For the last two weeks I’ve been taking trips to places, like I was going to do in a post. For those new followers who read my lil corner here, I’m wheelchair bound, so I need to take the MTA Your Ride service, which can be one ass pain to schedule a trip, but they have gotten better in a small way. The first week was great, I had to wait a bit for pickup, but hey, got sun, & didn’t burst into flames like a vampire. ๐Ÿ™‚

Driver was nice, talked to me as a human and got me to the hobby shop asap. Home trip, same, good, but last week’s trip to the same place, the driver pissed my ass off. We get there and she tells me to move the wheelchair some so she could get the front restraint off, I did. She then flips out, telling me โ€œDon’t you dare move, I need to unstrap you, don’t you touch anything!โ€ four damn times. I told her I wasn’t about to do shit, but in my head I was a bit more harsh! Blame me?

I’ll still use the service to get places, but drivers like her shouldn’t work with that service, thoughts? Years ago, there was some plan to put a subway in and make the city a little more modern. However, like our aging power grids, guessing the powers that be can’t be bothered.


Early July Personal Post!

While this isn’t my normal first of the month personal post, you followers should know what is up with me & why no posts. Short answer is, the heat has been bugging me. Most here know that my disability effects my body temp, making it feel ten degrees hotter than it is. Annoying hmm? But wait, there’s more! With the heat, my energy drains away, so yeah.

F150 Raptor Stampede 2017

My doctor wanted me to get out and get sun, but as it is, the weather has made it hard to function. On top of that, both my R/C trucks are sick and need to go in, so. Yes, I could go out, kick back, get sun, but knowing people around here, they’ll bother me every five seconds asking if I’m okay and shit!


On with better topics.


Gaming PC 1


I’m making plans to do a major upgrade to the gaming rig above, future proofing it as much as possible. A path has already been thoughtout. An AM4 motherboard with a Ryzen 1700 or 1700x CPU, 8 Gigs memory (will go 16 gigs later) with a 120 SSD (for OS) and a 2TB HDD for games. I’ll be reusing the case, graphics card, (for now), blu-ray drive and fans. What do ya think?

Active Few Months

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!


This will be one of those “All in one” posts that touches on some personal things, tells what I’ll be up to, welcomes new readers etc. First to the new follower. I hope you find the posts of mine entertaining. ๐Ÿ™‚ I blog about anything from anime, my life, my writings/hobbies to gaming. Please feel at home and join the conversations, if ya have a question for me, I’ll answer it if possible.


Last Monday, I woke up to find out that my doctor was changed without my knowledge. In itself isn’t new, these visiting doctors love to flip the script on my ass without warning, but this fool made two mistakes already. He acted like I was a two year old, getting in my face and talking to me as if I was two… I told him to back off me before something happened!


While here, half the stuff he said, I couldn’t understand cause the guy can barely speak English, am I off for saying that? Before leaving, he let me know my vitamin D level was low and to get out to get sun. Yeah, with people up my nose asking me if I need help every five seconds if I go out the door, that will be on my top priorities sir. Oh, I’ll get out and try, with this new recline function on my new wheelchair, THAT sounds ideal, but people cannot leave me be for some reason, which does get annoying.


F150 Raptor Stampede 2017


Rival 1


With these two kids back from the hobby repair shop, outdoor fun will be had, ripping the yard a new one. Ran one two weeks ago, but Baby’s (the blue with black fendered truck) control stick fell off then my charger for the trucks blew. Now though, all is right! ๐Ÿ™‚




(Blackrose, the vampire cat woman from my novel).

Later this Summer, between running outside, I’ll be working on my writings, book chapter, the crossover, erotic work. Hoping to do the writing when my nephew’s kids aren’t here, but before closing this, will this character work as a priestess/slayer?


Synda (Human)

Personal Blog For June 1st 2018

Before starting this month’s personal blog, be warned, a lot of swearing might be present, so if you’re uneasy about swearing, read no further.

Let me start this with up points! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still in love with the new chair, & the charge on it lasts for a week, which I love! Real test will be when I’m outside, how many days can it go between charges. Also noticed since the seat has me sitting better, the sore on my butt isn’t really felt, which is a great thing, maybe now it can heal!!!



In PC gaming news, (Tekken 7). Even though no love to rank up from a 2nd dan Ling Xiaoyu was in my heart months ago, last Friday it was tried, (was bored, sue me)! Well, somehow I am now a 3rd dan, not sure how that worked in my favor. Seriously, the Leo player tried to play grab ass every few moves that I had to forget setups and just use basic stuff! The video below is my 3rd dan Ling facing a damn great Steve and a button mashing Eddy, being them both!

Okay, now the down points. Think it was mentioned that my nephew met a girl on Facebook & spends half the time over her house, leaving me alone at night. This in itself isn’t much of a issue per say, but what if fire happens or people break in? Lately, it got worse! He might as well move with the bitch, he’s there more, coming home at 6am. Half the time, he tells me he won’t be gone long, only to lie to my face & show up the next day!

To her kid. I said before that I never liked kids, never have, though I stand them. Well, her lil four year old rugrat cries without reason! Look at him wrong, cries, if he poops wrong, โ€œwaaaaaaaahh.โ€ He woke me up crying once, but last week, he got on my bad side.

I’ve had kids stare at me before, only move when I wanna get somewhere, this brat, oh no. Was coming from my room to throw trash out and he got in my doorway. Said move please. He stood there. I said, throw this away for me? He still stood there staring.

I snapped and said โ€œLook, move your ass before I ram it cause I HATE KIDS!โ€ He broke out bawling. People, I tried to be calm, but…

Anyway, I’m debating a move because the nephew seems to care more for his dick needs than taking care of me, (shower and safety wise).

Lastly, a BIG WELCOME BACK goes out to AnimeGirlsNYC!

Where I’ve Been…

I feel like I owe you readers an explanation on why I’ve been MIA as of late. It hasn’t just been on WP that nothing has been posted, pretty much everything’s been neglected by me. More details will be gone over in June’s personal post, but I can say that personal issues and having to make the bathroom my office since Sunday really threw off my game

Something To Share…

There are so many things that I’m plotting for subjects to post here, from news about the new chair to anime and story rewrites that I kind of dropped off a bit, sorry. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


If you ask some of the first followers I have about my outlook on life with a disability, they’d point you to some of my old posts. Well, let’s get to the topic at hand! ^_^ When a few people see me in person, they just assume just because I’m in the wheelchair, my brain doesn’t work, treating me like I’m three years old and talk to me as such. However when I respond and ask, “Da hell are you on, I’m not brainless!” they realize that omg, sorry, then start treating me like I’m human.


With that said, there are those morons who still persist and treat me like I’m retarded. Kid you not, could tell them I write and they would say, “Oh course you do, sweetie, god bless you.” Um, god? when did he get into this, idiot!? Even when I tell people that I game on PC with just one hand, the replies I get are all of disbelief to “I’m lying.


Something was posted to you tube last week, not as a poster, but to prove though you have limits, you can do anything! Watch below! ๐Ÿ™‚


Personal Blog For May 1, 2018

Welcome to May, the month it might get decent enough to do somethings outdoors! First in this month’s update, now that my new wheels are under me, I plan on doing more this year, like taking a trip to the hobby shop & see why baby keeps going out of control. Yes friends, when I took the R/C out last week and it got away from me twice, luckily a neighbor caught it. Don’t wanna risk running that truck or the new one until the guys at the shop can look at both.



In other news, thank you for the likes on the post about the story site, it was a pleasant sight! ๐Ÿ™‚ Did the AVS thing pop up? I do plan on posting the two stories that have Aki Yoshira in them later in the week, but like I said, they’re not up to the level I am but they’re good! After replying to a follower, an idea for a final story for her in that series got going in my head, but I wanna finish older works first.

Personal stuff: It was always known by me that my nephew, who’s also my roommate and care giver has been a conspiracy theory, homophobic jackass, but this April he reached a new low that I hit him twice. A few weeks ago I was watching a round table show that one of the you tube channels I subbed to puts on. In it, a couple of the people cosplay to promote what they have in the works on the channel. My nephew saw this and said โ€œOh, I knew you were odd!โ€ Um, what? Just cause I see a guy in cosplay doesn’t mean shit, but the sad thing is that he has been to anime cons and saw cosplayers before & thought they looked awesome!

Adding to that, two weekends ago his oldest asked me if I like Soccer and I say no, but his father chimed in โ€œThe only balls your uncle likes are the kind he can put in his mouth!โ€ Um, I like women, but most of all, your 5 year old doesn’t need to hear yur fucking comments, asshole! And he wonders why the brat’s screwed up, boom.

Anime stuff: I’m going to bring back a Spring/Summer binge thing so I can rewatch and review Trigun and Elfen Lied.