Second Topic Of The Weekend: More About My Discussion With That So Called “Doctor”

Before starting I’d like to say that I’m an anime lover, have been & will be until my end. I like it in almost every form, even the hentai doujinshi/manga, but before anyone who may read this thinks “Pervert””, I rarely view it.That said, moving on.


As this “doctor” and I talked, before I told him to just send me the information, the topic came up that I had some manga I was curious about getting translated & he claimed his coworker’s wife might do it and he’d ask him to ask her. Supposidly she agreed and emailed me wanting the manga I wanted translated. I sent the pages, but told her what they had on them, she said it didn’t matter. So I think a month passed, no word, so emailed her.


(Her reply): “Was busy with the newborn, should be completing the translation soon.”


After that, nothing! If you ask me, it was the same person, who even knows. It would’ve been nice to have the pages translated though. True there are sites that do it, but I have no clue how they work. One needed the image uploaded, tried doing that, but it wouldn’t take the file type. Any help?


Showing Stories Day 5: Ending With A Discussion Topic

So we’ve hit the end of this ride and wanted to end with a topic you can discuss among yourselves and me, but first let me say this. When I started writing so many years ago, I knew nothing, as my adopted bro could tell ya. 🙂 I mean it, my characters were hollow, they didn’t work for their goals etc. In the last few years, my writing style has gotten better, I show emotion more than tell & characters do have things to overcome before being rewarded. True, there are a few things that need addressing, like dialogue structuring, but I’m learning! 🙂




That stated, on with the topic. Most of you know that I’m writing a Sailor Moon/Star Cross Love crossover, using two of my novel’s characters set in the very first few minutes of the 90s anime. I’m also debating on having my male character bite a dying guard, (or someone that will not be in Sailor Moon), turning them into a vampire and adding them into my book & here’s where the discussion topic comes into play. I have ideas of the post/standing the character that Xavior might turn has, but give me ideas of their looks, mindset, baggage, are they supportive of him and Fujiko helping their defense etc.


Trying to be more interactive. 🙂

Elfen Lied Update



Just want you anime lovers to know that I have started revisiting Elfen Lied! 🙂 Even though my Computer’s blu ray software wants to play random eps. I manually kicked it in the butt & got through most of disc 1 last night. There are three or four episodes left on it, but the one I cringe at due to a puppy being beaten to death is next, so I’m trying to ready myself for that.


Thanks for supporting me and this review will not be too much longer. 🙂

An Update Of Sorts

Before getting into this, let me begin with a huge sorry for this month’s personal blog. Some followers might have left over the rant about how I view my nephew’s girlfriend & how stupid he’s taking it. My temper on said subject never should’ve bled that much into the post, & for that I’m really hugely sorry. And now, on with the post.


Gaming PC 1


On the computer front, my Blu-ray drive was installed two days ago, & though VLC media player says it supports Blu-ray playback, it doesn’t have the files to read em. What did I do? After screaming, ranting and pacing, I attempted to remedy that issue by watching guides on fixing it. Followed it to the letter, BUT failed, leading me to quest for a way to view discs, finding one I’m using now. Yes, so now the anime Blu-rays can be watched, enjoyed and reviewed now, which I’m happy to say! 🙂


Same night the drive was installed, the guy tried putting in my new R480 graphic card, which was a riot! First he tried installing it upside down, telling us it won’t fit, I screwed up, but then he was told it was upside down! Tell ya, the guy might be Junior’s uncle, but he should lay off the drink awhile… Then my fault happened. Seems an 8 pin connector was needed, something I didn’t realize when it was ordered, but now the part came today and hoping the new card can be in this weekend! 🙂


Now to the Steam card I ordered. Got it with the graphics card, put in the code and it came up invalid. Waited a bit and retyped it, trying 0 for “o” and stuff, but nada. Started thinking the card was a dud, so I used my bank card to put $50.00 on my Steam account. It seems less of a headache that way, so I’ll be doing it that way forever! After that, Steam put two games that were on my list up for sale in a bundle, so it was snagged! 🙂 That leads me to my question. I have a good game library started now, and out of the three, Doom,(was free thx to the AMD offer), Darksiders:Warmastered and Darksiders II remastered, I’m very temped to post game play of the three, but would anyone like to see some? If so, which game? Let me know by comment below. 🙂

New Members Of The Anime & R/C Family!

Might spam posts for the next two or three days because on the tenth, I won’t be doin too much, it is my mother’s birthday. True, though she is in a better place now, I still wanna remember her, but with that said, on with the post. A lot of good happened over the weekend that I would like to share, so strap in, grab popcorn and get ready! 🙂




As reported Friday/Saturday, Trigun: the complete series would be here that Sunday, and well, it came, with the AA batteries for the item you’ll see a few pics of below. The first DVD with seven eps was enjoyed last night & it brought back memories of when my adopted family introduced me to it, which I liked. Planning on watching the second disc tonight over dinner and loving it! 🙂 Once I watch all four DVDS, the plan is to write a review of the series and post it here.




Though the hobby shop forgot to send the most important piece home, (my controller I use for both this r/c and baby), guess you can say my birthday came Sunday! 🙂 Meet the newest member of my collection of R/C trucks, the E-MAXX! The thing is huge, it’s heavy too that I have to work lifting it a small bit! With this one, I had them make the extended plugs as I did with my Stampede, (see below), but they gave me two battery packs for it, which two are due here Friday or next week. Eh, more for baby to increase his run time heh! 🙂 I will run this thing next season to see how it handles, but with the convention and computer upgrades I would like to save for, this E-Maxx may not get loved like baby and get the blue upgrades. That isn’t saying small additions won’t be done, when tires and body are needed, I’ll get some, other than that, no.






Two shots with the body off, and hopefully you guys/gels see that this truck’s beefy! When I opened it, it made sense why it is heavy, but it takes two packs to run the thing, which I’m hoping it is fast with the twin motors, we will see. Can you see the extension plug? The shop made one for both sides and though my nephew thinks they would be a hassle, the short plugs are to hard for me to unplug, so I put em on. Sure, they stick out a little by the back tires, but with time and memory, the extensions will lay down!

Some Wonderful News!!!

As some know, I was going to anime conventions yearly from the 90s-2000, then my last one in mid 2000s, and I quit due to a caregiver messing my bills and money around. I wanna say in 04, the college’s anime club helped me go to Anime-Central, where a blast was had, but like I said, after that greedy woman got her hooks into me again, she started bleeding me dry.


Last year through this year, a hunt was on to locate the club with no luck, until Friday. Going on my Facebook, some names of a few of the anime club’s members kept showing up, so sent one a friend request, hoping he was the right person. Well, I was right and we talked a bit, caught up etc.turned out the club dissolved due to anime streaming sites, but found out cool details! On top of him being married to a cosplayer, most of the club members work with him at a local anime convention in state here! 🙂


We chatted about that and I told him that I thought about going con hopping a few years back, but if I went without people I know there, I’d be lost? Need I say that after reading that most of the anime club works with him at Youmacon, it got easy to figure what con to go too in 2017 and beyond? Wait , there is more!


Last night, (Sunday) I explained to my nephew that I wanted to go to the convention next year, because people who were in the anime club went there, & he suggested I talk to the friend who works there to see if he couldn’t help getting me a discounted pass. I did and the guy will slide me a free badge! 🙂 Yes, handouts aren’t my way, told him that, but going to a con in 2017, seeing people I haven’t seen in years? Must say, I’m EXCITED AS HELL!!!!!!!

Plan For Reconstructing Anime Collection! :)

So again between writing and watching Project A-KO, (Watching it again to ensure I don’t muck the review up), time was taken to scout anime on Amazon, finding deals. After bills, there is a lil money left to play with, which next month will go to get the new truck from the hobby shop, but here is the anime plan.


Since my birthday’s in December, I’m gonna start getting dvds then, two or three series that month, depending on how much bills are.Though my memory sucks right now, I found the original Trigun series for $21 or 24. something, which is a good price! Haven’t fully decided what to get with it yet, but the anime list has grown, thanks to you friends! 🙂


After Dec. saving for the computer redo will be my goal!