Why I Won’t Raise My Rank Any Higher Than 2nd Dan In Tekken 7.



Thought this would be a good topic to post, if people, (new and old readers) wonder how I play one handed. After Tekken was released on Steam last year, characters were tried, finding I can use Ling Xiaoyu somewhat decently. I’m no fighting game god mind you, I do not have time to learn every term etc, like the FGC players who play these as a living do. No, guess you can call me a casual player, which I’m fine with.


Getting back on topic, one person on my Steam list saw one of my matches & messaged me last year, saying, “You good, you good, but why you not ranked higher than that?” He’s from Finland, please excuse the broken English.


Just explained that due to my limits, I cannot react faster to some players, & yes, most who play act like it’s more than a game.


He asked why you not do more, its fun. Why this why why why?


At this point, His talking would’ve prompted me to say something but I don’t think he’d get why I got upset, so… Being 2nd dan in the game is fine to me, a rank I don’t wanna try to go past, because knowing my luck I’d get a player like the one below who grabbed me at any turn and stressed me out.




I won, but damn, grab much? 😛


More Show And Tell! :)

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!

Most who have followed me here for years know that my passion is to create characters from my book or other writings using SC5’s creation tool. I also create characters from Anime like Sailor Moon and Project A ko, (I’ll show the anime creations another day). For the new followers, I thought it’d be cool to show some of the creations I made and show them in game.

Skya redone 1


First, my elf princess Skya! I’m proud of how she turned out, but back when I played her full time, people complained she’s too sexualized, which half the creations most players showed were WAAAAAAAY worse, so yeah!! While she isn’t in the vampire novel, the princess is in a story I’m finishing up! Here’s Skya in action!

How did I do designing her? I heard her with a 20 year oldish voice, so I got the voice sliders close to mimic the young tone. 🙂


Mei Xing

You’ve seen Mei Xing because I made Tekken 7’s Xiaoyu as this character. The idea behind her was I wanted a woman that knew some sorta martial art. She’s almost eighteen, but I dunno what story to stick her in, maybe due to her age. What’s your takes on it? Here’s her in action! 🙂





Last creation to show my fans, peeps, readers is Seductress, above. For her, an idea sparked! 🙂 Wanted to see what would come out if I took the Arroncar Nell from Bleach, but put my stank on her, making my own demon type sword user. Originally I saw her with wings, & different wings were tried, not looking right so they were dropped. How do you like her? 🙂

My Thoughts On Tekken 7, (PC Version)



Okay, I’ll go on a limb here and say that I’ve done something I swore years ago not to do & pre ordered said game for the PC, BUT Tekken 7 has lived up to the hype an then some. Sure, a third party DRM is in place that has to verify itself every thirty days or so, which is a dirty underhanded ploy by the DEVS, however it is what it is.


Over the weekend, while trying to stay from the heat, I’ve played the game, a game my computer handles well and am learning Ling (picture above), Lucky Chloe, (below) & a few more fighters.




Though tricky, a way to use Chloe is slowly starting to kick in, but would I feel safe using her full time yet? No, because some moves come out at times, other times they don’t, meaning I need to practice more. There is a character I do feel right about using though, watch the videos at the end to see what she can do.


But to my surprise, my old PS3 controller with rapid fire function works in the game, which helps greatly. Was spanking ass Saturday night, (not really, but did help).  I will explain two downsides of the game. Even though half the people in that Tekken group are on my Steam account, only four play against me, the rest avoid me or play two sets then say “Another player wants to play him, we’ll play later.” but never asks meto play. Makes me wonder why I added some people, you know? You can creat six slots in a room, so he could’ve done that, but.


As of this post, online rank matches are not for me. Went into some & though I’ve played well, leave it to the no skill halfwits to spam. All and all, I’m loving Tekken 7!



A Look Into Shadowlight….

Yesterday about the Ghost In The Shell movie, it was mentioned that some movies, if seen in theaters gave me vertigo, sending me to the door. Today I thought it be time to let you readers in and expand on the subject.


I’m not sure when it started, I just know the feeling drove me nuts because watching some movies I’d be fine, while others, the feeling of having your stomach drop if you were riding a roller coaster would make me wanna leave. When my dad and I went to see the first Hot Shots, (a funny movie), it didn’t bother me until the flying sequences, sending my head down and had my dad ask what was wrong, but we seen that same movie twice after and it went fine. It was odd, I’ve seen The Crow when it first came out & though the vertigo was making me climb the wall, I wanted to stay.


The old live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies or Terminator 2 movie I don’t think ever caused me to trip and they were seen numerous times, so I’m not sure what sets me off. Now, if there’s a movie I want to see, waiting til the Blu-ray/DVD is the best choice for me.  However, some video games give me that feeling as well, Assassin’s Creed III to give a good example. There is one task of climbing a building that is under construction to get to a crane & every camera angle made me cringe. Got to a point the game was almost turned off!