One Of My Goals For 2015 Is….

Like some of us, setting goals for the coming year, but then not following through on them is something I’m known for. Last year around this time, I’ve started doing my sword Kata again, as a form of exercise. And while I have stuck to it, more or less, lately, I;m catching myself slacking off.  That or the two I live with don’t go to bed early enough, so I can wheel out to the living room to do the Kata.

For those new to this blog, let me do a little introduction, before going on. I’m in a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy, but other then being one handed, I play video games well, I’ve had a good teacher in martial arts, who trained me in Hapkido, (a Korean art). And he trained me in the sword Kata. Plus, I’m a huge Anime fan!

When my instructor first started training me in the Samurai Sword, he handed me a wooden sword, trying to see if I could handle it. At the time, (mid 90s), my arm strength wasn’t that well off. It is true that before getting my electric wheelchairs, I’ve pushed myself everywhere, but that didn’t get me ready for the weight of the wooden Katana.

He wasn’t these by the book “one size fits all” kinda instructors, he cared about teaching me. How did we tackle the sword Kata? He went out of his way, ordering an aluminum Wakizashi, (a short Japanese sword), giving it to me. Using it for the Kata felt natural, the weight wasn’t an issue at all, which I liked, because the strain on my arm was next to nothing.

Years later, after I’ve gotten my Black Belt and Bill had to stop teaching, for personal reasons, I continued practicing martial arts and the sword Kata, with the Wakizashi. In my mind, something lit a fire, making me want to get to a point where I could handle a full Katana one handed. So, I asked my new sword instructor if he would help, but of course, he was all negative about it, causing me to lose interest in the pursuit.

Over the years, the thought has crossed my mind to train myself to use a full sized sword & I think 2015 might be the year for that goal. Sure, it won’t be easy, it’ll mean putting in work, but I WILL get to a point where I can handle it!


Update On Somethings

Some good topics came to me today, but if I type em all now, I’ll be online half the night. So, this will be the start, then the other topics are going up all week. In this post, I’d like to give you reader’s updates on a few plans that have been in the works & my health.


First, my health. For those who remember, a post talking about what I’m doing to reshape my diet, by not drinking four Cokes a day, drinking more tea, eating healthier & drinking water. I’m happy to say I am holding true to my new ways, but now, some in my family think I don’t drink enough water, though there are nights I drink more water in an hour then they do. Whatever.


Adding to the heath update is my exercise plan, (not restarted yet). Why? Well, months ago a pressure sore started on my foot & has me trying not to put any weight on it, & when I practice with my sword, all my strength goes to my feet, making me push on my feet rest. Now the good news. Last week, my doctors FINALLY decided to visit, after months of BS, and a x-ray was taken of my foot. Hoping my foot bone isn’t infected, they’ll do something to make it heal like it should & stay away.


As for the hentai anime website I’m building. I’ve decided that once it’s built, it won’t be the thing that will generate income, so it will be a hobby. Right now, I’m still trying to brush up on html, while collecting pictures.


So, this closes this topic. 🙂