A Healthier 2019

You know, I promised to do things to help myself get and stay healthy, but totally fell off the wagon in 2018. This was not all my doing, but some of it was, & I kicked myself because of it. Well, even before Christmas, a promise was made to drink healthier, so last week flavored water was ordered, with it getting here Saturday.

I can’t drink tap water due to high lead in it, though my nephew tried to say it’d be okay if we run it before drinking, but to be safe, nah. He buys bottled water, but two issues with that is, his kids rifle through it, not drinking the one bottle they have and get more. I’ll drink it, but I wasn’t a fan of water, does that make me odd?

Now though, I’ve cut my pop intake to one a day, drinking two to four bottles of the propel flavored water per day, where it was 5-7 pops. I just don’t want kidney stones, had one and it was less fun than watching paint dry! The plan is to keep this up, I wanna clean my kidney and body out! 🙂


Early July Personal Post!

While this isn’t my normal first of the month personal post, you followers should know what is up with me & why no posts. Short answer is, the heat has been bugging me. Most here know that my disability effects my body temp, making it feel ten degrees hotter than it is. Annoying hmm? But wait, there’s more! With the heat, my energy drains away, so yeah.

F150 Raptor Stampede 2017

My doctor wanted me to get out and get sun, but as it is, the weather has made it hard to function. On top of that, both my R/C trucks are sick and need to go in, so. Yes, I could go out, kick back, get sun, but knowing people around here, they’ll bother me every five seconds asking if I’m okay and shit!


On with better topics.


Gaming PC 1


I’m making plans to do a major upgrade to the gaming rig above, future proofing it as much as possible. A path has already been thoughtout. An AM4 motherboard with a Ryzen 1700 or 1700x CPU, 8 Gigs memory (will go 16 gigs later) with a 120 SSD (for OS) and a 2TB HDD for games. I’ll be reusing the case, graphics card, (for now), blu-ray drive and fans. What do ya think?

Personal Blog For June 1st 2017

Once again sorry for going off grid for days/weeks, but health issues got in the way. I’ll be happy when my coffee gets ordered this weekend, hopefully it helps keep me from getting backed up.


Anyway, on with the post, & I’ll get the crappy part out the way first. After some odd months, my nephew in his dimwitted wisdom let his stupid ex girlfriend move back here. Yes, the woman who was wanting her own place, her own life, money but stayed with her mommy this whole time IS HERE! I voiced my opinion, telling him that he was a stupid moron for letting her back here because it has already started to decay into fights, but not my problem.


Before feeling muddy, so many words a day were being written & my stories were nicely constructed. Tomorrow, my plan is to write more & try finishing one I’ve been working.


As for the Elfen Lied review, I am trying to get that rewatched, believe me. Wish there were more than 24hrs. in a day.


Finally, in a few weeks, some Tekken 7 matches and training content will be going up. When the game’s bought, I’d like to train some and do arcade stuff before getting destroyed online, but I’ve recorded another game while the gut hurt to see how the quality was before I streamed and stuff. Look below and drop your thoughts. 🙂


About Fell Out Of My Chair

Okay, I’m not really sure how to take this, cause coming from my nephew anything out of his cake hole is 50-95% bull, but whatever. Since getting back into gaming on PC, leaving consoles behind, I’ve been happier and the reasons for going to the PC to game were and are my own, but above all there are less people to stress me out on computers.


See, take a game like Soul Cal. 5 where about all the players think they’re in a tournament everyday and try hard to win. Every time they wanted a match with me, they’d do anything to win, even spam, making me quit matches, then they’d say I suck etc. Sure, my record was so many wins, 1 loss, but if the people weren’t idiots & played fairly, maybe I’d play them and take losses. Things happened off games that made me upset. Say I was playing a different game, friends would send game invites for games I didn’t own or not be playing at the moment, & keep sending em when I said stop.


On PC, (rather Steam, UPlay or soon Origin) you got options to add friends, join groups etc. I only have to people on my steam list and they respect my right to privacy. I do not intend on joining a group soon, but point is I’m not stressed out. The other day my nephew said that I seem less trippy when gaming and that made me smile a bit.

Update On Somethings

Some good topics came to me today, but if I type em all now, I’ll be online half the night. So, this will be the start, then the other topics are going up all week. In this post, I’d like to give you reader’s updates on a few plans that have been in the works & my health.


First, my health. For those who remember, a post talking about what I’m doing to reshape my diet, by not drinking four Cokes a day, drinking more tea, eating healthier & drinking water. I’m happy to say I am holding true to my new ways, but now, some in my family think I don’t drink enough water, though there are nights I drink more water in an hour then they do. Whatever.


Adding to the heath update is my exercise plan, (not restarted yet). Why? Well, months ago a pressure sore started on my foot & has me trying not to put any weight on it, & when I practice with my sword, all my strength goes to my feet, making me push on my feet rest. Now the good news. Last week, my doctors FINALLY decided to visit, after months of BS, and a x-ray was taken of my foot. Hoping my foot bone isn’t infected, they’ll do something to make it heal like it should & stay away.


As for the hentai anime website I’m building. I’ve decided that once it’s built, it won’t be the thing that will generate income, so it will be a hobby. Right now, I’m still trying to brush up on html, while collecting pictures.


So, this closes this topic. 🙂

Update On My Health Kick…

There are a lot of good topics that I’ve had on my mind, but thanks to things getting in my way, there wasn’t enough time. By now, all of you that follow me have read that I’m turning over a healthier leaf, & I wanted to update that topic!


Here’s what I drink almost everyday. As soon as I get up, green tea is made, & I drink two cups of it to start me off. Then one can of coke, followed by another round of tea. Oh sure, the younger me had five cans of pop a day, but now, after a few kidney infections & a kidney stone, it’s cut in half! 🙂 To top it off at night, a glass of water.


So you see, I’m trying to be better by eating and drinking healthier things.

Turning My Diet Around

When I moved to that apt complex, that had the bike path through the woods, I began a daily thing, taking care of myself. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like my health & such were bad to start with, they weren’t, I just wanted better. With that in mind, green tea was a big change I’ve added, along with daily walks on the bike trail & practicing with my sword, basically trying to better myself.


After being dragged all across the state, by a caregiver who put her needs in front of my well being, the routine I designed was thrown off course, & to a degree, remains that way today. Even though it’s slow, I’m starting to turn my diet back the way I’ve had it years ago. I’ve been drinking green tea daily again, even if my nephew’s girlfriend tries telling me reasons why I shouldn’t, but this isn’t going to turn into a bashing post.


As soon as I get the footrests on my chair to a point where my foot can be strapped down, I’ll start training again!