Novel Change Discussion!

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I want to discuss plans I’m thinking about doing to the vampire novel when the next draft gets started. I’ve went kinda light on description & what not when drawing up the first few chapters, even if some chapters were 8-18 pages long, oi. Grant it, back then my writing style stunk, but the last few months, it has gotten better.

So let me start by saying, I’ll be adding how the main protagonist got to the land of Dalturia to aid his friend by adding the pirate cat woman below. I have not decide if Purrrsha will be a character that’ll have a supporting role in the rest of the novel or not, so please don’t ask…


Now, at the beginning of chapter II, the main male character agreed to take a female knight of the queen’s court under his wing. But when Blackrose, the vampire appeared to attempt to murder him, the knight’s well being forced him to send her to a temple. Well, in this new draft she will be captured by the queen’s son and made a slave. I’ll be putting Aki Yoshira, (below) in as the knight by the way.

Aki Yishira SC6


My hope is to tie up plot holes with the new draft.


Question For Followers & Readers…

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So after two days of throwing this around in my brain, I’ve got something that I’d like to ask my readers/followers, & please leave a like with a comment with this one because it’ll tell me if you’d want this or not. Most of you who have followed me here know that I’m working on my first vampire novel and the vampire in said novel is the same cat woman above. Yes, me know the chapter I’m on now needs to be completed, oi, if I was signed to a publisher years ago, they’d drop me lol. 🙂

Sorry, rant! My question’s this. I’m going to go through chapters 1-5, fixing errors and get the writing up to my new standards, but after, if I posted two chapters, would you like seeing them? Be aware that a friend I let read the first chapter years ago crapped down my neck because I killed a character she grew to like, but as I told her, the character needed to die to trigger the coming events of the book, so please to my followers, if you read chapter one, don’t kick me?

Creations, Creations & More Creations!!

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Below is a video of my new elf Kyria in action, but wanted to show more characters that I made from the old game on SC6. Again, some alterations HAD to be made to work around the item limits, but I think the characters came out well! 🙂 First up, one of Blackrose and Xavior’s wayward daughters, Goth Kitty or Kathy. Yes, from 5 to 6, I revealed her parentage hehe, but I may not write her into the novel.


Like her mom, it took me a few days to get the fur color the right shade of brown, having me run through the arcade mode, looking at her closeups to compare, do you like? I may use her in a love story that my brain’s mauling over.

Next, her mother, Blackrose. Some of you were teased with video of her in a match, but you see her red armor really stands out in this game than the old.


Okay, the next creation had to have a new hair style due to SC6 not having the style I used, but the pendent I used, along with the style of glasses aren’t here. I hope Bandai/Namco adds em as DLC!!! How does Aki Yoshira look with Princess Long hair?



Last one for now. In my early days with the old game and when time was mine to sit and understand creation specs, a draft character was created. This female ninja was named White Lotus and she was used in some matches, but didn’t grow on me. However, two weeks ago, motivation struck and had me redo her, throwing out the old design sheet, (which is on my PC) & just building her, using whatever specs I happen to like. From the old to the new, which do you like?


More pics coming!

Proofread A Sneak Peek Anyone?

Fujiko redone 1


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There has been something I’ve sat on, not doing a thing with for a while because, A: Laziness and B: debate on if I ended the scene too quickly. Think it has been put out there that characters should NOT be given weapons, powers etc. without trials that they must complete, if abilities are just given, that character becomes “Hollow” & boring.

Most of you know I’ve been writing a crossover between the 90s version of Sailor Moon for months and the novel I’m writing. I’m more than half done with the story, but below is a fight scene between Xavior’s vampire self an him, but is it too short? Would you let me know what you think please? 🙂

“Xavior and Fujiko walked into a room, more than likely a guest room, waiting for the feline adviser before shutting and locking themselves in. The man knew how to begin down the path of communing with his inner vampire, Blackrose taught him how to perform the ritual before she fought that mage, knowledge having him take the Kahimoto sword sheathe with the weapon in it off his back and set it in front of him after sitting cross legged. After a pause, probably to get what he needed to say to the part he imprisoned together, Xavior started to chant in a forgotten tongue, going into a trance soon after.


Heeding the feline warrior’s words, Luna remained still like a statue, unsure of their motives, but the adviser didn’t want to risk anything if what she heard was true. Though it might’ve been her imagination or maybe her eyes playing tricks on her, she wasn’t sure, she just knew some black mist started to form around the male warrior, giving the cat reason to move, yet she did nothing. Strange wouldn’t even touch the situation, making Queen Serenity’s adviser think the two could be from the Negaforce, but that wouldn’t explain them aiding the queen or what his friend told the prince, letting the thought that they were spies vanish.


While chanting, Xavior couldn’t ignore the misty presence that formed across from him, he couldn’t really, compelling Blackrose’s mate to open his eyes. Even though what peered at him seemed like a normal warrior, the Izurian knew better, having the man sigh, but before he could say a thing, the entity jumped and tackled him before saying, “I’m a part of you?! Don’t make me laugh, you’re weak!!” in anger, a bit of rage fueled that as it growled demonically, baring it’s fangs. It made Xavior’s nature quite sick knowing Blackrose gifted the man looking back immortality, only to deny what he was, making the vampire form add, “Stupid child, you’ve lost what our Sire fell in love with. Perhaps I should take over and kill these people and return home by her side!” the anger and demonic overtone more pronounced on that last part, but after it said that something hit Xavior, making him grab the monster’s arm, forcing it to let go.


“If you kill these people, how will you get home to Ervere since this world’s queen is the only one who can send us back?” Xavior asked, pointing out the obvious to his other half, but knew better. It could’ve been the memory of how Blackrose was before they fell in love that ignited fire within him to fight back, but her mate wasn’t about to let his nature’s blood lust rule him, making him pickup the Kahimoto sword. True, perhaps he was a child who feared that side of himself, Xavior admitted that, even though it hurt to do so, but at the time, he couldn’t commune with the inner vampire and if any part of the man made up the being, it had to know that fact.


“Hmph worm, are you going to fight me now?” the demonic side of the man asked smugly, looking at him drawing the blade. It knew what this weak version was attempting, that went without saying, having the thrill of battle come to it, but the vampire had no plan to let the pitiful version of itself just use the abilities it had then go back to neglecting what he was. No, though a blood thirsty entity, wanting to control Xavior, it was still him in a sense and had a bit of honor, a fact making it give him a test, one that if he should lose, well.


As he looked at his vampire self, he knew this was a battle he couldn’t afford losing, an admission making Blackrose’s mate take a stance. There wasn’t time for a long drawn out inner battle with his inner vampire, Xavior knew that, but he also knew that if he should lose, the vampire would take control, not unlike Bloodrose did to his wife before she settled things with it, one thing he couldn’t allow to happen. Though it seemed like forever, the time came when the two took off after the other, crossing swords with a mighty clang, both not giving up ground.


Though separated from the man, holding most of his unnatural strength, it impressed Xavior’s demonic half that he still had a lot of power behind him, having it grin. “Very good, you might be worthy enough to keep pace with me now, but for how long?” the entity asked in a cocky tone as it parted, a cackle couldn’t be missed while resetting a stance. How many ways to get rid of the baggage that stood there were overflowing in the demon’s head, making the expression on it’s face darken. Just taking control and dominating him, like the evil did to Blackrose for centuries seemed like a good option, though a bit less fun, but a way came to the forefront, getting the man’s nature excited before vanishing.


Time wasn’t on his side, one fact Xavior clung to as he sat back on his knees, the Kahimoto sheathed, as if he was giving in. “Blackrose, I won’t fear what I am anymore, you will be proud when you awaken, my dark cat!” he muttered as he saw her smiling in his head, like he connected to her again right before standing and crossing blades with the inner version of himself that tried coming up behind. Now, he wasn’t about to let his nature control him, not now that he finally found what he lost, and it was time to rise and claim the power she gave him, making Xavior disappear, meeting his nature’s blows with his, ending with the demon half at his feet.


Nothing was said for minutes on end, having Blackrose’s husband think his nature was plotting but as it looked at him, it saw what the vampire cat fell in love with return to the man. The vampire side knew that the last few seconds they traded blows wasn’t easy on either of them, the slow healing scars were proof of that, making it chuckle before it said, “And THERE it is, I knew we still had that in us!” in a demonic tone, though Xavior couldn’t help but note a little praise at the end. As the nature stood, it added, “Never forget, I’m apart of you!” coldly, as if the being wanted to say, “Slip, and I’ll control you.”, a warning affirming the vampire feline mate’s resolve.


Xavior wasn’t going to forget that again, making him nod before the entity disappeared back into him.”

Making Up For Friday…

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Real sorry for not having a post ready for Friday, but things came up and, yeah. 😦 To make this right, please enjoy the progress I’ve made with the crossover. I’ve finally finished a background for Fujiko and I’m now in the Negaforce’s side a wee bit, let me hear your thoughts! 🙂 Email’s in my profile if you wanna ask if you can repost..


Vampire Xavior




Broken Savior: A Star Cross Love, Sailor Moon Crossover

Blackrose and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the original characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED! That said, Sailor Moon and the anime’s characters ARE NOT owned by me, money isn’t made by me from their use.



Some months after having to put his wife Blackrose, the feline vampire he loved into the crimson coffin to regenerate for five hundred years, their two daughters, Asuka and Kasha taken places to be safe, not to mention the kingdom they both built back up after killing Queen Chanista’s son being ripped away from him, everyone of his remaining loyal guards knew how Xavior felt. It went without a word that the soldiers could see he hurt over Blackrose almost losing her life due to summoning her dark guardian spirit, Shadow Stalker to fight a corrupt mage, a man who took over the kingdom, they felt the sting as well, but no one could see it better than Fujiko, the friend of Blackrose asked by her to watch his back. Every night when he’d go up to the peak that was in the kingdom, she would be below him sitting on all fours, preening her claws while the thought, “Has he drank blood at all today?” entered her mind, making the feline ask him.


She knew Xavior’s answer already, even before the question left her tongue, an answer having the feline get in his face and peer into his eyes. Fujiko had great respect for the man, before and after Blackrose turned him, that didn’t go without saying, but after everything, she seen Xavior go without blood for a few days, a prospect that could be dangerous for everyone. “Have you really drank blood, because you know what may happen if you don’t. You’ll weaken, attack others, or both!” left the cat woman’s lips as she gave off a low feline howl of anger


Listening to her howling, it went without saying what she’d do if he answered with a no, but truthfully though, after his wife going into hibernation and feeling his vampire nature’s grip on him, making the warrior go out of control that one time while protecting Asuka scared him. Sure, Xavior wasn’t a fool, he drank a little blood, but just enough to keep his nature at bay, having, “I’ve had some today, don’t worry Fujiko.” escape his mouth as the two looked at the other. Little did Xavior and his friend realize soon both would be transported to a land, a place that would have them aid a queen and force him to confront his nature head on.


Though she believed him, something in his eyes told her he needed to be watched, like she could tell a piece of Xavior wasn’t right, though the cat couldn’t point out what made her think that. Walking back, that same feeling pressed her, causing, “Did he lie to me?” to bleed into her mind and hit every corner, having debate reign over the issue. No, Fujiko knew Xavior might not be drinking a lot of blood, but she knew he wasn’t lying to her, letting a sigh pass her lips while the two walked. And yet, she couldn’t shake feeling that a coming battle would leave him open due to Xavior not letting his nature feed.


Right before getting in camp, a feeling came over Blackrose’s husband, drawing him to look at the sky, but didn’t see anything. Though he couldn’t explain it, something felt odd, having Xavior put his hand on the Kahimoto sword’s handle, ready to draw while the other hand went before the feline, stopping her. Looking around, noting the sounds of the forest ceased, thoughts of an unknown attacker came into play, a thought making the warrior growl, but at that moment, light hit the two, enveloping them until they disappeared.


While inside it, both had no idea what was happening or who, if anyone caught them, making Xavior roar loudly, ready to rip anyone apart. As the light started fading, dropping the two warriors in the mysterious area, there was little doubt the level of tension they both felt, having Fujiko and Xavior draw their blades, ready for anything. Scanning the area, though not sure where the feeling came from, but the area felt alien, as if something or someone transported them to another land, getting the man angrier. Perhaps the cat woman’s look or knowing it wasn’t the time for this, Xavior cooled his head as, “This isn’t Ervere.” fell from his lips while looking around, trying to think about something.


Fujiko didn’t need to question his reasons for stating that, the stars and landscape alone told the cat her friend was correct, having, “Can you feel Cerberus?” fall from her lips in a concerned way while licking her fur on her arm. True, the feline was a warrior who didn’t have a guardian spirit, she read about and heard how the people with them have a bond with the creators, able to sense them in their minds, hoping Xavior felt the three headed dog demon, but how his face looked confirmed he couldn’t sense anything. Having that fact hit, the thought, “If we get in a battle here that’s too much for us, how will we far without Cerberus?” began crossing the cat woman’s mind while her ears twitched, making Fujiko look at Blackrose’s husband. It went unsaid that she knew Xavior wasn’t in the best condition for a battle blood wise, she already guessed that by seeing how little he took in, but what made worry mount her more was there seemed like nothing they could eat.


While true, he couldn’t sense the great demon, Xavior felt a need to try to summon Cerberus, driving, “Oh great demon of the underworld, guardian of the gate, hear the plea of your servant. Come up from hell and help fight this foe and drag it down to be your plaything!” to cross his lips as his hand hit the ground. Every part of him knew the outcome to his effort, the warrior didn’t deny that, having, “What world is this?” run his mind, fueling his anger to want to find the person responsible for bringing them there. Yet, perhaps Blackrose’s spirit came by her mate and told him it wasn’t the time for this, quelling the fire inside him, letting Xavior think as he pointed to a castle in the distance as, “We may find answers there.” came out semi calmly.


Looking where he pointed, the feline blacksmith knew they had to look somewhere for a way home, making Fujiko nod and follow him. As she did, it couldn’t go unnoticed that the warrior seemed off, letting debate rage on asking Xavior how much blood he had today, but before she could, she saw him take a blood pack from a pouch he carried and drink a few sips, having her discard the question. Still, every part of the cat woman knew a couple sips wouldn’t be enough to see him through if, gods forbid they came under attack, prompting, “Sire, I know you’re afraid of drinking blood because of that incident, but you must drink more than a few sips. I mean if Blackrose…” out of the cat woman’s mouth, but once she realized she brought up her friend, his wife he had to put in the blood coffin to regenerate for five hundred years, a chill crossed her, stopping her mid sentence.


A low growl dropped from the vampire, attempting to tell her she was out of place, but every fiber of Xavior knew the blacksmith’s words were true, he knew if his wife would do more than scream at him if she saw him in the state he was in now. She’d send him to the underworld for the way he was now, an image giving the man chills. Yet, part of the warrior couldn’t shake what went on when his vampiric nature took over in Dracula’s castle, having Asuka, his young daughter scared of him, something Xavior regrets to this day.


Drawing closer to the mysterious palace, a feeling of eyes watching them began coming over them, driving their hands to their swords, ready to draw. While looking over the area, swords ready to be unsheathed, the two felt as if guards were surrounding them, putting both on edge, making Xavior’s anger refire. Giving Fujiko a nod, a mini signal, every part of the man knew he could use his nature’s senses to draw whoever or whatever out, having the warrior’s eyes turn red as a low growl dropped from his lips while turning to mist. While hunting, the thrill of which excited the vampire’s mate, a fact Xavior wouldn’t deny, the way his nature scratched and clawed at him, making him lose control like he did, leading him to the state he was in now.


Though momentary, the vampire caught himself thinking about things he couldn’t fix until he and his companion got back to Ervere, if that was possible, making Xavior shake his head to focus. As the vampire approached his prey silently like the dead of night, he noticed the man’s gaze looking into the distance, having Blackrose’s husband hold a moment to observe. “What are you staring at, human if not us?” Xavior asked in a mumble, a growl tailed that question as the immortal let his vampire nature out a little before noticing a queen and her envoy approaching, making him note the soldier unsheathing his weapon a bit.


While preening her arm fur a bit, Fujiko’s eyes locked onto the envoy as well, having her hide, but as she did, she too spotted another hidden man eyeing the group. Even in his mist form, the feline blacksmith could see Xavior moving towards something or someone on the opposite side of her, giving her all she needed to do the same. “He must feel as if the people coming might know how we can get home.” Fujiko said in a low mumble while slinking to her target, gaze still fixed on Xavior, watching him intently, waiting to see what he’d do, though she knew he would take action


While moving on his target, getting so close to the unsuspecting trash, the vampire could taste the terror the man might be in, fueling his nature, Blackrose’s mate couldn’t ignore the five or eight other men he could sense around them, driving Xavior to mentally signal the feline blacksmith and have her take a few down. Coming up to his prey, the vampire unsheathed the Kahimoto sword, carefully not making a sound and putting the cutting edge to the unsuspecting man’s throat as he asked, “Who are you and what are you planning?” in a semi demanding voice, letting pieces of his nature overlap in the question, hoping it might prompt the soldier to answer, but if not.


“Wouldn’t you like to know. The negaforce will conquer the moon kingdom!” the soldier replied with, cockiness in the way he said it, trying to goad a reaction from Xavior. He wasn’t about to tell the man who held the scales between life and death one damn thing, that was for sure, but something about this encounter chilled the soldier, what he didn’t know. Wanting to look behind him began pushing at the guy, more than his brashness would let on, having him start to turn, but as he did, all he saw was mist. Staring at it, nothing could describe the feeling the soldier had, having shock come over the man, sending his hand to his sword, slashing at the mist.


Having this mortal avoid the question was bad, but his action compounded the matter, letting Blackrose’s mate surround the poor fool and take his head. While letting the Kahimoto feed, Xavior felt his nature nudging at him, trying to get him to at least lick the blood that poured from the headless corpse, an urge met with a sip from a blood pouch. Like he explained to his companion, he wasn’t too thrilled with drinking from another since Asuka saw how out of control he was, but the reflection had to wait, the others from that man’s troop were attacking the envoy, prompting Xavior and Fujiko to action.


Getting on all fours, Fujiko didn’t need to guess, she knew to follow the man as he became a solid before striking one of the dark soldiers. Leaping into the air, the blacksmith unsheathed her blade, taking one’s arm and aiding a knight. Fujiko couldn’t know that a dark soldier started to come behind her, raising his blade, getting set to strike, but she turned, letting her blade meet his in a stalemate. “You think you have me?” the feline asked, a bit of strain in her voice, followed by a cat howl. Any normal swordsman might fail, she admitted, her senses and reflexes already had him where she wanted him, letting both of her feet get the man off balance, letting her flip him, adding a scar to his face, which probably might make him look better, she wasn’t an expert on that though.


When the fighting ended, the guards with the envoy looked at each other and their queen, wondering who these two were. It didn’t get past them that Xavior and the feline could be spies sent by queen Beryl, one fact having the prince of Earth approach the two. “I guess we should thank you, but in these times, we are very wary of people.” the young man said in a distasteful tone as he peered over them, like he was condemning both.


As Fujiko’s ears twitched, she stopped preening the blood off her claws before answering that with a remark, but before she could, her friend stopped her. One thing Xavior couldn’t stomach were false conclusions, dragons knew he heard his far share back home, causing him to sigh before saying, “Spies, really? If we didn’t come by, you might’ve lost your girlfriend there.” There were more things he wanted to say to that affect, but Blackrose could’ve been in his ear, controlling his temper because he quit.


Oh, the prince wanted to reply to this stranger’s remark and show how wrong the man was that Darien could feel the words on his tongue ready to come forward, it ate at the young man. “Prince, I think we need to give these two thanks, don’t you?” a woman said as she came up behind him with guards, a younger woman who could be her daughter, two cats and five women, maybe warriors. Though the older woman didn’t need to say it, all knew why she stopped the prince in his tracks, nothing needed to be said, having the woman look at Xavior and Fujiko intently, as if weighing their worth.


Being looked over in this way made a cold way climb both Fujiko and Xavior’s spine, making one want to speak, but they just stood there. By the look of this female, something told the vampire to kneel, which given the questions he had in his mind, kneeling was the last thing he would do. Again, his wife may have been by his side because Xavior took his helmet off and got on a knee, motioning his companion to do the same.


Even though the smith followed his silent command, Fujiko’s gaze never broke from the human who spoke disrespectfully to them minutes earlier. She knew that the prince, and it needed to be said that term for him made her want to cough a hairball up, might be a problem, getting her to make a mental note to watch the man closely. Sure, the blacksmith always had a rule to not resort to violence unless words couldn’t resolve conflicts, even then, she hated fighting, but she knew her friend and lord needed to be watched, and that human could become a thorn that she may need to remove.


As the older woman looked at the two, little was needed to tell her they weren’t from anywhere around the kingdom, and perhaps spies, like the prince thought. No, they couldn’t be, how they seemed to carry themselves, especially the man spoke volumes, having her nod, telling them to rise. After they stood and she looked at them, it didn’t take any time for the woman to deduce they had to be from a land far from the moon kingdom, a fact that would be a flag against the two, but how they seemed to be put her at ease in a sense.


“Thank you for your assistance against Queen Beryl’s soldiers, we are in your debt.” the elegantly dressed woman said kindly while looking at Xavior and Fujiko. Even though she knew it might seem odd or crazy, but the feeling that this man was a king came over her, telling her something before she added, “I’m Queen Serenity, ruler of the moon kingdom and this is my daughter Princess Serena, advisers Luna and Artemis, also these four are my daughter’s court.”


Sheathing the Kahimoto, a nudge told Xavior not to reveal himself to be a vampire, like he needed some force to make that obvious, having him debate his next course carefully. As much as he wanted to, or at least he felt his nature preparing words, Blackrose’s husband couldn’t just demand answers, tact was needed, an omission silencing that voice inside. Even though still unsure of what to reveal and what to leave out, Xavior had to speak, making the vampire extend a hand before he said, “I’m Xavior and this is my vassal and friend, Fujiko. We are from a kingdom far from here.” calmly and diplomatically, hoping what he said wasn’t too much.


Standing by him, the feline knew what her lord said was a half truth, something that could’ve come back to bite the two, but they couldn’t say more. As Fujiko went to shake the queen’s hand, she noted the prince’s cold look, backing up the need to keep an eye on him. The blacksmith had no idea if the man would cause trouble for her and her lord, that went without saying, but his blatant disrespect moments ago and now the way he looked said a lot had Fujiko’s fur standing up, making her want to howl at him, but she saw Xavior’s look, having the urge leave her.


Queen Serenity felt they had more to what the man told, but something, possibly the timing of their arrival had her push that aside, at least for the time being. It wasn’t known if she knew if Fujiko and Xavior could help in the fight with Queen Beryl, certainly she wouldn’t force them into it, but looking at the man, something in his eyes spoke to her. “Those knights you two fought served Queen Beryl, ruler of the Negaforce.” the woman said softly but firmly, looking at the two warriors with a bit of respect and thankfulness upon her face.


“Negaforce, Beryl?” Xavior asked himself, trying to wrap his head around all of this, failing at best. Okay, from what he could gather, the queen and the group standing before them were at war with this negaforce, only an idiot would miss that, but who or what brought the two there and why still escaped Blackrose’s mate, making Xavior want to ask, but something, probably curiosity had the vampire wait to hear more. In the years studying Kumarian, having the martial art show him there were ways to ends without using combat in some cases, but being a ruler, it was wise not to get answers by force, a fact Xavior knew Fujiko would agree with, making them follow the group.


As she walked beside her friend, the look the of the Earth prince still bothered her, having Fujiko want to lick or scratch herself. The smith knew Xavior picked up on it as well, he was staring at the human when the gaze was cast, but if this prince, and again, that word for him made her want to cough up a hairball, what problems could he cause was the pressing question, one that she’d love to get the answer too. People are always weary of others who show up and offer assistance in time of war, thinking the worst, a fact she witnessed time after time in her lifetime, so it could be possible this guy thinks that of them. Possible, and Fujiko hoped that was it, but that gaze had ice all over it, enough to warrant her blade if necessary.


Walking with the group, the two never missed the stares from guards and others in the group, making Xavior watch them closely. There were reasons they were being watched, some might have never seen a cat person who used two or all four legs to walk, or they’re suspicious of them, one strong possibility he knew Fujiko felt as well. For now though, Blackrose’s mate knew they needed to follow this path to see if it leads to a way home, a choice getting Xavior to focus.


When the envoy reached the palace, no doubt home of these people, words had no way to describe the sight of the structure, having the vampire and his friend at a loss to say the least. They wouldn’t say it felt like Daltauria before Lord Blood, the mage who darkened it by his touch, a corruption Blackrose’s husband swore when he put the vampire in the coffin to regenerate, he’d break. No, Daltauria was a nice place and will always be home, this place however would be a second, but looking around, both Xavior and Fujiko couldn’t miss the signs of war, they weren’t hard to miss, making them wonder if Queen Serenity summoned the two to help.


Given the current state, it did stand to reason that was what happened, making Xavior sort of angry. Oh, the vampire and his friend couldn’t just go demand to be sent back home, even though every part of the man’s nature roared at him to do so, forcing him to sneak a drink of blood so it might be silenced, at least for a time. If what they think did cause them to get transported there, then going at the queen with demands wouldn’t do any good, both Xavior and Fujiko knew this, having them stay on this course, though the two weren’t really sure how to help.


Once they walked into the palace, it became clear the people try to get their minds off of the fact war could strike any one of them down by throwing parties, one way to keep the reaper away a day longer, Xavior admitted. As the two walked around, Queen Serenity’s two cat advisers, Luna and Artemis came at the man and Fujiko’s feet, giving them a look, a look Blackrose’s mate told the two to follow them, which the vampire and blacksmith did without a word. Whatever the queen wanted to speak to them about could work in their favor or blow up if not taken lightly, Xavior knew this and prepared for it, the best he could of course, but he hoped the vampire within would stay low while here.


Licking her arm fur, it didn’t get by that her friend worried about his nature, the man’s body language said a lot, having Fujiko put a hand on his shoulder, trying to ease him. “If it comes to it, let me speak on our behalf.” she said softly as they went into Queen Serenity’s meeting area. The feline was no diplomat, she had no love for that path, in fact she hated diplomats, calling them useless, but she saw Blackrose and Xavior use it in cases with success, besides by what she saw minutes ago, he might need her to explain their side if need be.


As the two fell to a knee in front of the ruler, both felt her eyes upon them, though this time it seemed different, trustworthy perhaps. “I know we have no right to ask, but my advisers and I have decided to ask you two to fight the Negaforce and Queen Beryl alongside us. In exchange, I’ll find a way to send you home.” Queen Serenity said kindly, though a hint of regret couldn’t be missed in the tone of voice, maybe due to the fact that she knew dragging the man and his vassal seemed like an awkward move, it wasn’t their fight after all.


After what he heard, it proved their theory, the queen may have summoned them, having the man feel his vampire nature knocking harder, trying to burst out to give her a dressing down, perhaps that was too nice of a term to describe the situation, forcing Xavior not to speak. It wasn’t known if her eyes looked in her friend’s general direction, Fujiko was using her leg to scratch her ear, but after she said, “I speak on behalf of my lord when I say that we aren’t sure what we can add. However, we will do what we can to aid you, majesty.” calmly and diplomatically as possible, covering some facts about her friend’s nature. Right after saying those words, it couldn’t be denied that the feline felt the Earth’s prince lock his eyes on her, making Fujiko howl under her breath.


“Majesty, I still think we should test these two and see where their loyalties are.” the prince said kind of gruffly, though the subject closed a bit ago. He didn’t trust them, that didn’t need telling, the proof was clear, but perhaps the Earth’s prince felt the presence of Xavior’s secret, his nature he was trying so hard to control, who knows. As he stepped forward, the prince added, “A duel between him and me…” in a sure tone of voice, secure that he’d flush out the truth that way when he won.


Fujiko’s ears twitched as she heard that, maybe adding to the fire she would spread, but her friend said, “I think our actions before proved where we stand, young knight, but test me if you wish.” in a disbelieving way as he stood, though he felt the vampire clawing to get free. Everything told Xavior not to push himself, the feline blacksmith’s eyes most of all, he knew he needed to drink blood to keep the vampire from getting out, though this child needed to be taught a lesson, having Blackrose’s mate take up a stance without the Kahimoto in hand. True, how the man felt at that moment made this a foolish choice, Xavior had no issue admitting that if anybody asked, however from the young prince’s look, the exhibition was over before it started.


“Is he mocking my challenge?” the prince asked himself as he drew, hoping it might make the stranger do the same, it didn’t. Needless to say, Xavior’s choice only fanned the fire burning within his opponent, compelling Darien to attack, swinging his sword blindly, attacks the vampire avoided easily. In no time, Earth’s prince found himself disarmed with the man looking down at him, one situation the young warrior found disgraceful.


There were a lot of things to say that would point out the young man’s flawed way of thinking, his temper being one of them, but all Blackrose’s husband wanted to do was to get home, having him give a bow towards the queen and her daughter and walk off, Fujiko following behind. Perhaps seeing movement out of the corner of her eye prompted her to act, the feline blacksmith unsheathed her sword with lightening speed and crossed blades with the young “prince”. Holding her ground, she knew it’d come to her having to put the man in his place, something within her vow to Blackrose when the feline vampire asked her to watch over Xavior, but there was another reason the Earth’s prince’s attitude made her want to hack a hairball up, a reason nobody, not even her friends knew.


“You’re lower than dust and you consider yourself a swordsman? A real warrior doesn’t let anger cloud their judgment!” Fujiko said in anger, the fire behind the words caused her to push Darien back. Eyeing the prince, the feline didn’t need to say what she was getting ready too, but added, “Before we were brought here, his wife, my friend nearly lost her life and now is in hibernation, but furthermore, their twin daughters had to be hidden away so the mage who ripped our kingdom away from my lord wouldn’t find them!” a howl followed the end as she switched stances to a southpaw. At this point, her anger that drove her told Fujiko to kill, at least injure him, and given her past this brought to the surface, she could, but it’d cause greater issues, forcing her to calm down.


Clouded by added anger, perhaps the fact that this Xavior needs his feline to fight battles for him, the prince came charging at the blacksmith screaming, “Your lord was too afraid to battle me fairly, disgracing me!” swinging his blade, again finding the floor, but this time Fujiko set up for a deathblow, stopping at the last second. It didn’t need to be said that seeing her blade at his throat made his life flash before his eyes, the man’s expression spoke to that, having his mind clear.


Twirling her sword before sheathing it, Fujiko said, “If I hadn’t stepped in, the anger Xavior feels would’ve had him kill you, human.” semi calmly, though a bite could be noted in the statement. Licking the fur on her arm, she knew the vampire within her friend was ready to get free, that was the pressing reason she acted, but the first and foremost was her past. Walking on all fours, she went outside to find Xavior because it was time to tell the secret which haunted her all these years.


Walking out from a shadow of a pillar, the fact that the man about downed nearly all of the blood containers so apparent, making him look away. Words wouldn’t cover the tongue lashing Blackrose would give him if she were there, Xavior could hear her in his head, but he said, “It isn’t like you to lose your temper my friend. Truth be known, I sensed something on your mind before we were brought here.” Though being undead came with mind reading abilities, Xavior could tell something wasn’t right with the feline even without using his power, having him add, “Come, tell me.” kindly.


The man could always read her like a book even without letting her know, a fact making the blacksmith come and sit next to him. Though every way she could tell her story to one of her closest friends had been going through her mind for years, there was no other way to open the scar, having Fujiko sigh before asking, “Do you know about the Kentarian, a nomadic tribe of cat people?”in what sounded like remorse. She knew how that question was void, because Fujiko knew Xavior had a passion for reading about ancient races, even when he was mortal, having the feline hang her head in shame.


From her question and the way his friend worded it, Xavior knew whatever bothering her had to do with that tribe. As he looked up at the stars, he said, “They were the tribe that settled at the base of the Misty Mountains, but traveled to the west every month to trade and sell what they made.” calmly, recalling what he read from memory, but how the whole race just disappeared ate at Xavior’s curiosity. Whole civilizations don’t just get wiped from history no matter what the cause, that much Xavior knew, an admission preparing words as he said, “I always thought it was off that nothing was said or found saying the Kentarian tribe even existed after a certain point, almost as if something manipulated history.”


“Someone did want the records of the civilization banished from the history tombs, and he used anything to see that come true.” the blacksmith said kind of calmly, though the remorse stayed between the words, reopening old scars. She needed to let Xavior know why she reacted poorly minutes earlier and what troubled her as of late, that was a given, but how to tell him had her tongue tied. After using her hind leg to scratch her ear, Fujiko said, “This might be hard to explain, but I’m Kentarian. Yes, the people were slaughtered by the ruler who ordered our race erased from the records and he took me as a young slave.” a sigh passed the feline’s lips, possibly to see if Xavior believed her before adding, “After I was old enough, he had his mage cast a spell that slowed my aging down to a crawl, that’s why it appears as though I don’t get older.” almost choking on tears, remembering her people.


Sitting there in silence, processing what he heard, Xavior knew his friend wasn’t one to tell tails, far from that, and besides, even when he met her when she studied smithing under his mother, something about Fujiko gave an impression. What really made his blood boil was the fact that the ruler wiped out her whole race, forcing her to be virtually ageless, probably so she’d be a sexual servant for him and his kind. Blackrose’s husband knew of the tactics some rulers and high ranking officials often use underhanded shit like spells or manipulation to keep slaves, one fact making Xavior grind his fangs in anger. “No wonder why you were at odds with the prince just now.” he said calmly, though a bit of anger at how Fujiko had to suffer that past couldn’t go unnoticed in the man’s voice, having him growl.


Telling someone her secret after many moons felt freeing, if the feline had to tell the truth, letting her sigh in relief. True, a lot more healing had to be done to make up for the deeds she had to do in order to survive, it’d probably take more time than she cared to admit, but telling Xavior was a good step. Now that her past was revealed, giving her some peace, Fujiko could now focus on what they had to do, having the feline lick her hand as she studied the vampire before asking, “How much blood do you have left?” the worry in the question couldn’t be stressed enough, making her eye him to ensure he told the truth.


It wasn’t the time to try to get around the issue, Xavior knew she wouldn’t allow him to anyway, and he knew a battle was coming. “One pouch left, and if this fight goes like I fear, I won’t be able to control what’s locked within.” he said with certainty, the fear of admitting that at the front, threatening him. If Blackrose heard that, there would be little doubt she’d say he was acting like a pitiful wretch, possibly even worse, knowledge making Xavior chilly. Knowing that, he couldn’t live with it if she saw or heard about the way he was handling this, having her mate debate at least trying to feed, if it came to it, though the idea of feeding from another left him sick.


What he felt wasn’t lost on the blacksmith, she was there when his vampire nature took over and went on a killing spree, scaring Asuka, Fujiko witnessed it first hand, so she knew. After preening herself and checking her blade, possibly stalling because she knew her next statement could be considered cold, the feline said, “I know you’re afraid, but YOU must find the piece of yourself Blackrose fell in love with!” sternly, hoping her words would light a fire within Xavior to search himself, and use that fire to control his thirst. She would’ve added more, there was a lot to say on how he was a lesser version of himself, but didn’t want to risk the man snapping at her.


She couldn’t be any further from the truth, Xavior knew that the warrior his cat vampire turned away from evil for would never act this weak. “Thank you Fujiko, I’ll find that part, so I swear!” the vampire stated with some renewed fire in his tone, but he hoped time would be on his side. Even though the task was clear, communing with the vampire within wasn’t a simple task, it took time, not to mention if it feels suppressed, which Xavior had been doing, it will lash out, no question, making Blackrose’s husband chillier. With that said, it needed to be done, there wasn’t anyway her mate could deny that, but would he be able to convince his nature to let him control it was the pressing question for that moment.


Meanwhile, somewhere in a darkness, perhaps in another dimension, knights started appearing before a hideous queen as she eyed each of them, the disgust for everyone in front of her, kneeling.

My Creative Juices Are Burning Once Again!

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!

Going to try to do at least a post per day this week, so let us get started. As some know I had SC5, (Soul Calibur 5) on PS3 and got tired of playing online due to the community always being rude, or the new friends I did have always inviting me to one round lobbies, and ringing themselves out for laughs. I like joking around, but watching them ring themselves out got annoying, but I’m off topic. One feature that game has is the create a fighter, create a soul, as it’s called properly.

Most of you have seen the characters I’ve created, & yes, most are hot ladies, but with SC6 coming to steam in a month and a half, let us talk about my characters and that game. I will get it on steam & create the characters from my novel and other writings. Characters like Blackrose, (evil)


The pic of Blackrose, my vampire cat woman above was drawn by a talented artist who goes by Ikeda and from the image, she did my vampire like I seen her in my head. Reference images were sent by me and she took over, doing the piece you see. When creating her in SC5, some things had to switched to make the avatar look somewhat right.



From the game image about, elf ears had to be used for her feline ears, (the game offers cat ears, like I used for Fujiko, but they didn’t look right on Blackrose). As I continued writing the chapters, my muse, (Ms. Blackrose) told me the reason she had a darkened fur tone, so I ran with it. When creating the good version of her, (her after shedding the dark side her Sire made her feel) I took liberties with it.


Blackrose 2 redone 1

As you see, her fur lightened up and she put her hair down. Figure the change would make sense. 🙂 Now, I’ve seen some of the crazy stuff create a soul Soul Calibur 6 has to offer and I bet the evil & good Blackrose can & will look more vampire like once I put time in! 🙂 All my creations will get remade in the new game, plus Anime characters! Any requests? ^_^

Something On My Mind…



Since completing an old story that I started months ago, possibly last year to be honest, an idea has been going around my head. Some of you may have peeked at the original work that I’ve put on the other blog, reading them. If so, what do you think? 🙂


While I know more work has to be done to improve as a writer, between a a couple years ago until now, my writing has grown & gotten better. So some thought has went into this and I might see about getting a couple of my original stories edited for errors and published. No, none of the erotic writing will be on AFF.NET, I tried getting my stories on there before, & the webmistress has struck them down for reasons I’ve addressed in my disclaimers, yet she still took em down.


Skya redone 1


What I hope to do is read up on how to get em published through a publisher or something and go that route. Don’t misunderstand, I’m still working on my vampire novel, it is coming, slowly, but… Any thoughts?