Personal Blog For December 2018!

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!


Sorry for going MIA at the latter half of November, but a lot went south that kinda unnerved me, plus my keyboard going to that computer in the sky a few days ago. So yeah, you could say my November was a shit show, one I’d rather forget, but let me start a Thursday before Thanks giving. I ate dinner that night, getting sick the next day & guess what, because he had a bad day, my nephew gave me a hard time for it. If he didn’t under cook food, then I WOULDN’T have gotten sick, making me a zombie that Friday-Sunday.

In gaming news. SC6 on Steam gave me issues too. I’d create a few creations then my save data would corrupt, blitzing the files, forcing me to start over. You can picture my rage after that, no? Almost gave up & deleted the bloody game, but I think I have a fix in place if it should screw up again. I do wanna show the characters I remade from five and how much better they look in this game, so please enjoy the showing! πŸ™‚

A few you knew had to be given new hairstyles due to the style they had in the previous game is not in SC6, but let me start with a brand new elf I created from my head, using no pictures. Kyria, (below) was done because I wanted to experiment and not follow my typical formula! πŸ™‚ From the pics, you can see what came from the work. What ya think? πŸ™‚ She came out so well, she’s a keeper in my book. ^_^



Now below, you can see Mei Xing’s, my Chinese redhead’s pic in SC5 with two pictures of her in the new game. I gave her the same outfit etc, the red hair seems to be better looking in the new game, agree? For her hair clips, since 6 lacks the bow item, hearts were resized and used, but they look great on her. πŸ™‚ Gave her light to mild green eyes, (wanted to stretch my design muscles). In the last day or so, one of Mei Xing’s old stories were revisited and added upon, wanna preview? It needs saying that it is a erotic piece, any objections?


Asuka, one of Blackrose’s and Xavior’s daughters looks different, but same you might say. In the old game, you can see the base of the feline makeup didn’t really blend with her skin tone, having her kind of half baked. The cat ears would break if I lose matches, which defeated the character, but… As you see, in her new self, the ears and tail WON’T break, betraying the illusion. Plus, the feline makeup blends in a lot better. I went further too, making her a bit more vampire like, adding dirt to her top, but recolored it to make it look like drying blood! Can you tell? πŸ™‚



Anyway, there are more characters, if anyone wants to see them. Just please let me know! ^_^ I’d like to get back to a semi schedule in the coming weeks before Christmas. πŸ™‚


Personal Blog For November 2010

Welcome to November’s mind cleansing, where it’ll start out with some rant, but before that… After ya read this, please meet Crystalania, a friend of my elf princess Skya, but she’s going insane! β€œWhy you might ask?” A mage tricked her into retrieving a cursed item, and that curse infected Crystalania’s mind, having her enjoy killing.

Okay, now the gaming rant. There are people who are crying about players who use created characters in Soul Cal 6, saying it’s not fair, they can’t see the weapons, the hitboxes are crazy and that creations should be banned from ranked matches. Meow,if you look at it from the damn post I put up Friday? It is a form of censorship and doesn’t make a lot of sense! I’ve fought a Pac-Man with a big ass face and I could see the weapon! There was salt, but it was only because the player was a scrub & spammed to stay at the top of the lobby.

Even a player from the fighting game community circuit is calling for the ban, however this may land me in hot water, but, man can I point somethings out to you? I’m not trying to get on your bad side here, however FGC person, in a match, don’t you have to ADAPT to who & what you’re fighting? It’s one of the first rules you learn, no? Crying and moaning like this serves nobody, it only makes people look like five year olds who cannot play with others. Are you five, or whatever age you are? Stop pissing and moaning and adapt!


Mei Xing

When I create my fighters, most of em are the recommended height, only Mei Xing, (above) is slightly shorter due to her age,17-18, but she can go toe to toe with anyone, I don’t care, end of rant! πŸ™‚


Gaming PC 1

Other news: I’m ever so close to overhauling my gaming/work rig that me mouth is watering! Most of the parts were ordered last month, Windows 10 was shipped yesterday, along with blank DVDS for backing up files. All I need to get is the motherboard, cpu and memory, then I’m golden. πŸ™‚ Shooting to get the last of the parts by my birthday next month, which would be a great b-day gift for myself!



Anime news: I threw Black Clover on the ground and ran that incest freak what’s his face over after slamming his face into the curb. Yes, I no longer wanna watch that series due to that character making my skin crawl and the anime, characters seem so blah? Anyone else feel the same?

Personal Blog For Jan. 1st 2018: Happy New Year!!!!

Let me start this off by saying Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great New Years Eve & are enjoying what’s left of your day. There have been some issues in 2017 I don’t wanna repeat, (the recent being smashing my foot last week, fracturing or spraining my baby toe because OI!!!) In 2018, I hope to do more in the anime circles. Do my best getting to cons, buy more anime stuff & review the shows I promised you all before getting newer series. Yes, I know streaming anime is a thing now, but I like buying my anime, I’m old school, sue me! :).

There are A LOT of items I MUST see too, but most of all, the new wheelchair issue. I fail to see why this new guy is holding this process up. Yes, the holidays happened, that I get, but the chair was picked months ago, but he needed to be out here with the therapist to discuss the needs that I have, but every time we call, he calls late or says he’ll show and doesn’t.

On the writing end of things. The book chapter and another work has been added to lately Either the gates open better when I’m reeeeeeeeeeaaaaally tired or I’m fighting sleep because most of the progress was done late at night. Plus, a new idea with new characters sparked in me a few weeks ago, but while it sounds good on paper, there are hitches that need to be fixed due to the fact that I don’t want it to sound like a rip off of a movie.

During my time away, almost all of the character details were transferred to my PC so when SC6 comes down the pipe, my characters can be remade on the new game. Remember the red haired bikini wearing Xiaoyu I made on Tekken 7? The character was created on SC5 & she looks great, close to what she looks like in 7. If you want to watch the match below and let me know! πŸ™‚

Personal Blog For December 2017



Sorry for going MIA again, but having to debate whether or not the new chair’s ordered & other things have been on my brain. Let’s start this on a positive note. Even though the Thanksgiving writing fest didn’t really take, some progress was made, which is good and I’ll show today in another post. In A Wife’s Wish, errors pointed out to me by a friend and my adopted bro were cleared up I hope.




Other news: Our female dog, who’s a sweetheart of a Pit Bull is messed up, a bit blind, way underweight etc. Yes, she eats well and everything, we just suspect the last litter took a toll on her, it is just sad to see her this way. My nephew wants to get her fixed and have a hysterectomy done so maybe it’ll clear some of the issues up, (and I hope it does, she’s an angel!) Adding a somewhat weird and dumb note to this. The therapist the doctors roped me into seeing to exercise me, which I’ll go into at a later date is scared SHITLESS of her that the guy won’t even come in the forking house unless she’s downstairs.

The first time he came, she was up here and sniffed him, making him flip out, saying where he’s from, stray dogs roam the area. β€œUm, A: She’s blind and harmless. And B: There’s a difference between dogs you see roaming and domesticated dogs!” but he left! Last week, 15 minutes was spent trying to convince the fool that the dog was downstairs, at that point I was about ready to yell at the guy because he would repeat the same thing! He got on me for the way I was sitting, I told him it was due to the chair and he was, β€œIts not the chair’s fault, you can sit better.” Okay, you try sitting better in this!



This Saturday & Sunday I’m planning to binge watch TRIGUN so a review can be written. Wanted to do it last weekend but due to issues I couldn’t, so yeah. After TRIGUN, Elfen Lied is on my list, sorry for the delays. 😦

Not this Saturday, next Saturday is my birthday and unlike last year, I really don’t have no plans to order anything. There are things I want/need, but bank issues are holding me up, so a six pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade will need to hold me I guess. Wish some of the anime club lived around here so we could meet up & do something.

Personal Blog For April 2017

Yes this post is a few days late, wasn’t feeling too good, but I’m good now so let us party! πŸ™‚ I will not go into how my nephew and his live in blonde are doing, other than to say, Get over the lazy girl! Watching & listening to their drama makes me glad I’m single!



Anyway, lately I’ve been real active on the Steam forums, more so than I was on the PS3 & am finding it rather relaxing. Heh, I don’t wanna start wars on there, but when users say a game’s player base will die after a few months, which said game isn’t even out yet, I calmly point out that the game is not out yet, but look at Street Fighter V. Sure, it is on all systems with cross play enabled, but if it didn’t have that feature, I’m sure the PC base would be enough. To me, it sounds like some can’t get ocer the fact that Sony said no to cross play, however I also point out that Sony does some stupid shyt, so there ya go.


Jasmine picture 1


Another reason I haven’t been blogging is the writing bug bit me and had me finishing stories, which Jasmine’s (seen above) piece “Priestess Of Lust” is about finished. That said, I’m tempted to post it here to get beta read so if there are more errors than I saw, hopefully you would tell me. However, the story is an erotic work which has quite a few scene that are a bit graphic, you have been warned! Would anyone want to help?


Skya redone 2


Ah Skya, my elf princess. What’s horrid is I have not completedher first story and a new idea came to me, something I MAY go forward with. Oh, before that her first piece will be done. At times though, there are moments I wonder if my muses know that they overwhelm me! πŸ™‚

There’s more on my mind, but saving those for tomorrow! If you fellow bloggers wanna chat or wanna aid in beta reading, drop a comment or email