Sailor V In SC5?

Well, the weekend was somewhat productive, even though people in the house wanna wake me up at 7-9am, acting like fools. Anyway, St. Patricks Day, I looked for a good enough pic of Sailor Venus because wanted to see if I still could create her in SC5, like I did some years ago. Below is the picture I use as a reference followed by two pictures of the finished creation for your approval.





Sailor Venus 1


Sailor Venus 2


Due to the limits of the creation tool, a couple things couldn’t be added, the choker around Venus’s neck for example. They offer a stutted one, & I tried coloring it correctly, but it didn’t look right, so I left it out. What gave a little challenge was her hair bow. Memory serves she has it holding her style in place, having all of it showing. When doing this with the model, no matter which way I tried, something felt out of place, so the choice was made to back it into her head a hair.

What’s the verdict, does the creation look like Sailor Venus? 🙂


Showing Steampunk Love!

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them with my expressed permission, thanks!!

Last year after seeing the original Blade Runner on cable, one of the classic steampunk Sci-Fi movies of all, my writing juices sparked! The next day, my butt was at the keyboard hard at work on the story & to me, it seems like it’ll be a good story when done. I’ll let you all read the progress below, bare in mind, some errors could be around, not to mention there is a graphic love scene, so if you’re shy, please stop reading here! 🙂




A Wife’s Wish.

Aki Yoshira and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

AUTHOR’S NOTES: This work of fiction has strong language, a little M/F sex, blood/gore and some things that may not be for some readers. If you’re one of those readers, read no further.

In the year 2320, human cloning is about to become a reality, a dream of one young scientist, but after her death, will her husband do the right thing and fulfill her final request?


Looking through a microscope, the scientist hoped it held the answer to two years of work. She noted any reaction, studies she took quite seriously, Aki, who was about twenty adjusted the magnification, then looked at her husband’s picture and smiled. She knew people joked and picked on her, saying she was too married to her project to have any kind of personal life, and to a degree they weren’t wrong, how the blue haired woman fixed her gold rimmed glasses proved that, but as she moved the sample, putting it away, Aki knew the marriage was right. Sure, rough patches were many, a lot than most marriages probably, she wasn’t about to sugar coat it, but they worked through them, coming out stronger.

After taking the rubber gloves off and pitching them, the video phone began to ring, a noise driving a grin across her face as she headed to answer. It wasn’t a mystery, the woman knew her husband would be on the other end, that fact alone had Aki’s heart fluttering before she answered and said, “Hey, on your way up or do I have time to get nude for my man?” playfully, especially on that last part, but her words had a meaning behind them, one she hoped her man would get. Though a dedicated scientist on the verge of the biggest breakthrough in genetics, the couple wanted a family, something she never really had, but wanted, compelling them to discuss it.

“Um well, how long ya need, my hot lab worker? I can stop the elevator, but that might tick security off!” the man replied with, getting his wife’s hint, but added, “You realize if my pole hits that cold exam table in there, that’ll act like a cold shower, killing the mood.” pornographic visuals all around the statement, making Aki laugh hard. Really though, it almost brought a tear when he heard the woman say that after months of discussion, having a smile paste itself on his face. As he stepped off the elevator, he knew Aki wouldn’t want to try getting pregnant there at work, though she had a kinky side so he didn’t rule that out, the man realized they never took a honeymoon, and even though she would need to come in tomorrow, renting a hotel room wasn’t out of the question.

When he entered the lab, her words couldn’t say the things she wanted, a kiss could, sending the young lady into her husband’s arms, giving him a long wet passionate one with her grinding against him at the end.”John, you know that I’ve decided to start our family, that is, if you still want children.” Aki said in a loving whisper after the kiss ended, having her peer into his eyes, as if they held what she wanted to know. True, the woman already knew his response, enough said, she just wanted to hear him say yes again, a word that brings her joy.

He could answer her question with some cheesy one liner or a joke, given what she told him on his way to take her home it’d fit, but jokes and the like seemed in bad taste, having John brush hair from her eyes, cupping her face with both hands as he said, “I may joke and give you grief, making you think I don’t hear you, but, Mrs. Hicks I’ll be a good father to our baby, I promise…” tenderly, love laced in to show the feelings her choice brought out of him as a tear began descending his cheek. Standing there forehead to forehead, love in their stare, John caught himself wondering how a woman like her, a goddess with beauty and brains could’ve fallen for an ex hired hand went beyond him, though he wouldn’t trade the last year and six months for anything, one fact the man admitted without question. There was so much they wanted to tell one another, but not verbally, having John take Aki’s hand and kiss it before he said, “I know you need to come in tomorrow, but thought since we never really had a honeymoon, we could go out, rent a room and try making our first?” in a low lovingly voice in the blue haired woman’s ear, grinding against her, hoping to entice her.

Smiling, feeling him do that, chills went up, down and around her beautiful body, having the woman’s heart fluttering more, sending her to kiss him deeply again, an act she felt him return in spades. Oh, Aki knew the kiss answered in favor of going and probably having sex part of the night, an activity they both had in mind, the young scientist broke the kiss and said, “Let’s go, my love…” a soft purr to her voice as she went to nip john’s ear, leaving a mark on it, just the way she knew he liked it. Before walking out, Aki took off her lab coat, revealing her white dancer’s top, a garment unauthorized for work, and she knew that, but she planned this night with her man for days, so she didn’t really care if what she had on would get her in hot water.

Not being able to rip his eyes from the view of her sexiness, which made his meat hard was an understatement, John hoped that it wouldn’t get in the way of driving. Walking to the car, he couldn’t help pinching Aki’s butt before guiding her in, an act making her stick her tongue out as her cheeks became flush red. While true, both had sex on the brain, how they began rubbing their legs proved it, John asked, “How’s work, getting any closer?” kindly as he started the car. He knew Aki was having a few hard things to overcome, likely a lot more given the deadline was in a month, but he supported all she did and she knew that.

Adjusting her glasses, a bit of pride came over Aki as she said, “Well, before you called, I saw that the cells started to divide, producing a network, so good!” stress relief in her tone, allowing her to smile, but she held something back, one thing she hoped John would understand. Once at the hotel, so many ways she could proceed swirled in the female’s head, much more than she plotted, but no, Aki had what she wanted to do in mind, making the woman kiss her husband deeply, her hands unbuttoning John’s shirt. Backing him up while her hands explored his chest, taking every feature and detail in, a task they did many nights before, Aki had no words for this moment, they paled to do what actions would, driving the woman’s leg against his, inching up.

Feeling her come up his leg gave him all he wanted to know to say the least, sending his hands off on their quest, tracing her body and beyond, letting them map her well. John knew they both had burning lust at the door, ready to rip it off its hinges or act like a ticking bomb set to blow, either fit, driving him mad with passion as his hands took her hot pants down. After they hit the floor, sure foreplay came to mind, with a hot babe like her how could it not, John admitted it, lust dictated other things however, compelling her husband to get all over her in bed, kissing, licking and rubbing her intimate places, one instruction John obeyed once he heard Aki’s moans.

“John, baby yes…” the young woman moaned in the man’s ear before kissing it, trailing down his neck, panting breaths in between them. Arching her back up and helping her man untie her top while they kissed, a task not simple by any means, Aki couldn’t believe how the waves made her feel, hoping actions would be more than enough, compelling her to undo his pants and attempt to slink them down. True, the couple had sex many times before, each time memorable than the last, facts Aki couldn’t help but admit, this time felt more magical though, likely due to trying to have a child, something they both wanted for awhile, knowledge compelling the blue haired woman to rub John’s chest, exploring every part of it.

He loved her, no refusing that fact, and if anything happened to her, there would be shit raining down on the one who did it, it went without saying, an omission making him trace her cheek before entering Aki’s womanhood, spreading it. Panting, kissing her while their bodies met again, words would have no meaning now, their bodies would say how the couple felt now, having the man and woman begin the dance, pushing and countering while breathy moans filled the room between kisses. As /John rained deep kisses on her neck, Aki moved her body in a way arousing him, telling him she wanted him deeper, a request he fulfilled fast, thrusting, but she rolled him on his back, looking down at her husband, a smirk on her face.

Aki wouldn’t say she planned this, even if she did, the woman had no reason to tell him because the woman knew her husband loved this, compelling the lady to hand over her man, her full breasts swaying for him to do as he wanted. Nothing felt so right but when she felt him inside her as he was then, but when his lips went on her tits, attending to them and hands cupped them, working slowly, the waves going through her were all the scientist needed to intertwine her hand with his and ride, feeling John’s kisses and other hand on her. “God, this feels so good…” Aki moaned before planting lingering kisses on his neck, getting a faster pace going due to the feeling in her, a stirring sending pulsating waves faster throughout her frame, making the woman freeze while they carried her to bliss.

All he could do was give a last thrust into her, emptying every ounce of seed into his wife while giving into the surges working them both, as if John wanted different, having him kiss her deeply, enjoying her embrace. When the surges started dying off, sending both back to their senses, he held her, raining kiss after wet kiss on her face, neck and where ever he saw skin, Aki’s man rubbed her back as she adjusted in his embrace, letting him swear he’d be there for her and their baby, a promise John would die to keep. Sure, telling the future or seeing it wasn’t his many gifts and the man knew that, he didn’t know if what they just did got her pregnant, but something made it feel like she could be, having him snuggle with her, letting sleep take the two.

Aki didn’t want to be anywhere but asleep in her husband’s arms, secure knowing John was near, hoping morning wouldn’t come too fast because she knew their mini escape needed to give way to her going back into work, making the young woman position herself on his chest better. They had that night, she wouldn’t ever forget what he did or how perfect their bodies seemed to move, it was magic after all, if that word worked in this instance. Would she be too bold and hope a child might come out of what transpired, Aki didn’t think so, that alone made her even more secure, making her sigh while she slept.

Neither one wanted to admit dawn came a few hours after and the “holiday” they were on had to end, how Aki and John held each other tighter showed their refusal, but the man and woman got out of bed and dressed, as slowly as possible it should be known. Kissing and touching went to prove the other night didn’t completely do the job, hell five night might only barely satisfy the couple to be honest, duties called though, a reality, having both down as they left the hotel. “Aki, last night was damn hot. Half of what you did has got to be illegal in this country!” John said with a chuckle following, lightening the already offbeat mood after getting in the car.

Smirking at her husband, sticking her tongue out at him, adding a bit more to the mood before she said, “You bring that out of me babe. Here I’m an innocent lab worker cursed with a hot body and married to a man who I love being meat for, can you blame me for being naughty?” in a erotic tone, the memory of the sex they had still fresh, aiding her statement. Once at work, tasks of the day took up almost all of her thoughts, having Aki check the progress of the cell growth, but she felt like something was out of place. It wasn’t the sample, the subject grew a good bit from the other night, no, she couldn’t put her finger on, putting the young woman on guard.

Seven years after Aki’s death, John had a mix of emotions going through his head, constantly at war with him, making him want to go after the people who killed her, one thing not far from thought, their daughter, Yuki, the couple’s pride and joy came first though. While watching her outside playing, the man found a chip in Aki’s old desk address to him, but before he opened it, his daughter screamed, alerting him, but before the man could react, the six year old ran in, behind his leg, shaking like a cherry blossom in the tree. The term “Dad Mode” didn’t quite apply here, but “Dad Mode with a sprinkle of ninja” worked flawlessly, getting John on a knee before he asked, “What’s wrong, angel?” concern all around the question, letting her know he’d do anything to keep her safe.

“Outside, I saw someone…” Yuki said still shaking, struggling for words to tell her daddy more about the person, but what could only be shock gripped the child. She knew her father taught her not to lie, and this wasn’t one, actually all she could do was show him, making her grab her dad’s hand and take him outside, something she did even if she had to see that again.

“If those kids picked on her for slipping into Japanese, their heads will be on pikes!” he mumbled angrily, knowing she acts about the same when they tease her, having him set to kill. Once outside, the sight he saw shook him to the core, making John do a double take, not believing his own eyes, how could he when she died years earlier. “Little one, go inside and I’ll be in to get dinner in a minute, alright.” the man said kindly, not wanting to say what he felt was needed in front of her, John had sense than to swear while Yuki was in ear shot.

Without a word, his daughter ran inside, finding things to occupy herself with, no doubt her mom’s intelligence rubbing off on her, knowledge making him smile before what he had to deal with. While shutting the door, little had to be said, John knew he was looking at his wife’s clone, something not sitting well with the man, that was so apparent, it was in the past though, letting him think before speaking. “I know you’re her clone, but she passed seven years ago…” John said calmly with a bit of bite in the statement, thinking where this might go. He supported his wife, encouraging her when she felt like giving up on the dream she had, a fact he reasserted, and if anyone said she should’ve given up, they’d get his wrath, but Aki never said anything about using her own genetic code to create this, making the moment odd to say the least.

If looks could cut flesh, the clone would be dead by now, having it step back. “I know it has been that long, but I’ve hid after seeing her, John. She called me Suki and I need help.” she said semi meekly with a bit of strength in the statement. It wasn’t said how fear of coming to him gripped her, how could it when his face had everything in it, but she had no where to go, having Suki debate on running.

Hearing what “Suki” said, many questions started going off in his head, bringing the man to the brink of asking a few, but sense rained them in. John felt Aki’s death stunk of the company she worked with, her mood weeks before she was killed spoke to that, drawing her husband to what he found in her desk. Yes, it felt more than a bit weird doing this, plus words he wouldn’t say aloud, but he invited his wife’s clone in and locked the door, trying to figure a way to explain to Yuki what Suki was, plans making his head spin.

As he started dinner, an eye never left Suki, making sure she didn’t bother his daughter. Trust had no say in his action, this clone was Aki in a sense, that much John admitted, but until he could talk to her and explain this, he didn’t want her traumatized seeing this being. “Yuki, come and get it!” he called in a singsong tone while setting the food on the table as she ran in and sat down, knowing how he would approach this.

The man knew Aki’s clone had to be hungry and though he had things running through his mind, telling him everything about this situation seemed off, John made a plate for Suki and gave it to her. After eating, wanting to see what his wife left for him was at the forefront of the man’s mind, calling to him in a way, but he made Yuki’s care his priority, having John get her ready for bed. No sooner was she in bed, she was out, giving her father time to ask Aki to watch over her as he would do, a prayer that had a tear run down his cheek.

Going into his wife’s study, office or whatever you’d call it, John opened what she left for him a few days before her murder, finding a chip used to record logs and the like on. Looking at it, it couldn’t be denied that he wondered if she knew if her days were numbered, probably so given her reactions the final day. Once John brought the Holoprojector out, popped the chip in and braced himself for what might come.

After a lifelike projection of Aki stood across the desk, it said, “John, my love, if you’re seeing this, then I’m dead. After we had our night, I’ve found things off in my lab and I fear the higher ups, my father being one might want my work to end by any means necessary.” The hologram of his wife walked to something that was slightly out of phase and continued to say, “Dear, there is something I held back from you and it hurts, but I used my genetic make up for this, please don’t hate me.” sadness rang throughout the statement.

Still watching the message, her husband felt no illness towards her for what she did, having John sit in the chair better. While true, he felt a little upset that she did this when he saw Suki, pieces of the man knew why Aki did it, quelling his anger. As it played, a feeling came over him, almost as though Aki was telling John to protect the clone, but also to resurrect the side of himself he buried after he met her, a request the man wasn’t to sure about. Sure, he’d protect Aki’s work, that was a given, but to become Death’s Shadow, the heartless ninja assassin again gave him a bad taste in his mouth.

As the projection started to fade, an overflow of what could be grief got the best of Aki’s husband, making tears flow. John wished he would’ve been with her that day, perhaps he could’ve saved her, the man kept that thinking in the back of his mind, but he couldn’t reverse time. No, all John could do now was carry out Aki’s request and protect Suki, the product of his wife’s work, but above all, their daughter, equally top on the list.

Sitting in the room long after the message ended, so many emotions went through him to say that much, a feeling he buried when he met her began to churn within him, driving John to a trunk and open it. Looking at the ninja uniform, sword and boxes full of throwing stars, among other silent assassination tools, though the man didn’t really wish it, he knew to get to the heart of who wanted Aki and her work dead, Death’s Shadow needed to be resurrected one last time. John knew he had to become that ninja again, that fact didn’t escape him, but could he do the deeds that earned him the nickname was the question, calling for him to doubt himself.

After putting the black as night ninja uniform on, the training came back to him, flowing through his mind like a river, though he kept up with quite a bit after marriage, Aki permitted it of course. While doing stretches and light moves, careful not to wake Yuki or Suki, Aki’s clone, he couldn’t ignore that if he were to do this, the police couldn’t get in his way, but John mumbled, “What police?” jokingly, a snicker trailed the remark. All knew the bosses who ran these businesses and employed assassination squads pay some cops off, his wife’s father does that, making the man one strong suspect.

Before he could debate this further, the man felt the need to look in on his daughter one last time, possibly to remind himself what he had before the man did what Aki asked and reawakened that side John buried years ago. While watching their daughter sleep through the slightly opened door, it could’ve been emotion or whatever that caused it, but all the deeds, bloodshed and the sins he committed as that assassin were wiped away when Aki had this gift, having John sigh before he said, “My love, watch over us and please don’t let me go too far.” to himself.

Feeling a warm sensation surround him like a blanket or hands, it didn’t escape the man that she heard him and came to give her blessing. John knew what he needed to do, and it had to be done first before he could proceed, having him plan for Yuki and Suki’s safety. If they were caught, especially his little one, the ninjas wouldn’t hesitate, back than, he didn’t, one scar out of many the man needed to live with. Knowing that fact, the safety of the two took top priority, it went without debate, but the contacts, if the scum could be called such John knew were dead or had zero honor, having him debate other avenues.

One option came to the former assassin, though he didn’t want to have to confront someone who pretty much turned their back on him when he became a killer. That said, no other way seemed to put John at ease, making Aki’s husband dial the videophone, rather hoping the call wouldn’t end with an argument. As the other end rang, John couldn’t know how this conversation would go, perhaps the sigh that passed his lips proved as much, causing the man to go for the hangup button, but right when his finger approached it, an older man said, “Thought I told you that once you turned away from the path, you were dead to me!” in what sounded like broken English with a strong Japanese accent, but the words were fueled with anger nonetheless.

What he heard hurt, nothing could deny the sting, making John struggle for words. No denying that what was on the other end of the call represented a scar, one of many he wracked up in his life and one the gods may judge him for, that was for sure, but this wasn’t time for reflection. “Teacher, I know the shame I cast on you is probably too great to erase, but I have changed.” Aki’s husband said with some caution, knowing the older man may not accept the words, why should he when the former assassin brought dishonor to the dojo.

New Character Reveals & Plot Discussion?

Mako, Satsumi and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

For the second post today, I want to reveal two characters who are brother and sister and will be in the story that I now am figuring out, Also wanna share some ideas I had for the story, hence the reason for posting part of my disclaimer.

The characters have been on my mind for awhile now so some scenarios to put the two were created in my head to see how they might do. A piece of the story was talked through, (which might sound odd to some, but) & I think they fit, plus the story plot might hold up. At the end of this, please let me know if you like it or not. 🙂



Let us start with characters! Mako, who you see above is a twenty one year old college student living in Japan who just drifts aimlessly through life, not knowing what the heck he wants out of it, so he tries to ignore people who try to guide him, his sister included. This goes on until a crystal shaped as a pendent appears, giving him immortality, (which Mako treats as a joke), but the appearance of a mysterious young woman dressed in a monk’s robe shows up, whipping him into shape.




Now Satsumi is the complete polar opposite of her brother. She is well ordered, good in her classes and she even developed her own fighting style, but if this idea gets off the ground like I envision, you’ll see that she wasn’t always so ordered. After the visit from the mysterious woman, Satsumi & Mako fix their bonds, grow as siblings and go on adventures where a crystal pendent appears to her.

Some plot ideas I’m tossing around.. It was mentioned in a post before that I wasn’t copying Highlander, (one of my favorite movies/series), not trying to get sued here. I’m going with either Alchemy created the crystals or demons are trapped in them & the person who has a pendent needs to draw on the demon’s power to battle.

What do you think, can this all come together? I’m open to alterations etc.

Do Older Anime Series Get A Updated Feel Every Generation Or So?



Another anime topic that has been ready to be posted, debated and discussed us do older series get updated “paint” for the newer generation? What do I mean by that, you might ask? Well, back in 2000/2001 I’ve twitched through some of Lupin The 3RD on Toonami and I realize it is an older anime than that, (could be wrong though), but back then, I didn’t notice things that made me think of this post.

Weeks ago while catching the series again on Toonami, I started noticing the characters having/using smart phones and Ipads etc. that weren’t in the show back than. Am I crazy or do some anime series get redone and rereleased for future generations?

An Anime Blast From The Past!



Again, this may tell my age, but me no care! 🙂 If you were into anime and Toonami like I was in the 90s/early 2000s, more than likely you were aware of Outlaw Star. Love it or not, it was on in the afternoon here and had a good run. At first the anime was eh to me, having a few episodes skipped, but it grew on me like grass, sprouting and I came to like it. 🙂


For the last few Saturday nights, I’ve been watching Outlaw Star on Toonami, and despite me twitching from the English voices, though the DO TRY, I’ve rather enjoyed revisiting it all these years later. True, I’d get the series on DVD/Blu-ray so the twitching can stop, (one anime on my bucket list), but for now, the dubbed version will do.


What are your thoughts and feelings about the series? I’d love to talk to ya! 🙂

Oh Adult Swim, You’ve Gotten Really Lame!

No this will not be an angry rant that gets me to pull my hair out, swear and more, I’m way past that, have been for years. If you don’t know, I WAS a fan of Adult Swim when it first aired, that and Toonami were my shit back in the day, and as A.S. merged with Toonami, my Saturday nights week booked! Swim’s Sunday lineup was a hit or miss with me though.


Oh, they had Sealab 2121, Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast and one more I kinda watched, but… A few years ago, I made the mistake of viewing Adult Swim on Sundays & about lost my mind. One show, “Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job!” did me in on the whole Adult Swim thing, though Toonami’s still watched, even though it has been limited to 11pm-3:30am.


I caught two episodes of Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job a few years ago & thought it was a pile of shit. I might be old, but the humor was not there, or it was in reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally poor taste, having me wonder wtf! Last night, in my tired state, Adult Swim was turned on & saw a preview for the two morons new show, which looks more distasteful than their first. Again, I might be out of date, old or my definition of funny could be different, but what pull do Tim and Eric have with A.S.?


What are your thoughts, does anyone like or watch their shows?

Open Topic: The Ghost In The Shell Live Action Movie.

Thought this might be a good topic for us Otaku to discuss. I don’t watch much T.V. due to the vast canyon of crud of shows on nowadays, but there are a hand full I do watch. As of late, there have been previews for a live action Ghost In The Shell movie, which had me asking, “Why screw up one of the great anime movies of all?” Okay, we all know that live adaptions of anime are poor or cheesy, and there aren’t many good ones.


From the previews, it looks alright, but to me, I’ve seen too many bad live action movies based around anime to even wanna pay to see this, that and my vertigo will have me exiting the theater if there are scenes with heights in the movies. Yes, that’s a subject I’ll talk about in another post, but who will go see this movie? Do you believe it might flop or be okay? Lets talk about this. 🙂