My Thoughts On Tekken 7, (PC Version)



Okay, I’ll go on a limb here and say that I’ve done something I swore years ago not to do & pre ordered said game for the PC, BUT Tekken 7 has lived up to the hype an then some. Sure, a third party DRM is in place that has to verify itself every thirty days or so, which is a dirty underhanded ploy by the DEVS, however it is what it is.


Over the weekend, while trying to stay from the heat, I’ve played the game, a game my computer handles well and am learning Ling (picture above), Lucky Chloe, (below) & a few more fighters.




Though tricky, a way to use Chloe is slowly starting to kick in, but would I feel safe using her full time yet? No, because some moves come out at times, other times they don’t, meaning I need to practice more. There is a character I do feel right about using though, watch the videos at the end to see what she can do.


But to my surprise, my old PS3 controller with rapid fire function works in the game, which helps greatly. Was spanking ass Saturday night, (not really, but did help).  I will explain two downsides of the game. Even though half the people in that Tekken group are on my Steam account, only four play against me, the rest avoid me or play two sets then say “Another player wants to play him, we’ll play later.” but never asks meto play. Makes me wonder why I added some people, you know? You can creat six slots in a room, so he could’ve done that, but.


As of this post, online rank matches are not for me. Went into some & though I’ve played well, leave it to the no skill halfwits to spam. All and all, I’m loving Tekken 7!



Personal Blog For June 1st 2017

Once again sorry for going off grid for days/weeks, but health issues got in the way. I’ll be happy when my coffee gets ordered this weekend, hopefully it helps keep me from getting backed up.


Anyway, on with the post, & I’ll get the crappy part out the way first. After some odd months, my nephew in his dimwitted wisdom let his stupid ex girlfriend move back here. Yes, the woman who was wanting her own place, her own life, money but stayed with her mommy this whole time IS HERE! I voiced my opinion, telling him that he was a stupid moron for letting her back here because it has already started to decay into fights, but not my problem.


Before feeling muddy, so many words a day were being written & my stories were nicely constructed. Tomorrow, my plan is to write more & try finishing one I’ve been working.


As for the Elfen Lied review, I am trying to get that rewatched, believe me. Wish there were more than 24hrs. in a day.


Finally, in a few weeks, some Tekken 7 matches and training content will be going up. When the game’s bought, I’d like to train some and do arcade stuff before getting destroyed online, but I’ve recorded another game while the gut hurt to see how the quality was before I streamed and stuff. Look below and drop your thoughts. 🙂


Mini Update

So, this weekend was somewhat productive! 🙂 The computer game pads came Friday & I unplugged the shorted one, throwing it away, plugging in the new one. The backup is in my dresser’s item drawer if/when I need it. 🙂 Boy, can’t tell ya how good it felt playing a game without the controller shorting out every second! 🙂 Even managed to complete Devil May Cry 4 on hard, which I’m glad to see that I can still do it. When beaten, it unlocked two more modes, but I’m no way that hardcore to try em.


I am debating on showing game play footage of a boss fight, please let me know your thoughts


On the writing front. Tomorrow, (Tuesday) will be spent adding too, if not completing the fan based work, (the one with the woman below and the feline ninja guy), after washing pop cans out. 🙂 My goal is to get open stories done before doing new stuff, as stated days ago.






Lastly: Wednesday will be spent revisiting Elfen Lied so the review can be written, which most of you are waiting for, sorry to keep you all waiting. 😦

Personal Blog For May 2017

New month, time to clean out my head, so let me get into it, but at the end a cherry will top this off & I’d like to share it with ya.

To kick this off, I’ve been adopting new techniques of writing dialogue into my stories for three days and like it. In fact the next story I post has some of the new element in, so look out! 🙂 However, and this may sound lame, but it isn’t easy to merge old and new, having em look like they work ya know? That said, I am adapting to change.


In other news, some of you know  one of my R/C trucks was stolen last week when I was out with it and though I’ve come to terms, this made me think about not taking my Stampede out anymore. Oh, it might be worry making me think that I know that, but it’s there. In a week, it may fade, not sure, for now though… The hobby isn’t dead in me, not by any means, I’ve decided to get the e maxx’s replacement, (a much cheaper in price truck), cause when I DO go mack out, I don’t see risking another $500+ R/C to be a target.




On the Elfien Lied front, I’m still trying to guess why my computer’s viewing software wants to play random episodes and not the disc in order. Its in a mode I’m sure, just need to sit down to figure it out. In any case, weather I figure it out or not, the series will be rewatched this weekend and a review will be up the following week! 🙂


Lastly,  computer news and the cherry I promised. Another gamepad I bought a year ago has developed a short in the wire. I’ve taken care of it, but it might just be wear and normal use doing it, so my plan? Order two Wednesday and if one starts shorting, I’ll have a backup. Good plan? Would go with Logitech’s wireless pad, but heard that fails to connect on install. There’s a patch I COULD download, but if it won’t work, the gamepad will be a paperweight.


Okay, now the cherry. Since moving back to PC gaming from consoles, me moods have been better, added a few more friends on my steam list and even posted in forums there. And for the most part, I keep my head down, I’ve been cool when helping people etc. However one post had me almost lose my cool, but I managed to reply in a decent & somewhat funny way. while giving fact.


This user kept posting, whining that Tekken 7’s playerbase on PC will stink without crossplay and he/she isn’t too sure about buying it on steam. Well after the eighth post, I had enough and said my piece, which their post with my reply is below, let me know what you guys think.


Originally posted by FrPl^Ryodakun:

The lack of crossplay really makes me think about not putting the money towards the PC version. I am interessted in playing ranked tekken online and if the PC versions community is small, then where’s the point? All the good players will be over at the PS4. For serious players the PC version seems to be a really poor deal at the moment.

Crossplay crossplay crossplay, I’m sure everyone agrees with me when I say we are tired of you beating a dead horse! If you THINK the PC playerbase is gonna be small, well it is your opinion, an incorrect one, but whatever. We however have a group to play the game, and I’m sure people will be coming once the game unlocks in 4 weeks. If your not gonna buy tekken for PC, DON’T BUY IT! Moaning about it not having crossplay only makes you look like you are, a whiny lil fool!

Rant over……..

A Tekken 7 Thread Oi Moment

So with the game landing in five weeks, the forums on Steam are buzzing with activity, a few threads I threw my hat into. Not long ago, a group member and I were discussing characters and who he used and I said who I used and planned on using in 7, “pics below”. As we conversated, (new word I invented lol), he gave me more characters to try, which will be attempted, but due to the below characters having styles that are easier to execute one handed.






There was a user that asked the other user why he suggested who he did. He explained that I need fighters who don’t need to move a lotto pull off moves. The second user was like “But why will he use Lucky Chloe? She’s low tier and garbage! He should use Law, he’s easy and top tier.”


Reading that, my shyt wasn’t lost, my temper was in check, cause nowadays I’m much more easy going than years ago. Let me be open here, I’m not going into tournaments, though many many years ago, I thought I had skill, but I just play for fun. Chloe might be awful, who knows, but bad or not, I’ll use her. See in Tekken 6, “friends” pressured me to use characters that hurt my wrist for three days so they could win. In this game other characters will be attempted in training, but online Eddy an Chloe will be used!

The Voice Of Reason

Thought this was kinda amusing and worth a topic. Now that I’ve made the transition to PC gaming from consoles I’m less likely to get mad because people do not tell me that I suck, I shouldn’t play online or what have you, but we will see how I am after Tekken 7 is out. With that said, no plans are in my head to rage on the game and go back to how I was on PS3, however off topic I am! 🙂


Whenever a game catches my eye on Steam, a website called game-debate is visited and I test my specs to see if my current set up can handle said game. After the test, the site recommends what the best settings would be. Out of most games that are in my steam library, my rig can run em at decent settings, even though I’m on a FX 6300 cpu. Wednesday before bed, the topics I follow on Steam were checked, and another caught my interest. In it, the user wanted to know if Tekken 7 was tested on AMD PCs and most answers were helpful, but one user had to start the “Intel VS. AMD” war, saying all AMD things are trash, get Intel/Nvidia.


While reading this, I was thinking, “If AMD products are trash, then why did the test I ran for the game say my rig can handle the game at medium to high settings?” Yes I could’ve joined that war, but being a PC gamer has released the bonds of stress and anger from me, making me not want to be in online arguments. In the end, I just told the person who wanted to know if AMD rigs cyn run the game to take the game debate test.



Plans For A Few Videos

Gaming PC 2 Game pad and Keyboard


As a few of you know, it has been almost a year, (give or take) since switching to PC gaming full time and would not look back! Though I mostly keep to myself, I did open up somewhat and joined Steam forums and I am now putting my two cents in on topics, but let me back up a little.


Most know of my disability and that I have one usable hand, but that never stopped me from anything I set out to do. A couple weeks ago, while on you tube, I ran across a video and the person wanted to know what made people switch to PC gaming. I commented, giving my reasons, and people about lost their minds. “If you’re disabled how can you play? IT IS NOT  POSSIBLE!!” When trying to get to their comment to reply, wouldn’t you know it, the server couldn’t be found. I think the guy blocked or something.


So okay, I’ll put this to bed now before someone who may read this says that I’m not a true PC Gamer due to that controller above. I do use a controller for a few games in my Steam collection, I’ll admit it! For Shooters, the keyboard functions are mapped to it, granting me ease of use, but MMOs and the old Sierra games, like Space Quest are and will be played with mouse and keyboard.


Talking to a friend about people not believing that I game even though I have C.P., it gave me an idea. In May, I’m gonna get a web cam, then when I play Tekken 7 or other games, I’ll record myself playing. My hope is that if some see that I do play it’ll show that people with disability can do more than people think!


As always, I’d like to get your thoughts so do feel free to comment. 🙂