Two Topics For Two Days

While responding to a followers blog post on the process how manga is translated into English, two topics popped into my head, (shout out goes to Anime Girls NYC). 🙂 If it wasn’t for her topic, these would have been forgotten and left by the road. Before starting, let me state that the first topic is personal and a bit of a warning for people, but leads into tomorrow’s topic.


By now about everyone who follows me here and Facebook knows I have Cerebral Palsy, I’ve had it since birth, leaving me one handed and chair bound, but the brain works great. 🙂 For all of my life there were things to overcome, some anger etc., but anything I wanted to do, my parents found a way to get me to said goal. Earning my black belt, competing in weapons demonstrations, horseback riding, traveling around the country as part of a sports team, I did it!


I’ve always adapted to do things one handed, thanks to my parents. Even later, their guidance helps me do things I wanna do. A few years ago, someone claiming to be a doctor saw one of my videos demoing how I played the PS3 one handed messaged me and wanted to ask questions. First time I answered him as well as possible, but in time, his questions got odd, meaning he’d repeat them, until I asked what this was about.


This answer made the rest of my red flags fly. He claimed to be working for a hospital in Canada, researching a treatment for C.P. to help people with it walk and have more control. Now though I haven’t read up on things lately, if there WAS a treatment, I would’ve heard about it. The conversion lasted over a few months of emails, even someone claiming to be his brother that had Cerebral Palsy emailed me several times.


Got to a point where I told him to send me the info to look over for myself, but after that, that was it, he never replied. His “brother” never emailed, so it is a very good guess that doc was scamming me.


What are your thoughts? I’d love to here your take about this.


Return Of The Show I Dislike



Well some of you may not agree with me about this topic, but there is one show I get ill over and thanks to my nephew, his oldest will not stop talking about it. The show on topic today is the original Power Rangers! When this show first aired, I was a Purple w/stripe, Blue Belt? in Hapkido & I viewed the show as bad for the martial arts. At the time, my nephew was training under me and every bloody time that show came on, he’d want me to teach him to fight like them.


Told him that the training is for protection and as a last resort, but no matter what I said, he’d still repeat, “teach me like them.” It came down to me asking my instructor for guidance, but when what he suggested didn’t pan out, I took a step back from training the nephew. Can’t tell ya how much of a failure I felt like. Even Bill, my instructor had kids who got into the art due to that show.To me, Power Rangers helped, but gave the martial arts a bad name. Now, my nephew has introduced his 4 year old to the original show and that’s all he talks about!


I may show the kid a few moves when he gets older, but if he does the same thing his father did, I’m stopping!


What are your thoughts, if you were alive back then?


Either the holiday did it or the heat, but this slipped my mind. A few new people follow this blog and it slid past me to welcome them. So without further delay, please help me welcome: Karandi of 100wordanime, Dominic Cuthbert of little anime blog & all other new faces here. As some of you may have read, I game on the PC, I’m a writer of sorts and I LOVE Anime!


What you’ll find in this blog is a mixed bag of anime, writing, gaming, martial arts and many more topics. I’d like the blog to be interactive, so please if you like a topic, feel free to comment etc. If you have a question, I’ll be happy to answer them. Please feel welcome! 🙂

An Introduction

Since my blog has been gaining readers, I thought it’d be good to reintroduce myself & give background on what posts you’ll find here.


Hello, my name’s Shadowlight and I have a disability, leaving me in a wheelchair, but don’t let that fool you. I’ve learned martial arts and hold a black belt in Hapkido and know swordsmanship. The hats I wear are many, including a die hard Otaku, (love Anime and manga). 😛 For the last few years, the vampire novel, I’ve been writing has been my pet project, but I’ve been working on other series as well.


Asuka D'Cara

(One of the main characters children, Asuka D’cara.)


You’ll find posts about writing here, alone with anime topics, reviews and posts on my other hobbies, PC gaming and R/C cars. I hope you find the topics enjoyable and feel free to engage conversation or feedback, I welcome interaction! 🙂

State Of Things 2

For the past few days, I’ve felt eh-ish, like I wanna get on my stories or here and write, but something side tracks me. Anyway, what could be the last writing tip I give will be posted soon, (if not tomorrow, by the weekend). Somethings were added to Deadra’s story, Darkest Pleasures last night, so that’s good! Not sure if it is up to my usual grade of work, wanna add more before I let eyes proof it.


Today, I did something to my You Tube channel I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. What is that, you ask? I added clip art & kinda hinted at the format changes that I had in mind, (PC game play, R/C Truck/Car running/showoff vids and sword videos)! 🙂 Speaking of R/C. I called the hobby shop today and my truck is completely DONE! 🙂 Talking new body, bigger tires, blue upgraded parts AND brushless system! Heh, me wonder if I can handle the speed now! Ah, in April I’ll find out. 🙂


Back to the You Tube channel. For those who weren’t aware that I had one, I do. Started it in 2010 as a way to showcase how I play PS3 games for a now defunked blog and people liked it, so it was added too. But in time, games that I tried playing became to button happy. What’s worse, killing my console days were the players on PSN. Aside from some nice people, (who were and are still my friends), others were assholes to me. So rather than stress on PSN, I moved to PC gaming & I’m less stressed! 🙂 Oh the PS3’s still used, as a dvd/blue ray player.

One Of My Goals For 2015 Is….

Like some of us, setting goals for the coming year, but then not following through on them is something I’m known for. Last year around this time, I’ve started doing my sword Kata again, as a form of exercise. And while I have stuck to it, more or less, lately, I;m catching myself slacking off.  That or the two I live with don’t go to bed early enough, so I can wheel out to the living room to do the Kata.

For those new to this blog, let me do a little introduction, before going on. I’m in a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy, but other then being one handed, I play video games well, I’ve had a good teacher in martial arts, who trained me in Hapkido, (a Korean art). And he trained me in the sword Kata. Plus, I’m a huge Anime fan!

When my instructor first started training me in the Samurai Sword, he handed me a wooden sword, trying to see if I could handle it. At the time, (mid 90s), my arm strength wasn’t that well off. It is true that before getting my electric wheelchairs, I’ve pushed myself everywhere, but that didn’t get me ready for the weight of the wooden Katana.

He wasn’t these by the book “one size fits all” kinda instructors, he cared about teaching me. How did we tackle the sword Kata? He went out of his way, ordering an aluminum Wakizashi, (a short Japanese sword), giving it to me. Using it for the Kata felt natural, the weight wasn’t an issue at all, which I liked, because the strain on my arm was next to nothing.

Years later, after I’ve gotten my Black Belt and Bill had to stop teaching, for personal reasons, I continued practicing martial arts and the sword Kata, with the Wakizashi. In my mind, something lit a fire, making me want to get to a point where I could handle a full Katana one handed. So, I asked my new sword instructor if he would help, but of course, he was all negative about it, causing me to lose interest in the pursuit.

Over the years, the thought has crossed my mind to train myself to use a full sized sword & I think 2015 might be the year for that goal. Sure, it won’t be easy, it’ll mean putting in work, but I WILL get to a point where I can handle it!

My Ideas For A Seasonal You Tube Channel

This has been something I’ve wanted to try for a while now, but wasn’t sure how well it’ll be received. however, I’ll never know until I try! With that said, the idea is to do a you tube channel with seasonal content. For example: For Spring thru Fall, RC content, like running & upgrade videos. And for Winter: Martial Arts stuff.


The reason behind this idea is because I want to show people that I have other hobbies, not just video games. When will I launch the new channel? Probably 2015, because I need a few things, like the Stampede, a Webcam, Martial Arts gear & someway to record running videos first.


So yeah, that’s the first goal I wanna reach for myself.