Taking A Poll…..Well Sort Of.



While plans are still in my head to use my blogger blog to post my erotic works, I’d like to get thoughts on a idea I had in my head. I know a few of you followers expressed interest in reading some of my work, so please after you read what I may do, comment below and let me know if you would want to see them.



I do have a few early stories with Aki Yoshira that I could re edit & post. They were early works mind you, not to the level I am today, but still good. Would any of you like to read them?


A Quick Content Update!

Yes, I do live, but due to issues the past week and things with my ankle, thanks footrest, I haven’t been doing much but write some. That said, wanted to get this out there for you guys.gals, humans and friends! πŸ™‚


As all who follow me know that I’m a writer who works on a lot of pieces, from fanfics, hentai fanfics, a vampire novel to original erotic works. Jesus, I GOTTA BE ze biggest pervert around! What you may not know is a year or so ago, I tried posted the Hentai stuff to adultfanfiction.net. However its webmistress kept striking them down, saying I forgot to put that I made no money from the character in the fan fiction, so I edited that into my AUTHOR’S NOTES, reuploading it, but still she shut me down, saying I didn’t put this, that or whatever in, though I pointed out that it WAS in the notes.


Even made sure my original erotic pieces aheared to their guidelines, do I gotta say what she did? Finally grew tired of the games and took myself off the site, wouldn’t you? Today, the good idea was to post the adult works on the other blog that I have on google. It does have an AVS system feature so no kids can read the content, but taking a page from my days running a hentai site and saying, Parents, if you do not want your kids viewing such content, install software or WATCH their activity! I WILL NOT BE ACCOUNTABLE!




The first few fan stories have the video game character above and I just finished the first piece yesterday, (Saturday) so I’ll try proofing it the best I can & post it ASAP!

Trigger Points Explained!!

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!

Today I’d like to talk about something that stemmed from a question someone asked about my writing & why I did what I did to a character. Many moons ago, I let a friend read the first chapter of my novel Starcross Love, but for every error it had, errors I’ll correct when I edit the book, she loved. But even though my friend enjoyed it, she asked why did a character she grew to like get killed so soon. I just told her said character needed to pass in order for the story to progress.



In my mind, this is a trigger point and they are needed in order for something to happen. All my stories have em, even the erotic pieces. If a writer reads my blog, you might know what I mean, but let me expand for new writers. πŸ™‚ In anything, be it stories, anime, manga or movies, something has to give so an effect can take place, & judging by the anime I’m twitching through every Saturday, too many causes are going on lol.

Personal Blog For March 1st 2018

For those who are new to my bloggy here, I usually do a personal post at the start of each month as a way of cleansing my mind and let you into my thoughts. It also lets you know what’s coming etc. So without further words, let me begin!

It needs to be put out there that the wheelchair issue has stressed me out & when I took steps to resolve it myself, I got my head cut off. I called my sister who’s my Power of Attorney and her answer is to get me back on Medicaid to pickup the slack of what Medicare won’t cover, but she fails to see the state has denied me 4 other times to get state insurance, so I see no point in retrying. Even if granted, it might take awhile to kick in.

There is Easter Seals that help people like me get things such as wheelchairs & I tried telling her that yesterday, but trying to get points across with her can’t be done!




In other, more happier news, I can now get back into Tekken 7 if I want, which the rust shows on me badly! Tried a few online matches and my butt was beaten, slaughtered and destroyed, so two friendly matches with a β€œfriend” were tried. Check below, but in the matches, he acted as if they were a tournament, try harding me! Yes, the game’s competitive, I get it, but crap man…

(You may need to tweak you tube’s settings to get the videos to play all of the way through). Would you readers like to see more?



As for Anime stuff. I do plan on a post on RWRBY, (Hope that’s right) among other anime related goodness! πŸ™‚ Might take a night to binge Trigun, because a review was promised for a year?

Lastly: Stories will still be posted here, but my clause will be put up, due to a fantasy blogger linking to the Sailor Moon crossover without asking. Hopefully that will stop that.

Writing Has Improved, Making Me Think Of Doing This.

Sakura redone picture 1


While feeling like ugh, one thing I used to ground myself was writing, which helps greatly! I’ve worked on the book some, my old erotic pieces, started new works and I’m even working a FF7 story, more on that at a later time. I know a few read the preview of the story with the above character, (Sakura) in it & enjoyed it, but I revisited a few old stories too, making them better!


ashley picture 1


One of the first pieces with Ashley, (above) was added to last week and LOVED IT! As the juices flowed for all I did, major changed were noticed, having me think. Though there are errors in my writing, which all writers go through, my style has gotten better, so I’m tossing the idea of getting some erotic stories made into manga or just published around. Yes, the vampire novel will still get done/published, that goes without saying but what do you all think?