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Two: The story progression below contains graphic adult situations and shouldn’t be read by children or people who find the situations disturbing, please turn back if you do.


Skya redone 1

This is a story, that when done, will be going live on my other blog that houses my erotic works. My elf Princess Skya, (above) is kidnapped by Saraphyn, (below) and is lead to believe she’s going to be sold into slavery, but she finds that Saraphyn’s trying to help her out of her shell of a life. Hope you enjoy and share your thoughts with me. 🙂




AUTHOR’S NOTE Skya and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED! Furthermore, the piece you’re about to read contains M/F, F/F, M/F/F sexual situations, if you object to sex, don’t read!

Sitting on her throne reading reports of another raid on a neighboring kingdom, a human one, which she knew didn’t fully trust her people, and this more than likely would sink the treaty, a young navy blue haired princess felt the fires of anger building, until her fist hit the armrest. ”This cult again?! I’ve sent some of my best guards to find out information, most ended up dead or pregnant!” she said, the sting of anger could be felt in each word. The elf princess had no need for anger, she didn’t need or want it in her life, that much she admitted, but whispers of this group have been around for years, least as long as she has been ruling and little clues to why they do what they do have been uncovered.

Glancing up at a guard, Skya needed no words to tell to gather the other guard, the look on her face did the speaking, having the guard summon the rest, or whoever was left. She had a plan, yes a highly dangerous one, a few of the guard may say it wasn’t fit for a princess, but it “WAS” her only option because she wasn’t risking more of her guard. After her troops gathered into the torch lit throne room, the princess scanned to see how many were left before she said, “This cult hides in the shadows while I read reports. Some of you might object, but I’m heading out, tracking these cowards down so no one of you need to go missing.” in a commanding voice fit for her, though a better way word it could’ve been used, of that Skya didn’t overlook.

Each person in the room knew their leader could handle herself in battle, but this went beyond description, having all against their princess. The reason was sound, if they lost her, they’d be lost to put it mildly, but the troops know once she puts her mind to something, even the gods wouldn’t sway her, quelling the mumbling. “Least try to be careful and use spells if you get into something your sword skills can’t get you out of, m’lady?” a male guard asked semi calmly, no, pleading with her, knowing the danger of her choice.

The love Skya had for her guards and people went beyond measuring, a two way path to say the least, she’d do everything for them, even put herself in harms way for them, a drive making her agree to the request. Before heading out, the woman left someone from her court in charge and trained first, ensuring her sword and magic skills were in top form. Skya had no idea this quest would expose her secret thoughts and wants, taking her on a road where sex might end her free spirit, not to mention end her rule.

As she headed out, jumping from tree to tree, only stopping for sleep, which didn’t bless her too much, bathing and food for days, the navy blue haired elf felt odd about one part of the forest, as if it had evil intentions, if that made any sense, sending her hand to her blad, ready to unsheathe it. Strange wouldn’t be the word for this feeling, eerie fit because even the tree spirits felt as though they could kill, one fact chilling the princess down. Not sure from where, her instincts told her to jump away, which Skya did, narrowly avoiding a dagger that clipped some hair, she found a female dark elf clad in black, almost Gothic armor behind her, getting her on a different tree.

A guess wasn’t needed, she knew the name of this dark elf and what she could do, that second fact alone sent the princess on high alert, getting her sword ready. “Saraphyn, you’re behind this cult?! I demand to know!” Skya said in a strong voice, unbridled anger dripping from start to finish while eyeing the dark woman, something hard to do with her black armor. Noting Saraphyn’s feet, the princess jumped, meeting her opponent in mid air about to strike, a sword swing met by wire, binding her wrists together before Saraphyn knocked her out.

How enjoyable it was to do that to the elven princess, nothing came to mind to describe the feeling, but Saraphyn was far from finished with Skya, not by any means, and that gave the dark elf a thrill. She knew she needed to get the princess back to the cult’s stronghold for mind stripping, she would before first light, this moment needed a topping to make it sweeter however. Though she didn’t need to do this, as it was so unnecessary, but the way Saraphyn felt, it’d kick more mud on the “perfect” princess, making her take hold of Skya’s hair and lift her limp body up before she said, “DEMANDS? Your demands will do you no good where you’re headed, dear… No, we plan to use you, pleasure and make you debase yourself, then who knows.” in a somewhat angry cat purr, ending the statement by licking the princess’s ear, leaving a wet trail.

What she did made a smile spread across her face as she looked at the soon to be victim, taking her body in, eyeing every detail, letting Saraphyn wander. After standing there drooling, probably fantasizing about making love to the navy blue haired elf, a possibility given the techniques the mages would use on her, Saraphyn put Skya over her shoulder and headed for the stronghold. Once there, priests went to work, putting the limp woman on a stone slab, a rather chilly one judging by the weak sigh that passed her lips and began chanting words of a forgotten tongue, having aura surround Skya. They didn’t need instruction, each one of the four knew their parts, pealing back the layers to the princess’s dark desires if you wanted to use that phrase, a practice the priests did well, flawlessly if truth be told.

Even though out from the dark elf woman’s blow, Skya felt what the priests were doing, invading her mind and stripping it of defenses, trying to get to the sensual secrets, secrets the princess rather not reveal. As she fought the mages, or tried putting up a good fight, judging by the strained look on the woman’s face, in a dream, she saw herself nude, on a torture rack being whipped by two faceless men while a third fingered her, taking minutes to eat her sex out, disturbing to say the least, images that compelled her to look away. After looking away, Skya’s dream self appeared on the device, naked, being worked at both ends, a degrading situation if there ever was one.

Nothing could describe the shame that being whipped and the other thing brought down on her, no words anyway, that was for sure, but as she felt the whip, some surges of impossible feelings started to bubble, feelings the elf princess held in by biting her lip. Skya did know what they were, saying she didn’t would just scar her more and the elf knew it, but giving into her secret desires wasn’t a luxury she could afford, making the princess toughen up her mental walls with magic. Even with help, in time the walls began cracking, exposing her sensual mindset, having her weakly moan while she said, Nooo, mm mustn’t give in. Have to fight, mmm…” weakly, almost under her breath, but there was little mistaken a hint of pleasure surrounding the words, driving the third man onward.

“Please stop it…” Skya pleaded in a moan while fighting the bonds, fearing she might succumb, something she knew already began by her juices flowing down her flawless leg, causing her to look away in shame, yet satisfaction crossed her path, having the elf princess yearn for round two. The woman felt something nudging her, it was and wasn’t her, as if some magic continued working on her, removing layer upon layer of her desires, exposing more of them as faceless women appeared. Little needed to be said what they wanted, hands on her flawless body, working it, kissing her body, breasts and all told her a lot, having a side of Skya afraid and want to resist, which lost a bit ago, the other side wanted this to happen, shooting chills up, down and through the elf’s body.

Biting her lip, trying to fight the waves of pleasure and what she wanted to do, it needed to be said Skya did boost her own mental defenses when Saraphyn knocked her out, and though the boost helped hold her desires in, most were free, playing for the princess, having her want, no need sex. As if they knew what desire flowed through her, the elf noticed two of the faceless beings start to release her from the bonds, stopping only to kiss her pointed ears, tracing them and did a lot more than words could say to hit every point of pleasure her body held, having the elven princess’s heart fluttering. “Mmm yes…” she moaned semi silently, though the two worked Skya like they heard the woman, tracing her cheek, with their hands slowly, almost to a fault before both gave her a wet kiss, a kiss the navy blue haired princess moaned into as she deepened it.

In many ways she knew this wasn’t right, it seemed so obvious from the start, that didn’t stop her though, quite the opposite, it fueled her in a sense, letting the faceless beings escort the elf to another waiting female. No words were said, Skya had a feeling the woman wanted her to get on top of her, compelling the elf to lay the unknown woman on the stone slab and mount her, hands taking everything about her in inch by sexy inch while hanging over her faceless lover. Feeling the being begin to attend to her bust, kissing, kneading and everything in between gave the elven princess chills that ran through her fine body and down her spine, making her arch her back while hands cradled the faceless woman to her bosom, letting her kisses tell the tail.

Oh, while the one under the princess attended to her bust, it left the rest open to do as they pleased, an invitation the faceless women couldn’t wait to RSVP on. They knew what they’d do to her to expose Skya to more treats on the menu, not like Skya wanted to refuse of course, making everyone of them kiss, rub and massage each part of her body, taking care to keep the navy blue haired elf on that edge of pleasure for the final phase of the spell. Saying the beings enjoyed the work of keeping the woman so close to the edge of release wouldn’t be the most accurate, more like relished in her cries of desire and seeing the princess’s love juice flow out so they might lick her pussy, cleaning it well for what would come next, a mission they took seriously.

“Moooore…” Skya’s dream self lustfully moaned, feeling herself on that ledge about to fall, but to her dismay, it seemed as if they wanted to keep her reeling, cruelty if there ever was any. Being relatively seduced to confront the side of herself she placed behind a wall made of rock, bathing in desire then not being able to find relief wasn’t fun, actually fun didn’t fit this situation, but it worked, almost bringing the princess to tears in her dream and her slumbering self. If she had a say, death would be better than the limbo these faceless beings had her in, the elf admitted that flat out, it didn’t look like that want wouldn’t be granted however, but as soon as she thought that, something grabbed a bunch of her navy blue hair and Skya felt something enter her sex, making the elf princess scream in pain, but very strong hints of pleasure within.

She’d love to see who was doing her now in fact, a wish she wanted to fulfill if the surges of passion weren’t ruling her, driving her to kiss the woman under her deeply, a kiss the elf put everything into. With each thrust, Skya felt herself close to what she needed most, even closer than she thought possible, some dream making the elven princess to close her eye as she said, “Yes, right there… Can’t hold on.” in a blissful moan, shivering of what could be a climax starting, compelling her to lock up, every nerve firing at once, having a silent scream exit before her beautiful frame fell under its own weight.

Awakening hours later, cuffed to the wall by what looked like rusty chains, though somehow when she tried breaking them, they proved otherwise, Skya found Saraphyn gazing at her, like drinking from a stream, a sight firing her defiance. “When my kingdom doesn’t hear from me, they’ll come looking, you twisted filth!” the princess said with fire in her voice, pulling at the bonds, but she found something off in the dark elf’s eye that spooked her, she couldn’t place why though.

After coming into the cell, rather loving the fact of the stuck up little girl held to the stone wall gave the female dark elf a thrill, making her so bold that she got in Skya’s face. Having the whole thing that the princess went through not be apparent to her just made Saraphyn want to laugh as hard as possible so she could kick more dirt on her, a laugh she needed to keep in, but she said, “Tisk princess, see by the time they try, you’ll be sold, pleasuring your owner.” she said with a grin but knelt to a knee, fingering the captive, adding, “You see dear, we cast something on you, making you crave sex and the human will find you rather slutty when it fully hits you.”

“Please stop it, I command you!!!” Skya said in a forceful tone to her voice, trying to get the dark elf to remove her finger, one demand that fell on deaf ears. Having this happen to her had the princess feel low, but to be a human’s property and probably be his sex slave more or less would kill the elf, having the woman’s fire ignite to escape. Yet, Skya felt something, a feeling may be, letting images of a human all over her to bleed into her head, wetting her pussy

“I told you princess, your demands and commands would mean little here!” Saraphyn answered with anger coupled with a sadistic pleasure in her tone of voice, fingering the navy blue haired elf’s sex faster and harder. Nothing better could please the dark elf than to see and hear Skya’s weak moans of what were most likely bliss, compelling her onward and attack her captive’s pussy faster. Still working the stuck up princess, signs told Saraphyn that it would only be a matter of minutes before her captive would cave, like Saraphyn needed signals anyway, having the dark elf slowly stand and kiss Skya’s chest,

Humiliation wouldn’t even cover how the princess felt, come to think of it, nothing would, having her fight against the bounds. Skya had no idea when, bits of arousal began to creep in, putting a stop to her resistance somewhat, making the elf bite her lip, the look of disgust all over her face. “I mustn’t give in, mmm…” the princess told herself in a mumble, trying to boost her defenses, a wasted speech and effort because surges going up her sexy frame broke the dam, causing Skya to flow onto Saraphyn’s finger.

Seeing the navy blue haired princess’s love juice on her finger did more than please the female dark elf, it empowered her, giving Saraphyn reason to smile while tasting the woman’s sweet liquid. There was little doubt what just happened knocked Skya down a few spaces, anyone with eyes could see that, all part of the dark woman’s plan. She held many elves captive, more than she cared to count, but none would fit what she needed or what her lover would want, but Saraphyn knew her human mate would go crazy over Skya, having her lick the princess’s ear and say, “My boyfriend and I will love you baby…” in a whisper, a purr followed the statement.

Every elf knew the stories about humans, they were unfit to breed with, unkept and the lowest form of life on the planet, so that fired Skya’s will a bit to give Saraphyn a dirty look. “Just like you to bed with some lower being, I will never let him touch me!!!!” she said in a angry sneer, pulling at the chains more with every word. Sickened wasn’t the word that Skya wanted to use, though it was better than some that she would use, but before the knew it, the princess found the dark elf’s hand meeting her face and a somewhat sharp pain followed, silencing her.

While Saraphyn knew the stories about human’s were untrue, hearing the princess say that kind of struck a cord, fueling her anger more. “Oh sweetie, how wrong you are, you’ll see…” the dark elf said in a purr by the captive’s ear, quelling the thoughts of slapping Skya more, something hard to ignore. At first glance, it might seem like Saraphyn and her man want to keep the princess as a sex slave, cum dump, whatever the term might be, but that truth was far from that, the dark elf knew that a longing was in Skya’s eyes, a want Saraphyn wanted to help Skya explore.

Thoughts of a human inside her, having his way with her didn’t sit well with the princess, firing her resistance again, but as she pulled at her bonds, the dark elf’s hand struck her harder, dragging Skya’s head downward. Looking down at the cold dirty floor, all Skya could picture was a human taking her, a distasteful image indeed, though a piece of her found it alluring. “Why is that thought crossing my mind?” the navy blue haired woman asked herself softly, some feeling she hid from others laced in with the question.

Mating with humans was looked upon as the ultimate sin, Skya knew and obeyed that more or less, but parts of the elf always had a yearning to try it, though she blocked that off. For obvious reasons, not to mention the fact she was due to be crowned, the princess had to bury that want, and perhaps in time, believed the stories. Now, though able to explore that, there were parts of herself telling her she’d be an outcast, basically ripping the princess apart, making a tear fall.

When the day came to present Skya to her boyfriend, Saraphyn knew what she needed and wanted to do. Standing at the princess’s cell door, sending one of her underlings to get the navy blue fairy curled haired elf ready would’ve been one option, but the dark elf knew they would’ve raped or scarred the woman and she didn’t want that, at least not that day. “Believe me or not, I don’t care, I’m trying to help you explore something…” Saraphyn said calmly as she unlocked the chains, taking Skya to bathe.

She could say things, words were there and truthfully, the princess had a little fire left, but three days or whatever without a bath worked on her, breaking her to a degree. Watching the dark elf draw a bath, though she heard her wanting to help her, “Why is she doing this?” went through Skya’s mind, watching her captor draw the water for the woman’s bath. Skya knew Saraphyn planned to give her to her human, an idea still not going down her throat very easy, if easy was the word for it, the dark elf didn’t hit or made no aggressive move towards her that day, throwing the princess.

As she removed the off pink bow from the elf’s long flowing hair, letting the rest of it drop, Saraphyn walked Skya over to the hole of water, taking the rest of the princess’s clothes off. After, the dark elf removed her armor and what little she had on, directing the navy blue haired woman in while coming in behind her, sensing a bit of resistance. Slapping Skya did enter Saraphyn’s mind, having the idea almost draw her hand back, but no, though she had ice for blood, making her heartless in someways, meeting the man she loved more or less warmed her blood, besides Saraphyn didn’t wish to hurt their new roommate.

Being escorted into the bath by the dark elf made the princess fear what may come next, making a chill climb her spine. Okay, the word didn’t quite fit, but Skya knew that Saraphyn was attracted to men and women and how she seemed to look at her, a small bit of hunger in her eye put the princess on edge, making the chill grow colder. Should she try to fight if her bath partner tried anything, this question preyed on Skya’s mind, having her eyes meet Saraphyn’s, as they did though, something odd were in them.

The dark female knew she could overpower the princess, taking what she felt like, but rape just didn’t fit into this scene though. No, when she fell in love, things on that nature just seemed unnecessary so to speak, having Saraphyn reach for Skya’s shoulders, massaging them slowly. As she worked, it didn’t escape the dark elf that she became “domesticated”, something she told herself she’d never do before the guy melted her ice heart, but now, though somewhat chilly, she couldn’t picture being without him.

The fact that Saraphyn’s hands were massaging her shoulders gave her chills, adding to an already tense moment, but uncertainty mounted to the stress Skya felt, making her want to jump at any movement the dark elf made. With each passing moment of having her enemy’s hands on her, trying to “easy the tension off”, yeah, like that might happen, the princess continued feeling chills run her spine, but then, an odd feeling as well. It wasn’t like the feeling she felt when this started, no, it felt warm, nice in a way, having Skya look back at Saraphyn.

Though the princess couldn’t place what stirred within her, she knew it seemed like arousal, one impossible thing. “I can’t be… What is this?” the navy blue haired elf mumbled, feeling the stress melt from her, letting herself be molded under the dark elf’s hands. Being heir to the throne, not to mention other duties her parents had her doing before taking it, sex with anyone took a backseat. And besides, she never really had time to explore anything she wanted, especially this, leaving Skya looking at Saraphyn for what could be guidance.

Peering back, though faint, the princess’s bath partner saw hints of longing in her eyes, hints telling Saraphyn to proceed with her plan. Skya’s look gave the dark elf permission to do whatever, that went without saying, and the woman had plans begging to be employed, but she knew if her and her boyfriend wanted her to live their lifestyle with them, most of the things that she wanted to do to the princess would have to go, having Saraphyn’s hands explore the blue haired elf’s body slowly, almost as if she was a sculptor working clay.

Shivers radiated up, down and through the elf princess’s sexy body, compelling her to bite her lip as she looked back at her once captor, soon to be lover. Again, Skya never had time to think about sex before, but feeling the dark elf’s hands gliding over her flawless skin, going over her ample bosom and working them caused her heart to flutter. No words could describe the amount of lust that the princess had in her eyes, it would hurt to say verbally, having the two elves lip lock in a deep and seductive way.

Deepening the kiss while wrapping her arms around the navy blue haired woman, Saraphyn’s kiss spoke volume after volume. For the longest time, being like this with the princess had been playing out in the dark elf’s head, keeping her “grounded”, but she never once tried this before now, making her tongue wrestle Skya’s. After a few minutes of tongue play, the two broke the kiss and Saraphyn began raining kisses on the princess’s neck, taking care to hit every pleasure point along the way.

“Hmmm, so wrong, but so……” the princess panted a bit under her breath as she felt the surges her paramour’s assault caused, loving them. After moving her face to expose more of her neck for her lover, Skya knew something wasn’t right with her, instinct wiped that away though, having the elf woman left arm reach back and hold Saraphyn’s head to her neck. Little needed to be said, how Skya blushed gave the fact she enjoyed this away, but she wanted more, making her turn and face her bath mate before cupping the dark elf’s head in her hands, bringing Saraphyn to her bust.

Pleasuring the princess’s bosom and rather loving it, the dark elf couldn’t deny how quickly the spell ripped the wall away, or perhaps Skya had always been this repressed sexually. Working the woman’s pillows, kissing, massaging them, only taking a few minutes at a time to rubs the nipples, it excited Saraphyn to finally act out a fantasy she had for what seemed like a lifetime, making the dark elf relish this more with each feel. She also knew her human male would enjoy the princess as well, if not more so, knowledge drawing Saraphyn to Skya’s ear, love biting it before she asked, “Are you ready to meet my other half, my sweet?” purring, almost in a singsong tone.

Perhaps the blissful surges going through the young elf like lightening, fueling the state that held her in it’s grip, who knows, but Skya couldn’t help but to say, “I want, I want, mmm…” in a loud pant, bringing Saraphyn to her breasts. She knew full well the dark elf’s mate was human, possibly a dirty one too, that might not be too far from truth, but parts of the high elf wanted him inside her though. It would be a sin to admit that if her right mind controlled her, Skya knew that, the way she felt right then threw “laws and beliefs” out the window, leaving the navy blue haired lady yearning.

Hearing her bath mate’s lust as she said that she wanted to meet the dark elf’s human, not to mention the look on the princess’s face told her Skya was ready. Saraphyn knew she and her lover wouldn’t rape, scar or harm the elf goddess in any way, they had a code of sorts to uphold, she just wanted to open Skya’s eyes. Taking the blue haired young lady’s hand, escorting her out of the water, the dark elf said, “We just want to show you a life that isn’t sinful, like people told you it is, that’s it…” calmly, a type of sincerity she would normally gag on in Saraphyn’s statement as she helped Skya dress.

Being sent back to her cell, all the princess had were thoughts running through her mind. “That wasn’t me…” she mumbled softly, almost tearing up. Yes, she wanted a human once, to her, the idea made her heart race and her juices want to spill onto her leg, Skya admitted, but duty to her people put that flame out, or did it? And now, her enemy wanted to help her reignite that, making the princess worry, causing a chill go through her.

The idea of coupling with another race, a race that she was told would be a sin to mate with did intrigue her, even she couldn’t deny that, but could the princess trust them was a thing. “Why does she want to do this?” Skya repeated to herself in a low tone again, puzzled by that statement. Anytime before, the two elves were at each other’s throat, ready to kill, so what changed was the question. The princess didn’t discount the idea that Saraphyn might be trapping her, call it old habits, having the blue haired elf plan, but wait and see.

Though it would’ve been a good move to bind her, the next day Saraphyn didn’t, opting to take the high elf through the portal into the human realm freely. The fact that Skya could try something wasn’t lost on the dark one, she saw hints of a plot in her eyes truthfully, but how the movements of this world caught her, one could say the princess was sidetracked, making the two proceed to the man’s home.

Looking around, the things going on around her, transportation devices that required no horse, buildings made of materials she hasn’t seen before and the people amazed her, having the woman’s curiosity peaking. Skya couldn’t fathom everything she set her eyes on, compelling her to blink several times before asking, “Is everything this amazing?” in a sort of childlike curious manner. How she sounded wasn’t lost on the elf princess, she wanted to reword that better, but couldn’t, a fact making her feel small.

While the two walked, hearing the tone of the princess’s question made Saraphyn smile slightly because she was the same a year ago. “There are more things that will blow your mind, trust me!” the dark elf replied with in a light tone, no malice or deception in her statement. Skya was going to be their partner, that was true, but it didn’t mean she or her male wouldn’t let Skya explore the things around her. No, they’d let her “out” at times and come with them to places.

When both women got to the home of the dark elf’s man, nothing could prepare the princess for what she saw. Skya thought her enemy’s human mate would be downright unattractive, basically a beast or worse, but to be honest, she ate her words. Though the princess wasn’t willing to rule out the idea they’d probably rape her, she was a would be slave after all, and not only that, the stigma she has about humans, but she could see herself with him.

Saraphyn always had a cold heartless way about her, all who faced her could tell people that, but when she saw the man, Skya saw something change in the dark woman when she hugged the person, something she couldn’t place, throwing her. “Daniel, did you think I wasn’t coming home?” the dark elf asked kindly before deeply kissing him, letting their lip lock linger. Saraphyn would be the first to admit, if she met this man years earlier, she would made the guy a corpse, but when they met, things he did melted her armor she put around her heart.

After the two broke the kiss, there were a mountain of comebacks he could answer her with, most had a sexual overtone intertwined, but seeing they had company, and knowing the blue haired woman would be joining their household, Daniel didn’t want to come off perverted. “Well, I knew my home cooking would lure you home.” he said happily while rubbing her face, though she knew how he felt, he didn’t need to go overboard. While the two were still embracing, Daniel’s eye fell on Skya, instantly attracting the man to her.

Watching him, Saraphyn didn’t need to guess that her mate found the princess alluring, his face said everything, making the dark elf motion Skya over. True, she took the elf away from her people, violated her mind by casting a spell on her and made her think she was a slave, things a demon may punish her for after death, she knew that, but Saraphyn had good intentions. Once the navy blue haired princess came over, Daniel’s dark elf said, “Baby, this is Skya, the woman I told you about.” in a calm tone, putting a hand on the princess’s shoulder, attempting to ease her a bit.

“You told him about me?!” went through Skya’s mind, almost making her want to attack the dark woman, but standing there, she felt strange. Butterflies fit, though for a human, it made this one awkward moment for her to the point she started struggling to find words. “Hello, nice to meet you…” the princess said in a low voice while extending a hand out, but avoiding eye contact because she knew she found him attractive as well. It was important to note too that meeting people, royalty especially wasn’t Skya’s strongest trait, causing the elf to be nervous.

Danial didn’t gloss over the elf’s nervousness when her body language offered a picture. “Likewise, m’lady!” he said in a kind tone of voice as he shook her hand, but added, “You two hungry? I made dinner and coffee or tea.” in a attempt to breakup the fears she might have. He admitted that he wasn’t sure if this would help her or not, all he could do was to be kind, helping her adjust, having Daniel lead both ladies into the house.

“Smells good dear! Bass from the pond out back?” Saraphyn asked after the scent filled her nose, getting her mouth watering. There were a number of things that made the dark one fall for the man, too many to count, but his fishing skills could be put on the list.

“Mhm, caught and cleaned yesterday.” he answered with a sort of cheerfulness in his voice as he served the food to her and their new housemate. Daniel always had a knack for living off the land, being one with nature, not taking too much, the whole nine yards that if he had kids, he would teach them the skills to do the same. As all three began eating, silence didn’t even cover the situation around the table, a cemetery fit best, but both Saraphyn and the man noticed Skya scarfing the food like mad, a sight making them smile.

To think, a human made this exquisite meal, having Skya savor every bite, it blew the woman’s mind. Perhaps she could learn to live with him and Saraphyn, mate with them, it seemed like a good simple life, unlike home. Sure, there had to be bumps and the like, such as chores and more, but tasks like that were not beneath her, the princess wanted to do them, the servants didn’t allow it, something the navy blue haired elf wanted to change.

“Love, I’m going out to train with the staff you’ve made for me, but later there’s something I want to talk to you about.” Saraphyn said as she looked at Daniel after placing her plate by the sink. True, she wanted to train with the gift her man made for her, there was no denying that, but the dark elf had another reason why she picked that moment to go train, it was to give Daniel and the princess time together.

As Daniel gave her a kiss, one Saraphyn returned deeper, wonder had him in that spell, making him recall the subjects they discussed. “Mmm, do I get a guess?” he playfully asked while looking into her eyes, the love he had for her spilling over. Watching her leave, it hit the man that Saraphyn might want to talk about marriage or having a child, both subjects were on the table before she left, but honestly, they talked about so many things it could be anything, something leaving Danial guessing as he started the water for the dishes.

Watching the two, it became clear that Saraphyn, her once swore enemy loved this man, it showed so much, making Skya smile. The princess felt a flame of what could only be want for him as well, and knew why the woman left them alone together, the dark elf wasn’t that slick, but could the navy blue haired elf talk to him was on her mind. Clearing her space, Skya took a breath, trying to summon the courage to talk to Daniel before taking her dishes to the counter.

“May I help?” she asked, not trying to sound meek, but feared her voice betrayed her, having her head go down. How she wanted time with him to get over the stigma couldn’t be measured, but she felt failure’s grip around her, making Skya begin to walk away. Before getting too far, the princess felt a tug on her skimpy kimono, compelling her to look back and what she saw told her to stay, lifting her spirit.

“I’ll wash and you dry?” the man asked in a kind tone, knowing the elf needed and wanted to do this because something made it clear that nobody let her do these things. Helping Skya in this, showing her how to dry the plates, cups and silverware, as simple as the task was, one she picked up in minutes gave him time to address something he saw in the woman’s expression. Daniel had a way of wording things that made them not sound blunt, a gift that he used often, letting him help some people breakout of their shell and not be afraid. He could’ve read her wrong, that he admitted fully, but taking a chance, he said, “Saraphyn hasn’t told me, but you’re feeling on edge around me. Guessin’ you had little or no contact with humans where you’re from?” in the same kind manner he welcomed her with.

That last part of what he said made Skya stop what she was doing and think. She wasn’t mad or anything, it just threw the elf that he could see it clearly, though she covered it from most for ages, making her look at him and say, “I use to daydream about having a human mate, but overtime, some advisers and dealings with a few from my realm made that fantasy seem wrong.” regret laced itself in with the statement, having Skya feel lower than dirt because she liked the man.

How she felt didn’t go unnoticed by Daniel, he knew something like that had to be the reason, getting him to understand the princess a little. The man couldn’t undo her past, he knew that, but all he could do was show her that not all males are scumbags, an omission letting that fuel the coming words as he said, “Not all human men are backwards. A few live in this world too, you just need to weed out the bad apples before you find a good one.” in his calm kind way.

As she helped him put the dishes away, Skya dared to think she found a good man in him, making a slight smile appear on the elf’s face. She also dared to say that being with Saraphyn and Daniel was something she wanted for ages, just didn’t have the courage to admit it until now. While finishing the task at hand, the weight she had before that made her on edge lifted and freed her, having the princess open up to Daniel, something she wanted for awhile now.

“Come, let me show you the cabin.” the man said as they talked, guiding her through the place, noting her amazement. It wasn’t known how many topics they had in common, like his Saraphyn, the things seemed endless, but when Skya saw the Samurai swords, Daniel saw her eyes, having him show her a few. “Collecting these is a hobby of mine, but I learned swordsmanship years ago.” he said with pride, letting her look at one, watching the princess handle it with skill.

Skya had no words to describe how she felt seeing this, but really, it made her feel at home. “Can you show me a few moves sometime?” she asked, not trying to sound like some envious child who was swooning over a spell, charm or the like. True, the princess realized this realm might look down upon female warriors, a realization having her want to take back the question, not to mention the way she sounded while asking, compelling her to hand the weapon to Daniel,

He saw the shame in her eyes when there shouldn’t have been, having the man refuse to take the blade back. “Another thing her kind must’ve frowned on her doing.” Daniel thought to himself as he placed a hand on her shoulder warmly. Saraphyn and him would need to teach her a few things, that was a task the two talked about before, one thing they agreed on doing, making the man look her in the eye. “I can’t accept the sword, you keep it for when I show you some techniques.” he said in a soothing voice as he pushed the sword away, adding, “Here, both men and women practice the martial arts, so you can too.”

All she could do was nod and smile while putting the sheathe at her side before she said, “Thank you so much…” softly, almost in tears. Once more, Skya fell deeper in love with him, hoping the feeling in her stomach wouldn’t end soon, something having her risk a hug. Holding him felt really right and had her admit if she followed her heart years ago and met a human like Daniel, she wouldn’t have listened to the lies, an omission making Skya’s embrace tighter.

As a joke, “Ahh, you’re choking me.” popped into Danial’s mind, but his arms went around the elf princess, returning the gesture. Being this close to her, the guy couldn’t deny the way she smelled as scent of what could be wild flowers hit his nose, compelling him to take in a deeper whiff. He was sure she felt a spark when Saraphyn introduced them, and he needed to thank her for bringing Skya into their triad family after they had sex of course, but later, if the princess wanted, he’d have her as well.

After showing Skya to her room, he saw his dark elf come up and take his hand, escorting him to their bedroom. By the way Saraphyn seemed to be carrying herself, Daniel surmised the woman had something on her mind more than the usual, having him sit on their bed and look at her intently, love in his eyes. When Saraphyn got close, she took off her armor, punishment shoulder gear and the rest of her clothing, standing nude and said, “Babe, I had time to think about what we wanted and now that we took Skya in, I want to be with you and her. Most of all, I would like to start having children with you.” softly, seduction and love for her man intertwined in her voice as she unzipped Daniel’s pants.

She never thought of herself as the motherly type before, kids annoyed her to no end as a matter of fact, but after her heart warmed, perhaps she let the idea grow. Having a baby would be uncharted territory for her, probably harder than she realizes, the dark elf admitted, but Saraphyn found solace in the fact that Daniel and Skya might aid her, having her want this. After getting his pants down, she had a plan, one she knew her man would love, compelling her hand to his meat, stroking it.

Watching her stroke it and feeling himself begin to respond, if this was a dream, he didn’t wanna get woken up. Seriously though, Daniel never seen her like this before, and yes, she took the lead a few times when they had sex, that wasn’t what shocked him. What did however was the fact she wanted a child, something the two discussed, but never to a great length, having the man pull her to his lap and bury himself in her ample bust.

His lips on her breasts always made her pant when they had sex, but that night, Saraphyn felt more, having her head go back as a smile appeared. Still servicing him with one hand, her free one pulled him into her, letting the man get as detailed as he’d like. “Daniel, mmm…” she said longingly in a moan before kissing him deeply and lustfully, her love driving her, an emotion making him return it. After their tongues went to war, she pushed him down onto the bed and got over him. Looking down at him, Saraphyn could do anything and every sexual desire she wanted, ideas were there, and her man would love it, knowledge getting a smirk to show up on her face, but the dark woman just settled on lowering herself and help Daniel’s cock break into her pussy.

As his meat began spreading her apart, instinct took him over, Daniel kissed her hard, lingering in it while his hands roamed her back, taking it in slowly. He could turn the dark one on her back and do her as he saw fit, he could but the man kind of liked her control, an admission shown by seeking for Saraphyn’s hand. Once they found the others hand and intertwined their fingers, the two moved in perfect sync, when the dark elf pushed downward, her man countered, doing love’s dance, stopping long enough to kiss and feel their bodies.

Squeezing Daniel’s hand as she felt him inside, Saraphyn had no words for how she felt, having her put her free arm under the man’s head, lifting it some before mauling his neck with kisses and some love marks. “I love you so much…” she said in a breathy pant in his ear between kisses, riding Daniel somewhat faster while he did the same to her neck. Saraphyn knew the man loved her, but the way he rained kisses, moved his hands over her and slapped her butt, pinching it drove the dark elf back to some animal like state, making her kiss him harder while a familiar sensation built up within the woman, compelling he to arch her back.

Cupping her breasts, coming up to attend to them, the feeling of the coming orgasm couldn’t be denied by Daniel, having him work Saraphyn’s pleasure points, or a few more before it hit, which made her mad with lust. He knew she loved this, by her reaction there was little doubt, getting him to bite her earlobe as he gave one final thrust, sending both over the edge in bliss. While the surges of release unchained them, compelling their bodies to stop obeying them, both didn’t know how long the fall from cloud nine would be, not like they cared, but as the two fell, Saraphyn’s limp body fell on Daniel, a look of satisfaction on her face.

What the two may or may not have known was that Skya saw them having sex, daydreaming they invited her into the room and took her to bed. Warm wouldn’t begin to touch how so turned on it made her feel, nothing could, but ever since Saraphyn made love to her and brought her to meet Daniel, the princess thought about nothing else other than being with them, letting a smile grace the elf’s face. Skya knew this life wouldn’t be accepted back in the realm, it would be shamed, and she knew that, but perhaps she refused elven husbands because deep inside she knew she wanted this lifestyle.

The next day, Saraphyn and her man awoke, kissing each other tenderly while in a embrace. Both loved what happened last night, it was so apparent from the way Daniel and the dark woman were playing, love biting one another, but sadly, Saraphyn had to go into work, though she wished the hospital would’ve given her more time off, she wanted to ensure she might conceive, but work called, having the dark elf kiss her man and get out of bed. After getting up, Saraphyn snapped her fingers and made her scrubs appear on her as well as altering her looks to look human.

It was no secret, Daniel knew she hated to hide what she was, the proof pasted itself on her face each time, having him hold her, unsure what to say. He new she didn’t like masking herself as a human, that was obvious, so the best course might be have her stop working, but no, it went deeper than that. Though it wouldn’t fix the long term issue, a way hit the man that would let his two ladies walk around as themselves for a weekend without magically altering their features, namely their ears, the most sexiest part, driving Daniel to a drawer.

Watching him, Saraphyn knew her expression sparked something within her mate, compelling her to help him look. True, she needed to get off to work, the dark elf didn’t dispute that, but this seemed more pressing, as if Daniel wanted to tell her some news. When he stopped and picked up a white envelope she could only guess what it held, having Saraphyn look at her man, raising an eyebrow. Saraphyn never cared for surprises, of that she told the man after dating him for three months, so the dark elf should break his balls, but when he handed the envelope over, giving her a silent nod to open it, what she wanted to do fell to the wayside, making the woman rip the thing open.

“I know it’ll just be for three days, but those tickets are for the anime and cosplay expo next month. Figured we three could go and you and Skya can walk around like elves.” Daniel said as he saw her looking at the tickets, intrigue in her eye. As he thought, it would only be a small fix and he knew she knew that, for that weekend though, they wouldn’t need magic to hide what they were, and that fact fact made a smile cross Saraphyn’s boyfriend’s face. As soon as she hugged him, nothing needed saying, Daniel knew the woman wanted to go and was relieved by what he said, having her kiss him, a kiss the man deepened.

Even if it pained her, and yes it did to no end, the dark elf had to go, having her part from her mate. “I can’t wait and I know she’ll want to go. You two fun with each other, she wants you, badly.” Saraphyn said playfully, a bit of purr in the tone. She knew he wanted Skya, it was all over his face and the woman knew he wouldn’t deny it, but even if he did, she knew better, having Saraphyn smirk while she walked out the door.

“Man, the hints she dropped on that last part, can we say bombs?” the man mumbled jokingly while dressing before going to turn the coffee maker on. As he came downstairs, Daniel caught Skya outside practicing with the sword he gave her, having him watch her with great interest, letting him just stand there. “And her people looked at her badly because she studied swordsmanship, why?” the man asked himself under his breath, shocked how ass backward the elven culture must be, having him not wanna visit. From what he was seeing, Skya had a good foundation, and yes, Daniel meant it sexually too, but as far as techniques went, hers was damn good, better than some high ranking masters.

Though she wasn’t facing the door, perhaps the elf princess felt Daniel’s eyes on her because a smile ran across her face as she finished practicing. Sheathing the blade, it couldn’t be denied that her heart started fluttering because the two were alone, knowledge fueling desires she had sense watching him and Saraphyn have sex. No human made desires ooze like the ones now flashing before her, getting her to bite her lip, Skya admitted that fact, she never let a human in like she let the man watching in, having the blue haired elf plot her next move. There were so many roads she could take to get to where she wanted to be, that the elf princess admitted without delay, and though playing with Daniel before letting him take her seemed like an ideal route, Skya didn’t think she could wait.

That didn’t mean they couldn’t play out a scene she had in mind, a scene that would seem hot and romantic to both, sending her to the pond. Being able to think able sex so openly and casually like this put her in uncharted waters, an area her advisers, not to mention most of her people would shun her for, but Skya no longer cared, she found happiness. At the water, the elf had no idea if Daniel would follow, a thought that passed through her mind, having the woman debate going back, however when she looked up, the man was heading her way, compelling Skya to put her hair in a bun style, put her sword sheath down before stripping.

Even before getting there, the man saw her getting naked, leaving no guesswork for him, he knew the elf princess wanted him. Daniel wasn’t about to lie and say he didn’t want to take her, his burning loins would tell the truth, but Saraphyn’s mate couldn’t just be a brute and just screw her, that was not his style. No, though he had little to go on, it didn’t pass by him that the elf had something hot in mind, getting the man down there. Seeing her back turned towards him, he could strip then come take her, everything would be in place for that, Daniel knew that, but stripped, went to her and started rubbing her.

“He did pickup the hint…” Skya said to herself as she relaxed and looked back toward him, love expressed on her face. The way his wet hands went over her skin, touching every part of it, casting some sort of spell over her felt like a dream, one the elf had no want to wake from. Leaning back on him while Daniel’s hands continued to cast their spell, Skya couldn’t deny her heart skipped a few beats, like she even wanted to deny that, having her dare a kiss, a kiss her human returned and deepened.

No words were left to say what she had inside, their bodies would express that, something the princess admitted as she let one arm come up around his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss. When this began some days ago, hate for Saraphyn and all she stood for was all she felt for the dark elf, but now, being around her and the man, that feeling melted, which set her heart free. Once the two broke the kiss, Skya turned her head away from Daniel as she panted, feeling the soft attention he gave her neck, attention making her face red and heart flutter.

Assaulting the elf princess’s neck with kisses and the like, little had to be said, she wanted him, driving the man to nip her ear. “You’re very beautiful, Skya.” in it after the love peck, a slight purr in the tone. Nothing more needed to be said, though Daniel could’ve said he couldn’t wait to take her, something not untrue, but he had more class than to tell her that. Having a goddess like her ready to be molded wasn’t new to him, Saraphyn was like that when they first made love, though she was a bit more aggressive, which the man loved and perhaps fed into, making Daniel debate being aggressive with Skya, before he finished the thought, she turned to face him.

Peering into the guy’s eyes, nothing but love for him reflected in the elf’s face made her deeply kiss Daniel while Skya began grinding against his midsection. Instinct had a say in the action, no denying it, but the woman felt the way he wanted her from the way he looked, the way the man returned the kiss confirmed it, making the princess moan into it. Sure, Skya never had sex with a man, just had those old fantasies she walled up to draw on, the navy blue haired woman admitted, however perhaps a fairy came by the elf’s ear because she opened her legs, letting Daniel in.

While easing inside, spreading and shredding the princess’s purity, Saraphyn’s man didn’t have anything to describe it, having him roam the woman’s back with his hands. He wanted her, enough said, how he held her while starting to thrust, getting a gentle rhythm going gave it away, but when Daniel felt Skya counter, it only wet his thirst for her more, having him break the kiss and nip her pointed ear. As he kissed her neck, shoulder and whatever else he could get to, the man felt his lover put her chin on his shoulder, a silent message to begin the final phase of this. Sexual games in water are a blast, no one would deny that fact, Daniel didn’t, but he felt Skya wanted to please him like Saraphyn did the other night, compelling him to carry her to land, kissing her and more all the way.

Out of the water, though still pretty unfinished, not to mention fighting nature’s impulses, the two parted, having him withdraw from the elf’s pussy. Looking at Daniel, knowing the love he had for her and the dark elf, Skya knew many paths could be taken to bliss, but just one enticed her more than any of them, having her put a hand on his chest and ease him on his back. Seeing him like this had images of the previous night when she watched Saraphyn get all over him flash in her eyes, priming the princess, having her take her navy blue hair out of the bun style and let it fall as she got over Daniel.

Breathless was the only way that would paint how the elven princess looked over him, no other word could’ve worked. Peering up at her, brushing some of her hair aside, the lust in her eye told him Skya watched Saraphyn do him like this and wanted to take a page from her playbook, nothing wrong with that because it was sexy, an omission that drove Daniel to kiss her deeply, a kiss Skya returned, moaning into it. The guy had many ways he wanted to give her pleasure so they might bathe in pleasure’s high, Saraphyn’s man admitted that much, something sending his hands to pinch her ass, but no, this was her turn to please him, making Daniel put his plans aside.

After breaking the kiss, Skya didn’t want to deny the blaze within herself, she couldn’t really, letting her lower to the man’s meat. “Uhhh…mmm..” she gasped, almost silently as her sex let Daniel in, amazed her body accepted him easier this time. Once ready, animal instinct came by the elf’s ear, telling her to ride the man’s rod, an activity that needed no hesitation, compelling Skya to rock her frame, pausing just long enough to kiss the man.

Only she knew what the pleasure that ruled felt like, driving Skya downward on his cock, the elf admitted, but once she felt his lips on her breast, kissing it and his counter, that gave all she needed, sending her all over him, tracing, kissing and more. “Ugh… Daniel, I love you…” the elven princess purred before kissing his chest, riding him faster, feeling what could only be fire of a climax building up. Nothing but their own bliss mattered now, having their bodies sync up so perfectly, one giving, the other taking while surges guided their hands together, squeezing each time either gave or countered. When the volcano blew, Skya screamed as the waves stroked her body, locking it up and had her kiss Daniel hard, a kiss he deepened.

Both never knew how long the ride lasted, all the man and woman knew was when it ended, the feeling of holding each other gave them peace. Kisses to the elf’s ear said more than words would ever say, Daniel didn’t have any problem saying openly if asked, and he knew Skya would agree with him. After a time, though they didn’t wish too, Saraphyn’s man got up and dressed with the princess following suite, but neither denied the fact both couldn’t wait for the next episode, how Daniel rubbed Skya’s ass gave it away.

When they returned to the cabin, Skya saw the man the elves both loved get his sword and go outside, compelling her to follow. It didn’t take any thought to see he wanted to show her some techniques, something the princess asked of him, and now to actually see what he would reveal, well nothing would express the excitement she had, having her smile. Even though he hadn’t said a word, Skya had a feeling Daniel wanted her to cross blades with him, a dangerous request if they misstep, but his eyes told her he’d go slow, getting the princess to draw and come at him.

He thought her swordsmanship was great when he first saw her practice earlier, that still held true, but there were gaps he could see. Oh, he wouldn’t say they were big flaws, they weren’t, though if enemies wanted, the holes would be be a perfect defense breaker, having Daniel halt her before saying, “You’re style is perfect, but that parry you did has one flaw your opponent can exploit. Come at me again.” kindness showing through in every word as he readied for the navy blue haired elf’s attack. When Skya did the same technique, Danial parried her blade, making her sword run into the ground, adding, “From here, the opponent thinks you’ll be off balance, and if you were untrained, they’d come around from behind and take your life, but there is a counter.” the same tone of voice guiding her, teaching her all afternoon until Saraphyn came home.

What she saw, it couldn’t be missed that the princess loved the man, even picking up signs they had sex, something bringing a smile to the dark elf’s face.


A Possible Rewrite!

Deadra With Pink Hair


In 2016, a story was started which had the ninja cat girl named Deadra, (seen above) as the main character. Yes, it was an adult piece, full of sex crazed demons and the like, but she had a secret, she was in love with a human blade maker from our realm who she met while her time here, though never told him. Anyway, things happen that he needed to go save her and weed out corruption in Deadra’s clan.

As good as I though it was, the story was dropped, but now that my skills have evolved, ideas are in my head to rewrite it after a few other stories wrap. Dare not show the first draft from 2016, it’s a UTTER mess! 😦

Weekend Plan

Before starting, I hope those who celebrate Thanksgiving have a good one! I, on the other hand don’t plan on going anyplace, but thank the gods my nephew’s taking the kids somewhere, leaving me here in peace, aka a mini vacation. My plan is a simple one. Later, will attack a few stories, maybe closing a couple in the process.




Black Friday I want to replay Space Quest 1 from the SQC that I bought on Steam months ago then go on to Space Quest 2 and try playing 3 for the first time. I had 1 and 2 on our old Apple IIGS growing up and they were fun stress free games to chill out on, good memories!!! 🙂


At some point, I’m tossing around starting a play through of the PC version of the game below, below worry has me though.




Problem is almost every Logitech F310 game pad I had shorts out over time and I wouldn’t want it glitching when I get to a  key point and it craps. I know, use the keyboard, but while the keyboard’s decent for some games, I need the F310. Plans are in the works to get Logitech’s wireless pad.

A Wife’s Wish (Open Story Progress.)



Before showing how far I’ve gotten with this one, there are a few things that need saying. This story was inspired by the original Blade Runner movie from the 80s & has Aki Yoshira, the woman above in it. It has subjects that may not agree with some people, such as crude sexual humor, love scenes, cloning and by the time it is done, a lot of violence.


Any errors will be corrected in the finished work, this is an Alpha of the story to show the progress. I really hope you enjoy and feedback’s welcomed. 🙂



A Wife’s Wish.

Aki Yoshira and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

AUTHOR’S NOTES: This work of fiction has strong language, a little M/F sex, blood/gore and some things that may not be for some readers. If you’re one of those readers, read no further.

In the year 2320, human cloning is about to become a reality, a dream of one young scientist, but after her death, will her husband do the right thing and fulfill her final request?

Looking through a microscope at what could be the answer to two years of work, noting any reaction, studies she took quite seriously, the scientist, who was about twenty always took a few moments to look at her husband’s picture and smile. She knew people joked and picked on her, saying she was too married to her project to be have any kind of personal life, and to a degree they weren’t wrong, how the blue haired woman fixed her gold rimmed glasses proved that, but as she moved the sample, putting it away, Aki knew the marriage was right. Sure, rough patches were many, a lot than most marriages probably, she wasn’t about to sugar coat it, but they worked through them, coming out stronger.

After taking the rubber gloves off and pitching them, the video phone began to ring, a noise driving a grin across her face as she headed to answer. It wasn’t a mystery, the woman knew her husband would be on the other end, that fact alone had Aki’s heart fluttering before she answered and said, “Hey, on your way up or do I have time to get nude for my man?” playfully, especially on that last part, but her words had a meaning behind them, one she hoped her man would get. Though a dedicated scientist on the verge of the biggest breakthrough in genetics, the couple wanted a family, something she never really had, but wanted, compelling them to discuss it.

“Um well, how long ya need, my hot lab worker? I can stop the elevator, but that might tick security off!” the man replied with, getting his wife’s hint, but added, “You realize if my pole hits that cold exam table in there, that’ll act like a cold shower, killing the mood.” pornographic visuals all around the statement, making Aki laugh hard. Really though, it almost brought a tear when he heard the woman say that after months of discussion, having a smile paste itself on his face. As he stepped off the elevator, he knew Aki wouldn’t want to try getting pregnant there at work, though she had a kinky side so he didn’t rule that out, the man realized they never took a honeymoon, and even though she would need to come in tomorrow, renting a hotel room wasn’t out of the question.

When he entered the lab, her words couldn’t say the things she wanted, a kiss could, sending the young lady into her husband’s arms, giving him a long wet passionate one with her grinding against him at the end.”John, you know that I’ve decided to start our family, that is, if you still want children.” Aki said in a loving whisper after the kiss ended, having her peer into his eyes, as if they held what she wanted to know. True, the woman already knew his response, enough said, she just wanted to hear him say yes again, a word that brings her joy.

He could answer her question with some cheesy one liner or a joke, given what she told him on his way to take her home it’d fit, but jokes and the like seemed in bad taste, having John brush hair from her eyes, cupping her face with both hands as he said, “I may joke and give you grief, making you think I don’t hear you, but, Mrs. Hicks I’ll be a good father to our baby, I promise…” tenderly, love laced in to show the feelings her choice brought out of him as a tear began descending his cheek. Standing there forehead to forehead, love in their stare, John caught himself wondering how a woman like her, a goddess with beauty and brains could’ve fallen for an ex hired hand went beyond him, though he wouldn’t trade the last year and six months for anything, one fact the man admitted without question. There was so much they wanted to tell one another, but not verbally, having John take Aki’s hand and kiss it before he said, “I know you need to come in tomorrow, but thought since we never really had a honeymoon, we could go out, rent a room and try making our first?” in a low lovingly voice in the blue haired woman’s ear, grinding against her, hoping to entice her.

Smiling, feeling him do that, chills went up, down and around her beautiful body, having the woman’s heart fluttering more, sending her to kiss him deeply again, an act she felt him return in spades. Oh, Aki knew the kiss answered in favor of going and probably having sex part of the night, an activity they both had in mind, the young scientist broke the kiss and said, “Let’s go, my love…” a soft purr to her voice as she went to nip john’s ear, leaving a mark on it, just the way she knew he liked it. Before walking out, Aki took off her lab coat, revealing her white dancer’s top, a garment unauthorized for work, and she knew that, but she planned this night with her man for days, so she didn’t really care if what she had on would get her in hot water.

Not being able to rip his eyes from the view of her sexiness, which made his meat hard was an understatement, John hoped that it wouldn’t get in the way of driving. Walking to the car, he couldn’t help pinching Aki’s butt before guiding her in, an act making her stick her tongue out as her cheeks became flush red. While true, both had sex on the brain, how they began rubbing their legs proved it, John asked, “How’s work, getting any closer?” kindly as he started the car. He knew Aki was having a few hard things to overcome, likely a lot more given the deadline was in a month, but he supported all she did and she knew that.

Adjusting her glasses, a bit of pride came over Aki as she said, “Well, before you called, I saw that the cells started to divide, producing a network, so good!” stress relief in her tone, allowing her to smile, but she held something back, one thing she hoped John would understand. Once at the hotel, so many ways she could proceed swirled in the female’s head, much more than she plotted, but no, Aki had what she wanted to do in mind, making the woman kiss her husband deeply, her hands unbuttoning John’s shirt. Backing him up while her hands explored his chest, taking every feature and detail in, a task they did many nights before, Aki had no words for this moment, they paled to do what actions would, driving the woman’s leg against his, inching up.

Feeling her come up his leg gave him all he wanted to know to say the least, sending his hands off on their quest, tracing her body and beyond, letting them map her well. John knew they both had burning lust at the door, ready to rip it off its hinges or act like a ticking bomb set to blow, either fit, driving him mad with passion as his hands took her hot pants down. After they hit the floor, sure foreplay came to mind, with a hot babe like her how could it not, John admitted it, lust dictated other things however, compelling her husband to get all over her in bed, kissing, licking and rubbing her intimate places, one instruction John obeyed once he heard Aki’s moans.

“John, baby yes…” the young woman moaned in the man’s ear before kissing it, trailing down his neck, panting breaths in between them. Arching her back up and helping her man untie her top while they kissed, a task not simple by any means, Aki couldn’t believe how the waves made her feel, hoping actions would be more than enough, compelling her to undo his pants and attempt to slink them down. True, the couple had sex many times before, each time memorable than the last, facts Aki couldn’t help but admit, this time felt more magical though, likely due to trying to have a child, something they both wanted for awhile, knowledge compelling the blue haired woman to rub John’s chest, exploring every part of it.

He loved her, no refusing that fact, and if anything happened to her, there would be shit raining down on the one who did it, it went without saying, an omission making him trace her cheek before entering Aki’s womanhood, spreading it. Panting, kissing her while their bodies met again, words would have no meaning now, their bodies would say how the couple felt now, having the man and woman begin the dance, pushing and countering while breathy moans filled the room between kisses. As /John rained deep kisses on her neck, Aki moved her body in a way arousing him, telling him she wanted him deeper, a request he fulfilled fast, thrusting, but she rolled him on his back, looking down at her husband, a smirk on her face.

Aki wouldn’t say she planned this, even if she did, the woman had no reason to tell him because the woman knew her husband loved this, compelling the lady to hand over her man, her full breasts swaying for him to do as he wanted. Nothing felt so right but when she felt him inside her as he was then, but when his lips went on her tits, attending to them and hands cupped them, working slowly, the waves going through her were all the scientist needed to intertwine her hand with his and ride, feeling John’s kisses and other hand on her. “God, this feels so good…” Aki moaned before planting lingering kisses on his neck, getting a faster pace going due to the feeling in her, a stirring sending pulsating waves faster throughout her frame, making the woman freeze while they carried her to bliss.

All he could do was give a last thrust into her, emptying every ounce of seed into his wife while giving into the surges working them both, as if John wanted different, having him kiss her deeply, enjoying her embrace. When the surges started dying off, sending both back to their senses, he held her, raining kiss after wet kiss on her face, neck and where ever he saw skin, Aki’s man rubbed her back as she adjusted in his embrace, letting him swear he’d be there for her and their baby, a promise John would die to keep. Sure, telling the future or seeing it wasn’t his many gifts and the man knew that, he didn’t know if what they just did got her pregnant, but something made it feel like she could be, having him snuggle with her, letting sleep take the two.

Aki didn’t want to be anywhere but asleep in her husband’s arms, secure knowing John was near, hoping morning wouldn’t come too fast because she knew their mini escape needed to give way to her going back into work, making the young woman position herself on his chest better. They had that night, she wouldn’t ever forget what he did or how perfect their bodies seemed to move, it was magic after all, if that word worked in this instance. Would she be too bold and hope a child might come out of what transpired, Aki didn’t think so, that alone made her even more secure, making her sigh while she slept.

Neither one wanted to admit dawn came a few hours after and the “holiday” they were on had to end, how Aki and John held each other tighter showed their refusal, but the man and woman got out of bed and dressed, as slowly as possible it should be known. Kissing and touching went to prove the other night didn’t completely do the job, hell five night might only barely satisfy the couple to be honest, duties called though, a reality, having both down as they left the hotel. “Aki, last night was damn hot. Half of what you did has got to be illegal in this country!” John said with a chuckle following, lightening the already offbeat mood after getting in the car.

Smirking at her husband, sticking her tongue out at him, adding a bit more to the mood before she said, “You bring that out of me babe. Here I’m an innocent lab worker cursed with a hot body and married to a man who I love being meat for, can you blame me for being naughty?” in a erotic tone, the memory of the sex they had still fresh, aiding her statement. Once at work, tasks of the day took up almost all of her thoughts, having Aki check the progress of the cell growth, but she felt like something was out of place. It wasn’t the sample, the subject grew a good bit from the other night, no, she couldn’t put her finger on, putting the young woman on guard.

Seven years after Aki’s death, John had a mix of emotions going through his head, constantly at war with him, making him want to go after the people who killed her, one thing not far from thought, their daughter, Yuki, the couple’s pride and joy came first though. While watching her outside playing, the man found a chip in Aki’s old desk address to him, but before he opened it, his daughter screamed, alerting him, but before the man could react, the six year old ran in, behind his leg, shaking like a cherry blossom in the tree. The term “Dad Mode” didn’t quite apply here, but “Dad Mode with a sprinkle of ninja” worked flawlessly, getting John on a knee before he asked, “What’s wrong, angel?” concern all around the question, letting her know he’d do anything to keep her safe.

“Outside, I saw someone…” Yuki said still shaking, struggling for words to tell her daddy more about the person, but what could only be shock gripped the child. She knew her father taught her not to lie, and this wasn’t one, actually all she could do was show him, making her grab her dad’s hand and take him outside, something she did even if she had to see that again.

“If those kids picked on her for slipping into Japanese, their heads will be on pikes!” he mumbled angrily, knowing she acts about the same when they tease her, having him set to kill. Once outside, the sight he saw shook him to the core, making John do a double take, not believing his own eyes, how could he when she died years earlier. “Little one, go inside and I’ll be in to get dinner in a minute, alright.” the man said kindly, not wanting to say what he felt was needed in front of her, John had sense than to swear while Yuki was in ear shot.

Without a word, his daughter ran inside, finding things to occupy herself with, no doubt her mom’s intelligence rubbing off on her, knowledge making him smile before what he had to deal with. While shutting the door, little had to be said, John knew he was looking at his wife’s clone, something not sitting well with the man, that was so apparent, it was in the past though, letting him think before speaking. “I know you’re her clone, but she passed seven years ago…” John said calmly with a bit of bite in the statement, thinking where this might go. He supported his wife, encouraging her when she felt like giving up on the dream she had, a fact he reasserted, and if anyone said she should’ve given up, they’d get his wrath, but Aki never said anything about using her own genetic code to create this, making the moment odd to say the least.

Old Open Story Progress!

Skya redone 1


This most likely will be the final report on the progression of my elf princess’s story until I put it on my blogger. The reason that is said is due to the love scene I’m gearing up to do & I don’t wanna strike on here or people upset because their kids read it. That said, please enjoy.


A Princess’s Forbidden Desire

Skya and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

As a twenty year old elf princess with navy blue hair bathed in a pond near her forest kingdom, words of her mother and father started ringing in ears, telling her not to go too far, and she needed to pick a prince from one of the other kingdoms to wed. While getting her hair wet, ready to be washed, Skya didn’t hide the fact that their warning and the “Pick a prince” speech bothered her, the sigh crossing her lips proved it did. About the warning, she admitted creatures like goblins and such lurked in the shadows, Skya killed a few herself before, feats that only sharpened her sword skills, but to picking a husband, the idea chilled her to her core.

Finishing up, getting herself dry and dressing in the low cut pink kimono that showed a good bit of cleavage, something that her parents frowned upon, the thought of marriage still went through the elf woman’s head, making Skya cringe. Oh, it wasn’t the concept that made her feel sick, she wanted a man, children, everything marriage offered, what made the bad taste in her mouth to start was the fact that all elven males of royal blood seemed too much like weak children, hiding behind their money, afraid to fight, a trait which turned her off. Fixing her hair bow and white boots, tying the laces, a sigh of longing dropped from Skya’s mouth because she felt as if a man she could call hers had to be out there waiting, but she didn’t know how to find him.

Putting her sword between her kimono and the waste wrap, securing it, a noise that sounded like a tree twig snapping caught her attention, having the elf jump on a tree branch, her sword ready. While looking around finding nothing but night, it wasn’t lost on her that the trees spirits felt the slightest changes in their homes, a fact making Skya put a hand on the tree as she began chanting a spell that would bring the spirits out, After a few moments of speaking the words, light green started glowing around the elf woman’s hand and the tree trunk, having Skya shut her eyes.

Every piece of her being told her this wasn’t the time to lose a sense, especially if an enemy was in the darkness, something she already knew, but Skya had to focus on what the spirits said, meaning she needed to close an ability. With her eyes close, the path to the spirits that call the trees homes began appearing, letting them come to her, whispering in the elf princess’s ear. As she listened to them, it couldn’t be denied Skya felt an uneasy feeling growing within her, as if something had her dead in its sight, burning a hole through her, causing the elf’s eyes to burst open and jump away from the tree as a creature came after her.

Though she knew this wasn’t the time for jokes, “How dare you interrupt my conversion with my friends!” bled from her mouth playfully while drawing her sword. Skya wasn’t a fool when it came to fighting, she felt like there were more creatures in the shadows, waiting, but soon, more dark elves, goblins and whatever being the underworld rejected came out, surrounding her. True, Skya knew her skills with the sword were almost unmatched, something she took great pride in, but perhaps even she had to admit there might be too many for her, an omission unbecoming of her.

Looking at the elf woman’s body, it couldn’t be said some of the dark elves wanted to rape her after capturing her, the way they licked their lips said it all. Everyone of them knew the dark elves and those who rule the eight tree kingdoms of the land were at war, it went without saying, but to catch a prize like the princess before them and use whatever to seduce her so they could defile the heir to a kingdom, possibly get her with child appealed to them, having them smirk. While most of the older soldiers held back, forming attack strategies, the thoughts of fucking Skya whirled around the younger troops, pressing them to attack her, a move that had her kill them easily. It went without saying the rest of the group came after the elf, having her fight for her life, a fight worrying her, but while the soldiers and monsters got a few good licks in, nobody saw about twenty of them be killed, beheaded by an unknown force, making the battle freeze.

“My gods, sixty against one, can we say unfair?” echoed from the darkness, bouncing off the trees, confusing the dark elves, even the princess. While all tried to figure out where and who this was, mumbling began among the solders, but a dark elf with redish hair came out of the shadows, holding a sword that Skya hasn’t seen before, but she didn’t know if he was friend or foe, having her ready her blade. The man’s features told the dark elves he was one of them, making the leader try to ask him to help them capture her, but before he finished, the stranger appeared behind him, wiping the crimson from the sword as the head elf’s head fell to the ground. After their leader’s body dropped, it took little to deduce this man had no sense of loyalty, at least in their minds, calling their force to attack.

Standing there, the navy blue haired princess watched the man battle his own kind like a demon, still unsure what to make of him. Skya could cast a spell to read his mind, that she knew, but watching the man, there was something about how he fought that drew her in. As the fight went on, it amazed the young elf woman the way he handled his sword, drawing and sheathing it, but using his hands and feet as well, leading her to the conclusion he must’ve studied in Izura, which would make sense. Perhaps her naive nature had a part in it, but Skya admitted this guy would be a perfect mate for her, if he wasn’t the enemy. Yet, though she couldn’t explain it, she felt something with him, like he had a human way about him, making her curious.

Seeing the last dark elf fall, the stranger flicked his sword, clearing it of blood before sheathing it. Walking off, his eye caught Skya’s beauty in what little of the kimono she had left, having a wolf whistle leave his lips, making her turn away, but, “You best go home princess, before more show up.” follow semi kindly. Thinking about what that leader asked made him ill, the way his fist hit a tree gave proof to it, letting, “Why can’t I just go my own way, why pick sides here?” enter his thoughts as he sat by a campfire and started to take apart his sword, cleaning it. Since waking up in that body, a joke god or fate played on him, people always ask him to take a side, getting him sick. He wasn’t blind to the fact there was a war going on, evidence of that fact was everywhere, even so, the man wanted no part in it, having him keep a low profile.

As he continued caring for his blade, thoughts of his past and the goddess or whatever that flooded him, making the elf want to curse. He remembered its words, that he’d find a woman and happiness there, but even so, it couldn’t be denied that the concept of reincarnation had no meaning to him, having a laugh begging to get out. Sure, it couldn’t be denied that he saw a light before waking up days earlier then finding himself there, but he wasn’t ready to call it divine, the word wasn’t the one on his tongue. And yet, no other explanation fit, leaving a blank in his mind, having a piece of the man open.

Jumping through the trees, trying to get home before her mother and father knew she went against them, though parts of the elf princess felt they guessed, her thoughts went back to the fight and the stranger who aided her. Every fiber of Skya knew he was a dark elf, that couldn’t be denied, but, “If he’s an enemy, why did he kill the commander?” spilled from her lips, inviting more questions in. True, it might’ve been a ploy, she admitted it or a rogue within their ranks, causing her head to spin more.

As Skya got through her bedroom window of the castle, she began feeling eyes staring at her, freezing her in her tracks. “You went to the Black Forest again to bathe, didn’t you daughter?” a female asked from the corner, gazing at the princess. The queen knew Skya had a defiant streak, after all, she taught her to have a strong will, her mom admitted that, but to go into the forest beyond the boarders made the queen’s head spin. Approaching her daughter, little needed saying she found a fight, making her look Skya over, ensuring she wasn’t hurt, but, “You make us worry when you do these stunts, I hope once you pick a mate, you will settle down!” came tumbling out firmly but lovingly.

Hearing the same thing about marrying one of these weakling princes made the navy blue haired princess’s stomach turn, making, “Mother, I told you and father I’m not interested in those children! I mean, they’re too scared of swords, for fairy sake.” left Skya’s lips as she turned to mend her kimono with magic. What she hoped to find was a mate who seemed like her equal with a blade so she might test him, and if he could face her in a duel, the woman would pick him as her mate.

The queen didn’t deny her daughter’s observation, she agreed that almost half the princes seemed like weaklings who are too afraid to fight, a fact driving a sigh from the woman. Yet, tradition stood, meaning Skya had limited options, having, “Dear, I know you want a man who’s equal to you with a sword and in bed, but there are any. Besides tradition states that you have to pick a prince to wed soon…” left her mouth. While true, the elder elf would do anything for her daughter, even try to find a better mate for her, but there just weren’t any within the royal lines, bringing her to Skya and rub her shoulders.

Every part of her knew her mother spoke truth, though Skya admitted it, the truth was hard to except, letting a sigh pass her lips as the elf continued mending her garment. Life with one she didn’t love or view as an equal made her ill, having, “I should’ve let those soldiers capture me…” cross her mind in that moment of sadness, dragging her deeper into that pit, but she also knew that thought was just a reaction. Just then, images of the dark elf who came to her aid started coming to mind, lightening her sorrow, making Skya smile. Still, the man was a mystery and it couldn’t be ignored that he was a dark elf, but the things the female sensed from the man needed to be investigated, getting, “Mother, there might be an elf that could be a match, he helped me earlier, but I want to find out more, can you stall father?” out of the young navy blue haired elf, while turning to her mom.

“Who is this man of whom you speak?” left the older female lips in a concerned tone as her eyes locked on her daughter’s, trying to gauge if she was telling the truth. Oh, she wasn’t calling Skya a liar, far from it, but she was aware her spirited daughter had a way to get out of royal matters, making her examine the young elf’s words carefully. After what seemed like an eternity, though every piece of her mother could be heard fighting the choice, in the end, she wanted Skya to be happy, having, “Okay I’ll help you, BUT I wish to meet this man,” come out kindly, watching the princess walk to the window, leaving. It wasn’t a question that she feared for her daughter every time she saw her go on these treks, it went without saying, and yet, she did teach the elf to be her own person, giving her some piece of mind.

Making her way through the trees, it wasn’t lost on the young elf that she didn’t see which direction the dark elf walked off in, but some part told her that he had to have somewhere near the area she was attacked. She had no idea why she had that feeling, it just made sense, sending her towards the clearing. True, returning there might invite more enemies, a fact that Skya knew all too well, but the risk was hers to make if it meant seeing the stranger again, having the elf make her way through the trees. As she landed, images of him still had their say over Skya, drawing the navy blue haired princess in, but as she relived seeing the stranger, something more about his expression caught her, giving her the feeling she must find him.

Walking through the forest, trying to remember which direction he went, his expression stayed on the young elf woman’s mind, feeding the need to see him. Sure, it went without saying that Skya wanted to see the dark stranger’s fighting ability and cross swords with him as a way to test to see if he could be her one true mate, the woman already set her mind to that, but how he looked spoke to her. To her, it almost seemed like a great sadness rested upon him, as if the man had something taken from him, prompting something, perhaps a caring nature to surface and drive her forward. Continuing deeper into the area, flickers from a campfire called her attention, having her put her hand on her sword while slowly approaching, ready to draw if needed.

Sitting by the fire, cooking fish he just caught not long ago, his free hand went for his black wrapped Katana and started unsheathing it. Though he didn’t know how he knew, maybe his sharpened senses told him, but he knew the elf princess was in the brush behind him, triggering, “Thought you’d be back in your kingdom and not back here.”to fall from Draven’s lips while checking the night’s dinner. He didn’t deny wanting to see the woman who had barely anything on under that kimono of hers, who wouldn’t, he just thought Skya cared for her own safety rather than strolling in the same place she was attacked, but perhaps not, letting, “Well, it isn’t my concern, hungry? There’s enough fish.” to leave his lips kindly.

“How did he know I?” went through the young elf woman’s mind as she came out, watching him. She thought she was well hidden, able to observe him, she admitted that openly, leading the princess to believe the dark elf used a spell to locate her, having Skya approach with caution. She couldn’t deny being at a loss for words as she sat down, especially when he knew she was watching him, causing the elf to hesitate about taking the food. True, she knew he looked like a dark elf, a member of the race who wanted her as a captive, she knew that, but everything about him said otherwise, giving her the courage to say, “I didn’t thank you for helping me.” Skya knew other things could’ve been said, questions about him for instance, that seemed like the right thing to do.

As he picked up the stick with his dinner on it, it didn’t escape him that she thought the fish was poisoned or whatever, having, “I know I look like a dark elf, but if I was a soldier for them, why would I help you?” be posed, adding, “Besides, this war doesn’t concern me.” As he said that, there was little doubt in Draven’s mind any spy might say the same, leading him to just take a bite. Still, Skya looked as though questions were on her mind, a look that didn’t irritate him, just unsettle the man, making, “Why are you looking like that?” to leak from his lips, looking at the princess.

Perhaps images from before dictated it because, “You don’t act like a dark elf like I’ve encountered, more like a human.” leaped from her, a reply she wanted to take back due to it sounding blunt and that was hardly her way. Skya couldn’t describe how low that statement made her feel, making her want to disappear, a fact making the princess slowly stand and begin to leave, but he grabbed her hand, having the elf woman look at him strangely. Clearly her statement reflected badly on her, something she regret, she had more tact than that, yet, the way her savior looked, she could tell he had a story to tell, compelling the navy blue haired elf woman to sit.

“How can I explain this when I don’t undersrand how it happened?” went through his head as he looked at her, eyes asking her to sit. He knew if he said that he was human reborn as a dark elf it may give her the impression that something wasn’t right with him, a fact having Draven struggle to find the words. Though it felt like eternity, a feeling he couldn’t explain started coming over him, covering the man and making, “Princess, you are correct, I’m not really who you see.” bleed from his lips as he looked up into the sky, trying to find more words to follow. Draven wasn’t like this, this open, he admitted that, but the elf woman seemed to have a friendly aura about her, letting, “Don’t know if you’ll believe this, but I died a human, waking up in this body.” There wasn’t any doubt in his mind if she told him he was nuts, the way the man told her made sure she would think that, dragging him into a pit.

Sitting there, listening to this elf’s story, parts of which Skya didn’t what to believe since he could be lying to her. Yet, looking at the man, the navy blue haired princess’s intuition came into play, having her think about the old stories her mother told, causing, “You mean, the gods didn’t think it was your time yet?” It must mean your fate has yet to be written.” carefully drained from the female elf’s lips as she studied his eyes, noting any deception. Oh, what she said didn’t mean she bought it completely, Skya knew Draven could be part of the same dark elves her father and her kingdom were trying to stop, but when she saw his eyes, some truth to his tail seemed possible, drawing her curiosity out.

He didn’t know if the princess believed him or not, back in the old days of being human, reading women wasn’t something he did well, a fact Draven admitted with no hesitation. Still, it seemed like weights were lifted from him after he told Skya what he could, but what she said about fate and all made him think. Though not ready to accept that the gods had a design for him like the elf woman suggested, because god had little meaning in his life, and if he did put him there, it might have been a joke, but it did make him ponder the possibility that the man hadn’t yet fulfilled what fate had in store, making him nod.

She didn’t know why, but as she sat with him and heard more of his story, some part of the elf wanted to know more about him, how he passed on in his world for one, but everything in Skya told her not to ask. How Draven fought intrigued her however, letting, “I’ve never seen use of a style that uses the blade and empty handed attacks like yours, where did you learn it?” flowed from the elf woman kindly as she ate the fish he handed her awhile ago. True, he could’ve learned the art from the Izurian people, that much she admitted, but now that she knew Draven was once human from another realm, it stood out he might’ve trained in it before, letting Skya just listen.

“My my, this princess is sure after something.” rang through Draven’s head, raising flags, begging the man to question why she asked, although while looking at her, that feeling that attracted him to her started kicking in, quelling the question. He wasn’t sure if it was the fact that he found her hot or easy to talk with, but, “I’ve learned the style when I was human, but added a few things, like the drawing and sheathing between techniques to make it my own.” fell from the dark elf’s lips, watching the princess. To him, it felt as if Skya was asking these things as a way to test him for something, a feeling peaking his interest and letting, “I mean no disrespect princess, but I can see you have something on your mind, so why not just ask?” leave his lips.

Looking away, as if his statement offended her, the young elf wanted to counter him with attitude, every piece of her will demanded it, yet, “How can I tell him he could be my match?” went through Skya’s mind, having her struggle. Oh, she knew she wanted to test the man to see if he could match her with a blade, there wasn’t little question of that, but perhaps the man’s features bewitched her, because the way to explain herself left her, leaving the navy blue haired princess at a loss. Sitting the trying to find a way to explain herself, an overwhelming need to just leave washed over her, making the elf woman stand, but some force, be it longing to find the man that was her equal in battle and bed held her there, forcing a sigh from her before, “I have this dream of finding a man who’s my equal in bed and battle. After seeing how you are, I feel you’re the one I’ve searched for.” spilled from her lips kind of weakly.

While listening to the elf princess’s words, Draven didn’t deny the fact that thoughts of them being together didn’t visit him after helping her out, only a fool would say it didn’t. Still though, even if they did battle to find out they were “FATED” to be, it would be hard due to him being a dark elf, a fact that made, “The fates are a bitch!” exit his mouth in an angry mumble. He knew and had every right to be pissed at who or whatever placed him in that body, not to mention in a war where the man could only keep moving to avoid getting involved with it, two good reasons for what was about to flood out. And yet, as the words gathered on his tongue, it hit him that a forbidden love might be fun, but more than that, the thought crossed that the two could end this war, something making Draven smile.

Skya could only guess what made him smile like that, but in someway, the elf woman took it like he accepted her challenge, having the navy blue haired princess return the gesture. Standing, getting ready to go back to the castle, “Tomorrow then?” flowed out kindly as she looked at Draven while fixing her sword’s sheathe between the waste wrap, hoping her excitement wasn’t bleeding through. Before jumping to a tree branch, the elf princess looked at the man that seemed to be the one she longed for and smiled, anticipation for what might blossom after her test for him growing within her heart.

After watching Skya disappear through the trees, Draven couldn’t help but wonder of she was the one he heard a voice beckon him to seek, having the dark elf toss the subject about in his head. “She is good with a blade and a hot number too, so maybe?” he stated in a semi serious but playful tone, not trying to avoid the fact that her parents may try to keep her from him since he is in “that” body. Oh, though he joked about sex and the fact that a forbidden romance with her would be fun, Draven had respect for Skya, getting him to plan on how to attempt winning over her parents, a task the man knew wouldn’t be easy.

Getting in her bedchamber window, Skya’s eyes fell upon her mother, a look of wonderment on the older elf’s face. “By your look daughter, it seems like the man you spoke of accepted your challenge?” her mother asked softly, a curious ring echoed in her voice, knowing it wasn’t unlikely. With a flick of a hand two cups filled with a sort of tea appeared on the worn oak table as she added, “Come, have some with me and tell me about him. After all, I’m covering for you with your father.” came out kindly, but had a way of not letting Skya forget she owed her mother.

The navy blue haired princess knew she had to tell her mom something about Draven, of that she couldn’t avoid, compelling Skya to sit. Every piece of her screamed not to say he was a dark elf, that would kill any possibility of a future with him, having her pick her words carefully. Hoping she wouldn’t say the wrong thing, Skya took a breath before she said, “Mother I think he IS the one. I mean he’s kind, attractive and how he fights, using his sword but also his feet in concert with his hands amazed me.” with a sort of passion in her voice as she told about him. As she took a sip of the tea, the princess could tell by her mother’s expression that she might’ve said a bit too much, a fact worrying the young elf.

As she suspected, her daughter was in a fight and this man, whoever he may be aided her, one thing giving the older elf peace while sipping the liquid. “I see, my little one.” This man does sound like your equal, but by the fairies, I want to meet the man who helped you.” Skya’s mother said in a half order but stern tone, trying to stress the fact that she risked too much nowadays. She knew her daughter could tell the risks she took pushed the boundaries she set, the look on the princess’s face wasn’t hard to read. And yet, that same look said she wasn’t done pressing her luck, making Skya’s mother throw her hands up as she said, “Just be careful, and I hope you do settle down after you and this man get together!” in an ordering tone, letting Skya know she wouldn’t take games much longer.

Every word she heard her mom say acted like a whip of sorts, taming the navy blue haired princess, making her hang her head as she said, “I understand, sorry mother.” in a mumble, a kind of sorrow around the reply, knowing she reached a line with her elder, one she dare not cross. It couldn’t be denied how her mother’s strong words made her feel, how Skya slowly stood and took a bow before taking her sword sheathe from her side, putting it next to the bed spoke to that. After watching her mother leave the room, her words still rang in the princess’s pointed ears, trying to get her to understand the dangerous game she was in, but Skya knew the rules, knowledge making her sigh while getting in bed.

Laying in bed, thoughts of the man who amazed her still ran wild in her mind, making Skya look forward to testing him. “After he and I battle, I’ll settle down, maybe more.” she said in a whisper, a trail of what could be lust on the edge of it, letting a smirk creep to her face. Though she bent the rules her parents set, Skya followed most of them, other than picking a prince to wed, but the way Draven made her heart skip a beat, every fiber in the elf made her want to let him take her after their duel, a want the navy blue haired elf knew was forbidden.

Mini Update

So, this weekend was somewhat productive! 🙂 The computer game pads came Friday & I unplugged the shorted one, throwing it away, plugging in the new one. The backup is in my dresser’s item drawer if/when I need it. 🙂 Boy, can’t tell ya how good it felt playing a game without the controller shorting out every second! 🙂 Even managed to complete Devil May Cry 4 on hard, which I’m glad to see that I can still do it. When beaten, it unlocked two more modes, but I’m no way that hardcore to try em.


I am debating on showing game play footage of a boss fight, please let me know your thoughts


On the writing front. Tomorrow, (Tuesday) will be spent adding too, if not completing the fan based work, (the one with the woman below and the feline ninja guy), after washing pop cans out. 🙂 My goal is to get open stories done before doing new stuff, as stated days ago.






Lastly: Wednesday will be spent revisiting Elfen Lied so the review can be written, which most of you are waiting for, sorry to keep you all waiting. 😦

Showing Stories Day 5: Ending With A Discussion Topic

So we’ve hit the end of this ride and wanted to end with a topic you can discuss among yourselves and me, but first let me say this. When I started writing so many years ago, I knew nothing, as my adopted bro could tell ya. 🙂 I mean it, my characters were hollow, they didn’t work for their goals etc. In the last few years, my writing style has gotten better, I show emotion more than tell & characters do have things to overcome before being rewarded. True, there are a few things that need addressing, like dialogue structuring, but I’m learning! 🙂




That stated, on with the topic. Most of you know that I’m writing a Sailor Moon/Star Cross Love crossover, using two of my novel’s characters set in the very first few minutes of the 90s anime. I’m also debating on having my male character bite a dying guard, (or someone that will not be in Sailor Moon), turning them into a vampire and adding them into my book & here’s where the discussion topic comes into play. I have ideas of the post/standing the character that Xavior might turn has, but give me ideas of their looks, mindset, baggage, are they supportive of him and Fujiko helping their defense etc.


Trying to be more interactive. 🙂