him kicked off, but now that she’s no longer here, he’s bad. A week after, he didn’t do nothing, just looked at me chill like, then one day I was coming out for coffee, he went into my room, came out, looked at me and went Cojoe on my ass! I try to be cool with him and all, but…. Last week, had my door open, the dog came in friendly and left then came by the door, growling at me. I lost my temper and chased his ass, blocking him in a corner.

Not sure WTF it is with him, a gene, a male thing or what, but there are times I wish I could hold him down and run over him a bit! I don’t wanna have people thinking that I abuse dogs, I don’t, I just do nothing to the dog, yet he wants my head! Yes, it might be the wheelchair, & if so, there’s zero I can do about it.

Writing! As stated earlier, my muses have been on me about finishing older stories, which I’m dedicating some weeks this month to do, that’s part of my reason not being on Facebook. I’m going to attempt finishing the book chapter this month so I can start the next chapter. If all goes as planned, the book will be half done, yay! πŸ™‚

I haven’t posted about this, but one of my PC game pads, (the one I need for Tekken) crapped on me. Don’t buy the HORI Fighting Commander controllers, they die without warning. I’ve found an older version of controller I used on SC5, so I’ll order it soon & hope it works! Also buying another Logitech pad as a backup.

So Stupid It’s Funny!

Mei Xing


This is Mei Xing, (above), a character I had Tekken 7’s Xiaoyu made up as, please do not steal her. As much as I’d like to go on about her, something soooo funny and stupid happened over the holidays that I want to share it with you readers.

Before Christmas, a post went up talking about how Sc5, a PS3 fighting game was returned too, just to see how toxic the community was after all this time. Well, the word toxic might be too light of a description, but guess you knew that. No, there was an encounter that had me wanna get out of my chair and roll on the floor while laughing.

One day as I sat in a lobby, waiting for my turn to battle, not to mention watching for spammers, there was a Maxi user, (all they uses) was there. I knew how they fought so I left & went to relax in one of the global lobbies. Sometime later, that user entered & we talked, but the discussion turned weird at this point. In the course of the talk, this user asked if I’m interested in joining his Serpent Clan, (yes he role plays on SC5).

I told them that I rarely play anymore, and his response? β€œOh, so you’re one of those players?”

What the ….? I left the game due to the community & I wanted to get back into PC gaming, but the conversation continued with me saying I’m rusty.

β€œYour record says otherwise.”

My record’s a 98 percent win/loss rate because I watch for spammers and fools. If a player tries too hard or spams the same moves to get the win, I leave the match. Might be a dick move, but ain’t no way some no nothing will get a win off me like that. Continuing though, his answer to my I’m rusty was, β€œDon’t worry, we’ll help you become better. I just wanna see how good you really are.”

Talk about lame as sin, really. Later that day, just for giggles, I took them up on the offer and had a session with the person. Like I thought they were, try hard Maxipad spam, so the match was left. I’m good, I really don’t want or need help from people who spam, y’know?

Besides, the game’s mainly used for creation now, I rarely play it. Plus, I role play enough, thanks! πŸ™‚ If you wanna expand on this topic, talk to me more on it or just shoot the breeze, feel free to drop a comment. πŸ™‚

Celebrating 121 Followers Part 2!

Before continuing this, I’d like to say that some of my background won’t be here due to privacy. With that out the way, let us continue.

Most people just see the wheelchair, it is worse now, but as a teen, when I went to the mall, people were idiots. Say I was in a line in a store or at the food court, they’d cut in front of me. My dad saw this once and said next time, nudge the ankles, so when they did, my chair was turned on & BAM! They’d be like, β€œOh, didn’t see you, sorry…”

β€œSorry my ass! You saw me, move bitch!” I’ll never know why people can never use sense, you know? Had to bump people like that to get points across and yeah it worked, but hated it. Like some teens, the mall was visited more than it should’ve been, it was a place to relax for me.

Alright, most readers know I studied martial arts, but the reason wasn’t explained. Growing up, both mom and dad taught me to be independent, teaching me to use the microwave etc. Well, the teachers at the high school ripped my self esteem to shreds, making fun of my speech slur, not allowing me to go take a leak & my fav? The speech therapist told me I need more god in my life, which after the third time, I fired back, β€œThere’s a law separating church & state, look it up!”

Mom & I went to every martial arts studio in the area and all just saw the disability, but one guy blew my mind. The first lesson with him, I need to say I didn’t expect too much, but after evaluating me, he sat in a chair and reworked a couple moves from my point of view then worked on them with me. No other instructor tried doing that approach, they’d rather be by the book closed minded people. With Bill, Hakido rebuilt me backup and I made it through the ranks quickly, taking a few of his hairs while taking him down and flipping him! πŸ™‚

My training lasted two or three years to my red belt with a stripe, then he had to stop teaching students. I did earn my black belt, but the lady I trained under was a flake. She said I could begin at the red striped belt & wanted to view a video of my last test. We gave it to her, she viewed it, but told me to forgot his teachings, the moves look choreographed. Um, what he had me doing WAS NOT choreographed! Even though I received my black belt under her, I never thought of her as my master, Bill will always be my mentor.

In 2002/03, the house mom bought was signed to me after she had to go into a home Though I pretty much took trash out, bought/cooked food on my George Foreman grill & did everything myself, some of the neighbors took it on themselves to come by to tell me I had no right to be in that house alone. I can’t take care of myself or it. WHAT? I take trash to the curb, took cans/bottles back & my nephew or my sister’s friend mowed weekly, so where is the dang fault here? Okay, the house needed TLC, I was getting to that. The bastard came to bitch about the house so much that I started carrying my wooden fighting stick.

But then here’s my screw up & it damn near made me kill myself. I let a couple roommates move in. The first damn lady pretty much was a flack, saying fate told her to be there. She didn’t let me do what I did, (trash etc.), but her β€œfriend” was the real threat! The flake told me her friend and her man needed to move now and could they move in? I wasn’t too thrilled with that, it smelled, but they triple tagged me, begging to let em move in. I caved, but read on.

Not to offend readers, but her friend had mental issues. First night I was in my room thinking about where to put my computer desk, & I hear her friend tell me, β€œI know you’re listening to me going to the bathroom!” I WASN’T doing anything of the sort, it got worse though.

After the first woman moved out due to her β€œfriend” the two stayed, breaking the toilet. If I was online, talking to people or doing anything, she’d accuse me of hacking their PCs, she was hacking all of ours. She reported me to yahoo, saying I was doing something and had my account shutdown! I NEVER did anything like that. If I went to an anime screening, five seconds after I get there, cell would ring, β€œWhen are you coming home? Your puppy needs to go out.”

She worked me to the point I called my sister & told her to tell mom I loved her then went to get my Tanto, (was going to kill myself). As I had it out though, one of my creations from my book stopped me and though it took a month of me moving in with my sis, the psychos were evicted. I know it sounds like I’m odd for saying Blackrose set me straight, but I’m sticking to it.

After moving back in, I lived there for awhile until neighbors and other forces had me move again, though the apt. complex was nice. Everything was next door, pizza place, my bank everything! There was a 8-10 mile bike path through woods I drove day after day that came to the park! One fourth of July, the guy who worked on my old chair invited me to that park with his family to watch fireworks. So we meet up and I have a few coolers, and on the way home, he says, β€œYou’re fish tailing, man.”

Me being buzzed, I answered, β€œAm not, I’m okay, dude.” Kept weaving my ass off, but that was a damn good sleep, (surprised I got myself in bed that night). πŸ˜›

Now, the reason I remain single. I tried asking women out, but I’d freeze. The first woman I tried asking out worked at the mall’s record store where I’d buy anime from. I had to work up the courage for three months to attempt it, but she was a bust. A few years ago I reconnected with a classmate of mine from elementary school, but after listening to her talk about her dad issues, not to mention the part where she told me she doesn’t want/need anyone, her number was dropped fast! Someone told me I should date someone in a wheelchair. Well she is in one and the same issues can hit anyone.

Met a few ladies through messenger, which I know, bad move! Won’t get long winded here, but the last one pissed me off. We’d talk & everything would be good, but she’d go on her other screen names, pm me, talk to me for days. She’d then get on her main id, telling me I cheated on her.

To this day, the focus is on me, my writing and gaming. I have zero time for dating games people might pull. Does that sound like a bad way to put it? Anyway, hope these two posts helped you get to know Shadowlight better.

Celebrating 121 Followers Part 1! :)

Wow, 121 people follow this blog here, amazing! πŸ™‚ When I first began it on the now defunked Xanga.com, I had a really small following, (possibly due to my format bouncing like those rubber balls, but anyway.) Most know a little about me & it was planned that way, because I’m a rather private guy, but figure to celebrate the 121 follower mark, I’ thought I’d give a more detailed background so you can know who I am. With that said, grab a coffee, tea, pop, lemonade and pull a chair up, this two part post will be a long one.

To begin with, I’ve got Cerebral Palsy, leaving me in a wheelchair since birth. I could very easily say the doctor could’ve prevented it by acting faster delivering me and gotten the cord off my neck, but eh. I was a typical spoiled brat, (according to my two sibs), I got anything I wanted, (again, according to them), but I was into the transformers toy line, (love the cartoon even to this day). And yes, I’m debating on buying the generation one Optumis Prime someday.

Think it was after we got my first electric chair, my dad along with his GM shop buddies found an old golf cart, rebuilt it from the ground up and made a shell shaped like Pac-Man’s head out of metal with glass for eyes to go around me, so if you saw it, this big yellow pac man thing would’ve blown your mind! Wish a picture of that thing survived, cause HOLY SHYT! One year, we took it to Texas for a few days because the CP sports team I was apart of had a meet there & swear, every five seconds people stopped my butt, wanting pics. I got upset, (it was hot as sin there and my temper was…)

Coming into my teen years had its ups and downs, but lets start with what music I got into. While most of the songs from the 80s stuck with me, my flavor changed to Guns & Roses, Poison and a couple others too, yes, a lil rap as well.

(Some Favorite G&R Songs): November Rain, Don’t Cry (original), Patience, You could be mine, just to name a few. They have one song that speaks to me called Civil War, that song is truth on so many levels. Look it up on you tube if ya want! πŸ™‚



This was around the time anime first came to my eyes and sucked me in hook, line and sinker! The first exposure to anime was the sci fi channel’s Festival Of Anime (now gone). It was a four night long fest of dubbed anime & after, I trolled the local record store for the shows! My first anime? Project A-KO! Bought it on DVD a few years ago & it holds a spot in my heart still. Sure, there were anime before that caught my eye when I was younger, Voltron being one, but seeing the unedited version, I love the Japanese version.


The first anime con I went to was ANIME Central and oh my fucking god, I geeked out! It was heaven for me, I had never seen so much of the culture/community in one place! ^_^ My mom probably thought I lost my mind because I spent $300-400 on things, stayed up til 3am and stuff, but it was a blast! A-Cen was the con we went to yearly, though the last few years we went, the convention lost things.

In part two, I’ll explain my martial arts background etc.