Celebrating 121 Followers Part 1! :)

Wow, 121 people follow this blog here, amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚ When I first began it on the now defunked Xanga.com, I had a really small following, (possibly due to my format bouncing like those rubber balls, but anyway.) Most know a little about me & it was planned that way, because I’m a rather private guy, but figure to celebrate the 121 follower mark, I’ thought I’d give a more detailed background so you can know who I am. With that said, grab a coffee, tea, pop, lemonade and pull a chair up, this two part post will be a long one.

To begin with, I’ve got Cerebral Palsy, leaving me in a wheelchair since birth. I could very easily say the doctor could’ve prevented it by acting faster delivering me and gotten the cord off my neck, but eh. I was a typical spoiled brat, (according to my two sibs), I got anything I wanted, (again, according to them), but I was into the transformers toy line, (love the cartoon even to this day). And yes, I’m debating on buying the generation one Optumis Prime someday.

Think it was after we got my first electric chair, my dad along with his GM shop buddies found an old golf cart, rebuilt it from the ground up and made a shell shaped like Pac-Man’s head out of metal with glass for eyes to go around me, so if you saw it, this big yellow pac man thing would’ve blown your mind! Wish a picture of that thing survived, cause HOLY SHYT! One year, we took it to Texas for a few days because the CP sports team I was apart of had a meet there & swear, every five seconds people stopped my butt, wanting pics. I got upset, (it was hot as sin there and my temper was…)

Coming into my teen years had its ups and downs, but lets start with what music I got into. While most of the songs from the 80s stuck with me, my flavor changed to Guns & Roses, Poison and a couple others too, yes, a lil rap as well.

(Some Favorite G&R Songs): November Rain, Don’t Cry (original), Patience, You could be mine, just to name a few. They have one song that speaks to me called Civil War, that song is truth on so many levels. Look it up on you tube if ya want! ๐Ÿ™‚



This was around the time anime first came to my eyes and sucked me in hook, line and sinker! The first exposure to anime was the sci fi channel’s Festival Of Anime (now gone). It was a four night long fest of dubbed anime & after, I trolled the local record store for the shows! My first anime? Project A-KO! Bought it on DVD a few years ago & it holds a spot in my heart still. Sure, there were anime before that caught my eye when I was younger, Voltron being one, but seeing the unedited version, I love the Japanese version.


The first anime con I went to was ANIME Central and oh my fucking god, I geeked out! It was heaven for me, I had never seen so much of the culture/community in one place! ^_^ My mom probably thought I lost my mind because I spent $300-400 on things, stayed up til 3am and stuff, but it was a blast! A-Cen was the con we went to yearly, though the last few years we went, the convention lost things.

In part two, I’ll explain my martial arts background etc.


Two Topics For Two Days

While responding to a followers blog post on the process how manga is translated into English, two topics popped into my head, (shout out goes to Anime Girls NYC). ๐Ÿ™‚ If it wasn’t for her topic, these would have been forgotten and left by the road. Before starting, let me state that the first topic is personal and a bit of a warning for people, but leads into tomorrow’s topic.


By now about everyone who follows me here and Facebook knows I have Cerebral Palsy, I’ve had it since birth, leaving me one handed and chair bound, but the brain works great. ๐Ÿ™‚ For all of my life there were things to overcome, some anger etc., but anything I wanted to do, my parents found a way to get me to said goal. Earning my black belt, competing in weapons demonstrations, horseback riding, traveling around the country as part of a sports team, I did it!


I’ve always adapted to do things one handed, thanks to my parents. Even later, their guidance helps me do things I wanna do. A few years ago, someone claiming to be a doctor saw one of my videos demoing how I played the PS3 one handed messaged me and wanted to ask questions. First time I answered him as well as possible, but in time, his questions got odd, meaning he’d repeat them, until I asked what this was about.


This answer made the rest of my red flags fly. He claimed to be working for a hospital in Canada, researching a treatment for C.P. to help people with it walk and have more control. Now though I haven’t read up on things lately, if there WAS a treatment, I would’ve heard about it. The conversion lasted over a few months of emails, even someone claiming to be his brother that had Cerebral Palsy emailed me several times.


Got to a point where I told him to send me the info to look over for myself, but after that, that was it, he never replied. His “brother” never emailed, so it is a very good guess that doc was scamming me.


What are your thoughts? I’d love to here your take about this.

While heading to bed last night, this topic


While heading to bed last night, this topic came to mind, & yes it has something to do with the “system”. Before starting, let me say two things. One: I DO NOT believe in all these secret society crap theories my family tries to feed me! And two: I understand with my disability, there’s not much work out there for me, but let me get to the point.


A few years ago, something woke me up, motivating me to want to look for work. It doesn’t need to be said that I’m on Government Assistance, but given how littleย  the state “helps”, it’s no help. At the time, I told ny caseworker what I wanted to do and this is what she told me: “Well, you know, if you did that, the state would shut your assistance off. Besides, what can you do?”


My response to her was: “First off, the state aid you people DO give me doesn’t pay for a pot to piss in, so it’s like I’m paying for stuff myself. Second: True, it might be harder to find a job, but any extra income helps!” More often then not, I think the state tries to keep me down so I need them.