New Character: Mei Xing

So leave it to my mind to come up with characters, like it does, but I don’t mind too much. Though I made a version of Mei Xing in SC5, due to limits in fighting styles & clothing, the version was scrapped. Using Xiaoyu in Tekken 7, I made what my character looks like below.




This is what Mei Xing looks like. True, the deep red hair has hints of anime, but meh. What do you think?


Human Synda

Today after getting up & having lunch, I grabbed my flashdrive from my tower and stuck into the ps3 Wanting to get the pic of Synda’s human self to post for you all, SC5 was started and while I had her human form’s kimono Pink with white, it is now white with deep blue clouds.


Synda (Human)

Though she’s complete, I may put her in heels or something, not sure. And yes, it looks like I just do basic ladies with no earrings etc. but too much accessories makes em look eww. But with that said, what do you think?

An Updated Character’s Pic And A Recreation



You may remember Deadra, the cat woman ninja that I created using the creation tool from that game. She’s in a story I put on hold so others can be completed, but the above doesn’t show her in a good way. For months I’ve been trying to get my ps3’s cords from my nephew, (and before his new pitbull puppy destroyed them like my phone charger he borrowed) so I could get a better pic from my ps3. Well, though it took months, look below. πŸ™‚


Deadra With Pink Hair


In this one, you CAN notice Deadra’s cat like features. For the cat ears, elf ears were used and attempted to blend in with her skin/fur color, how does she look? I do want to do more stories with her, once I finish the other stories on my plate! ^_^


Though a new creation was started months back, by the time the AV cords were back yesterday, the idea left me, so she was deleted. In her place however, an old creation was resurrected.


Synda 1


Meet Synda (in demon mimicΒ  form. I have her human self created, but like a dip, forgot to bring it to my usb drive). She was a ninja who fought against the dark forces that invaded her town, doing well for months. It wasn’t until a demon came to her while she was in a old church and seduced her and rather than cursing her with a child, it imparted it’s curse onto her.


Synda 2


Now at night, blood seeps from her mouth and eyes, which makes people and the guy she loves shun her, depressing her and driving her from the town. There is more, but wait for the draft to be posted lol. πŸ™‚

Background Of Seductress



While creating her, things went through my head, like they do when I make all my characters, but more so with Seductress. The idea of her back story and how she got the way she is may sound generic, but you can decide.




When she was younger, someone told her a human scarred her face, (I placed a scar under her eye to the nose) and they kept dogging her about it through her childhood. One night as she wept, a mask made from her own bone formed over her face, covering it, thereby making her cold. Now she is an assassin, hunting both demons and human, it makes little difference to her, that is until an encounter shakes her.




As shown above, the mask is bone colored with Japanese script on it, (if you can tell). Tried getting the mask to match what I saw in my head as her bone color, but if I shade the mask too white, it would look awful & bright. I’m eager to hear/read your thoughts! What do you think of her background?

Meet Seductress!!!



(The image above is owned by its original owner, I do not own or make money from it! Furthermore, the character and pics below ARE mine, please don’t repost without Permission.)


A few days ago I posted that two or three years ago I made a creation out of love for Nelliel from Bleach, and thoughts of recreating it roamed my head. Well, that day/night I went to work on SC5’s character creation thingy, designing my female demon. Before showing her, let me say somethings. Without the skills that I picked up a few months back, dealing with body measurements, she’d look stick figurish, but meet Seductress!! πŸ™‚




So okay, she isn’t a copy of Nell, due to me not wanting to copyright infringe, & I wanted to make Seductress my own character! While creating her, pauses were made to look at her, see her in combat, which was never done before.




As she came together, a background came to me, one I’ll get to later, , but though a little more needs doing, what do you thing? πŸ™‚

May Bring Back “Huntress”



About two years ago, I think? a creation came to me, modeled from a Bleach character below. While the design wasn’t a copy of Nelliel, (I know of copyrights) Huntress was created out of love for the series. Yes, there are other good characters in the anime, but yeah.




The other day, the inspiration for a story with Huntress came in my head and it might be good or bad, but I’m gonna try it after a few projects are written. Some pics of her will be put up when I redo her. πŸ™‚ However, rather than Huntress, does anyone have a better demonic sounding name for her?