A Fun Saturday Night!



As I finished the anime post yesterday, I added a paragraph the novel, but a nudge pulled me to my Steam library to play one of the classic JRPGs, Final Fantasy VII. I started playing it months ago when bought, during last year’s Summer Sale, but with all the game pad shorts that I’ve had, wanted to get a backup before trying to play it more. It can’t be said how good it was to play on PC, & guess you can classify this as a comparison post between the old PS version and the PC port.

(PSOne Version)

Before going further, it needs saying that JRPGS never interest in the slightest before, but I asked my mom to get FFVII for either my birthday or Christmas and for it’s day, the game blew my mind! Sure, the graphics tied with CG cut scenes stung me, but the story and game play drew me in as well. The original PS had its drawbacks, there was no denying that, but compared to the 16 BIT era, man! 🙂

The biggest con for me, (& I know others will say something different), but the biggest issue for me were the cds getting damaged, though I took good care of them, having me go rebuy the game. It got annoying as hell, which I’m sure made my mom annoyed to no end!

(PC Steam Version)

I had the Windows 95/98 disc version of the game, but it ran like garbage, even though our computer specs were in that minimum column to run the game. I will not count that version, so yeah.

You could say I wanted to get FF7 on Steam because I wanted to see how it’d run on my computer & the nostalgia. Well, yes and yes! 🙂 Right off the bat, the game brought back the memories, having me back in the 90s, but not sure if I don’t remember or if things were added to this version, but the characters seem to be more flushed out. Up close they have a better mouth, where as the PS I don’t think had that.

Graphics are much better, which is a given and the game runs better, from what I see, certainly better than the old windows 95/98 crappy port.

If you own either the original game or the Steam version, what do you prefer, notice between the two?


Thoughts On The Crypto Currency Fad!!!

Since missing a post Wednesday, due to having something on my brain, two posts are going up today! Monday, in my post about console gamers thinking gaming on PC is hard, it was hinted that building a new computer costs more than it use to be due to a issue I’m bringing up today.

Let’s talk about fads and get rich quick schemes. I’m sure some who read this lil corner of the net heard about Crypto currency and/or crypto mining. It’s digital currency made or mined by using graphic cards and its the latest craze for the last few years, but here’s how it hurts the PC gamer. Say someone buys every Nvidia card for their mining servers/computers, that jacks up prices for said card! Not long ago, I was curious about saving up for upgrades, but soon as I saw graphics card prices, my jaw dropped!

In my mind, these people who buy these cards in bulk just to mine this fad need their heads examined. “Oh, I’ll drive up the prices so I can get rich fast!” But as soon as the crypto market dives, they bail! I’ll admit, I don’t care to follow or learn about this craze, I’m a guy who just games, that’s it!

Not sure if this can be done, but someone needs to step in, whether the card makers or retailers and limit or stop people from buying the cards in bulk! I know some of my readers play on PC so I’m interested in what you have to say! 🙂

Why Do Console Gamers Think Gaming On PC Is Hard? A Logical View, & Counterpoint!

Today I’d like to kick off the week of daily posts with this computer topic and ask why most console gamers seem to shun or hate the PC & the community. Now, keep in mind what I stated in Friday’s/Saturday morning’s post, when I announced these topics, I’ll try to speak logically, invite discussion and yes, I may have a sarcastic tone to some of the post, but it is to bring a point home


Gaming PC 1

As a lot of you readers who followed me for years know, I’m an ex console gamer who has returned to his PC gaming roots due to various reasons, one being the games are more adaptable to me being one handed, unlike on consoles. I get less stressed when playing computer games, mostly because I try staying out of drama on the Steam forums, if a person adds me on my friends list just to say I suck, they’re deleted without a word. Even if a friend who’s on it already spams stuff to win, I don’t ask why, they are just deleted.

What I typed above may sound like a side track, but not really?

Before this computer was built a lil over two-three years ago, the choice to come back to PC to game was weighed, watching pro/con debates, among other things and what I found did, but didn’t throw me. I’m not gonna go on a limb here and all console gamers live in a candy coated world, though a good half do, thinking PCs are hard to get up, maintain etc. Building one today might be, thanks to the issue I’ll cover later in the week, but moving on.

Two weeks ago, I decided to fire a old game up, (Devil May Cry 4) and play it. While watching the cutscenes, the graphics were glitching, even on game play, they were choppy. I thought my graphics card was crapping, but other games seemed fine. So after sleeping on it, google was consulted and found out the new version of my graphics card software had a bug with the old DX 9 games. Now the game’s played in DX 10 mode, fixed and good.

Now, let me sound like a critical bone head here! If a console fanboy saw this glitch, it’d be, “Oh, see gaming on PC sucks!” They wouldn’t even try to see if there was a fix or ask around. No, they’d act lazy and not research shit, “Oh, let’s not be smart and attempt to fix this, consoles are better.”

To add to that, there is this myth that PC gamers must upgrade hardware yearly to play the latest games. Honestly, where does the console fanboy get that from? I wanna know really! I’ve had same FX6300 setup for years and all I upgraded was my old Radeon 7770 card to the RX480 & I can play all the games in my library no problem. Again, let us not use our heads.

What is your take on this topic, let yourself be heard! 🙂

Thoughts On A Game Reveal!

On December 11th, the Video Game Awards happened, but this year I didn’t watch them, which I didn’t mind. However a day after, my inbox was flooded with posts of You Tube videos by channels I follow and a video caught my interest, so it was clicked on. Watching it, strong hints were dropped, revealing what it was, & what game was it? Soul Calibur 6, (SC6).



Yes friends, a sixth installment of the weapon based fighting game from Bandai Namco is due out sometime in 2018. As some who visited this blog for years know, SC5 was played, loved and hated by me, (mostly because some players on PSN wanted to be fools, but I digress). Five also seemed to be disliked due to many reasons, (the new cast of characters, lack of story & Arcade mode etc.) For me, the only reason to hop on the game was the Character Creation tool, which I created the characters from my writings.

Anyway SC6 will be a reboot of the series with apparently the original cast, (or so it seems), easier mechanics, character creation and be out for PC, (Via Steam), PS4 & XB1. My thoughts on the news? Guarded ready! Oh, I’ll buy the game for PC, so I can recreate my troop, maybe create new girls and mess around offline, but I’m not gonna do online too much. Sure, IF friends wanna have matches, I’ll play em, but I’ll be leery with random people.



As a side note here. SC5 was played by me last week and if I thought players were awful when I stopped playing years ago, the game got worse now! 🙂 If any of you want to hear a funny but screwed up tale that happened to me between another player & myself in game let me know. ^_^

Pointing Things Out



Please forgive if it sounds like I’m salty, I’m not and this isn’t a post about how snobbish about losing Tekken matches. Let me go on record as saying, if the match is close and the opponent plays well, without dirty spam or anything like that, then I will take the L with pride. In fact, the first weekend the game dropped, I found myself in a match vs a very good fighting game hype man on you tube, (I won’t put his handle here for reasons). Anyway, he had me dead to rights the first two rounds by air juggling me, but third round, the comeback of the ages happened, having me win.

Getting back on topic, a subber to my you tube channel ask why I only post wins and not losses, basically calling me two faced. As stated above, if I lose to a good player, posting it would not bother me, but as of late, players use spam tactics to win and I’m not putting up one sided bs matches. However, to prove to him I’m no snot, two videos of losses were uploaded, though the players spammed the same moves to win.

Please note the second match because the guy/girl pulled off some dumb sweeps to get a win. To me, the whole 2nd and 3rd rounds were stinky. Next we have video two.

In this one, the first Nina, who was a higher rank than me thought they could win by the same spam, but rage quit right when it saved my win. I hope the player enjoyed having to restart a new save file! 🙂 This second match, the user was all trash and had a one sided win, but do you see my point?

A day after that person subbed to my you tube channel, he/she deleted me from their steam list, kinda funny, no? What I’m about to say may make me look bad, but it needs saying. I don’t have nothing to prove to anyone who views my matches. If I take a loss from a legit good player, I’ll show it, but these one sided spam fests, no thanks….

Am I in the wrong?

Weekend Plan

Before starting, I hope those who celebrate Thanksgiving have a good one! I, on the other hand don’t plan on going anyplace, but thank the gods my nephew’s taking the kids somewhere, leaving me here in peace, aka a mini vacation. My plan is a simple one. Later, will attack a few stories, maybe closing a couple in the process.




Black Friday I want to replay Space Quest 1 from the SQC that I bought on Steam months ago then go on to Space Quest 2 and try playing 3 for the first time. I had 1 and 2 on our old Apple IIGS growing up and they were fun stress free games to chill out on, good memories!!! 🙂


At some point, I’m tossing around starting a play through of the PC version of the game below, below worry has me though.




Problem is almost every Logitech F310 game pad I had shorts out over time and I wouldn’t want it glitching when I get to a  key point and it craps. I know, use the keyboard, but while the keyboard’s decent for some games, I need the F310. Plans are in the works to get Logitech’s wireless pad.

Some Goodness And A Example Of Why I Dislike Try Hard Gamers

For the last few weekends, some fire reawakened my interest to play Tekken 7 PC online & just chill. A couple posts back, a promise was made to you that stated matches would be posted here to let you see that though I’m disabled, games can still be enjoyed. 🙂 Well, below are three matches in one video, me Rakiath_4000 (Xiaoyu) VS. random players.




However, before you watch, watch the end match closely. In it, the Nina user was pissing me off during and through a round, spamming the same two moves. I know Tekken’s very competitive, but that was what I call try hard gaming AKA trash! I HATE those types of gamers, now you know why I rarely play it online. Enjoy these? I have more. 🙂