A Decision!

Over the last few days, I’ve been really depressed. I attempted to show that author friend of mine that I’m trying to cut my habit of having run on sentences from my work, only to be told that I tell more than I show reactions. Furthermore, “Why does Ashley use Nunchucku?” Let me get into the topic then I’ll talk about the decision I’ve made.

Truth is, showing vs. telling is a slippery slop, one I DO NOT KNOW how to completely master! Okay I said it. Over the years, I thought I’ve grown as a writer, & in some matter I have, but apparently not enough. I googled some examples on showing in writing, even tried to mirror it in my writing, but it escapes me!

Another thing that gets under my skin is this. Not once do alpha readers tell me I tell, but as soon as I tell them, it is, “Oh yeah, you do tell more than show.” Thanks for not telling me from day one. Moving on. While rewrites are common in any writing, telling me I need to rewrite things midway is something I get depressed over. EVEN IF I get the showing down to a workable level in my style, bet ten bucks people will not see it, telling me to rewrite the story.

To my friend’s question about why Ashley uses chucks. He told me that the reason needs to be explained. Told him it would’ve been, but if I need to rewrite this story, it will be awhile. This might appear like a “pity me” post, but meh.

Closing: I’m going attempt a rewrite of an old work with Aki Yoshira in it, but if I fail at showing action, I’m backing away writing for a time.


Too SAO? My New Story Progress!

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!


Ashley (SC6)

Over the last several weeks, I have not been idol. Yes, I’ve been waiting for this guy to come put my upgrades in, which he keeps saying he’d show up and doesn’t, but that’s for another time. What had me not posting here was trying to get more of Ashley’s story done. And to that end, it is shaping up, I think! 🙂

Since letting you readers know what was up, posting the progress has been tossed around my head six ways from Sunday. Well, After replying to Karandi, letting her know that I may post the work to show that I’m trying to get better, I’ve decided to do that. If anyone wants to read it, it’s below, but please be aware of somethings. I’m trying to edit as I write, and some errors still maybe in. A lot of the sentences are simple and to the point. I opted to follow my brother’s advice and keep my writing simple from now on.

As always, comments are welcome.


From Friends To Lovers

Ashley and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

WARNING: The piece you’re about to read has M/F love scenes and strong language, if you are NOT of age in your state or country, stop here!

While a young pig-tailed woman with blue hot pants and a tight white on sat at her desk at work, her mind wasn’t on typing up reports. It was no mystery a new online role playing game had her interest. One might call it an addiction, but there was more to it than the game. As of late, Ashley had been forging a friendship with a man in the world and they’ve helped each other in quests.

True, the blonde would be the first to question others if they told her that they met someone in such a way. The fact that her friends may react the same if they found out about her friend wasn’t something she glossed over. It’d be their right of course, but this was her life after all. Oh, Ashley admitted that she could tell them something about him, but why?

After getting home and having dinner, the woman fired the game up. While adjusting her glasses, she wondered if her guy would be online. He usually was, Ashley admitted that, but the mere sight of his handle made her smile. Sure enough, her gaming partner was online and left a message for her. When she saw that, the blonde knew that a event was coming up, having her read the message.

“Hey Lady, have you read the boards yet? Apparently raids are happening every weekend until May. Sadly, I’m not the required level to be apart of it. And my gear doesn’t meet the standards.” Ashley mumbled while scanning it. Heading over to read the rules of the event, she couldn’t imagine doing the thing without him. She could have a random player help or go solo. No, if he couldn’t do it then she wasn’t interested in it.

It couldn’t be ignored that she wasn’t happy that her partner couldn’t compete in the raids because he was one level shy. True, Ashley knew he could grind all night and get to thirty-five, but it would just solve one problem. His gear would stay the same, leaving him out of the competition. Before typing her reply, something flooded her mind, giving the answer to their problem.

“Wr8th, you don’t need to bow out of this. There is a way to share levels or items for these festivals!” she typed out, adding a emoji. Yes, she knew exactly how to make it so the man she grew to call a friend would be able to do the events. Not a second after Ashley hit send, he replied with something that made the blonde smile. “You mean using the game’s marriage feature? Well Lady, I did think of that, but knew scrubs do that to steal items. And didn’t want ya thinking I’d do that to you.” she read to herself, noting that he added a smiley face.

Oh, she would’ve never brought it up to a random player, a fact Ashley stood by. But over the last two or more months, there was something that told her the man would be true to his word. Did she think of him beyond the game? She did, but never knew if he felt the same.

“Oh Wr8th, somehow I know you’re nowhere near like that!” she typed back while smiling. True, she just interacted with him in game and talked to him through its direct messenger, but she felt he was good. The blonde and her friend played and exchanged messages until the early hours then promised to meet in game later. When Ashley signed out, something told her he was to be with her in real life.

After the woman’s gaming partner got in bed, the thought of them being friends beyond the game started entering his head. It wasn’t impossible, but with everything in his life at that moment, no woman would deal with it. He had women seem interested in perusing something beyond friendship before, just to get turned off by drama. And no matter how Lady seemed online, the man didn’t want to expose her to what he dealt with offline.

As time passed, the two went through the raids, winning quite a few. With every completed task, they climbed the ranks and quickly adapted to the stronger bosses. Ashley couldn’t believe how well their in game chemistry seemed to grow. It made her smile knowing he knew how she wanted to approach an enemy and adapted before she told him.

This lasted, but she started noting things happening. He’d miss cues, be AFK for periods, get killed by easy enemies or not be online for days. Being offline for days wouldn’t raise flags because real life things take the forefront anytime. Ashley knew this, but it wasn’t like him to just drop off without leaving a message. The blonde could wait and see, something Ashley told herself to do, but her fingers found the keyboard, hitting send after a message.

A day after she sent it, the man saw it. Reading her message made it hit home that she was a true friend. Starting a reply back, how to tell her his caregiver injured him and things around that wasn’t anything that rolled off the tongue easy. As he sat there, something made him type, “Lady, you had a right to send your message, asking if I’m alright. I’m far from that and haven’t been for the last how many days/weeks. He went on in detail about everything and waited after hitting send.

After she ate, she saw his reply. While scanning it, Ashley couldn’t put to words what she felt. The woman knew he wasn’t able to walk without a cane, but reading what he had to deal with made zero sense. To make fun of someone who fell and possibly injured his leg was just the first thing she took issue with. Oh, there were a ton of others that popped out and made her hot, but she typed, “Wr8th or Sam if I may call you that? I know it must have been hard to tell that, but thank you for trusting me. I want to ask you something and please be honest.” Ashley added a bit more then hit send.

“She wants to come for a visit!?” Sam said to himself in shock. He had to glance over the message again, but that was what she put. True, she wrote that she wanted to come meet in real life and help him, however she would be in the caregiver’s eye. After taking a second to get the words together, Sam typed back, “Ashley, while I’m not against your help, there is something I worry about. The caregiver, he thinks he’s a gift to women. And if he sees you, he’ll try…” Before he sent the message, the man scanned over it to ensure there were no errors.

After taking thirty minutes to practice with her nunchucku, Ashley saw his message. Reading the part about Sam’s caregiver made the pig-tailed blonde laugh as she adjusted her glasses. She wasn’t afraid of men who were like that though. She had perverts try to hit on her before and her training left them sore. Really though, Ashley knew how she would deal with things, having her tell Sam that.

While getting ready for bed, he left his email up to check if she replied. Seeing her reply, Sam read it carefully, having a feeling she knew the situation. Oh, he’d step in and cock block the caregiver when and if needed, that wasn’t in question. But in the end, the man had a feeling she would deal with the pervert, letting him agree to her visit.

Before going offline for the night, Ashley gave Sam her cell number with him doing the same. True, normally she’d be more than a bit nervous about giving someone she met online her number, but the pig-tailed blonde knew he wouldn’t do anything underhanded with it. After getting in bed, many thoughts of what she needed to do to go see her friend started flowing in, helping Ashley plan.

Having enough vacation time wasn’t the issue, she never took a day off. And her boss was alright about granting leave, if she asked for it. There wasn’t much to worry about really, leaving Ashley to wonder what Sam could be like. Could he be ugly or some other stereotype? Yes, but she didn’t put much into that fear. No, what bothered her was his caregiver and how that guy treated her friend.

The next day, Ashley went in to work with a mission. Before sitting at her desk, she knocked on her boss’s office door and went in after getting the okay. “Mrs. Henderson, I’d like to request a few weeks off.” the woman said calmly. As Ashley waited, she noted the older woman looking up from her papers, giving the blonde a chill.

“About time! You’re no robot, you deserve this!” her boss said with a chuckle. Before granting three weeks, the lady admitted that she was close to forcing the young lady to take time off, but now. “You’re vacation time starts today, enjoy!” she added before taking a call.

Once back home, the young lady started packing some clothes. Knowing that she could run into issues if his caregiver tried anything, her nunchucku were packed with her concealed weapons permit. After, she sat and typed in Sam’s address, noting it wasn’t too far away, knowledge making Ashley smile. The woman though her friend had to be some states away, but this just made her more eager to go to him.

After driving the four hours to the next town, she found the address, but the guy outside gave off that vibe her friend warned her about. Now Ashley wasn’t afraid of him, but she said, “Excuse me! Does a Sam live here?” before turning the car off. She saw the guy get up and go in. Not too long after, a man walking with a cane came out and she knew the man had to be her friend. Ashley turned off the car and went to the brown haired guy, noticing his limp.

When he met her halfway up the walk, the man said, “I’m Sam.” calmly, but the pain of the injury was biting him. As he looked at her, something about her told him she was Lady, his gaming partner. Knowing that, it seemed the ability to speak left him, having Sam just nod and smile. “This is her? My god, she’s beautiful!” he said to himself while they looked at each other.

She to wasn’t unimpressed by him. Seeing him made the fear that tried to sway her the night before fly out the window. Ashley wanted to hug him, but she knew his pain wasn’t far off, having her help him sit. After the blonde got her stuff from her car, she sat by him. “I can’t believe you’re Wr8th. The same person who knew how to adapt without me directing you.” Ashley said softly as they looked at the cars passing by.

“And I can’t believe you’re actually here Lady. It’s like a dream.” Sam said, trying not to be tongue tied. There wasn’t a doubt that she wasn’t a true friend, he knew she was. Sure, he didn’t know how she’d react, hence his not telling her at first, but she’s there beside him. While they sat, Sam opened up to Ashley, finding they shared more of the same interests, something that drew them closer.

While they talked, both knew they would need to go in sooner or later. Before getting up, Ashley said, “Let me help you.” calmly as she let him lean on her. As she brought Sam inside, the woman saw his caregiver staring at her with hunger in his eye. She wasn’t too happy about how he seemed to be stripping her when the man she just helped in should be his concern, but she’d deal with the idiot in a second,

Sam saw how the pervert eyed his friend. Yes, the option to confront the lecture was there, but he said, “Uh, don’t you need to go to your second job?” angrily. Firing the jerk was always there, it just wasn’t an option. After the guy left for work, the uneasiness lifted from the room, letting both feel relieved. Having his friend be around there gave Sam a bad taste in his mouth, but when he looked at her something told him she understood.

She knew that wasn’t easy for him, making Ashley put her hand on his shoulder. There was a lot to say about that guy, but later. “What happened when you hurt your leg?” Ashley asked kindly as she rubbed it. Yes, it still bugged her knowing that fool did nothing but laugh when Sam hurt himself.

After sighing, the man said, “When I leaned over to grab my cane, my foot slipped behind me. I caught myself by holding on to the tub, but I fell when my leg gave. As I did, I heard cracking and more.” Sam wouldn’t forget the pain he was in at that moment, it acted like a recording that replayed the incident. When he looked at Ashley after explaining that, something in her eyes told him that she would see to it that he didn’t need to worry anymore.

She had things she wanted to ask him so she could confront his caregiver, but those subjects could wait. Just sitting and talking with the man she only knew as a handle in a game up until now was enough for now. After noticing what looked like an anime DVD case, Ashley’s eyes lit up with excitement. “I’ve been trying to look for this series, but no website has it in stock. Where did you find it?” the pig-tailed woman asked. Ashley knew they shared a love for anime, but this.

While Sam smiled, he said, “I have a source in Japan I go through to find rare, out of print or old series.” kindly. He planned to show his collection and more. After all, it wasn’t everyday a woman who liked the same stuff he did came to visit. “Lady, err Ashley, I have so much to show you, but would you like to settle in?” Sam asked after standing up.

Honestly, she did forget about grabbing her things from the car when she saw him. After putting the DVD case down Ashley said, “Yes I do. We got to talking and I forgot my suitcase in my car!” cheerfully. While the two went out to grab her things, the young woman felt the same thing that told her they belonged together get stronger. Did she think he felt it too? Ashley had no way of knowing really, but she did wonder.

Heading out with her to help, Sam wasn’t about to lie and say he didn’t feel anything more than friendship for her, he felt more. Yes, he thought they could be more, but the man didn’t want to screw up a friendship if he read any sign wrong. And besides, his caregiver being what the hell he was, Sam had no intention on exposing the blonde to that drama. Seeing Ashley struggle getting her bag out, her friend helped by carefully easing it out and carrying it inside.

Watching the man she called a friend and possibly more do that made the young lady dare to think he was for her even more. Other men would just hit on her, treat her like meat and not offer to carry anything for her. But Sam seemed like a true gentlemen, someone she could really go for. And that made Ashley’s heart flutter.

After they came back in, Sam needed to think where his lady friend could sleep. Oh, she could sleep in the living room, he admitted, but knowing pervert, he’d try something. She could take the room in the basement, Ashley’s gaming partner told himself that, but it smelled down there. No, only one room came to mind, and Sam had a feeling what he might suggest could earn him a slap. After taking a minute to consider the way she could react, Sam said, “Please don’t think I plan anything, but I saw how my caregiver looked at you. With that in mind, you can stay in my room. I’ll stay to one side.” calmly, though the guy was stuttering.

Yes, if any other man suggested that, a kick in the crotch would be her answer, but she knew he was right. “Promise you won’t try anything?!” Ashley asked in a bit of playful anger. She knew Sam wasn’t like other men of course, but the pig-tailed blonde wanted to tease him. After smiling, she said, “I’m joking.” before putting her hand on his shoulder, agreeing with the arrangement.

If he had to be honest, it took several minutes before her friend knew she was joking. Oh, he knew how to receive shots and make them, he admitted, but hers gave him a chill. After wising up, Sam smiled before retorting, “Aww, I’ll be a good boy.” in a chuckle. The guy knew she trusted him, Ashley’s expression told him so, allowing him to guide her to where she’d sleep while staying.

While walking to the door of his room, Ashley put an arm around his. She felt safe with him, like his girlfriend if she could be so bold. True, the female needed to talk to him on that front, but she felt as if he had the same feeling. After Sam put her suitcase down and opened the door, the pig-tailed young lady couldn’t believe the sight she saw. It could only be described as Anime Heaven, making Ashley smile while the two went in.

The man didn’t need to ask, he knew the woman loved what she was looking at. “And this is a lot of my anime and gaming gear!” Sam said with pride. Showing his hobby to someone who shared it made him happy, but when she looked at all the old items he had, her reaction was what made him smile. “I got that art-book from a manga artist I met at a con.” Sam stated before showing her the signature.

There wasn’t anything she could say while looking at it. Ashley wanted to say a lot, but the sight stunned her, making her sit on the bedside and look. Seeing this just added one more layer to him that she could fall for, one thing Ashley told herself. And maybe she needed to touch on that subject with him, but she wasn’t sure how to start. Oh, she wouldn’t say what she’d say didn’t run through her mind because it did, too many times. But now, when Sam was in front of her, she couldn’t get the words to come, making Ashley just sit there.

Having her in silence made Sam look at her. By the expression, he knew his friend had something on her mind, having him sit beside her. “I know something is troubling you. Please, if I can help, I’m here.” the man said kindly after putting a hand on her shoulder. Every one of his friends knew that Sam would help them at a drop of a hat, and Ashley would be no different.

She knew he was there and would do anything for her, but how could she tell him that she thought of him as more than a friend? Sure, Ashley felt like he had the same feeling, she admitted, but if he had a girlfriend. True, having that thought crop up felt like an excuse to not tell him, forcing her to confront herself. Before Ashley said how she felt, she took a breathe. “Sam, before you say anything, please know this isn’t easy for me. Over the last few months, while we’ve played in the MMO, I felt like we’ve became friends. However lately, I’ve grown to wonder if….” she said before looking away.

“If there could be more?” Sam asked while gently turning her head. He couldn’t count how many times he wanted to email and ask that same question. That crossed his mind a lot, but he was afraid she might title him a weirdo. Well, that and his fucked up home life stopped him, Sam admitted.

“Mhm…” she responded with softly before sighing. Ashley had a feeling Sam wondered the same thing, having the two just look at each other. If he did, she didn’t need to guess why he said nothing, but he wasn’t going to lose her if they did take the next step because of that guy. While sitting there, it felt like a weight lifted off of her, letting Ashley feel free. Oh, she wouldn’t dream of rushing into making love and other things that came with relations of course. After all, the two needed to talk and such, but getting what she felt for him out relieved her.

Hearing her confession made him smile on the inside. Sam couldn’t even recall the last time a woman tried to try a relationship with him, only to be turned off by his drama. Looking in the blonde’s eyes, everything told him Ashley wouldn’t be swayed if and when they moved to the next phase. No, after Sam saw how she gave that caregiver a cold look, it spoke to her character, an insight making him smile. After what seemed like an eternity, Sam said, “I wanted to ask you about that too. And I know we will need to take this slow, but…” calmly and softly as the two looked at each other.

An Attempt At Romance!!!

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!


Ashley (SC6)


While using Shael Qirel in the writing drill I’m doing, (& I do think I’m doing a better job), other stories are in the works. Keeping in mind that shorter sentences make for clearer and cleaner paragraphs, a story starring the pig-tailed blonde above was started last week. Some might say that I should focus on the drill to ensure that the lessons stuck. And you maybe right, but the more practice I put in, the better my work will be. 🙂

What’s Ashley’s story about? Won’t spoil too much, but will say it’s a attempt at romance. Yes, romantic stories haven’t been my thing, I know, but… Something about this one speaks to me and makes me think the story’s worth a try. 🙂

Though it will take awhile, I’d like to post progress here for you readers to alpha read. If anyone in the anime blogging/author community on word press or where ever would be interested in helping out, please let me know?

Thanks in advance! ^_^

The Creation Of Ashley In SC6: Requested By A Reader

ashley picture 1


Upon the request of a reader that follows this blog, (you know who you are), I put a two part video together showing how I create characters from my stories in the fighting game Soul Cal 6 🙂 The one that is in the video is my intelligent office/lab worker Ashley, since she doesn’t take as long to create. A few things to be aware of though. At times you’ll see a bit with me not doing anything or flipping back to my reference pics. It is due to me wanting to be as on point to how she was in 5. Also, somethings had to be substituted for the lack of options, like her boots aren’t in game, so heels were used.

I hope you enjoy the vids, she is close to her SC5 persona

Progress On A Story I’m crafting Carefully!

Sakura redone picture 1


So, while being away, a new story using Sakura started, but a touch of a thriller element was added, which may be good. I posted some of it awhile ago and a few of you bloggers liked it, so I made some progress and thought you might want to see more. The woman below, (Ashley) has a part in it, please enjoy. 🙂



ashley picture 1



Sakura and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The piece you’re about to read has strong language, a M/F love scene & violence. If you disagree with any of these, stop reading.

As a young woman, maybe nineteen or twenty with flowing fairy curled hair and had a rather revealing white and pink kimono on sat at her desk, she adjusted her red rimmed glasses before reading the file on her left. Skimming through it, the woman knew this was the background on the man due in anytime now, knowledge making Sakura read more. “He was convicted of murdering his wife and did ten years, but he claimed he was setup?” she said in a silent whisper, skepticism all around her words while reading more.

It wasn’t like she hid her judgment for the ex con, her face wouldn’t let her, having the young officer ready for whatever line the guy may tell. Though only about a year on the job with the department of corrections, Sakura heard everything her “cases” tried feeding her, and while a few went straight, most lied through their teeth, landing them back in prison. As she looked up, she noticed a man sitting across of her, making her use a finger and nervously brush hair behind her ear before she said, “Mr. Coler? I’m the officer assigned to your file. I’m not your nun or friend, I’m here to ensure you adjust to the outside…” in a harsh tone, trying to deter him from saying his side.

“But I didn’t do it, you see?” the man said in a calm but frigged voice, hints of intelligence tangled up in the statement. He knew this young lady didn’t care, it could be seen and heard, but he added. “Can you help me get a job too? I’m rather good at fixing things.” in that same cold intelligent tone, the voice undoubtedly icing her done. Sitting there, yes the man could say what was on his tongue, something about the thing she wore, or lack there of, however the con didn’t wish to press his luck, a frame of mind causing him to swallow his words.

“I told him NOT to tell me his side, and he did!” shot across Sakura’s mind, compelling her to adjust her glasses as a sigh exited her mouth. It couldn’t be ignored that his “plea”, if it was that upset her, though her job needed to be done, having the pink haired woman gather the needed papers for him to sign, one task she wanted to do with haste. As she set each paper on her desk, showing him where to sign, Sakura said, “I can help you get one, yes, but there are rules.” in a calm but stern voice while she thought of a reason why she should aid him, finding none. After a weak sigh of what might be regret, the woman added, “However you’ll need to be happy with what job I can get for you. Furthermore, if you miss work or appointments with me, I’ll see to it you’ll go back to prison, understand?” in the same tone of voice, harsher at the end, trying to drive the point in.

“…Yes thank you, I won’t forget this.” replied the con in an upbeat tone of voice, though still having something chilling the young officer. After signing the last page of the forms, his eyes met hers, wanting so badly to invite her out to let her know how much he was grateful to her, something a thank you couldn’t cover, but he could tell his luck was on thin ice, a flag telling him to leave. He had every reason to go straight, after all, he was framed, one fact he knew in prison, something he wanted to investigate, but how could he with his parole officer checking on him.

One week later, checking the wall clock, noting her case was late for his first appointment, Sakura went for her phone, picking it up as she said, “I knew this would happen! Well Mr. Coler, you were warned.” in an angry mutter before dialing the number he gave as a contact on the sheet. The woman knew there was a slim to no chance the guy would answer, or if the number was even real, she had to follow the rule book, she admitted it, but if he didn’t pick up, the police would be called. Before the call could go through, the pink haired woman saw the man come in and sit, prompting her off the phone and up from her seat as she said, “Thirty minutes late, Mr. Coler. I hope there’s a good reason!” in a stern voice, Sakura trying so hard to reserve anger for the response the con might give.

Judging by her body language, not to mention the tone she took, the man knew she wouldn’t believe him if he told her, making the man shift in the chair. “I went for a walk and uh, lost track of time. “ he said calmly, a lukewarmness around that, hoping she’d accept that, even though it wasn’t half the story. If he told her that he went and snooped around his old home, now a still open crime scene, that would give her reason to get him back behind bars, one place he couldn’t work from, making him stick to the story.

True, Sakura smelled something off about his answer, who wouldn’t, she accepted it, mainly because he was the last appointment before she could go home. Shutting the door to her office, the woman sat on the desk, looking dead in the eye and said, “The job is going well?” in a somewhat kinder voice, wanting to see if the guy slips and give her cause to get him arrested. Sure, it seemed like entrapment, Sakura knew that would be his claim, she just didn’t care however, a point driving the young lady onward, but before more questions could get out, her convict put his hand up, stopping her.

What he had to say may land him back into that hell, of that he had no doubt, and if those cards were dealt, he’d take em. After taking a moment to get the words together, he said, “First, I know almost all of us convicts lie and tell you things, attempting to avoid prison, I get that, but I’m not one! Second, You read my file with the crime report as well, yes? You’d note the killer was right handed, I’m left. Oh, but you, like all in this town think I’m guilty, right?!” in somewhat intelligent anger, sensible facts driving it home, or in a way it may get her to look deeper and not just accuse blindly. “See you next week.” he added, this time calmly, bowling the young woman over with charm almost before exiting her office, not knowing if the outburst would cost him.

As she watched him leave, Sakura wanted to tell him off and let him know his outburst just ended his freedom, the words were there, the shock of his statement froze her, making her speechless. After the sting wore off, every part of the pink haired parole officer screamed in her ear, demanding that she call the police and end his days of walking free, her hand was on the phone, ready to use it, yet she didn’t. “That guy should be back in prison, he creeps me out…”Sakura muttered angrily, her hand still on the phone receiver, giving reasons why she should report him, though things the man said “did” make the woman think, having her grab the police report on the murder and take it home.

While driving, she’d be the first to admit that taking a case’s file home for the weekend to review wasn’t like her at all, so far from the norm for her in fact, Truth of the matter was that she wouldn’t bother looking deeper into files, if the person was guilty, they needed to go back, if not, oh well, it wasn’t an issue for her, this however. When she opened the file and started reading after getting tea made, a lot of little things stood out like sore thumbs, too many if you asked her, flooring her, compelling Sakura to fix her glasses in amazement at how spotty the investigation was before she said, “How could they convict anyone on THIS?!”

She wasn’t with the police force and Sakura knew this, but even she found so much wrong with what she read, enough to make notes about. True, it couldn’t escape her that the guy was found covered in his wife’s blood and the knife, but as she kept reading, something, perhaps her gut told he might be telling the truth and if so, he might need someone in his corner. Sure, Sakura wasn’t kidding when she thought he gave off a vibe, creeping her out, anyone in the office saw that, yet the woman remembered reading that some people with high intelligence have trouble socializing, making her think.

At the end of the read, a spark lit a fuse, causing the woman to change her direction and want to help him. She still had doubts about him, likely the way she thought when he came in had hold of her, and Sakura admitted that, but what she read in his case file and the murder file opened her eyes, revealing things to her, lightening the pink haired officer up. Making more notes, not being an investigator on the police force and not having those “skills”, if you could call them as such did cross her mind, that didn’t say she couldn’t launch one of her own, something she wanted to do. Little did Sakura realize however, this road would lead her into the arms of the man she once thought of as just a case, pregnant with his child and in danger,

Monday came with her at her desk, knowing what she wanted to get done, getting her on the phone, calling him. As she waited for him to answer, Sakura knew it wasn’t his day to come in and meet with her, that wasn’t what she wanted to confirm, the woman planned to meet with him and go over what he remembered about the night he found his wife. After he answered, Sakura said, “Ricky, this is Sakura Jenson, your parole officer. No, you’re not in trouble with me, I wanna meet and discuss the night of the murder because I’d like to help find the truth.” kindly, may be too kind, however after all the holes the report had, nothing could word what she felt, but what he was about to tell her would stoke another fire, making the woman want to help him more.

“Jesus, you get me fired and now you call with that line?!” Ricky replied with in a irate tone, the way he felt couldn’t be measured. He knew how she felt about him went beyond hate, it seemed clear as water, but this was low if she did call and got him canned, the man wasn’t sure about her, having him take a long pause. Perhaps his wife came by him, settling him, or he just wanted answers, making him regain himself before he said, “The Seaside Cafe in fifteen minutes then?” calmly.

After hearing that, something didn’t add up, sending her looking through the paperwork on her desk, trying to locate the number of the company she got him the job. “Ricky, whoever made that call had no right doing so, but it wasn’t me!” Sakura said in a direct way, hoping he’d see the truth, but if in his shoes, she’d be the same way, having her rifle though the papers faster. While on the phone with him, she didn’t need to guess that someone, perhaps from the building or the police department called and got him, why was crystal clear, but the who bothered her to say the least, causing a sigh to pass her lips before she added, “I’ll see you in fifteen, and I WILL see what the heck’s going on, I promise!” with a bit of fire in her voice, not at him though, at this whole thing.

True, Ricky had no reason to believe her and he didn’t, least not until he heard the way she worded that last bit, sensing she wasn’t too pleased with what happened. When the two hung up, the man got ready to go to the cafe, remembering all about that night, a memory he’d just soon wipe if he could, but thanks to his photographic memory, he couldn’t, one thing giving him nightmares at night. Walking to the place, may be his brain was working overtime, which happens in cases, Ricky wanted to know why the woman wanted to now be a friend, if that was the right term to use when she seemed like a cold bitch before, and yes, he disliked that word, seemed beneath him, but.

Sitting at a booth in the establishment, waiting for him, this whole mess didn’t sit right, a huge scar, having the pink haired young woman adjust her glasses. Knowing somebody messed with her files without telling her was distasteful in itself, that was plain for anyone to see, but it really sent up a red flag, telling her someone wanted Ricky gone, a fact having more questions than answers pop up, deepening this mystery. When she saw him enter, Sakura said, “Please sit.” kindness in her voice with a dash of urgency thrown in given what she needed to talk to him about, not to mention she felt like she had to smooth things over with him, a task she hoped she could accomplish.

The silence that lasted for minutes on end made both feel awkward to say that much, having the young parole officer use a finger to brush some hair behind her ear. There unsure where to start, nothing seemed to be the right way to say what she knew she needed to, adding tension to an already off moment, but something within her let go, making the words flow. Hoping the coming words might begin to undo what her cold shoulder caused, if that was possible, Sakura said, “I know we had a rough road and I deeply regret what I said and did. I also deserved that dressing down you gave at our last meeting, please forgive me.” in a calm tone, her statement oozing with the regret she felt.

He had things that would more than likely make him seem like an equally colder person, and was prepared to rip her one, every part of him wanted too, but by the look on Sakura’s face plus her tone, Ricky just didn’t have it in him anymore, having him sit back. “Accepted, now what did you want to know about that night?” he asked as kindly as he could before sipping coffee, trying not to come off cold, but given his intelligence, it seemed hard. As he listened to her question, something about the pink haired woman caught him, though he dare not say it was the spark of romance, Ashley, his first wife would be in his heart for a time, but this wasn’t time for those thoughts, snapping him back there as he looked up and stared at a fan as he said, “Came home from teaching a martial arts class at nine pm and found her. Okay, I know her blood was on me, but I tried to help keep her alive until the medics came.” in a half sobbing way, letting his feeling hang on every word as Sakura looked on, believing every minute her suspicions he was setup might be true.

Normally her bull meter would be going off like a whistle, part of her old mentality she used to sniff out those who needed to go back to prison, this didn’t make flags fly, having Sakura believe the man because that type of reaction can’t be faked. After sipping her tea, she looked over the case files again, as a way to word her next question, something that needed asking, though she didn’t know if he would know the answer, making a sigh pass Sakura’s lips. It needed to be asked, no two ways around it, having the words gather on her tongue before she said, “Were there other people who wanted her dead and see you framed for it?” calmly, concern about the holes and lack of evidence they convicted him on intertwined with each word, but she knew it could’ve been worded another way.

Ricky didn’t let go of the fact that her question seemed a tad bit “cold?”, if that fit, making the man want to walk, but it wasn’t time for him to get upset at her though. If he had to think back, there were “A LOT” of people who thought that he and Ashley should’ve never married, too many people to count at least, but none would’ve killed her over it, sending his gaze to the fan again. Looking at the spinning blades, or rather hypnotized would be better, still trying to think who may have wanted her dead and him framed for it, there was someone, but no, the man couldn’t have been “THAT” messed up in the head, making Ricky really think, sighing before he said, “In all honesty, there was one, her ex boyfriend, but IF he did, you can’t get to him, he’s Sheriff now.” a calm cool tone echoed in Ashley’s husband’s voice, hiding the fact he was planning to go after him, but the woman across from him didn’t need to know that.

While true, it would be difficult to prove, especially now, it wasn’t unheard of though, having Sakura adjust her glasses while thinking. It took nothing to deduce that the Sheriff called the plant that hired her friend, or she hoped Ricky didn’t mind that word when she referred to him, and had him fired, even though she asked the owner to hire him back, a request that fell on deaf ears. That denial did have her consider something for him, work that Sakura wouldn’t offer her regular cases, so far from it, getting the young woman to position herself in the seat better as she said, “I tried talking to the plant’s owner and a few places, but… However, my cabin needs work done, so I thought you could work for me in fixing it?” in an upbeat voice, the question on the end, hoping the statement wasn’t too bold or anything of the sort, making the pink haired woman feel nervous.

Writing Has Improved, Making Me Think Of Doing This.

Sakura redone picture 1


While feeling like ugh, one thing I used to ground myself was writing, which helps greatly! I’ve worked on the book some, my old erotic pieces, started new works and I’m even working a FF7 story, more on that at a later time. I know a few read the preview of the story with the above character, (Sakura) in it & enjoyed it, but I revisited a few old stories too, making them better!


ashley picture 1


One of the first pieces with Ashley, (above) was added to last week and LOVED IT! As the juices flowed for all I did, major changed were noticed, having me think. Though there are errors in my writing, which all writers go through, my style has gotten better, so I’m tossing the idea of getting some erotic stories made into manga or just published around. Yes, the vampire novel will still get done/published, that goes without saying but what do you all think?

Showing Off Stories Day 3:Taste Of The New Style!

First off, I’d like to say sorry for the pause in posting these, life issues came up, but I do plot on continuing these posts. Ashley, (below) is the female character I picked to be in this story as an intelligent secretary. Yes, this will have adult themes, but for now please note how much clearer you can tell who’s speaking.


ashley picture 1

Moment Of Weakness

Ashley and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

Warning: The story you’re about to read contains M/F sex scenes and pregnancy. IF you are under 18, or reject adult subjects, stop reading!

As Ashley, a pig tailed young woman looked up at the ceiling of her bedroom, many thoughts of the coming morning began flooding her mind, making her debate calling into work, a debate sounding better as the minutes ticked away. Oh, the eighteen year old blonde loved the job of working for a lab that seemed to be curing diseases, doing studies and other things, she admitted it freely, but the guy she worked for always made passes at her, having her fell off. Still, though she wouldn’t come out and say it, a feeling she couldn’t place began when he was around, a longing of sorts, having a sigh exit the woman’s mouth. “There is NO way I could be attracted to him, he’s a pervert!” stood out in Ashley’s mind, acting as her anchor and grounding her in the fact, shoring up her wall.

Getting up and ready to dress, the combat raged on about the issue, which almost drove the young lady mad. As she put her fine hair in the red bonds, Ashley knew a woman with her IQ wouldn’t even think of dating a man such as him, there was just no way in the world she’d let her boss, someone scruffy and unkept have that avenue to her, an omission the blonde stood on, making it easy to clear her mind. While putting on her blue hot pants and tight white shirt, one task her full bust fought the whole way, it hit her that the way she dressed more than likely made the pervert wanna hump her leg, and yes, thoughts of wearing clothing that showed less did cross her mind, nudging her towards changing, but to her, she didn’t want to be viewed as the typical wallflower, compelling Ashley to wear what she had on.

After putting her short tan boots on, a sigh left the young blonde’s lips as she put her glasses on, fixing them while looking at the clock on the bedside table. Dread came over her, chilling her because she knew it was time to go in, knowledge driving her out the door and to her bike. As she rode, trying to get to the lab before her perverted boss could call her in so he would have excuses to drool over her, images the young lady felt ill thinking about, ideas on how to avoid the guy flooded her mind, giving Ashley options. She couldn’t totally avoid him, she knew that, after all she was his secretary and the pig tailed blonde aided him on trips for the lab, having her plot her plan if he should try his tricks.

Still, while Ashley rode in, many thoughts of how he may try to get to her during the day came into play, letting her workout exit plans, but she knew he may see through her, something making her glad she had her nunchucku with her. Sure, using them on him would get her fired, put in jail or both, that fact was all too clear, yet if he knew she carried them, it might offer some deterrence, having him think twice, or so she hoped. Once in the parking lot, every part of the young woman knew time wasn’t on her side, something Ashley felt, a motivation drive her to chain her bike to the rack and run in.

As soon as the pig tailed young woman got to her desk and started working, a voice from the office not five feet away started beckoning her name, a voice that made her heart sink as she moved from the seat, slowly walking towards the it. Attempting to get a look that didn’t scream “You pervert!” from bleeding through, she grabbed a pen and entered, saying, “Afternoon, Mr. Franklin!” as unhindered as possible, even though her defenses were up.

Looking at the blonde’s body and how it fulled out her hot pants and tight white shirt, the man couldn’t keep from wanting to drool, but, “Ms. Shannon, the head office wants to ship us to another research thingy.” As he got to the window, a sigh left his lips before, “We leave tonight, can you be ready?” crept out in a depressed way.

“Y-Yes I can be…” Ashley said in shock at the fact she didn’t need to fend him off, one fact that made the young lady wonder if he felt okay. As she exited the door, closing it and walked to her desk to plan for the trip, not having the man try anything worried her, almost making the pig tailed blonde walk back in and ask. True, on the surface, the perverted actions she saw her boss do didn’t catch her eye, of that she stood by, deep down however, call it passion or a passing fad, a need came over the woman. Continuing to workout the schedule for the business trip had her looking up the hotel the conference would be held in and such, like she would do any other day, yet seeing the man she worked for, possibly like act subdued threw her, letting curiosity drive the blonde from the chair.