Stop, Just Stop

Before blogging about the story progression that I’ve made on various work, there’s something I’d like to discuss. This isn’t me mad, venting or utterly pissed, its me speaking honestly and level headed, so with that said, on with the post.

People who read this blog for awhile know I switched from consoles to PC for gaming going on a few years now & I’m happier for it. Being away from the stress that some console gamers create has helped, but like the PS3, a few oddballs find me on Steam and call me trash etc, names I ignore. But now as of late Sat. & Sunday or Monday, the weirdos were out on Tekken 7.



Let me go on record and say that I had been drinking, (I rarely do, but two or three beers is my limit), so the game was enjoyed with a buzz. πŸ™‚ I was using my secondary fighter Bob and another player who used that same character came up. We fought and as we played I figured him a try hard who’d do anything to win, of whom I can’t stand, but I adjusted my tactic, tying him. However, after he matched my tie, he kicked me twice after the K.O. I snapped and backed out of the match, because I wasn’t about to play the tie breaking round with a try hard fool who kicked me after winning the round.

After I quit, he added me, asking me what happen. I told him, I’m drinking and will not play a try hard fucker who punted me after he wins! The guy had the balls to tell me he’d coach in Bob’s β€œsafe moves”.

Sitting back in my chair, I thought, β€œRight, like I need help from a player who takes cheap shots, why?” Told him no thanks, just look at my video section in my steam file. After that exchange, he deleted me… Uh okay? Lol. But the second weirdo took the taco & left me shaking my head.

It may have been Monday that I went against the other Xiaoyu user and yes, they were good, I’ll hand em that, but trying too hard. Again, the temper was flaring so I backed out, and they added me. I asked why they added me and they said because you use Xiaoyu & you’re β€œobviously new”.

Set him/her straight and said that I’m not new with her, but they replied, β€œYou have under 55 wins so you’re new.”

Since when does that matter? I answered back saying my save file was blitzed, having me start over, but he said, β€œMhm, sure…” then blocked me.

As I stated in the beginning of the post, I’m not mad or anything, but these users need to stop. I may have gaps in my game with Ling and Bob, but a few friends are saying how I use the fighter is phenomenal. Watch the July 4th set of matches and tell me do I really need a couch? πŸ™‚


Had To Be Shared…



There were so many topics that I wanted to cover this past week, but bad luck followed me everywhere. Expect this post tonight & others tomorrow. With that said, let’s move on. πŸ™‚

When playing games on Steam, (mostly Tekken 7 online) there are some people I try avoid playing due to lag, one button spam or whatever. As of late, lack of sleep had my temper flaring up, so yeah… If I get a feeling the opponent’s cheating, I back out of the match, and call it rage quitting, but it’s done to save what sanity I have left.

While the situation I’m about to talk about goes back months and please read more before watching the video below. There was someone on my friend list that use to popup in random matches and use to just button mash & though a few times I defeated his cruddy play, the last two times, I wasn’t feeling it so I backed out. After, he deleted me, but told his friend what happened apparently, who played me and spammed me, forcing me to leave.

When I got back on, the guy/girl, it or thing called me everything in the book and when trying to explain, well take a guess. They were blocked, but not before a warning of if we fight ever again, I best not run. Below guess who I ran into a few days ago and take a guess who raged quit due to me winning! Not me, and if you listen close, you can hear me call the fool an Asshol……

The player had the balls to re add me, bitching about how trashy I played, calling me a fag, etc. Just told him he was the one who quit, maybe he can’t accept that I out played him or gotten better? Once more, the player was blocked!.

Enjoy the vid! ^_^

A Fun Friday Night!



Last night fun was had in Tekken 7, but let me explain something before going further. A year ago I started capturing my matches, finally putting the you tube channel I have to use. However, due to some players getting to be FGC wannabes, sucking the fun out of the game like a vampire, I stopped recording the fights.

Losing to a better player isn’t my problem, if you saw my record, it’d show you. No, if the match is close and I get out played at the end, I’ll take my lick, rematching once and see if I can adapt. Last night, there two matches that I recorded that shows though I play one handed, that doesn’t mean I’m not one to be taken lightly!! πŸ™‚

Above, the LEE user was giving me a good workout, the way he was playing though, I thought he’d be a try hard. Even though I tied the rounds, he beat me fairly, and I got better in the run back, beating him! ^_^

Should this be posted due to the player’s handle? πŸ˜› Anyway, another darn great set! In the second, yes, you might hear swearing, but it’s due to me dropping my combos quite a bit, but I won! Not that I’m questioning it, but not sure what had me playing like that, feels like I upped my game a lot! It felt great. πŸ™‚

What do you think?

Why I Won’t Raise My Rank Any Higher Than 2nd Dan In Tekken 7.



Thought this would be a good topic to post, if people, (new and old readers) wonder how I play one handed. After Tekken was released on Steam last year, characters were tried, finding I can use Ling Xiaoyu somewhat decently. I’m no fighting game god mind you, I do not have time to learn every term etc, like the FGC players who play these as a living do. No, guess you can call me a casual player, which I’m fine with.


Getting back on topic, one person on my Steam list saw one of my matches & messaged me last year, saying, “You good, you good, but why you not ranked higher than that?” He’s from Finland, please excuse the broken English.


Just explained that due to my limits, I cannot react faster to some players, & yes, most who play act like it’s more than a game.


He asked why you not do more, its fun. Why this why why why?


At this point, His talking would’ve prompted me to say something but I don’t think he’d get why I got upset, so… Being 2nd dan in the game is fine to me, a rank I don’t wanna try to go past, because knowing my luck I’d get a player like the one below who grabbed me at any turn and stressed me out.




I won, but damn, grab much? πŸ˜›

One More Anime Creation & A Question….

A couple posts might make it up today because it feels like I’ve been slacking a little with content. After seeing the responses (likes) people left on my β€œSailor V in SC5?” post I want to show one more anime character that made the old creative juices flow.

The actual year this anime released escapes me at this moment, but are there any fans of M.S. Nadesico among the new followers of the blog? I picked up a few volumes of it on VHS in the 90s at Anime Central & fell in love with the series. In fact, the DVD boxset was bought two or three years back with plans of watching it again after getting round to the reviews that are overdue! πŸ™‚

Anyway, there’s a character in the series named Ruri Hoshino that has an interesting attitude & for that reason, she’s one of my favorites. Two years ago, the fire ignited in me to see if she could be created in SC5, but a friend aided me by doing it first and wrote a guide for me to follow.

Below is a pic from google then two pics of the creation! Does it look like her?? πŸ™‚





ruri 1



ruri 2


In his version, the item attached to her skirt was on the wrong side, but as you see, I corrected it. Ruri might not be complete, there were details he listed in the guide, but does she look alright? Also wanna ask you all something.

While I’m 50% sure I’m buying SC6 on Steam, (if my RX480 can handle it), but it depends on playerbase. Oh, the community will be there, I have no doubt, but like Tekken, a few try hards can ruin the game for me, I’m getting off topic though. Would some like to see a couple of my matches from SC5, leading up to 6? Drop a comment and let me know! ^_^

A Fun Saturday Night!



As I finished the anime post yesterday, I added a paragraph the novel, but a nudge pulled me to my Steam library to play one of the classic JRPGs, Final Fantasy VII. I started playing it months ago when bought, during last year’s Summer Sale, but with all the game pad shorts that I’ve had, wanted to get a backup before trying to play it more. It can’t be said how good it was to play on PC, & guess you can classify this as a comparison post between the old PS version and the PC port.

(PSOne Version)

Before going further, it needs saying that JRPGS never interest in the slightest before, but I asked my mom to get FFVII for either my birthday or Christmas and for it’s day, the game blew my mind! Sure, the graphics tied with CG cut scenes stung me, but the story and game play drew me in as well. The original PS had its drawbacks, there was no denying that, but compared to the 16 BIT era, man! πŸ™‚

The biggest con for me, (& I know others will say something different), but the biggest issue for me were the cds getting damaged, though I took good care of them, having me go rebuy the game. It got annoying as hell, which I’m sure made my mom annoyed to no end!

(PC Steam Version)

I had the Windows 95/98 disc version of the game, but it ran like garbage, even though our computer specs were in that minimum column to run the game. I will not count that version, so yeah.

You could say I wanted to get FF7 on Steam because I wanted to see how it’d run on my computer & the nostalgia. Well, yes and yes! πŸ™‚ Right off the bat, the game brought back the memories, having me back in the 90s, but not sure if I don’t remember or if things were added to this version, but the characters seem to be more flushed out. Up close they have a better mouth, where as the PS I don’t think had that.

Graphics are much better, which is a given and the game runs better, from what I see, certainly better than the old windows 95/98 crappy port.

If you own either the original game or the Steam version, what do you prefer, notice between the two?

Thoughts On A Game Reveal!

On December 11th, the Video Game Awards happened, but this year I didn’t watch them, which I didn’t mind. However a day after, my inbox was flooded with posts of You Tube videos by channels I follow and a video caught my interest, so it was clicked on. Watching it, strong hints were dropped, revealing what it was, & what game was it? Soul Calibur 6, (SC6).



Yes friends, a sixth installment of the weapon based fighting game from Bandai Namco is due out sometime in 2018. As some who visited this blog for years know, SC5 was played, loved and hated by me, (mostly because some players on PSN wanted to be fools, but I digress). Five also seemed to be disliked due to many reasons, (the new cast of characters, lack of story & Arcade mode etc.) For me, the only reason to hop on the game was the Character Creation tool, which I created the characters from my writings.

Anyway SC6 will be a reboot of the series with apparently the original cast, (or so it seems), easier mechanics, character creation and be out for PC, (Via Steam), PS4 & XB1. My thoughts on the news? Guarded ready! Oh, I’ll buy the game for PC, so I can recreate my troop, maybe create new girls and mess around offline, but I’m not gonna do online too much. Sure, IF friends wanna have matches, I’ll play em, but I’ll be leery with random people.



As a side note here. SC5 was played by me last week and if I thought players were awful when I stopped playing years ago, the game got worse now! πŸ™‚ If any of you want to hear a funny but screwed up tale that happened to me between another player & myself in game let me know. ^_^