What T o Do What To Do….

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Decided to do the second topic since my doctor is due out (sometime) tomorrow, (joy, more questions as to why my new chair isn’t here by her.) Anyway, debate has been tossed round in my skull on what to do with my erotic work when I get one complete. What I mean is do I go the same route as the novel once it is done and get them published, or should I hunt for an artist that will draw Hentai and try to get a manga produced?



That is a question I’m asking myself. The artist who drew the portrait of Blackrose above outdid herself. In my dreams, this was how I saw the vampire cat girl & the picture’s treasured. It was nice to work with the artist because she emailed sketched previews every step of the way for me to okay, which was refreshing. Ikeda’s still in my contacts when I can afford her to draw the other characters like Xavior, Asuka and Fujiko.


Skya redone 1


She doesn’t do hentai though, which I do not fault her for. Years ago, I scripted a fan based manga and found a artist on Xanga, submitted it to them and all they did was a cover for it. After that, they never returned any messages… Searched more a year ago & some of the asking prices are up there with the artist not willing to take payments, like Ikeda did. There was a guy who did art for two of my FF7 fan manga who did killer stuff, but that was 1999-01. Now I think he is off the grid because I can’t find him around the web.

So me may go the book route and have them published like my novel. Any thoughts are welcome.


Second Topic Of The Weekend: More About My Discussion With That So Called “Doctor”

Before starting I’d like to say that I’m an anime lover, have been & will be until my end. I like it in almost every form, even the hentai doujinshi/manga, but before anyone who may read this thinks “Pervert””, I rarely view it.That said, moving on.


As this “doctor” and I talked, before I told him to just send me the information, the topic came up that I had some manga I was curious about getting translated & he claimed his coworker’s wife might do it and he’d ask him to ask her. Supposidly she agreed and emailed me wanting the manga I wanted translated. I sent the pages, but told her what they had on them, she said it didn’t matter. So I think a month passed, no word, so emailed her.


(Her reply): “Was busy with the newborn, should be completing the translation soon.”


After that, nothing! If you ask me, it was the same person, who even knows. It would’ve been nice to have the pages translated though. True there are sites that do it, but I have no clue how they work. One needed the image uploaded, tried doing that, but it wouldn’t take the file type. Any help?