Update On Wheelchair

Right off the bat, this isn’t a personal blog, that’s coming sometime after the first. No, in the post here, I’m blowing off steam about the situation with the lack of communication on where I’m at getting this new chair.

It has been months since I’ve gotten a script for it, one’s been picked out & then the therapist took forever to do his job, come out to evaluate me and fill out whatever papers he had to to get this going, but I’m jumping too much ahead. My doctor came out last month and said she expected to see me in the new chair this month. However, I don’t think she gets that it takes months upon months to get one, thanks to red tape BS.

Really don’t care to guess how long it takes, but IF a T ain’t crossed, insurance can and does deny you, then the process has to restart. Grade A SHYT right? If I had my way, I’d get one every three years, but since the system’s backward, I’m boned! 😦

Anyway, my doc came by yesterday & the chair came up. Just told her the last time Greg & I spoke, (which was Friday), he was suppose to check on the status of the claim & call me, but never did. It’s phone tag with him mostly & I said to her that I have done all I had to do on my end, yell at him because I’m…..


Second Topic Of The Weekend: More About My Discussion With That So Called “Doctor”

Before starting I’d like to say that I’m an anime lover, have been & will be until my end. I like it in almost every form, even the hentai doujinshi/manga, but before anyone who may read this thinks “Pervert””, I rarely view it.That said, moving on.


As this “doctor” and I talked, before I told him to just send me the information, the topic came up that I had some manga I was curious about getting translated & he claimed his coworker’s wife might do it and he’d ask him to ask her. Supposidly she agreed and emailed me wanting the manga I wanted translated. I sent the pages, but told her what they had on them, she said it didn’t matter. So I think a month passed, no word, so emailed her.


(Her reply): “Was busy with the newborn, should be completing the translation soon.”


After that, nothing! If you ask me, it was the same person, who even knows. It would’ve been nice to have the pages translated though. True there are sites that do it, but I have no clue how they work. One needed the image uploaded, tried doing that, but it wouldn’t take the file type. Any help?