Something Overdue

Because of the heat, my higher body temp and things, this post was put off, but no longer. A week ago, (I believe) I said an artist was found to draw two of my characters, but due to the stuff above, posting reference pics for her was put on hold. Aurora. I’m sorry I kept ya waiting, please forgive me.


I understood your conditions and will give you all the time you need, (I’m no slave driver.) 🙂 Below are three reference pics of mt slayer, Aki Yoshira, (two pictures are her stat sheets.




Aki redone 2


Aki redone 3


I know in her stat sheets, her top’s blue, (old pics I didn’t update), but the white top looks best on her, However, you don’t need to do a color sketch. 🙂


Now, my elf princess Skya.


Skya redone 1


Skya redone 2


Skya redone 3


There she is. With both Aki and her, I’d like tasteful art done, pur we discussed, but I apologize that it took me this long to get these up. 😦


Decided To Post These!

After checking my email yesterday and today, seeing a lot of you liked Monday’s post, it kinda makes me grateful to be a part of the WP Anime group and be supported like this. Okay, okay mushy section over, time for the meat of this post. Below are three of the characters I’ve made from that creation tool that I would love drawn in manga style.




Though a better pic needs to be posted, Deadra an 18-19 year old cat woman who knows ninja. She’s currently in a work I need to get done, but she was a joy to create! 🙂




Aki Yoshira, star of The Vampire & Slayer, a work that needs proofing before I post it. This repressed college girl also is in a new two part story that’s in the works, but she’s another I’d like to see drawn.


Skya redone 2


Last but not least, my elf princess Skya is in a story I’m doing, a drawn out erotic but tasteful piece that needs attention soon. Gods, so many stories need adding too, plus felt urges to finish the book chapter, oi. 🙂 Anyway these are the three characters I’d love to see drawn. It doesn’t need to be in color, greyscale or Black and White would due. 🙂


If anyone’s an artist, or if you know somebody who might be interested, my contact info will be in my WP profile. 🙂

Personal Blog For March 1 2017 Part 2

Since a lot is on my mind, figured it might be best to split the subjects into two entries, & yes, this entry will be nicer. It amazes how my mind works and comes up with story ideas at times, even when most works I do plan are half done or not even started. I have a pretty decent relationship with my muses, giving them the freedom to poke me with their stories anytime, but there are times hat they need to chill.


Through everything with my nephew, the characters below, Deadra and Sakura finally had their piece started and I can’t be happier. I don’t think the progress will be posted here, graphic love scenes and all, but it is coming together good! 🙂 If time permits tonight, me may continue it, but they are not the only two nudging me.


ashley picture 1


Though Ashley has two open works waiting to be finished and one with Aki and Sakura to be written, she hit me with something so good, I might do it soon. Don’t wanna go into details, but will say it is something I want to try. 🙂



I will continue my Star Cross Love/Sailor Moon crossover, don’t worry, and that goes for the book too. As you see the mind is plotting so stay tuned!

A Story That I “REALLY” Forgot!


Guess this is a sign that I’m getting older, I’ve got too many stories going at once or some stuff, because Darkest Pleasures, Deadra’s story was forgotten about, that is until last week. While diving back into it, words were flooding out onto the keyboard and having me construct well worked paragraphs, which I liked! But as the ideas flowed, one more sprouted, I’m going to have the character below be in the piece as well. 🙂


Sakura redone picture 2


Though Sakura is slated to join Aki Yoshira and Ashley in a story, I’ve wanted to put her in a work with my cat woman ninja for a long while now. The progress WON’T be posted here, (I’ve put a rather heated love scene in) & I don’t want some kid coming across it and, yeah. But I will say that a good share of the first half is done, next Sakura’s half, then them together! 🙂

New Story Ideas And A Request



With Aki Yoshira’s new story in the books, today thoughts are in my head for a few more starring her, but one starring her and the women below, the details of which I’ll go into. Before doing so, it should be said that the plot deals with issues that some may not agree with, you’ve been warned.



Ashley, (Left) & Sakura (right) are the other two ladies that will be in the piece. The story opens with Aki & Ashley, two friends and college women trying to finish courses and have to work in a brothel, which they hate, because men paw at them, but the owner will not let them go. One day a young married couple come in, (Sakura and Tim) and pay for the girl’s time, but not for sex. Days pass, the couple find the two want out of the brothel so they offer their help. There are juicier parts, I don’t wanna spoil it though.


Also have a request: Does anyone know an artist who does manga style work, erotic or otherwise for not much money? I’ve got one, but she only does my book characters. Know someone? Drop me a line.

Might Rewrite A Story



In March of last year, a story series that put Aki Yoshira in as a demon slayer, but she found out a student she attended college with, who she was secretly in love with was a vampire was started. Near the end of chapter three, the story was dropped for a better idea, but it was never deleted.  Two days ago, an idea hit me that makes me want to rewrite it, making it its own entity, & seeing that I’m about two paragraphs away from completing her latest piece, I may go back and do a rewrite of her first work.


If it is done, love may or may not be the focus, because I see a demon chasing after her body, 😛 (sue me). Not sure if the progress will be posted here, (I’d like to attempt a more edger story and I don’t wanna strike) but it will be on my blogger account when done.

Updated Character Pics!

Unsure what drove me to do it, (though my attraction to pink haired girls in anime COULD be what did it), but I went into that game’s character creator and recolored two creations. Not totally mind ya, just hair and top color, let me know what you think.


Aki redone 1

(Old picture)


You’ll note, Aki’s top was blue but last week, guess my OCD kicked in, bugging me about the blueness and had me change it. Look below to see the now color.




White isn’t really my fav, but with that said, after seeing her in a couple ways, it looks okay on her! 🙂 If nothing more, it does break the blue up, no? She was only one of the girls I update, Deadra, my ninja cat girl as well.


deadra redone picture 1


Half my characters have blue hair, not a bad thing really, but figure people would tell me they looked the same. So last week, I altered her, & I think the change looks really good, shoot my ass! 😛




Anime pink, you like? To me, it really works! Let me know your thoughts though.




Finally, Suna. Though a death goddess feeling hit when I made her, I may just do a human woman out of her, but not sure. Thoughts?