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This most likely will be the final report on the progression of my elf princess’s story until I put it on my blogger. The reason that is said is due to the love scene I’m gearing up to do & I don’t wanna strike on here or people upset because their kids read it. That said, please enjoy.


A Princess’s Forbidden Desire

Skya and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

As a twenty year old elf princess with navy blue hair bathed in a pond near her forest kingdom, words of her mother and father started ringing in ears, telling her not to go too far, and she needed to pick a prince from one of the other kingdoms to wed. While getting her hair wet, ready to be washed, Skya didn’t hide the fact that their warning and the “Pick a prince” speech bothered her, the sigh crossing her lips proved it did. About the warning, she admitted creatures like goblins and such lurked in the shadows, Skya killed a few herself before, feats that only sharpened her sword skills, but to picking a husband, the idea chilled her to her core.

Finishing up, getting herself dry and dressing in the low cut pink kimono that showed a good bit of cleavage, something that her parents frowned upon, the thought of marriage still went through the elf woman’s head, making Skya cringe. Oh, it wasn’t the concept that made her feel sick, she wanted a man, children, everything marriage offered, what made the bad taste in her mouth to start was the fact that all elven males of royal blood seemed too much like weak children, hiding behind their money, afraid to fight, a trait which turned her off. Fixing her hair bow and white boots, tying the laces, a sigh of longing dropped from Skya’s mouth because she felt as if a man she could call hers had to be out there waiting, but she didn’t know how to find him.

Putting her sword between her kimono and the waste wrap, securing it, a noise that sounded like a tree twig snapping caught her attention, having the elf jump on a tree branch, her sword ready. While looking around finding nothing but night, it wasn’t lost on her that the trees spirits felt the slightest changes in their homes, a fact making Skya put a hand on the tree as she began chanting a spell that would bring the spirits out, After a few moments of speaking the words, light green started glowing around the elf woman’s hand and the tree trunk, having Skya shut her eyes.

Every piece of her being told her this wasn’t the time to lose a sense, especially if an enemy was in the darkness, something she already knew, but Skya had to focus on what the spirits said, meaning she needed to close an ability. With her eyes close, the path to the spirits that call the trees homes began appearing, letting them come to her, whispering in the elf princess’s ear. As she listened to them, it couldn’t be denied Skya felt an uneasy feeling growing within her, as if something had her dead in its sight, burning a hole through her, causing the elf’s eyes to burst open and jump away from the tree as a creature came after her.

Though she knew this wasn’t the time for jokes, “How dare you interrupt my conversion with my friends!” bled from her mouth playfully while drawing her sword. Skya wasn’t a fool when it came to fighting, she felt like there were more creatures in the shadows, waiting, but soon, more dark elves, goblins and whatever being the underworld rejected came out, surrounding her. True, Skya knew her skills with the sword were almost unmatched, something she took great pride in, but perhaps even she had to admit there might be too many for her, an omission unbecoming of her.

Looking at the elf woman’s body, it couldn’t be said some of the dark elves wanted to rape her after capturing her, the way they licked their lips said it all. Everyone of them knew the dark elves and those who rule the eight tree kingdoms of the land were at war, it went without saying, but to catch a prize like the princess before them and use whatever to seduce her so they could defile the heir to a kingdom, possibly get her with child appealed to them, having them smirk. While most of the older soldiers held back, forming attack strategies, the thoughts of fucking Skya whirled around the younger troops, pressing them to attack her, a move that had her kill them easily. It went without saying the rest of the group came after the elf, having her fight for her life, a fight worrying her, but while the soldiers and monsters got a few good licks in, nobody saw about twenty of them be killed, beheaded by an unknown force, making the battle freeze.

“My gods, sixty against one, can we say unfair?” echoed from the darkness, bouncing off the trees, confusing the dark elves, even the princess. While all tried to figure out where and who this was, mumbling began among the solders, but a dark elf with redish hair came out of the shadows, holding a sword that Skya hasn’t seen before, but she didn’t know if he was friend or foe, having her ready her blade. The man’s features told the dark elves he was one of them, making the leader try to ask him to help them capture her, but before he finished, the stranger appeared behind him, wiping the crimson from the sword as the head elf’s head fell to the ground. After their leader’s body dropped, it took little to deduce this man had no sense of loyalty, at least in their minds, calling their force to attack.

Standing there, the navy blue haired princess watched the man battle his own kind like a demon, still unsure what to make of him. Skya could cast a spell to read his mind, that she knew, but watching the man, there was something about how he fought that drew her in. As the fight went on, it amazed the young elf woman the way he handled his sword, drawing and sheathing it, but using his hands and feet as well, leading her to the conclusion he must’ve studied in Izura, which would make sense. Perhaps her naive nature had a part in it, but Skya admitted this guy would be a perfect mate for her, if he wasn’t the enemy. Yet, though she couldn’t explain it, she felt something with him, like he had a human way about him, making her curious.

Seeing the last dark elf fall, the stranger flicked his sword, clearing it of blood before sheathing it. Walking off, his eye caught Skya’s beauty in what little of the kimono she had left, having a wolf whistle leave his lips, making her turn away, but, “You best go home princess, before more show up.” follow semi kindly. Thinking about what that leader asked made him ill, the way his fist hit a tree gave proof to it, letting, “Why can’t I just go my own way, why pick sides here?” enter his thoughts as he sat by a campfire and started to take apart his sword, cleaning it. Since waking up in that body, a joke god or fate played on him, people always ask him to take a side, getting him sick. He wasn’t blind to the fact there was a war going on, evidence of that fact was everywhere, even so, the man wanted no part in it, having him keep a low profile.

As he continued caring for his blade, thoughts of his past and the goddess or whatever that flooded him, making the elf want to curse. He remembered its words, that he’d find a woman and happiness there, but even so, it couldn’t be denied that the concept of reincarnation had no meaning to him, having a laugh begging to get out. Sure, it couldn’t be denied that he saw a light before waking up days earlier then finding himself there, but he wasn’t ready to call it divine, the word wasn’t the one on his tongue. And yet, no other explanation fit, leaving a blank in his mind, having a piece of the man open.

Jumping through the trees, trying to get home before her mother and father knew she went against them, though parts of the elf princess felt they guessed, her thoughts went back to the fight and the stranger who aided her. Every fiber of Skya knew he was a dark elf, that couldn’t be denied, but, “If he’s an enemy, why did he kill the commander?” spilled from her lips, inviting more questions in. True, it might’ve been a ploy, she admitted it or a rogue within their ranks, causing her head to spin more.

As Skya got through her bedroom window of the castle, she began feeling eyes staring at her, freezing her in her tracks. “You went to the Black Forest again to bathe, didn’t you daughter?” a female asked from the corner, gazing at the princess. The queen knew Skya had a defiant streak, after all, she taught her to have a strong will, her mom admitted that, but to go into the forest beyond the boarders made the queen’s head spin. Approaching her daughter, little needed saying she found a fight, making her look Skya over, ensuring she wasn’t hurt, but, “You make us worry when you do these stunts, I hope once you pick a mate, you will settle down!” came tumbling out firmly but lovingly.

Hearing the same thing about marrying one of these weakling princes made the navy blue haired princess’s stomach turn, making, “Mother, I told you and father I’m not interested in those children! I mean, they’re too scared of swords, for fairy sake.” left Skya’s lips as she turned to mend her kimono with magic. What she hoped to find was a mate who seemed like her equal with a blade so she might test him, and if he could face her in a duel, the woman would pick him as her mate.

The queen didn’t deny her daughter’s observation, she agreed that almost half the princes seemed like weaklings who are too afraid to fight, a fact driving a sigh from the woman. Yet, tradition stood, meaning Skya had limited options, having, “Dear, I know you want a man who’s equal to you with a sword and in bed, but there are any. Besides tradition states that you have to pick a prince to wed soon…” left her mouth. While true, the elder elf would do anything for her daughter, even try to find a better mate for her, but there just weren’t any within the royal lines, bringing her to Skya and rub her shoulders.

Every part of her knew her mother spoke truth, though Skya admitted it, the truth was hard to except, letting a sigh pass her lips as the elf continued mending her garment. Life with one she didn’t love or view as an equal made her ill, having, “I should’ve let those soldiers capture me…” cross her mind in that moment of sadness, dragging her deeper into that pit, but she also knew that thought was just a reaction. Just then, images of the dark elf who came to her aid started coming to mind, lightening her sorrow, making Skya smile. Still, the man was a mystery and it couldn’t be ignored that he was a dark elf, but the things the female sensed from the man needed to be investigated, getting, “Mother, there might be an elf that could be a match, he helped me earlier, but I want to find out more, can you stall father?” out of the young navy blue haired elf, while turning to her mom.

“Who is this man of whom you speak?” left the older female lips in a concerned tone as her eyes locked on her daughter’s, trying to gauge if she was telling the truth. Oh, she wasn’t calling Skya a liar, far from it, but she was aware her spirited daughter had a way to get out of royal matters, making her examine the young elf’s words carefully. After what seemed like an eternity, though every piece of her mother could be heard fighting the choice, in the end, she wanted Skya to be happy, having, “Okay I’ll help you, BUT I wish to meet this man,” come out kindly, watching the princess walk to the window, leaving. It wasn’t a question that she feared for her daughter every time she saw her go on these treks, it went without saying, and yet, she did teach the elf to be her own person, giving her some piece of mind.

Making her way through the trees, it wasn’t lost on the young elf that she didn’t see which direction the dark elf walked off in, but some part told her that he had to have somewhere near the area she was attacked. She had no idea why she had that feeling, it just made sense, sending her towards the clearing. True, returning there might invite more enemies, a fact that Skya knew all too well, but the risk was hers to make if it meant seeing the stranger again, having the elf make her way through the trees. As she landed, images of him still had their say over Skya, drawing the navy blue haired princess in, but as she relived seeing the stranger, something more about his expression caught her, giving her the feeling she must find him.

Walking through the forest, trying to remember which direction he went, his expression stayed on the young elf woman’s mind, feeding the need to see him. Sure, it went without saying that Skya wanted to see the dark stranger’s fighting ability and cross swords with him as a way to test to see if he could be her one true mate, the woman already set her mind to that, but how he looked spoke to her. To her, it almost seemed like a great sadness rested upon him, as if the man had something taken from him, prompting something, perhaps a caring nature to surface and drive her forward. Continuing deeper into the area, flickers from a campfire called her attention, having her put her hand on her sword while slowly approaching, ready to draw if needed.

Sitting by the fire, cooking fish he just caught not long ago, his free hand went for his black wrapped Katana and started unsheathing it. Though he didn’t know how he knew, maybe his sharpened senses told him, but he knew the elf princess was in the brush behind him, triggering, “Thought you’d be back in your kingdom and not back here.”to fall from Draven’s lips while checking the night’s dinner. He didn’t deny wanting to see the woman who had barely anything on under that kimono of hers, who wouldn’t, he just thought Skya cared for her own safety rather than strolling in the same place she was attacked, but perhaps not, letting, “Well, it isn’t my concern, hungry? There’s enough fish.” to leave his lips kindly.

“How did he know I?” went through the young elf woman’s mind as she came out, watching him. She thought she was well hidden, able to observe him, she admitted that openly, leading the princess to believe the dark elf used a spell to locate her, having Skya approach with caution. She couldn’t deny being at a loss for words as she sat down, especially when he knew she was watching him, causing the elf to hesitate about taking the food. True, she knew he looked like a dark elf, a member of the race who wanted her as a captive, she knew that, but everything about him said otherwise, giving her the courage to say, “I didn’t thank you for helping me.” Skya knew other things could’ve been said, questions about him for instance, that seemed like the right thing to do.

As he picked up the stick with his dinner on it, it didn’t escape him that she thought the fish was poisoned or whatever, having, “I know I look like a dark elf, but if I was a soldier for them, why would I help you?” be posed, adding, “Besides, this war doesn’t concern me.” As he said that, there was little doubt in Draven’s mind any spy might say the same, leading him to just take a bite. Still, Skya looked as though questions were on her mind, a look that didn’t irritate him, just unsettle the man, making, “Why are you looking like that?” to leak from his lips, looking at the princess.

Perhaps images from before dictated it because, “You don’t act like a dark elf like I’ve encountered, more like a human.” leaped from her, a reply she wanted to take back due to it sounding blunt and that was hardly her way. Skya couldn’t describe how low that statement made her feel, making her want to disappear, a fact making the princess slowly stand and begin to leave, but he grabbed her hand, having the elf woman look at him strangely. Clearly her statement reflected badly on her, something she regret, she had more tact than that, yet, the way her savior looked, she could tell he had a story to tell, compelling the navy blue haired elf woman to sit.

“How can I explain this when I don’t undersrand how it happened?” went through his head as he looked at her, eyes asking her to sit. He knew if he said that he was human reborn as a dark elf it may give her the impression that something wasn’t right with him, a fact having Draven struggle to find the words. Though it felt like eternity, a feeling he couldn’t explain started coming over him, covering the man and making, “Princess, you are correct, I’m not really who you see.” bleed from his lips as he looked up into the sky, trying to find more words to follow. Draven wasn’t like this, this open, he admitted that, but the elf woman seemed to have a friendly aura about her, letting, “Don’t know if you’ll believe this, but I died a human, waking up in this body.” There wasn’t any doubt in his mind if she told him he was nuts, the way the man told her made sure she would think that, dragging him into a pit.

Sitting there, listening to this elf’s story, parts of which Skya didn’t what to believe since he could be lying to her. Yet, looking at the man, the navy blue haired princess’s intuition came into play, having her think about the old stories her mother told, causing, “You mean, the gods didn’t think it was your time yet?” It must mean your fate has yet to be written.” carefully drained from the female elf’s lips as she studied his eyes, noting any deception. Oh, what she said didn’t mean she bought it completely, Skya knew Draven could be part of the same dark elves her father and her kingdom were trying to stop, but when she saw his eyes, some truth to his tail seemed possible, drawing her curiosity out.

He didn’t know if the princess believed him or not, back in the old days of being human, reading women wasn’t something he did well, a fact Draven admitted with no hesitation. Still, it seemed like weights were lifted from him after he told Skya what he could, but what she said about fate and all made him think. Though not ready to accept that the gods had a design for him like the elf woman suggested, because god had little meaning in his life, and if he did put him there, it might have been a joke, but it did make him ponder the possibility that the man hadn’t yet fulfilled what fate had in store, making him nod.

She didn’t know why, but as she sat with him and heard more of his story, some part of the elf wanted to know more about him, how he passed on in his world for one, but everything in Skya told her not to ask. How Draven fought intrigued her however, letting, “I’ve never seen use of a style that uses the blade and empty handed attacks like yours, where did you learn it?” flowed from the elf woman kindly as she ate the fish he handed her awhile ago. True, he could’ve learned the art from the Izurian people, that much she admitted, but now that she knew Draven was once human from another realm, it stood out he might’ve trained in it before, letting Skya just listen.

“My my, this princess is sure after something.” rang through Draven’s head, raising flags, begging the man to question why she asked, although while looking at her, that feeling that attracted him to her started kicking in, quelling the question. He wasn’t sure if it was the fact that he found her hot or easy to talk with, but, “I’ve learned the style when I was human, but added a few things, like the drawing and sheathing between techniques to make it my own.” fell from the dark elf’s lips, watching the princess. To him, it felt as if Skya was asking these things as a way to test him for something, a feeling peaking his interest and letting, “I mean no disrespect princess, but I can see you have something on your mind, so why not just ask?” leave his lips.

Looking away, as if his statement offended her, the young elf wanted to counter him with attitude, every piece of her will demanded it, yet, “How can I tell him he could be my match?” went through Skya’s mind, having her struggle. Oh, she knew she wanted to test the man to see if he could match her with a blade, there wasn’t little question of that, but perhaps the man’s features bewitched her, because the way to explain herself left her, leaving the navy blue haired princess at a loss. Sitting the trying to find a way to explain herself, an overwhelming need to just leave washed over her, making the elf woman stand, but some force, be it longing to find the man that was her equal in battle and bed held her there, forcing a sigh from her before, “I have this dream of finding a man who’s my equal in bed and battle. After seeing how you are, I feel you’re the one I’ve searched for.” spilled from her lips kind of weakly.

While listening to the elf princess’s words, Draven didn’t deny the fact that thoughts of them being together didn’t visit him after helping her out, only a fool would say it didn’t. Still though, even if they did battle to find out they were “FATED” to be, it would be hard due to him being a dark elf, a fact that made, “The fates are a bitch!” exit his mouth in an angry mumble. He knew and had every right to be pissed at who or whatever placed him in that body, not to mention in a war where the man could only keep moving to avoid getting involved with it, two good reasons for what was about to flood out. And yet, as the words gathered on his tongue, it hit him that a forbidden love might be fun, but more than that, the thought crossed that the two could end this war, something making Draven smile.

Skya could only guess what made him smile like that, but in someway, the elf woman took it like he accepted her challenge, having the navy blue haired princess return the gesture. Standing, getting ready to go back to the castle, “Tomorrow then?” flowed out kindly as she looked at Draven while fixing her sword’s sheathe between the waste wrap, hoping her excitement wasn’t bleeding through. Before jumping to a tree branch, the elf princess looked at the man that seemed to be the one she longed for and smiled, anticipation for what might blossom after her test for him growing within her heart.

After watching Skya disappear through the trees, Draven couldn’t help but wonder of she was the one he heard a voice beckon him to seek, having the dark elf toss the subject about in his head. “She is good with a blade and a hot number too, so maybe?” he stated in a semi serious but playful tone, not trying to avoid the fact that her parents may try to keep her from him since he is in “that” body. Oh, though he joked about sex and the fact that a forbidden romance with her would be fun, Draven had respect for Skya, getting him to plan on how to attempt winning over her parents, a task the man knew wouldn’t be easy.

Getting in her bedchamber window, Skya’s eyes fell upon her mother, a look of wonderment on the older elf’s face. “By your look daughter, it seems like the man you spoke of accepted your challenge?” her mother asked softly, a curious ring echoed in her voice, knowing it wasn’t unlikely. With a flick of a hand two cups filled with a sort of tea appeared on the worn oak table as she added, “Come, have some with me and tell me about him. After all, I’m covering for you with your father.” came out kindly, but had a way of not letting Skya forget she owed her mother.

The navy blue haired princess knew she had to tell her mom something about Draven, of that she couldn’t avoid, compelling Skya to sit. Every piece of her screamed not to say he was a dark elf, that would kill any possibility of a future with him, having her pick her words carefully. Hoping she wouldn’t say the wrong thing, Skya took a breath before she said, “Mother I think he IS the one. I mean he’s kind, attractive and how he fights, using his sword but also his feet in concert with his hands amazed me.” with a sort of passion in her voice as she told about him. As she took a sip of the tea, the princess could tell by her mother’s expression that she might’ve said a bit too much, a fact worrying the young elf.

As she suspected, her daughter was in a fight and this man, whoever he may be aided her, one thing giving the older elf peace while sipping the liquid. “I see, my little one.” This man does sound like your equal, but by the fairies, I want to meet the man who helped you.” Skya’s mother said in a half order but stern tone, trying to stress the fact that she risked too much nowadays. She knew her daughter could tell the risks she took pushed the boundaries she set, the look on the princess’s face wasn’t hard to read. And yet, that same look said she wasn’t done pressing her luck, making Skya’s mother throw her hands up as she said, “Just be careful, and I hope you do settle down after you and this man get together!” in an ordering tone, letting Skya know she wouldn’t take games much longer.

Every word she heard her mom say acted like a whip of sorts, taming the navy blue haired princess, making her hang her head as she said, “I understand, sorry mother.” in a mumble, a kind of sorrow around the reply, knowing she reached a line with her elder, one she dare not cross. It couldn’t be denied how her mother’s strong words made her feel, how Skya slowly stood and took a bow before taking her sword sheathe from her side, putting it next to the bed spoke to that. After watching her mother leave the room, her words still rang in the princess’s pointed ears, trying to get her to understand the dangerous game she was in, but Skya knew the rules, knowledge making her sigh while getting in bed.

Laying in bed, thoughts of the man who amazed her still ran wild in her mind, making Skya look forward to testing him. “After he and I battle, I’ll settle down, maybe more.” she said in a whisper, a trail of what could be lust on the edge of it, letting a smirk creep to her face. Though she bent the rules her parents set, Skya followed most of them, other than picking a prince to wed, but the way Draven made her heart skip a beat, every fiber in the elf made her want to let him take her after their duel, a want the navy blue haired elf knew was forbidden.


Mini Update

So, this weekend was somewhat productive! 🙂 The computer game pads came Friday & I unplugged the shorted one, throwing it away, plugging in the new one. The backup is in my dresser’s item drawer if/when I need it. 🙂 Boy, can’t tell ya how good it felt playing a game without the controller shorting out every second! 🙂 Even managed to complete Devil May Cry 4 on hard, which I’m glad to see that I can still do it. When beaten, it unlocked two more modes, but I’m no way that hardcore to try em.


I am debating on showing game play footage of a boss fight, please let me know your thoughts


On the writing front. Tomorrow, (Tuesday) will be spent adding too, if not completing the fan based work, (the one with the woman below and the feline ninja guy), after washing pop cans out. 🙂 My goal is to get open stories done before doing new stuff, as stated days ago.






Lastly: Wednesday will be spent revisiting Elfen Lied so the review can be written, which most of you are waiting for, sorry to keep you all waiting. 😦

Showing Stories Day 5: Ending With A Discussion Topic

So we’ve hit the end of this ride and wanted to end with a topic you can discuss among yourselves and me, but first let me say this. When I started writing so many years ago, I knew nothing, as my adopted bro could tell ya. 🙂 I mean it, my characters were hollow, they didn’t work for their goals etc. In the last few years, my writing style has gotten better, I show emotion more than tell & characters do have things to overcome before being rewarded. True, there are a few things that need addressing, like dialogue structuring, but I’m learning! 🙂




That stated, on with the topic. Most of you know that I’m writing a Sailor Moon/Star Cross Love crossover, using two of my novel’s characters set in the very first few minutes of the 90s anime. I’m also debating on having my male character bite a dying guard, (or someone that will not be in Sailor Moon), turning them into a vampire and adding them into my book & here’s where the discussion topic comes into play. I have ideas of the post/standing the character that Xavior might turn has, but give me ideas of their looks, mindset, baggage, are they supportive of him and Fujiko helping their defense etc.


Trying to be more interactive. 🙂

Showing Off Stories Day 4: Attempting To Add The Techniques To The Novel



I got sick on a donut that decided to bite me thirty minutes after it was eaten or this post would’ve been up yesterday! 😦 Moving on though. A day or two ago, my muse, Blackrose, the vampire cat above nudged my brain and compelled me to write before I went to bed. Though not much time was spent with the new way of writing, I’ve tried putting into the book chapter I’m on & to me, it looked okay.


Even though one paragraph was added, please give your thoughts.


Starcross Love:


Author’s Note: Blackrose and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

Rated Mature: For violence/gore, language, and adult themes. So if you object, turn away now!

Having this crimson furred double of Blackrose staring at them, preening it’s arm fur so carefully put the vampire cat and Fujiko beside themselves, making the two on edge, but Blackrose more so. She didn’t need to guess what this entity was or what it wanted to do, the look in her double’s eye told her as much, forcing a cat like demonic howl from her as, “I won’t let you harm him!” fell from her lips while she got on all fours, running and jumping to attack this copy, but it caught her arm. While there seemingly trapped, it wasn’t lost on Blackrose that she could get free, she knew she could get away by shadow stepping, that wasn’t her plan. No, her plan was to study this copy and find out what her senses told her were true, which prompted Blackrose to roar as she threw a dark energy spire in the crimson cat’s face and jumped away.

Watching the vampire cat she once spurred as a friend fight this counterpart with her full power, Fujiko could see the change in Blackrose from centuries ago. True, though one of the undead and fighting with her full power at her disposal, being in love with a man who brought this out in her amazed the feline blacksmith, letting, “Suzu, my teacher’s son, Xavior warmed Blackrose’s heart?” work through her mind as a smile formed. After the vampire cat finished her flurry, an attack that did nothing and saw her land on all fours, it became apparent this evil entity wasn’t anything that would be taken down by “normal” means, having Fujiko step forward with her friend.

As it licked it’s fur, the vampire’s counterpart saw the two approach, allowing it to get a smugness about it. While staring at the felines, trying to debate whether to battle them here or attack the one weakness the one who cast her aside for first, an idea filling the crimson furred cat with perverse bliss. There was no doubt Blackrose’s evil enjoyed the image of Xavior, the man who she herself was hired to kill, but let love for him change her, an idea giving the entity a headache. Something about seeing the human’s blood on her claws and sword excited, the double, as if it got stronger, prompting, “I’m going to go after him myself and do what you couldn’t, no wouldn’t, kill him!” out of its mouth in a much more darker tone than the one who shed it before disappearing into a red mist.

Hoping to get to the entity before her counterpart dissolved, Blackrose roared, summoning an energy spire to her hand and threw it, missing her dark double by seconds. She didn’t need to guess her evil meant Xavior, letting, “Fujiko, stay and see what his sword might do, I’m going after my twin!” fall from the feline vampire’s lips in anger, anger at herself because she let Alucard, her Sire influence her darkness through the generations, causing this embodiment to exist. While a shadow overtook her into it, Blackrose took to the night, jumping from tree to tree like a cat would, off to the one place she knew this entity would be, the tomb of Xavior’s mother, having the feline shadow step faster.

As she watched the vampire vanish, the blacksmith had a lot of things going through her mind, driving her to sit on all fours and scratch her fur. Once done, she sheathed her blade, walking into her forge, in front of the cocooned Kahimoto while, “How will I know when it’s ready?” came out of her mouth, but what really worried the woman was the fact that she didn’t know if the newly infused sword spirit would help or hurt Xavior, and that alone made her light brown fur stand up. Oh, Fujiko would train with her master’s son so he could get use to the now half demonic blade and the weight it now most likely had, it went without saying, she didn’t know how the sword’s spirit force might act towards him.

As Xavior sat cross legged deep in thought, attempting to come to grips with killing his own sister, an act the man felt off about, something, perhaps a heaviness or the way shadows played on the tomb walls made Blackrose’s mate slowly stand. Scanning the area with his eyes, it couldn’t be denied he knew when the cat vampire was around, though he was still trying to get his head around Blackrose becoming good, but this felt much much more darker, having Xavior go for his sword, just remembering it wasn’t there, triggering an, “Ah shit…” from his lips while getting into his fighting stance. Every part of him could be heard telling the man this had risk written all over it, he knew this, yet, Xavior had no choice, other than Cerberus, the Guardian Spirit from Dracula’s castle, which, if needed, he’d use.

Still looking at the wall at the far end of his mother’s resting place, a figure of a feline started forming on it, making the question, “Is she back already?” come to the front of the warrior’s mind, but when he saw what stepped out of the shadow, he knew this battle just might be one he may not be one he would walk away from. “Woah, love the blood red hair and fur ya have going on! What are you, cause I know who you look like, but you aren’t her!” came out sternly as he looked in its eye, watching for any hint of an attack plan. Keeping an eye on the entity, something his mother Suzu said about evil began ringing in the Izurian warrior’s ear, something about some evil being so full of hate for something or someone, it splits off from the host and tracks the person itself, making Xavior chilly with what maybe fear.

“You are correct human, I’m the evil side of that weak kitten of yours, the side she tossed aside. You can call me Bloodrose! I’ll do what Blackrose’s too weak to do, kill you!” spilled from the double’s mouth so easily as it found joy knowing the man could die by her hand, driving it to attack. Using otherworldly speed, no doubt shared with the vampire it called a kitten, the counterpart went after the man, but though smirking, knowing a couple blows were landing, shock couldn’t keep away from Bloodrose’s face when it saw Xavior block one or two, making the entity madder. Pressing the attack, it knew how to injury the warrior, a way to mark him with a brand, prompting the vampire’s twin to use it’s paw and claw the man, leaving claw marks under Xavior’s left eye, causing a scream of great pain to explode from his mouth. Hearing the man screams and seeing him hold a hand over the area made the evil entity lick its claws happily before going in for the kill.

Feeling the sting of this thing’s mark and the blows before hand didn’t sit to well with Xavior, or maybe that was an understatement, but all he knew was the pain. “I need to call Cerberus…” shot across his mind, working through every corner of it, but could he chant the words in this condition came to mind as well, letting doubt come in. There wasn’t any debate of any kind, he knew he had to do something, and perhaps his mother’s spirit came beside the warrior, silencing the pain, having, “Oh great demon of the underworld, guardian of the gate, hear the plea of your servant. Come up from hell and help fight this foe and drag it down to be your plaything!” flood from Xavior’s lips like water while his right arm began bleeding where the dog demon marked him. Though this would be the first time summoning it, the Izurian didn’t deny a slight feeling of what might be fear coming into play, holding him a bit, but he slammed his hand on the ground, letting the blood flow, forming a pentagram.

Looking at the man and seeing the pentagram of blood taking shape, Blackrose’s evil went after him with everything it had, knocking Xavior into a wall, having a gasp of pain exit the warrior’s mouth as offerings fell around him. It knew what the man attempted to do, the double wasn’t a fool, but little did Bloodrose realize, Cerberus heard the call of his partner and was on the way, prompting the crimson colored cat to go after the man to try ending him. Before it could, Suzu’s tomb got pitch black, as if night broke the doors, blowing out the touches lighting it, but in the blackness, three heads of the guardian spirit formed before the body of it completed, drawing the enemy away from Xavior.

Once solid, a great roar that shook heaven and earth exited the great demon, having it fix a gaze upon the warrior who summoned it. As his middle head leaned down, giving a low growl as it inspected the Izurian, Cerberus could smell that the warrior had life left in him, putting the demon at ease, letting it’s anger be directed towards Blackrose’s copy, having the left head look at the entity coldly. Turning to face the opponent, the great beast could smell his companion’s blood around it, enraging the demon more and getting plans together to fight this opponent. Eyeing the vampire cat woman’s copy, the underworld’s guardian knew this battle may not be an easy one, why would it be, but either the knowledge the speck of dust hurt the warrior or the demon’s standing among the demons of the other world fueled it, but fire started within Cerberus, driving the desire to defeat the entity and drag it to hell.

Peering across the room, looking at the beast, Bloodrose couldn’t deny the fact the human, a weakling such as this had tamed a demon, having her lick her fur, plotting. As it did, of course it didn’t matter if he had a devil guarding him, she would kill him, a fact it bathed in as a smirk started across its face. After what seemed like hours, Blackrose’s copy got on all fours and launched after her prey, letting the shadows cloak the advance, allowing the entity to jump from wall to wall, preparing to strike. To say that it had the taste of the man’s blood already on it’s fangs would be an understatement, the look on the double’s face said all, having Bloodrose bare its claws, but at the last second, Cerberus swatted the entity with his paw, knocking it into the floor.

“I will not allow this to happen!” left the great demon’s mouth in a thunderous growl while shooting Blackrose’s evil a cold look. Sure, the beast maybe a demon and fought the human himself, a battle still thrilling him to this day, but after, the blood contract sealed him as Xavior’s guardian spirit, a job it would perform within reason, having all three of Cerberus’s heads charge ice, fire and electricity to use. While doing so, the guardian of the great gate of the underworld knew his opponent could attack while his defense were getting ready, knowledge making the demon plot alternate plans. Like the great demon predicted, Bloodrose launched an attack, shadow stepping, trying to confuse it, but little did the evil know Cerberus anticipated it’s movement, allowing him to discharge all three elements point blank, sending the blood furred cat back.

“Cursed beast!” leaped from Bloodrose’s lips in a growl before licking burnt fur. There were no words to describe the anger of not getting to the human it wanted to kill, having it shoot a stare the giant demon’s way. Peering at the man that sat seemingly motionless behind Cerberus ate at Blackrose’s double, almost mocking it, something it couldn’t take, causing ideas to spark, letting a dark smirk to infect Bloodrose’s face. Preening a claw as it looked at the man it would use as a scratching post before killing him, one thought letting the crimson cat woman’s smirk grow, every part of it said the task wouldn’t be a simple one, something it already knew. After basking in the image of Xavior’s demise, red smoke gathered around, cloaking the evil feline, allowing it to disappear and reappear behind the guardian of the underworld, but before Bloodrose could get near the warrior, Blackrose arrived, fighting her copy and drove it back.

As the vampire cat woman set the man she loved in a safer place, she looked at the great dog guardian, giving him no words, but Cerberus needed no order to protect Xavior. With her mate safe, a demonic howl exited Blackrose as her icy gaze turned toward her counterpart and said, “I told you that I wouldn’t let harm come to him!” with fire in her voice, prompting her on all fours, launching after her dark double, shadow stepping as she went.

Showing Off Stories Day 3:Taste Of The New Style!

First off, I’d like to say sorry for the pause in posting these, life issues came up, but I do plot on continuing these posts. Ashley, (below) is the female character I picked to be in this story as an intelligent secretary. Yes, this will have adult themes, but for now please note how much clearer you can tell who’s speaking.


ashley picture 1

Moment Of Weakness

Ashley and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

Warning: The story you’re about to read contains M/F sex scenes and pregnancy. IF you are under 18, or reject adult subjects, stop reading!

As Ashley, a pig tailed young woman looked up at the ceiling of her bedroom, many thoughts of the coming morning began flooding her mind, making her debate calling into work, a debate sounding better as the minutes ticked away. Oh, the eighteen year old blonde loved the job of working for a lab that seemed to be curing diseases, doing studies and other things, she admitted it freely, but the guy she worked for always made passes at her, having her fell off. Still, though she wouldn’t come out and say it, a feeling she couldn’t place began when he was around, a longing of sorts, having a sigh exit the woman’s mouth. “There is NO way I could be attracted to him, he’s a pervert!” stood out in Ashley’s mind, acting as her anchor and grounding her in the fact, shoring up her wall.

Getting up and ready to dress, the combat raged on about the issue, which almost drove the young lady mad. As she put her fine hair in the red bonds, Ashley knew a woman with her IQ wouldn’t even think of dating a man such as him, there was just no way in the world she’d let her boss, someone scruffy and unkept have that avenue to her, an omission the blonde stood on, making it easy to clear her mind. While putting on her blue hot pants and tight white shirt, one task her full bust fought the whole way, it hit her that the way she dressed more than likely made the pervert wanna hump her leg, and yes, thoughts of wearing clothing that showed less did cross her mind, nudging her towards changing, but to her, she didn’t want to be viewed as the typical wallflower, compelling Ashley to wear what she had on.

After putting her short tan boots on, a sigh left the young blonde’s lips as she put her glasses on, fixing them while looking at the clock on the bedside table. Dread came over her, chilling her because she knew it was time to go in, knowledge driving her out the door and to her bike. As she rode, trying to get to the lab before her perverted boss could call her in so he would have excuses to drool over her, images the young lady felt ill thinking about, ideas on how to avoid the guy flooded her mind, giving Ashley options. She couldn’t totally avoid him, she knew that, after all she was his secretary and the pig tailed blonde aided him on trips for the lab, having her plot her plan if he should try his tricks.

Still, while Ashley rode in, many thoughts of how he may try to get to her during the day came into play, letting her workout exit plans, but she knew he may see through her, something making her glad she had her nunchucku with her. Sure, using them on him would get her fired, put in jail or both, that fact was all too clear, yet if he knew she carried them, it might offer some deterrence, having him think twice, or so she hoped. Once in the parking lot, every part of the young woman knew time wasn’t on her side, something Ashley felt, a motivation drive her to chain her bike to the rack and run in.

As soon as the pig tailed young woman got to her desk and started working, a voice from the office not five feet away started beckoning her name, a voice that made her heart sink as she moved from the seat, slowly walking towards the it. Attempting to get a look that didn’t scream “You pervert!” from bleeding through, she grabbed a pen and entered, saying, “Afternoon, Mr. Franklin!” as unhindered as possible, even though her defenses were up.

Looking at the blonde’s body and how it fulled out her hot pants and tight white shirt, the man couldn’t keep from wanting to drool, but, “Ms. Shannon, the head office wants to ship us to another research thingy.” As he got to the window, a sigh left his lips before, “We leave tonight, can you be ready?” crept out in a depressed way.

“Y-Yes I can be…” Ashley said in shock at the fact she didn’t need to fend him off, one fact that made the young lady wonder if he felt okay. As she exited the door, closing it and walked to her desk to plan for the trip, not having the man try anything worried her, almost making the pig tailed blonde walk back in and ask. True, on the surface, the perverted actions she saw her boss do didn’t catch her eye, of that she stood by, deep down however, call it passion or a passing fad, a need came over the woman. Continuing to workout the schedule for the business trip had her looking up the hotel the conference would be held in and such, like she would do any other day, yet seeing the man she worked for, possibly like act subdued threw her, letting curiosity drive the blonde from the chair.


Showing Off Stories Day 2

Jasmine picture 2

This piece is nearly complete, but has the old structure and it does contain adult themes, sex and strong language. If you are under age or disagree with such content go back.


This story most likely has errors but as soon as I finish, editing will begin. Hope you enjoy.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Jasmine is a character I’ve created, therefore, I’d ask you respect her and not use her likeness.

WARNING: This story is an original ADULT story with sexual situations such as M/F whipping, slave training/conditioning and humiliation. If you disagree with the themes, then don’t read further.

When a horse started to neigh, eyes of a mildly tanned young woman, possibly eighteen began stirring, rousing her from slumber. Shooting to a sitting position, backing up, she frantically looked around, trying to figure out where she was, but more importantly, how she got into that situation. Trying to think back, a lot of thoughts hit her at once, coming through the cobweb infested mind hers, like a dim search lamp. Yet, no matter how hard she tried, an empty spot could only be found, having a sigh fall from Jasmine’s lips.

Sitting in that wooden cage with other young women like herself, going to who knows where, the brunette attempted to figure how she got there, searching through the muddy thoughts. Sure, memories of her life sunning her well shaped body came flowing back, giving the fairy curl haired woman hope, she even remembered coming to that realm so her rich daddy couldn’t control her anymore, a fact making a brief smile grace her face. But no answer to the question of how she got there seemed good enough, though she could guess, causing the brunette to hang her head in despair.

“All I wanted was freedom away from HIM… Freedom to pursue my dream and become a priestess of this world. But now, I might be someone’s slave, great..” she said under her breath while more despair knocked on the door of her mind. Oh, she fought it off by telling herself she would resist whoever bought her. And yet, little did she realize by trying to resist, she would be inviting pain into her life, greater than Jasmine knew.

As the slave caravan entered the gate of an old castle, shock of what went on hit all the women, including Jasmine, though she wouldn’t admit it, sending a chill up her spine. Oh, the fairly tanned young lady admitted she had a strong will, she needed it to defy her father and the demands that she marry for money, not love he tried drilling into her daily, but even she had a hard time watching women being spanked in public, raped and sold out in the courtyard, shaking her will a little.

Once the slavers stopped in front of the castle, an balding older man came out and eyed the women. As he did, the brunette young woman began feeling his gaze turn toward her, taking what little clothing off she had, giving Jasmine the creeps Thoughts of crossing her arms banged around her head, making her attempt the task, but having her hands tied made it impossible, leaving the woman open to whatever the pervert had on his mind. Watching his face, it quickly became apparent he wanted her, and she even heard the guy tell his men to keep her in that bikini, but brand her, a statement making a bit of what could be fear visit her, causing Jasmine to shake a bit.

“Brand me?” kept working around the tanned woman’s mind like a whirlwind, keeping her on edge as two men approached. Oh, Jasmine did her best to fight them, even kicking one, giving him a bloody nose, but the other got behind her, knocking her out with a quick motion to the neck. As she went done, falling into darkness, she swore she heard, “This wench will be tough to train for our client, boss!” After, one of the thugs picked up her limp body, putting the woman over his shoulder, carrying her inside. While doing so, ideas of what he could do to her as she was like this, began coming to the thug like wildfire, making him rub her ass, but not soon after he did, a sword was at his neck, as if his boss wanted to warn him.

In a poorly lit room, a man in tattered black robes waited by a table. “Mage, a new girl needs the mark, if you’ll be so kind.” the headman said with a twisted pleasure in his voice, motioning over to his underling. All the robed man answered with was a bow as the thug laid Jasmine’s fine body on the table, having the mage drink the brunette’s beauty in, like a elixir. To him, seeing a woman such as her wasn’t normal, making the question, “Is this girl a priestess?” come into play. Oh, he had no issue branding her with the mark of the spider, priestess or not, but something told him she wasn’t meant for a normal life again.

As the man raised his hand. aura started building around it, turning it black. Knowing the spell could used, something made the mage look at the brunette female as, “Sorry.” passed his lips in what might be regret. Waving his hand the length of Jasmine’s toned belly, an image of a spider started forming, burning into her skin and making the young woman squint her eyes in pain. While forming, various images of her having sex with faceless beings started flowing into her mind, like a stream, sending Jasmine to turn her head from side to side.

Watching the images before her, now becoming a movie, she had no idea where these were coming from, or more important, what she was seeing. To her, the acts she saw herself doing didn’t seem right, having her wonder if someone drugged her. Oh, she knew she never could do the things playing before her eyes, that much the tanned woman admitted. Yet, she couldn’t deny somewhere deep down, a part of her, likely hidden behind a blocked off section of the young brunette’s mind found the sex acts alluring, having her mind’s eye watch closer, getting Jasmine moist.

When the actors and actresses left the stage, a sharp pain, began coming over the girl, jarring her from the sandman, forcing the woman awake. As Jasmine frantically looked around, fear of the unknown came over her, making her panic. She could recall being brought there, even giving one a bloody nose, a memory she wouldn’t forget, but after that, blackness, leaving her to scratch her head. And yet, as she looked for the other women who were brought there with her, a need she couldn’t place started controlling her, sending Jasmine’s eyes downward to examine her body.

Looking at her stomach, the young woman couldn’t keep the shock from her face when her gaze found what looked like a tattoo of a Black Widow spider on her, sending the young brunette into a panic. For the life of her, Jasmine couldn’t put together how she got the mark, making the panic grow within her. Though not sure where it came from, something strange began coming over the woman, as if some force had her under a spell, and no matter what her future actions might be, it would dictate them forever, making chills climb Jasmine’s spine.

Trying to think of a way out, a lot of ideas started flowing to her like a river, giving the fairy curled brunette hope, but as soon as she felt what could be a plan forming, a darkness descended upon her, taking hope and twisting it, leaving Jasmine in sadness. As the young lady sat there, trying to fight in the mist of despair, seeping into her little by little, many things came to her, but some thoughts weren’t stronger than the images she saw while out, having an instinct begin building. Sure, the question, “What is this?” broke through the clouds of despair, banging its way around the brunette’s mind, but the images of the sex acts began overshadowing the question, driving Jasmine to grope her own breasts.

While the woman did, the black spider tattoo began getting a dark misty demonic aura around it, as if it was responding to something deep with in her. As the images continued flooding in, filling her head like a river, the acts she saw herself doing became more intense, making, “What is happening to me?” come out of Jasmine’s mouth in a half moan. To her, it felt like someone had control over her in the movie playing in the young woman’s mind, having her perform the act she saw. And yet, somewhere deep down, Jasmine knew it was her in the images, knowledge that both sent a chill up her spine and gave her a thrill at the same time.

Lost in the images racing in her mine, an instinct began growing in the corner of the young brunette’s mind, having some part of her want to pleasure herself. Oh, she knew it wasn’t her way, that much Jasmine admitted and tried fighting the need, but it seemed the more she fought the feeling, the wetter her pussy became, driving her insane. Though she didn’t know when, torn between sanity and the need slowly taking her, she noted a man viewing the exhibition she was putting on, slapping Jasmine in the face, getting her back to reality, but throwing her into a pit of shame as well.

Sitting there, looking at the man, the question, “How much did this man see?” went through the young woman’s mind, making tears form in her eyes as she hung her head. True, parts of her didn’t know where those images came from, or better yet, why they had that effect on her, but to her, being watched while in their grip left her feeling dirty, making the tanned girl want to curl up in a ball. As Jasmine sat there, the man’s face began to mold into a smile, telling her that he saw enough to get a thrill from the show, which made her sink deeper into despair. Yet, though faint, the brunette could feel something, a feeling she couldn’t explain that might be arousal from the idea of being watched, she didn’t know, all she knew was it excited a piece of her, causing a slight smile to cross Jasmine’s face.

Laying down, trying to ban the any thoughts of what made her smile, it felt like a war began raging within her, a fight she helped the thoughts that weren’t her own win, the tanned brunette started feeling the call of the dreamworld, having her eyes get heavy every minute. When sleep finally came to claim her, a dream started forming, begging for the brunette’s attention. In it, she saw herself being ravaged by someone who had a scar on his chest and a pale body, which the word vampire flashed to mind. As it continued, Jasmine saw herself ride him while moaning hard, kissing the man. There wasn’t any denying she found the scene arousing, because a moan passed the woman’s lips as she slumbered, but the dream began changing.

While waiting to see what the next stage held, many thoughts and questions started rushing her at once, but none hit her more than, “I’m a priestess in training, I can’t be thinking of sex…” Oh, before coming through to the realm, Jasmine admitted she like the attention that men gave, to a point, but she never let them take her virginity, a thought giving her relief. Yet, something Jasmine’s mind’s eye couldn’t see began wiping those thoughts away, preparing her for what was to come.

When the dream resumed, the brunette saw herself nude, in chains and being raped by what the head priestess called Lust Seekers, making the woman try to turn away. From what she was told, they were male or female demons that latch onto priestess’s souls and try to corrupt them through sex, which to her knowledge, succeeded, having a chill climb her spine while, “Is that happening to me now?” popped to the front of Jasmine’s mine, hitting all corners. To her, for all she knew, these images could be their work, trying to make her ready to be trained and sold, making the woman want to scream.

The dream ended with her in what looked to be an outdoor shower as the same male from the sequence before, but this time, a mysterious female joined and had their way with her, leaving her disgusted, but yet, she couldn’t deny the thought of sex didn’t arouse her, causing, “Is this a preview of my fate?” to come from Jasmine’s mouth as she slept. Though she saw herself seemingly enjoy what had been done to her, the thoughts of which made chills go through the young brunette, pieces of what the head priestess taught her and told her about sex could still be heard echoing in Jasmine’s mind, taring her apart. She knew what she wanted in life, especially since leaving her father’s control, but now, the ideas of sex started to call into question what she wanted. And yet, there were parts of the young woman asking, “Where were these coming from? “ leading her to more questions, questions that had no end.

After waking, something she couldn’t quite explain caught her attention, having her glance down at her stomach and the Black Widow tattoo the slave dealers marked her with. While Jasmine looked, seeing it’s deep black mist, a feeling that could be shock came over her, making the woman gasp. Trying to remember the texts the temple library had, images of the Lust Demons gaving marks like these came to her, making, “Are these people the demons in disguise, or are they in league with them?” to escape her mouth in a mumble while trying to make a connection. At this point, Jasmine admitted that anything could be possible, but, “What now?” came into her head.

While trying to figure out a way to fight the slavers, human or not, a task hard to plan for given her limited training in the matter, keys in a door lock, opening it could be heard, sending her gaze towards the door. Looking at the man who’s nose she kicked, breaking it, the young brunette could tell unsavory thoughts were swirling around his head, having “What is he planning?” come to the tanned woman, making her try to ready herself for whatever he might do. And yet, “If this guy’s one of the demons from the texts, I have little options open.” fell from Jasmine’s lips silently, inviting a little fear into her heart.

Seeing the woman who scarred him, leaving him with a bloody nose have what could be fear of what he could do to her excited him, letting a smirk to cross the man’s face. In his mind, she should pay, a thought fueling ideas of raping her, of testing out the demonic brand, but knowing what his boss would do to him, quickly wiped the idea away, having him just chain Jasmine and drag her to the bidding area, something he did with a smile. While escorting her, he felt her fall behind, tugging on the chains, trying to get away, having ways he could get away with beating her then say she tried escaping start flooding to the man, making him put his free hand on his dagger, ready to unsheathe it.

Perhaps she could sense his anger at her attempts at stalling, because she heard, “STOP!” in her ear, freezing anymore ploys. As she emerged outside and had her wrists tied above her in full view of a crowd, some of who might have plans of getting her pregnant several times then dumping her, a thought making her ill with disgust, but, “If I have the demon’s mark, it’s my fate if who buys me wishes, echoed through the tanned woman’s head, dragging her down. Sure, she admitted that she could try fighting the tattoo’s influence, something strengthening her resolve a bit, but for some reason, as soon as that though rushed in, the images from her dream began hitting her, catching Jasmine’s eye, draining her resolve.

Looking left and right, she found the women who were captured with her strung up, being bid upon, some even sent to be with their new owners, a sight dragging the brunette’s hope of being a priestess through the mud, having what maybe a little acceptance start creeping in, though she wouldn’t admit it, at least not yet. Noting there were a few women left before the dealers came to her only weakened her, slinging more mud on the once strong willed woman. Silently praying to the dragon of the sea, hoping it might hear and grant her protection, or better yet, come save her, but as she said the chant, Jasmine began feeling the blackness of the demon’s tattoo creep up on her, choking the girl, forcing her to cease.

Scanning the crowd, seeing them drooling over her thin beautiful body, drinking it in like wine didn’t sit well with her, having a sigh of what might be disgust pass Jasmine’s lips. Still, while she let that sigh out, the images of sex from the dream kept playing, as if the tattoo wanted to ensure its control over her, making the brunette bite her lip while a weak moan dropped from them. Viewing the images for a time, the tanned woman felt an emotion that maybe lust, an emotion that she wasn’t use too, and admitted, made her feel dirty getting stronger with every act she witnessed. And yet, while they played, a river of desire began rushing through her body, reaching every part of the young lady, exposing even more pleasure to her, making Jasmine a bit moist.

In the crowd, both men and women started bidding on the sexy priestess in the triangle bikini, making them call out high numbers. Listening to the amounts being thrown out for her body, the woman didn’t bother hiding the shame. Still, even more parts of Jasmine found the bids flattering in a way, starting a tug of war, between her old wants and the desire growing within her. This throwing of gold, attempting to get Jasmine didn’t stop until a woman stood up, saying, “My lord, Jacob has authorized me to pay Seventy Billion from his treasury for the young woman.”

Of course everyone heard of Jacob, the vampire king that united the eastern kingdoms of Zurcona under one flag, having the bidding war come to a halt. Some of the people shot her a icy stare, trying to make her withdraw the bid, having one person yell, “If he wants this woman, why did he not come himself?” in a mad tone. As soon as the crowd heard that, a few started mumbling, knowing the man could be treading a path of death, a road the rest opted off of long ago.

As the woman walked to the man, everything about him shouted, “Boy!” making the woman adjust her top, wondering if she should educate this guy or draw her sword and kill him for his words, an plan getting stronger as it went around her mind. And yet, “My lord will want to see this girl and have us start training her as soon as possible.” having her take her hand away from her sword’s handle, backfisting the man for his remarks. Having a cold laugh at his expense, signaling never to talk about her lord in that manner or tone again, the woman turned and started walking to pay for the woman.

Going up to pay the head slaver, an eye fell on Jasmine, having the vampire’s servant drink her fill of the brunette’s beauty. She couldn’t deny the fact the images of her and Jacob breaking her down and rebuilding the woman brought a sense of pleasure to her face, but she needed to keep it from showing, at least until Jasmine’s in her possession, having Jacob’s servant hide the smile creeping up. There wasn’t any doubt as to how they would reform her to depend on them, thoughts making it hard not to grin. Yet, little did the vampire’s new pet know, the two would show her that she can be a priestess but be free to experience pleasure as well, making the images of what the two would do with her run free in the servant’s head.

No sooner did the gold hit the head slavers table, a crowd started forming behind the woman, making it clear of their intent. Perhaps her fighting instinct took hold or some otherworldly senses had their say, but nobody saw the woman draw her sword as she took five heads in one stroke, getting the rest to back off. Flicking the blade to get the blood off, a sadistic smile came on her face as, “Does anyone else hold little value on life like these five did?!” fell from the woman’s mouth in an angry tone while eyeing the crowd. After a thug unchained Jasmine, the servant angrily took it, tying it to her horse and rode off.

Walking to where ever the woman was taking her, every part of the young brunette told her she should escape, an ideas she wanted to get behind. Thoughts of how she’d attempt her daring run for freedom started taking form in Jasmine’s mind, having her plot, but memories of how this woman dispatched those people started flooding into the brunette’s mind, having her look at their faces as the vampire’s servant ended their lives, making any thought of escaping vanish. Jasmine admitted she didn’t want to be a concubine for a vampire, to be turned, bread or killed at his whim, but, as she thought that, pieces of the former priestess in training couldn’t get the images of sex out of her head, giving Jasmine chills of what could be pleasure, making her moist.

As day turned to night, an ancient castle came into view, another sign representing her fate, having the brunette hang her head in shame. Perhaps fear or the act would hopefully prompt the servant to kill her,whichever the case, the young lady started tugging at the bonds, resisting to go further. Yet, as she did everything she could to avoid going in, a face appeared in the woman’s mind, shocking her, driving Jasmine to her knees. Though the brunette would never admit it, to her, the face seemed to sense her emotion and turned them against her, making the tanned woman fall a few pegs, knowledge inviting a little fear in.

Looking back at the blank stare on the young brunette’s face, seeing what could be a little defeat setting in, Jacob’s servant didn’t need to guess that the man she pledged her service to used a tactic she only witnessed once before, a power which gave her a chill. Sure, she felt Jasmine tug on the leash, trying to flee, but admitted she didn’t wish to beat the vampire’s new prize and deep down, hoped Jacob knew that. After tying her horse, she took the brunette inside to let her lord view this new woman, hoping she would meet his approval. Still, pieces of her questioned if her choice not to punish Jasmine herself was the right one, causing a few chills up the servant’s spine.

Once in the throne room, a pale looking man with black hair, clad in dark red demonic looking armor sat on a throne, sipping blood wine. Laying an eye on the brunette there wasn’t any doubt in his head that viewing her pleased him, Jacob’s eyes said everything, making a grin come to his face. Drinking Jasmine’s beauty in, thoughts of sex with the woman rushed to mind like an out of control fire, almost begging the vampire to mate her right there, but he needed to bend her first, having a guard to take her to the dungeon. After a guard took the young lady, “Saraphyn, I need to speak to you about your action before you entered the castle.” came from the vampire in a semi stern tone.

Just by the tone of her master’s voice, little needed to be said Jacob was less than pleased with her, prompting the woman to a knee, hoping he’d grant her a swift end. Though only seeing his wrath once before against the former king of this land, the memory of the vampire’s rage still had a way of making chills climb her, having Saraphyn praying. To her, he had every right to kill her, because she did little when Jasmine tried to run, causing, “My lord, I know you’re displeased and I offer my life to atone.” to leave the woman’s mouth.

Looking down at her, the vampire knew he sounded gruff with her, and yes, her lack of action needed addressing, but nothing to kill over. After a heavy sigh, “Rise, Saraphyn.” left Jacob’s mouth in a calmer tone as he helped his servant up. “Killing you, the dark elf I trust and who guards me in the daytime over a minor issue such as this, would not be wise. BUT, I saw your thoughts, you mustn’t be afraid to show force more often.” came out a bit sternly, but the man didn’t want her to be afraid of using anger, a lesson he tried teaching her many times. Though the vampire admitted he saw her at the slave auction, back fisting that human for his remark, an image making the undead man smirk on the inside, he had always tried to channel Saraphyn’s temper, something that hasn’t come easy, but it was coming.

Hearing that, an uneasy calm came over the dark elf, having, “Thank you Jacob…” come through Saraphyn’s while bowing. True, it didn’t need saying his choice in sparing her made relief come easy, having the elf woman sigh, but she knew he had a dark twisted side too, a side she witnessed when he slaughtered the former king and queen for the things they did, making the elf hope she wouldn’t feel his wraith. Saraphyn didn’t want to press her luck, her body language and the chill climbing her dictated, still, plans for the girl had to be mentioned, letting, “How do you want me to proceed with your new pet, Sire?” come out carefully.

Looking at his dark elf, it couldn’t be contained how Jacob wanted to tame Jasmine, his mind oozed with plans, but for the brunette priestess, she needed know she could have lust and her faith both. After going over various ways to show Jasmine the way to sex and still have her gods, a word stinging him, “Well, she needs to bathe, that is the first thing. If she refuses, throw her in and wash her yourself. After all, she was bought for us both.” spilled out of the vampire’s mouth, hinting with a bit of joy. He wasn’t blind, though the dark elf shared his bed often, he knew she liked women as well as men, and he wanted Saraphyn happy, which he knew sounded odd coming from his cold heart.

When his words hit the dark elf’s ears, a smile started running across her face, prompting a bow before Saraphyn excused herself to ready for her part of the brunette priestess’s training. Yes, she told him she found women and men sexually arousing on many occasions, but her master would always act like he didn’t care by changing the subject or whatever, having the dark elf feel like her wishes weren’t important. Just knowing Jacob took her wants, needs and feelings to his unbeating heart and bought the priestess for the two of them brought a warmness to her, having a smile come across Saraphyn’s face.

As she unlocked the gate to Jasmine’s cell, the things going through the elf’s head, ways to break her and make love to her couldn’t be told or described because they were to pornographic, they only served as motivation, letting her drink the brunette’s body in. While unlocking Jasmine’s bonds, the odor the woman was giving off had Saraphyn want to gag, accelerating her to get the chains off and direct her to the bath area. “She might need a few hours of cleaning before we even want to touch her.” went through her head as she held her nose, taking the tan priestess down the hall, ensuring their toy won’t run, but deep down, pieces of Saraphyn wanted her too.

A lot of things went through Jasmine’s mind, having her resist while walking. She knew what the vampire wanted her for, it oozed from his face, images that made the brunette ill, though they aroused her as well. It couldn’t be denied that fate left a foul taste with her, yet she couldn’t help the sexual thoughts roaming the priestess’s mind, confusing her. Being brought to a room with a bathtub, the brunette need to be told to strip, but she didn’t want to in front of another woman, letting, “Not unless you leave…” to bleed from her lips defiantly.

Oh, Saraphyn wasn’t born the day before, every piece of the dark elf told her if left alone, their toy might run, and she knew what her master would do if Jasmine escaped, things giving her chills. While semi forcefully untying the bikini, “Look priestess, we aren’t doing this dance, you smell like horse dung!” left her mouth madly, stripping the brunette. This could be Jasmine’s first lesson, the dark elf admitted, having her push her in and undress herself and follow suit. In the water, she noted the brunette trying to get to the other end and get out, getting Saraphyn’s temper raging a little as she caught the priestess, but as she was about to strike her, Jacob’s words rang in the elf’s ears toning it down, having the dark elf forcefully pull Jasmine’s hair as, “Look babe, I’m trying to be nice, but your defiance is making this harder than it needs to be! What my master and I will give you is more than your dragon gods, we will offer you your gods and flesh pleasures!” came out semi harsh, but had a sensual ring to it.

“Please let me go, I beg you…” fell from Jasmine’s lips as a tear started down her cheek. Being treated in this way, as property it went without saying the tanned woman felt small, her plea proved it, but what she heard the dark woman tell her made no sense. From what the temple taught, sex and faith in the deities weren’t something that went together, a belief making, “That’s not true, I can’t have both.” leave her lips in the same sobbing manner. Even if she could have both, Jasmine admitted she would never want to be a love slave to a vampire and his mistress. And yet, as the thought entered her mind, causing some will to fight Saraphyn start to take hold, she began seeing images of that vampire from before she came there, all over her, if something wanted the priestess to except her fate, a fate, letting a weak moan tumble out.

Though weak, the elf couldn’t hide the way the woman’s meek sound of what might be pleasure made her feel like doing. Saraphyn knew only too well what she’d like to do with the brunette priestess in training, ideas running through her mind only actions dare to describe, but she, for some reason wanted to reign those thoughts in, at least for now, having the elf put bath jell on Jasmine and work it in. Moving her hands over the young priestess, ensuring every part of her soft skin was covered, the dark elf knew this bath could help lead the tan woman toward the result Jacob and the dark elf want, having Saraphyn move her hands to Jasmine’s bust, working them as the jell began covering them.

Feeling her bust being worked in this way, having them kneaded shocked her, making the priestess start to thrash a bit as, “Stop, no I’m a priestess.” exited Jasmine’s mouth in a half hearted plea. Yet, she felt some force nudge at her, almost inviting waves to climb her spine, making her moan, a sound she wanted to hang her head over. Every part of Jasmine wanted answers as to why she felt off since her capture, but when the thought bounced in her head, a demonic aura began gathering around the tattoo again, calling her attention to it. It didn’t take a lot to deduce this demonic mark made her see and feel the things she did, bringing Jasmine down a bit. And yet, even though she felt so little, the brunette priestess couldn’t deny the surges Saraphyn’s actions were doing to her, making her leave on the dark elf, looking up at her.

There was no denying the fact Jasmine, the priestess in training began enjoying pleasure, having Saraphyn nudge the woman lovingly. It didn’t go without noting that she would need more guidance, lessons her and Jacob would grant her, but having the young brunette gaze into the elf’s eyes made her day, making Saraphyn dare a kiss, something Jasmine deepened. After, as the two women dressed, the dark elf saw the war raging within the tanned goddess, a fight between her faith and the pleasure on the tip of her mind, something that the elf saw before, a look telling her to watch the female closely.

Jasmine said nothing while being lead through the arches of the castle, her mind still reviewing the kiss and feelings she felt, causing the brunette to hang her head in what could only be shame. Though she could hear the head priestess in her ear, telling her what she did was wrong, other parts, perhaps pieces the tattoo left could be heard fueling her desire for lust and pleasure, two sides ripping the priestess in training apart. As she looked at the dark elf shutting her in her cage, an area not dirty, but no place she wished to stay, a lot of thoughts of escaping her captures began creeping in, laying ground work, little did Jasmine realize, that night would be the night her faith and the pleasure knocking on her door would set her free.

Saraphyn felt uneasy not chaining the girl and locking the cage door, the way she kept her gaze on the priestess while leaving said that, making, “I hope my lord knows what he’s doing.” to tumble from her lips in a mumble. Oh, it wasn’t that she didn’t trust Jacob’s judgment, she did, but the look in the brunette’s eyes worried her, letting debate start raging on asking her lover about his choice or not. As she got to his bed chamber, waiting for him to wake from the day’s slumber, thoughts on the issue at hand still crept like rats in a maze through the dark elf’s mind, Saraphyn admitted it drove her crazy. When she saw Jacob begin to stir, both an instinct and need drew her over to his bed, having her lay with him, offering access to her neck, access the vampire took.

When the vampire saw his servant draw some of her pitch black hair back, offering herself to give him blood, it went without saying Jacob bit Saraphyn’s neck and started drinking from her. He wasn’t tame by any means, that he admitted and told the elf woman long ago when they first slept together and she first felt his bite, but over the years of feeding off her, perhaps love for the dark elf made him not wanna kill her. Yet, as he felt Saraphyn’s essences flood in, quelling his hunger, it couldn’t be denied that he felt her uneasiness, making Jacob stop once he had just enough blood and ask, “What troubles you, my lover?” in a semi caring tone while healing the bite marks on her skin.

Perhaps the feeding made the dark elf not wish to answer right away, she always felt somewhat weakened for a few minutes, but no, Saraphyn struggled finding the words to express her concern, having the dark elf look at her master and bed mate. She knew that if her temper bled, fueling her words, the vampire would harm her, a fact letting the dark elf pick her words with care. Taking a breath, hoping the cap on her temper would keep it under control, “Well, I have a concern about that priestess we bought. I know you said that you want her to know she can have sex and faith, but something in her eye scared me and she may hurt you.” left Saraphyn’s lips softly as she laid with the undead man.

Her fear for his safety didn’t go unnoticed, he admitted his plan for opening Jasmine’s eyes did involve a risk, perhaps a great one, making his servant and lover’s point understandable, letting the vampire kiss her. On the other hand, when Jacob’s eyes gazed upon Jasmine, he saw something with the young woman, a war between the woman and the priestess lessons that she was taught, something he’d use to get the brunette to see the truth. As the two laid there, both couldn’t deny the fact that lust took them, causing Saraphyn to kiss the man deeply, mounting him, which Jacob returned, deepening it as he removed her breastplate, exposing her ample tits.

Feeling him do so made a weak moan drop from her mouth while a surge went through the elf’s body, getting her primed. As she felt the shower of kisses rain on her, instinct took hold of her, having the female bend down to kiss the vampire deeply, letting their tongues wrestle each other, attempting to gain the upper hand. While in this combat, Saraphyn didn’t hide her lust started to control her, even if the dark elf wanted to, the deep moans dropping from her mouth while kissing Jacob wouldn’t let her keep it to herself.

It couldn’t be denied the vampire wanted her, the way he rolled her over, pinning her to the bed and entered the dark elf proved the fact. Pushing into her, spreading her walls, his eyes never left hers, as if Jacob had her mind open, reading it like a book. While doing so, either instinct or some other force began grabbing him, compelling Jacob to trace Saraphyn’s body with a finger, an act he did with no hesitation as he got a pace going. Letting animal lust and his vampire instinct be the driving force, the man moved over the dark elf woman’s body, thrusting into her, arousing both by the minute, making their hands intertwine.

True, Saraphyn knew Jacob could be a cold blooded vampire when he needed to be, she witnessed him doing some deeds that would turn a sane person insane, she admitted that, but how he touched, roaming her body and takes time exploring it, she could never find words, sending her to kiss his ear. Having waves of passion work through her, telling her to meet his thrust with her own, drawing both to a release, every piece of the dark elf wanted to take control, guiding the woman to scratch his back, an act Saraphyn took without question, something her lover growled lovingly over. Hearing that, it couldn’t be denied he enjoyed it, making plans work in her mind, compelling the woman to get on top again, hoping to fulfill their needs. While a deep moan fell from the elf woman’s lips desire began dictating her actions, causing Saraphyn to roll the undead man over and ride him faster, making the surges draw both close to the ledge, a place they didn’t want to fall from soon.

Roaming his dark elf’s body, the vampire knew she loved him as he did her, driving Jacob mad with lust, sending him to kiss her deeply, giving a last thrust into the female, releasing them. While the surges dictated their actions, locking both up in an embrace, a deep growl left the man’s lips and filled the bedchamber, letting all know he loved her. As he laid holding Saraphyn kissing her after both came crashing down from pleasure’s peak, it didn’t escape Jacob eyes of the brunette priestess were watching them from the crack in the door, knowledge letting a smile grace his face.

Though unsure why, the dark elf looked at her lover, noticing his grin, an expression that had, “What is he thinking?” roam her head and worrying her. Oh, she knew anytime he smiled it was a sign he was about to kill or plot a dirty move to capture land, that was a given, but this seemed different, genuine, if you’d call it that, having,”Jacob, what is it?” fall from Saraphyn’s mouth cautiously, hoping she didn’t displease him. The dark elf knew she did nothing to have him mad at her, even if the woman did, he’d tell her, wouldn’t he? As this debate raged in her, Jacob’s eyes rolled to the doorway, having Saraphyn cast her gaze on it, finding Jasmine, compelling her to reach for her staff.

Before she could, “Shower my lover, I will handle this.” echoed in the elf woman’s mind, making her stop and want to question him, but she did as he suggested. Watching Saraphyn go, it couldn’t be denied that Jacob didn’t know if the plan to get the priestess in bed for them would work or fail, an unknown, inviting something that might be fear in, but the vampire knew the risks and that made his choice for him. Sometime later, the undead man felt something by his throat, making Jacob open his eyes, noting the brunette over him, peering down. “Do it if that is your wish, I’m ready to die!” bled from the man’s mouth in a forceful whispering tone as he gauged her, trying to read the young priestess.

Every piece of Jasmine screamed for her to kill him, making, “If I do, I can forgive what you and your retainer have done, and go continue my studies.” flooded from her lips as she moved the blade closer. What she said was the truth, or maybe the woman told herself that to hide her true feelings, she wasn’t sure, having her pause. Sure, parts of the brunette wanted to go back to the life of a priestess, helping where she could, praying to the dragons, she stood by that, but the other part, possibly the half the demonic tattoo unleashed told her she wanted to be touched, having a war rage within the woman. There was little doubt that the moment the vampire’s elf and her had lit a fire arousing her, Jasmine didn’t deny that. Still, “It can’t happen, priestesses can’t have lovers.” went through the woman’s mind, trying to reassure her action, but in her moment of weakness, Jacob got on top of her, taking the knife.

Looking at her body, noting how it filled out the bikini nicely, every fiber of the immortal told him to kiss her, driving him to kiss her deeply, a kiss she fought at first. While locked, a free hand came up and started stroking her tanned skin, taking in every note and curve, careful not to miss anything. After parting, his hand still worked her body as, “You know, your head priestess has told you wrong, there are those who retained their faith and had families.” emptied while he rubbed her. It was known that Jacob had zero love for the faith or the three, after all a branch killed his first wife, a priestess, but he never stopped Saraphyn from her rites and the details they entail.

Having the vampire kiss and touch her made her chilly, a fact Jasmine didn’t hide from, making the young brunette quiver. “He has to be lying! Priestesses are forbidden to fall in love and have families.” went through her mind, prompting, “That isn’t true… You’ll say anything to exploit a weakness and take me.” left the tanned young lady’s lips while looking at Jacob, gauging the man’s thoughts. Yet, she admitted that if he was lying to get her in bed, the question remained, “He has me here, what’s he waiting for?” flooded in, washing away other thoughts, having the young brunette worry. While there, though she wouldn’t really admit it, when she watched him making love to Saraphyn, images of him taking her instead began before her eyes, getting her moist, letting Jasmine bite her lip in what could be lust, leaving her yearning.

Looking into her eyes, the vampire didn’t need any of his powers to see that the priestess had passion on her mind, something driving Jacob to kiss her deeply, an act causing a moan of protest to bleed from her, but after a minute, the brunette started returning the kiss. While they kissed, the man knew he wanted to take her hard, his nature bit at his heels, ordering the act, but pieces of him wanted different, which he knew seemed out of character for him, maybe Jasmine reminded him of his dead wife, prompting Jacob to break the kiss and rain a shower of them on her neck, an act she didn’t refuse from him. Knowing the tanned priestess started to give into desire drove the vampire wild with aniamalistic needs, compelling hands under the brunette’s body to untie her bikini top, driving Jasmine up to help him with.

Though pleasure began bleeding in, a voice that could be the head priestess started in her ear, scolding the brunette for what she was doing, a scolding that both ate at the young woman and fueled this. In the beginning when the slave traders caught her, her faith and being back in the safety of the temple was all she wanted, something Jasmine admitted freely, but while watching the dark elf and this vampire have sex, not to mention now that she herself was about to have her first time, all the woman could ever hope for would be the voice to stop. Seeing and feeling Jacob’s hand go down her stomach and beyond had icy chills climb her spine, having moans fill the room, wetting Jasmine’s hunger even more. It couldn’t be denied that the fading voice of the head priestess told the young lady she might be under the undead man’s spell, a fact she admitted, but she didn’t think he wanted her mindless, driving her to shake her head attempting to cast that little voice aside.

Kissing every inch of the woman as his hand massaged her stomach, descending to her pussy, Jacob didn’t need to guess that the priestess enjoyed his assault, the pants spilling from her lips and how her head thrashed from side to side told him this. While untying the bottom, the undead man could’ve swore he heard the young lady say something to refuse his action, a denial that would’ve made his wraith fall upon her, but a smile ran across the vampire’s face, driving him to get the last piece of the garment off. After removing it, “Priestess, you’re so wet down here.” leaped from the man playfully as he looked at her before diving in, cleaning her sex with his finger and tongue. Oh, it went without saying that Jasmine must feel exposed to put it nicely, he sensed it with no words from her, knowledge having a feeling that might be sensitivity awaken within him.

Being worked by this vampire had surges shoot through the brunette’s young frame, having her grip the sheet tightly. “If this is a sin, why does it feel so good?” filled the woman’s head, going to every corner and letting her hands grip the bed sheets. Jasmine couldn’t believe the surges of pleasure radiating through her tanned body, shaking her to her core. As her undead bed mate continued working her sex, she didn’t know from where, but a voice that could be instinct began chiming in, telling the young priestess to run her fingers through the vampire’s hair, a nudge prompting a hand to his head and doing the act. As she did, more waves hit her, causing the brunette to grip Jacob’s hair tightly, pulling it as a scream of release broke free while a climax took hold, freezing everything in her, having Jasmine thrust up against the man’s mouth.

Tasting the woman’s sweet juices on his lips gave the vampire a thrill there was no doubt in it, having him lick them. Slinking up to her, looking into Jasmine’s eyes, everything told him the woman loved what he unleashed within her, knowledge letting a hand rub the woman, but to his surprise, she removed it, getting on top on him. Watching her, he could only guess her intentions, having, “What are your plans?” fall from Jacob’s lips while peering up into her eyes. True, she could still kill him, that he knew, the kiss she leaned in for and gave told a story, one pleasing him.

It wasn’t a secret that the way she got to that point didn’t agree with her, an omission the brunette stood by openly, but as she crawled on all fours to his tool, the priestess had her eyes opened for the first time since becoming a understudy, making a part of the woman believe she could enjoy sex and keep her faith. Whether instinct or her own curiosity dictated, once at the vampire’s manhood, her hand surrounded it and started stroking his cock, having it grow as she did. Even though she never did this act to anyone, something within Jasmine could be heard helping her, almost as whatever wanted her there and happy, letting, “Has the demonic tattoo been planning this outcome?” to go around the brunette’s head. It couldn’t be ruled out, she didn’t deny that fact, but as she continued working Jacob, images of the dream where she rode a faceless vampire while hanging over him came to her, flashing before the tanned woman’s eyes, making Jasmine mount him.

Seeing the goddess do that, Jacob couldn’t deny the smile that wanted to dash across his face anymore Watching the priestess lower herself, letting his meat deeper, he couldn’t deny that he and Saraphyn made a choice in having her here and showing the young lady she could have her faith and lust too, a fact making the vampire bury himself in her breasts, kissing them, causing a whimper of delight to fall from the brunette longer, having the undead man grip her ample tits. As he worked her, Jacob started to note Jasmine began rocking over him, an act getting him harder, something drawing his vampire to the surface, compelling him to lick and bite her flesh, as if some animal force took him over.

Though his bite hurt, making the brunette squint her eyes in pain and cry out, something had her in sight, lighting the fire of arousal within her, compelling the young woman to hang over the man while moans fell from her lips. Oh, jasmine couldn’t believe how the surges that were going up, down and through her sexy frame made her feel, causing the woman’s moans to fill the room as she hung over her vampire paramour, rocking like she did in the dream days earlier. Hanging over him, instinct took hold, nudging the priestess to kiss him, an act she did without hesitation, giving Jacob a deep one as she picked her pace up. Maybe too lost in her own bliss to know when, every part of Jasmine told her release would be soon, knowledge letting pleasure’s sparks shoot up her, freezing everything and making loud cries of release fall from her lips.

As if in unison, Jacob’s roars of release matched the priestess’s moans, sending him up to kiss her hard while their hands intertwined. While tasting her on his lips, time stopped, or so it seemed, letting the vampire savor this goddess, having him roam her naked body blissfully. True, he knew if she wanted, he could let her go, but by the way they just had sex, every part of her told him she didn’t wish too, making him kiss deeper. After, as Jacob drifted off, Saraphyn noted the two and smiled, cupping Jasmine’s bust, working them.

Once she felt hands on her breasts, a feeling of security took over, covering the brunette, making her look back as a smile molded to her face. Seeing Saraphyn behind her soothed her, making the tan goddess reach for the elf, her eyes full of lust. As her hand cradled the dark elf’s face, allowing the vampire’s servant to kiss the brunette’s hand, letting instinct grow within the ex priestess now lover to both an elf and vampire, instinct compelling her to kiss Saraphyn deeply, a want she fulfilled without delay. After the two parted, Jasmine needed no words, the elf’s elf’s look told all, having Jasmine get off Jacob and follow. While making her way, thoughts of the blissful passion she

A Week Of Showing Stories Day 1: Please Help Me With A Title…

This post was going to be written and put up yesterday, but with that loser, *whoever they might be* stealing one of my R/C trucks, I was too upset. Anyway, even though I’m still pretty annoyed, finally came to the reality that karma will catch up to them. On with the post.


For those old and new followers who are interested in my writings, I thought a five day look at the pieces I’ve got in the works would be fun and spark conversation! 🙂 However, a few stories have adult content or will, I will put warnings up before the snips so yeah, you have been warned. This first story, I used a video game character, Maki Genryusai, (below) from Final Fight/Street Fighter & threw her into an alternate universe story, taking place in the same world my book takes place in.




True, no money can be made off the character due to the fact that she’ copyrighted, I’m well aware, (me don’t want my butt sued), but she’ll be the mother of an original character, Kendra who’s half human half cat lady, take a look at her. At this point, there are no smut scenes, so it is okay with out a warning, but I’m three to four pages in with no title, could you guys maybe help please? Maki and Rakiath, the cat guy’s daughter is below! 🙂



Enjoy the story so far. ^_^


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a Alternate Universe Hentai story containing Maki Genryusai of Final Fight 2/Street Fighter. I DON’T own the character or make money from said character.

Though she didn’t know where she was or how she got there months earlier, Maki Genryusai searched for a way home. Wandering around the countryside, helping out where she could while trying to find a way home, many things, like cat people, who acted like humans, aside from the licking their fur and things house cats would do struck the woman as odd, at least at first, now however, the blonde took it as normal. Oh, there were times where a bit of a darkness, perhaps doubt’s shadow crept in, making her think her search was hopeless, the young woman wasn’t about to deny that, but Maki fought that off, continuing her quest.

One day after bathing in a pond near her camp, she began to dry off and dress in her ninja uniform, but as she wrapped the gold colored fabric around her waste, securing the top, sounds of battle filled her ears, driving her to run to find the source. As she ran, every part of the girl told her she didn’t like to fight, a principle she lived by, she knew that, but while there, the blonde grew to protect children, having her use her ninja skill if needed. Approaching a village, it took little to deduce two ninja clans, one human and the other feline were at war, having Maki debate if she wanted any part of it, but as she started to fade into the brush, cries of a little baby called to her, awakening that instinct again, prompting her to run in,

As she entered the battle, a voice, that could be her old thinking was at the blonde’s ear, asking why she was breaking her vow yet again? Maki couldn’t think about that, all she had on her mind was the child, having her fight unlike she fought before, trying to reach the kid. Though the battle didn’t concern her, a fact she told herself before she heard the child, some of the feline warriors fought well, well enough to respect, if they weren’t attempting to kill her. Drawing closer to the little one, a ninja in all white and had an eye patch over his scarred right eye appeared, having her set her stance as he set his.

Studying his eye, it wasn’t lost on the woman he might be doing the same, letting plans for the opening attack to flow through her mind. Seeing the feline throw a kick to one of her legs had instincts dictate the other to block his strike, setting off a chain, which Maki held him off well. While fighting this cat guy, the young woman had to admit his skills were sharp, driving her fire and having a few good blows land, but as they fought, Maki felt a blow on the back of her neck, bringing her to her knees, knocking her out.

Burning a hole through his fellow clansman, a cat like howl fell from the woman’s opponent, telling all he wasn’t pleased with the interference. His eye and the howl said all, he wanted to beat his clan mate for his action, but in a way, the cries of the child overrode that, having the feline on all fours, racing into the burning hut to get the baby. While true, the two clans were at war, the feline clan had a code when little ones were involved, they never come to harm, hence why he saved it. Though he know the baby would be sent to a temple to be raised, the woman’s resolve to save it was honorable, having the ninja look back at Maki.

As he gazed at her being loaded onto the wagon with the other prisoners, something sparked within him, letting an alien feeling stir in him. It wasn’t love, not by a long shot, because taking a human female for a mate was forbidden, he knew this. It took little to guess her fate would be death, the headmaster’s order for every human, a sentence he spoke out about, ending up with the scar, but in a way, he didn’t wish for her death. While taking the child to a nearby temple, thoughts began wandering around, trying to figure out why he felt that way, coming up with nothing, but he came up with a way to get her off death’s road.

Though it hasn’t been used in years, the custom of taking a girl under his wing, having her live in the same hut with him was an option. She wouldn’t be a wife, concubine or slave, Maki would retain her free will, but be out of danger and under his protection, which may suit her better than death. Getting back to the village, little needed saying the human’s fate had been already decided, making Maki’s opponent run to the pin area on all fours. As he got there, he told the guard that he would relieve him for a few minutes and after the guard left, he entered the area, taking off his hood.

When Maki’s eyes locked on his, she knew he was the warrior who fought her, having her want to bow, but maybe anger over not knowing what happen the baby got to her, letting, “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHILD, DID YOU KILL IT?!” rolled from her lips in a scream. Even though she never cared too much for kids back home, something she didn’t hide there, something changed when she got to that realm and started her journey, letting the blonde’s heart open. Unsure why the feeling came over her, watching him come to her, Maki sensed that the feline saved the little one, but she had no idea why the conclusion came her way, making, “Thank you…” exit as she bowed.

“True, some of us hate humans and yes, we are at war with the clan you aided, but we DO NOT murder children!” came from the feline’s mouth sternly before preening his light brown fur on his hand. Thinking to the fight the woman put up, it impressed the cat how the human moved and was able to keep up with him, having Rakiath look at the blonde respectfully. He knew based on that fact alone, he needed to get Maki out of danger, prompting him to go see the headmaster and tell him he wanted to adopt her. True, every fiber of the cat’s being told him the head of the clan would have a fit, probably cough a hairball up or worse, scar his other eye, something he’d ready to defend against, but she didn’t need to die.

Watching the cat person leave, many things began creeping through her mind, having the blonde ponder her fate. She wasn’t blind to the fact that the feline clan may execute her, something the ninja heard they do, even before the ninja who came to telling her about the child, letting ice hit her spine. Maki didn’t wish for death, she wanted to get home, continue her training, probably have children too, that went without saying, getting plans on escaping to form. As she worked on a plan, she couldn’t explain it, but as she watched her opponent leave, she got the feeling he wanted to help her, a feeling that eased her in a way, though, “Why would he?” could be heard in Maki’s head, leaving the blonde to sit in the cage, pondering that subject.

Coming to the headmaster’s dwelling, Rakiath knew he would be fighting an uphill battle with the feline, making him scratch his ear with his foot while planning his words. Everyone knew the leader wasn’t well, people would be blind not too, a fact the feline warrior admitted freely, but he knew it wouldn’t be an easy task to ask to adopt the woman. If anyone of the aids came by, Rakiath would need to treat the human blonde like a slave, a prospect not sitting well with him, making him want to howl. Though still not really taking to the idea, “Perhaps explaining what she’d need to do if that happens would be best.” came to mind, trying to have it go down easier, but it didn’t.

Entering the hut, a warm bow addressed the headmaster, but every fiber of the cat ninja felt uneasy, prompting him not to lose eye contact with the old cat. There was no reason to deny Rakiath still had trouble finding the right way to ask to adopt the blonde, having a sigh pass his lips before, “I know we’ve had disagreements in the past old one, however I’ve come to ask a favor.” flowed from his mouth as he watched for any reaction. Making note of anything that would warrant a defense, Rakiath’s words weren’t far from the truth, he was the one who helped the headmaster come to power, and the old man agreed to grant a favor in return, but, “Given that his mind is unbalanced, does he remember it?” went through the cat’s mind, hitting every corner as he licked the fur on his hand.

No words came from the old one, just an odd look shot Rakiath’s way. Sure, the headmaster remembered that the feline helped in his rise, his half gone mind wouldn’t forget that, making, “Do ask your favor and I may consider it.” left the graying furred feline’s mouth in a half crazed tone while he sipped tea. In his own way, the elder respected the ninja, that is to a point, but the patch over Rakiath’s eye made the half insane feline want to surface, forcing the headmaster to keep a stone expression. Taking a sip, waiting, he couldn’t deny wanting to yell something at the warrior to hurry an ask the thing, at the last minute he kept control.

Maki’s opponent still struggled finding words, it wasn’t anything he’d dance around before, he admitted that, but given the state of the clan leader, he needed to tread with caution. “Sir, I humbly request to invoke an old tradition and adopt someone to take under my wing.” flowed from his lips while studying his leader, not losing eye contact. There was no doubt the old feline may do something once he knew who Rakiath picked, he didn’t need to guess, having the cat ready before, “That human blonde in red, I pick her to take in.” came out without thinking about it, putting his guard up for whatever unbalanced words that maybe flung.

Perhaps hearing the word “human” in the same sentence as “take in” did it or just knowing a human escape being killed, a decree he took pride in, but whatever triggered it sent the tea cup to the floor, breaking it as, “You want to defy me?! You wish to take in a human female and possibly pass our secrets?!” bled from the elder’s mouth in a fit of insanity. In his state, this would prompt ways to injure Rakiath more or even kill him, which had the headmaster stand on all fours ready to strike, but found one of the ninja’s swords at his throat, forcing him to grant the favor rather than die.

The blonde’s feline opponent turned savior knew the risks of such an action, the way a sigh left him proved that, but he expected as such. There wasn’t doubt his leader may try to resin the request, his actions a second ago told that, having plans form to take the young woman to his hut in the mountains, a place the old fool would find hard to get too. Licking his arm fur as he went to release Maki, he knew she may not like the idea of looking like and acting a slave girl should the headmaster sent an aid to poke around, but she had to know her safety was high on his mental list, which he’d explain once she was away from there. As he unlocked the cage, “You’re free, but come with me.” left Rakiath’s mouth as he escorted Maki from the building to a waiting carriage, helping her on it.

While getting on it, “Where is he taking me?” among other things came to her, having Maki want to ask, something, probably common sense told her this wasn’t the time, making her save her questions. Once underway and out of the village, “Why did you help me?” bled from her mouth softly, trying to gather what just went on, the subject of which stumped her. Oh, she didn’t want to sound ungrateful, she didn’t know how to thank him enough, but the blonde wanted to know the reason the feline did what he did, having the woman look at Rakiath. She couldn’t deny feeling like he wanted something from her, months in that realm she saw cases of that, getting her defenses back up, but another feeling came over her, telling Maki he just wanted to help out of respect for her, getting a slight smile to appear.

Still watching the road, “I did it because, well, no human has been able to fight me the way you did and I respect that. Most of all though, our headmaster’s decree is one I do not agree with.” flooded out sincerely as the feline ninja licked his free paw. While that came to light, he attempted to find words to explain how she’d need to appear if anyone came around, failing at first, having a sigh exit. It went without saying Rakiath had to tell Maki had to look like he made her a slave, subservient to him in every way, that much he admitted to, but how it sounded gave him a bad feeling. Perhaps the gods came to his side, aiding him in the words, because, “To keep you from death, I adopted you, meaning you’ll live with me and retain your freedom. HOWEVER, if the headmaster sends an aid to sniff around, you’ll need to look like I’ve broken you.” emptied, trying not to sound negative, but a chill climbed the cat’s spine, putting his fur on end.

As she heard that, it stood to reason why it needed to seem like she had to look the part, that wasn’t the question. What had things go around Maki’s mind were the duties she may need to do, making, “What would be asked of me?” to spill out in a concerned way, hoping he wouldn’t make her do anything too outlandish. Even though she would rather not think of it, “If we need to have sex to show I’m his, then ..” rifled through Maki’s head like a bullet, getting her ready to ask that. She didn’t mean to have this next question sound ungrateful, she was glad to be “free”, so to speak, and if need be she’d do the task, but the blonde had to know, having, “Will I need to sleep with you if those people nose around?” fell from her lips in a semi normal tone, but it felt slimy. Oh, Maki felt like that could’ve been worded better, everything pointed to that, the words just weren’t there.

He wouldn’t lie to her and say it may not be needed, parts of Rakiath knew they might, making, “If the headmaster sends people, we may need to prove things, so maybe.” exited the feline’s mouth calmly, but to be honest, he wasn’t sure how human females made love. It wasn’t without saying that the cat ninja was an idiot, he knew the gist of nature and pregnancy for felines took a few weeks, but humans were different, having an odd look come about his face. True, asking about the subject did float through his mind, forming the question, something the cat admitted, however, no matter what way he played it in his head, it sounded off, having Rakiath look away.

Though the blonde couldn’t see his face, the silence spoke volumes,