Thoughts On A Game Reveal!

On December 11th, the Video Game Awards happened, but this year I didn’t watch them, which I didn’t mind. However a day after, my inbox was flooded with posts of You Tube videos by channels I follow and a video caught my interest, so it was clicked on. Watching it, strong hints were dropped, revealing what it was, & what game was it? Soul Calibur 6, (SC6).



Yes friends, a sixth installment of the weapon based fighting game from Bandai Namco is due out sometime in 2018. As some who visited this blog for years know, SC5 was played, loved and hated by me, (mostly because some players on PSN wanted to be fools, but I digress). Five also seemed to be disliked due to many reasons, (the new cast of characters, lack of story & Arcade mode etc.) For me, the only reason to hop on the game was the Character Creation tool, which I created the characters from my writings.

Anyway SC6 will be a reboot of the series with apparently the original cast, (or so it seems), easier mechanics, character creation and be out for PC, (Via Steam), PS4 & XB1. My thoughts on the news? Guarded ready! Oh, I’ll buy the game for PC, so I can recreate my troop, maybe create new girls and mess around offline, but I’m not gonna do online too much. Sure, IF friends wanna have matches, I’ll play em, but I’ll be leery with random people.



As a side note here. SC5 was played by me last week and if I thought players were awful when I stopped playing years ago, the game got worse now! 🙂 If any of you want to hear a funny but screwed up tale that happened to me between another player & myself in game let me know. ^_^


My Two Cents On The Final Fantasy 7 Remake For PS4

Sorry about going off the grid for awhile, between the heat, lack of sleep, being sick, probably from the heat and other crud, I felt drained. This week was E3 week & though consoles are not big in my life anymore, I still like hearing what’s in the works. However there is one thing I wanted to hear about since Square Enix announced it a bit ago.


I’ll be showing my age with this one, but back in the late 90s, I played the hell out of the original Final Fantasy VII on PS1 and liked it. Before that game, RPGs were never my thing, sad but true. Seven hooked me in a way no other game of the time did & never let go. Fact: it took me a year or two to beat it, (not 100 percent), but it filled me with pride knowing I beat the game.


While visiting my adopted family in the 2000s, they showed me video of a full CGI FF7 movie called Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to be released, we thought sometime that year, so after being dragged back here, (a topic for another time) it was ordered. Months passed with the release date being pushed back and Square Enix claimed there were issues with the project from tech problems to actor issues. Two POSSIBLE reasons for the delay, but it was delayed so many times I think they wanted to build a lot more hype around the movie.




After the PS4 was out, square showed a teaser trailer and at the end they revealed that a FF7 remake was in the works, making fans of the old game grin. Even I would buy a PS4 to play that one game. Alas, this week no word about it came from the E3 floor, making me think they’re filling that damn hype train again. Oh, the word is DEVS had to be switched, again “maybe”, to me though it sounds like hype building.


Do you think a remake will ever come?

My Take On Game Reviews And Preorders!

Now that I’m attempting to build a rather decent gaming rig and get back to my days gaming on PC, kissing consoles and those who suck fun from the game for me, I’m trying not to be sucked into pre ordering a game. As of late, “broken, unplayable” games, (Arkhem Knight, Assassin’s Creed unity, to name two, though there is a list) that flooded the market that were not worth a pot. Thankfully I didn’t get into that mess.


Before going on, I’ve said this in the past that if a game keeps my interest, I’ll get it, good or bad, me no care. However, to me, pre-ordering a game is eh to me. A few weeks ago, a game I use to play and did fine with, Tekken will be releasing its seventh installment on PS4, XB1 and PC in June. My gut reaction was, save it to my Steam list and order it in April, but common sense hit, having me say wait. Why? Well, I’d like to upgrade my rig so it won’t cry if I ran it, but read on to understand my other reasons


Day of, you are assured that it may run kinda muddy and need patches up the yang, that’s one. 2. I’d like to wait until some bugs get fixed, (or see if Namco addresses them). 3. Though 60% of game reviewers who review games aren’t reliable, I mostly go by people who buy said on Steam, because why order a game that doesn’t have reviews yet, right?


Bottom line, waiting is my option.

Am I Getting A PS4?

People are asking me if I’m buying a PS4 lately. Though I’ll admit, the debate is being tossed around, if I will be or not, those who’re asking need to understand a few things. One: I’m not ready to dump $400 on a new system, when I don’t know if the games can be played by me. Two: Four hundred bucks is a bit pricey for me.


Then, you must pay ex $$$ for Playstation Plus, if you wanna game online now, so that’s one extra monthly bill. The controller looks bigger, so not sure if I’ll be able to use it. Right now, I’ll say this. Yes, the PS4 surpasses the PS3, but with it being so new, to me, a new console’s not high on my list at this moment.

My Plan For After The PS3

Since the original Nintendo, (and even earlier then that), gaming has played a role in my life. Sure, I needed to work on a way to work the controllers with just my good hand, but it worked itself out, enabling me to play as I do today. Of course my style has gaps in it, however the way I game is pretty good.


When the PS3, & how the wireless controller fit in my lap, meant that tape wasn’t needed anymore, having me get better.  Basically, I’ve been gaming like this for years, but I’ve had to only get games that weren’t button happy, which in this age, isn’t easy. While true, I can adapt to most button layouts, other games have to many buttons for me to adapt too, making them impossible to play.


Anyway, with the PS3 era closing, I’ve done some thinking. By what I’ve read on a gaming website, (name of which escapes me right now), though the PS4’s due out in a few weeks, they’ll still produce ps3 games for a while. Then in three to five years, begin phasing it out. So, after the console’s done, I’m not getting a PS4. Instead, a new gaming computer will be build & that’ll be used to fill in. besides, PC games are easier to remap buttons on.