Had A Topic Ready Today, But Something Needs Addressing!

This subject was attacked some months ago where I called out a fantasy and book review blogger because they reposted my work on the Sailor Moon SCL crossover on their site without asking permission. Grant it, Sailor Moon isn’t owned by me and yes a Pingback leads back to my site, but my characters are mine & who knows who clicks the link.


It may sound like I’m going off on a bender here, but can I ask something? A few times after posting my clause, I said the email and my Skype id are in my profile. How much time would it take for you to email/message me, asking permission?


I don’t like sounding off like this, but to you honest readers, there will no longer by writing progression updates, sorry.


A Post That Needs Posting.

After my email was checked a few minutes ago, finding that that a blog on Word press went over my head and put a pingback linked the crossover that I’m working on to it on their site, a hard choice was made. I want it known that I know most of you like reading content from me, stories etc. and this was not an easy thing to decide.


First, Fantasy Gift Sources: Book Reviews, Article Resources, news, what are you doing? I’ll admit that I gave you permission to link one story once, but not to keep linking to every story without permission. If you want my permission, contact information will be added to my WP Profile.


Sadly, I will not be posting my book progress or the crossover progress anymore because of this. Sorry readers.

Personal Blog For May 2017

New month, time to clean out my head, so let me get into it, but at the end a cherry will top this off & I’d like to share it with ya.

To kick this off, I’ve been adopting new techniques of writing dialogue into my stories for three days and like it. In fact the next story I post has some of the new element in, so look out! 🙂 However, and this may sound lame, but it isn’t easy to merge old and new, having em look like they work ya know? That said, I am adapting to change.


In other news, some of you know  one of my R/C trucks was stolen last week when I was out with it and though I’ve come to terms, this made me think about not taking my Stampede out anymore. Oh, it might be worry making me think that I know that, but it’s there. In a week, it may fade, not sure, for now though… The hobby isn’t dead in me, not by any means, I’ve decided to get the e maxx’s replacement, (a much cheaper in price truck), cause when I DO go mack out, I don’t see risking another $500+ R/C to be a target.




On the Elfien Lied front, I’m still trying to guess why my computer’s viewing software wants to play random episodes and not the disc in order. Its in a mode I’m sure, just need to sit down to figure it out. In any case, weather I figure it out or not, the series will be rewatched this weekend and a review will be up the following week! 🙂


Lastly,  computer news and the cherry I promised. Another gamepad I bought a year ago has developed a short in the wire. I’ve taken care of it, but it might just be wear and normal use doing it, so my plan? Order two Wednesday and if one starts shorting, I’ll have a backup. Good plan? Would go with Logitech’s wireless pad, but heard that fails to connect on install. There’s a patch I COULD download, but if it won’t work, the gamepad will be a paperweight.


Okay, now the cherry. Since moving back to PC gaming from consoles, me moods have been better, added a few more friends on my steam list and even posted in forums there. And for the most part, I keep my head down, I’ve been cool when helping people etc. However one post had me almost lose my cool, but I managed to reply in a decent & somewhat funny way. while giving fact.


This user kept posting, whining that Tekken 7’s playerbase on PC will stink without crossplay and he/she isn’t too sure about buying it on steam. Well after the eighth post, I had enough and said my piece, which their post with my reply is below, let me know what you guys think.


Originally posted by FrPl^Ryodakun:

The lack of crossplay really makes me think about not putting the money towards the PC version. I am interessted in playing ranked tekken online and if the PC versions community is small, then where’s the point? All the good players will be over at the PS4. For serious players the PC version seems to be a really poor deal at the moment.

Crossplay crossplay crossplay, I’m sure everyone agrees with me when I say we are tired of you beating a dead horse! If you THINK the PC playerbase is gonna be small, well it is your opinion, an incorrect one, but whatever. We however have a group to play the game, and I’m sure people will be coming once the game unlocks in 4 weeks. If your not gonna buy tekken for PC, DON’T BUY IT! Moaning about it not having crossplay only makes you look like you are, a whiny lil fool!

Rant over……..

A Rant I Need To Get Out Before Putting Up The Next Story

I’d like to begin by saying thank you to those who commented and gave feedback on how to structure in dialogue better, and I’m attempting to apply it on a story I went back too last night. That said, on with the post.


A few weeks ago, my blog was linked with my Facebook in hope to share my thoughts and grow this blog, and it helped. My ex, who I’ve tried keeping her as a friend has been “Liking” my WP activity until yesterday when I posted the Maki Genryusai piece. See, for thirteen years we had a role play going, using my cat woman vampire Blackrose and the rest of my main cast, (Asuka, Fujiko, Asuka and Xavior.even Maki, though she’s no way my character).


As soon as I posted that fan piece, my ex tripped saying “How dare I put our rp in my book etc. Thirteen years down the tubes, THANK YOU!”


Told her I hadn’t and nor do I plan on using it! If she read the author’s note, she’d realize I CANNOT resell/make money off the game girl! Before the argument, she removed me as a FB friend, like a teen. Eh, don’t matter, beats role playing all day.