Update On Things

Guess you could call it that, so let me start. Well, I’ll begin and say this wasn’t going to be a topic, but this is a sore topic I need to get it out the way. As recorded in my Feb. personal blog, my nephew’s girlfriend moved back in, which had me shaking my head but whatever, it is none of my deal. HOWEVER, that said, not even a day went by and she had him crying by telling him she wants to have her own life, be out with her friends, have her own place etc. This fight lasted well into the night and while my place was to get to bed by 12-1am, it didn’t happen until 3ish?

To me, he needs to grow a back bone and stop letting her back in. Yes, they have kids, but she didn’t say one thing about this crap while making them, oh no. I’ve been through hard breakups before and cried over em, but now, if she were my girl, I’d be, “There’s the door, don’t let it hit you!” then delete her number! Thoughts?

Gaming PC 1

Friday, the Blu-ray drive was ordered and by that Sunday, it came! πŸ™‚ Trying to get the nephew to call his brother to get it installed, but as soon as I get it up and running, the reviews of my anime Blu-rays can happen. ^_^




This is an old pic of Miyuki, my newest creation. In the new version, she wears pinkish cat ears, which she wears for fun with a white shirt that has a bunny on it. Was trying to think outside the box and have fun creating her. A new picture of her will be uploaded soon, but the story in mind with her is this. Though she’s young, man are falling all over her & try dating her due to looking like a pop idol, (she’s not). One day at a coffee shop, she meets a young American man, they talk, finding out they have much in common.


As they hangout, her parents don’t care for him, because he’s an outsider Will they end up together?


Head Up On Plans


Seeing that the closing weeks of January are upon us, figured it would be a good time to let those who are expecting the things I’ve promise in 2017 know what’s up. Let us get into it, no? Originally my plan was to wait on my nephew to give me my ps3 before I rewatch my Blu-ray editions of Elfen Lied and Full Metal Panic to review them. HOWEVER, he has been giving me to run around on that, saying “Oh, he’ll be getting a new one in a week.” then the same excuse after that. Now, “Oh, this month were full of setbacks, I’ll get one next month when taxes come, but it gets annoying as shit ya know?


I do not use the PS to game much anymore, why would I? So, Shadowlight came up with a plan. Going on Amazon, I found an internal Blu-ray drive for the gaming rig for a decent price and I’ll snag it the week I get paid and have someone put it in asap. It just gets on my nerves when he says something but doesn’t do it. Speaking of the rig below, plans are still in place to get the Radeon 480 8 gig in Feb.


Gaming PC 1




Starting Monday, I hope to rewatch TriGun to post my review of it hopefully the first week of the coming month. Been lazy I know, but I do plan on getting my stuff together this week. All an all, that’s about it! πŸ™‚

Personal Blog For January 2017

Wow, 2017 already holy crow, the years fly by now! First post of the new year and more to come I assure you! πŸ™‚ Some good and bad stuff went down last month as some of you may recall, so time was needed to process it all. Before starting, did all of you have a good new years eve/day? πŸ™‚


At times it feels like my life is a darn soap opera without an end! My nephew’s girlfriend who thinks I’m a selfish bastard came home after three-four days?Β  Its pitiful that he allows her back here when it is clear she has no intent on helping out. Guess that’s why I don’t bother finding a girlfriend nowadays, I don’t wanna leech! Moving on, heh. πŸ™‚



A day last weekend was decent and though I normally don’t run my R/C during Winter, the urge to try out the E-Maxx got to me and I took the truck out. No snow was on the ground, so scratch that test, but the truck ran well, though I think a battery pack the hobby shop sold me is bad, can’t tell until Spring. Noting two changes I WILL make to the truck asap are the body and tires. The pre painted body looks god awful to me, but maybe I just like the look of an old style truck , and the tires never grip right, so they will need to go! A more detailed post on the R/C will be written soon.


Though new story ideas came to me for my harem of sexy women creation late in 2016, I’m making a point of finishing open stories, one I’ve added to today. With those, the book will be hit hard this year as I try to get it finished, proofed etc. An update on Chapter 6 will be up soon!


Now for some good and bad news, (or, “WTF, am I their piggie bank?” news). In light of what I found out yesterday, Youmacon, 2017 will not be happening. I had every reason to start saving for the trip this month, but thanks to my nephew paying his bills etc. out of my account, all I have left is fifty bucks in it! I confronted him on it,
“Oh, I lost my truck key and my cell bill needed paying.” was his reply. Um you have your own account, why use mine? Sure love the fucking fact I’m supporting a house full of people, but if I wanna save or spend anything I get bitched at or called selfish.Β  But came up with a plan.


Gaming PC 1


Next month is tax time, and he tells me he’s giving me his state tax return, so I figure if he does, the computer upgrade will start with the most expensive piece, the graphics card, (the R480x 8 gig), which was saved to my Amazon list today. Then in May, the rest of the parts will be bought. I’m hoping to get a better cpu so I can run Doom and the more demanding titles on my steam list. After that, I’ll be saving a year so I’ll have a decent amount of cash for Youmacon 2018, I HOPE.


So that is what I’m dealing with this month, screwed up no? As always, please leave thoughts below or a like & I’ll see ya later! πŸ™‚

Personal Blog For December

This will stay a monthly post as it helps clear my head and aids in focus. So much went on in the past month that there is no shortage of personal crap to talk about so let me get to it!


If you read my post talking a bit about how my nephew’s girlfriend says I don’t contribute to the house, though I pay all the bills from my check, please allow me to start there. See, I try to keep my nose out of their little conspiracy theory driven world, really, but if I hear my name thrown around in a negative way, I get pissed. I mean, aside from some food, which I’ll give her credit because food ain’t cheap nowadays, she lives here for free. How bout putting money on the cable, electric, or water bill for once?


And if I’m on the Jon, (not to get too graphic), she opens the door and gets pissy, like last week. Sorry if I get in the way of your three to four hour mirror time babe! Don’t wanna voice my view about here her in public, but…


On a happy note: Some who recall last year know December is the month I was born, and you may remember, I bought my own gifts. Well, the same thing will be done this year, with something added, (hopefully it’ll be home this weekend!) I’m ordering the Trigun Collection DVD boxset, battery packs for the added something, pop and AA batteries. After the month, a part for my gaming rig, (below) and the anime convention will be saved for.


Gaming PC 1


To my writings. Though a few new ideas for stories have been bubbling, the stories I’m working now will take top priority. A few days ago, a fan story with a game girl was added too, & I may post the progress here, not sure. Other works made progress as well, which I’m pleased to report, but most of all, I’m hitting the book chapter hard & producing fine content! πŸ™‚



Ah, My Computer

After posting this, it’ll probably freeze on reboot, but tis life. πŸ™‚ A while back, a post went up, talking about how I might need to rebuild my gaming rig due to a bad mother board. I went through pricing everything out, (three times), finally deciding on what to get and where to order them from, but seems the computer has not froze in awhile, so I’m scratching my head.


The a rebuild isn’t ruled out, here’s what I may do. Buy a new power supply, Windows 10, just the upgraded 8350 cpu, (my board can accept it), a 2TB external drive for my games and 980 geforce graphics card. I’ll reinstall windows and see how it goes.

Reasons For My Abscence

Sorry for not posting anything for a while, I’ve been trying to do needed maintenance on my computer, write, do my outdoor hobby and try to keep cool. First, let me address what was worked on with the PC. For the longest, the connection from my video card the tv was handled with an adapter, and it was bent, meaning I had to wedge it against the wall to make it stay in. Not the most logical, I know, but…


A week ago, an hdmi cable was bought and put to use, doing away with the adapter. Issue solved, right? After some hair ripping out, yes. See, while the hdmi made my desktop look bigger, as it should be, the taskbar was sunk off screen, enough to make it weird. When that was licked, my games had audio, but no video, though the game resolution matched the tv’s. I fixed it after sleeping on the issue.


But now, the gamepad I use to bind keystrokes to for games has a short, so along with the cell phone, I’ll be ordering a new pad too.




As for the writing. Ideas on what to change in the vampire novel so it will sound less like I borrowed from InuYasha are roaming my mind, (more on what that the changes are in another post). Most of the writing I’ve done was adding to my original erotic stories, Priestess Of Lust to name one! Last night with no music, the story was attacked, laying down nice content! πŸ™‚ Really, and I found out one of the character in said story kills if people view her as weak, which I loved!


Between writing and the PC, most days were spent out running my truck and loving it. Nothing beats just running the yard full speed & jumping, it’s freeing! There were times I almost lost the truck, (try telling a three year old something four times while doing something). So, in a nutshell, those are the reasons for my time away, but I live.

State Of Affairs

Well it has been a while since my last entry, but between having the old computer going to poop,ordering the new computer’s parts & adjusting to this laptop,it hasn’t been easy to blog. However, you guys deserve to know what’s up, new and what trouble I’m getting into, so here we go! πŸ™‚ Like I said, the parts for the new computer were ordered the end of Feb.

Last week they came, making me hype about getting this tower built, so the old computer can be shot, hehe. Just tonight, we got a hold of the kid who will build it for me, & he can do it either Friday or Saturday, which is awesome, because IF he can finish it, and break it in, by next week I’ll have a fresh computer to work with! In so many ways, I hope he can build it that soon, because even though this laptop has helped and I’m thinking of buying myself one, the touch pad messes me up at times.

In other news, now that the weather is starting to get warmer, (It’s going to be in the fifties by the weekend), it has me wanting to get the Tamiya TL-01 out & drive it, which brings me to that point. If some of you remember, that r/c car was taaken in to the hobby shop last Fall/Winter for repair and TLC. Well, I’ve called them today and now that the weather’s turning nicer, my homeboy can now do the 80s style Knight Rider themed paint job, making me have more of the itch to drive the car! Sure, I know the R/C’s old and parts are hard to get day by day, but last season, when it was revamped with the motor from the Slash I had, got my blood pumping! To add to my collection. when I took the TL in I put a 2WD Traxxas Stampede in lay away, & I’ve been paying on it monthly. Well, as of the third of this month, I’ve only have one hundred and something left to pay on it, which will be paid next month!

I’m only guessing $160.00, due to the two stick transmitter/receiver I need, on account that I can’t use the pistol grip controller real good one handed, but you know, I may try it next month. I’ll let you guys/gals know how Β it goes! πŸ™‚