More Show And Tell! :)

All original stories, characters posted and mentioned here are owned by me, please do not repost them without my expressed permission, thanks!!

Most who have followed me here for years know that my passion is to create characters from my book or other writings using SC5’s creation tool. I also create characters from Anime like Sailor Moon and Project A ko, (I’ll show the anime creations another day). For the new followers, I thought it’d be cool to show some of the creations I made and show them in game.

Skya redone 1


First, my elf princess Skya! I’m proud of how she turned out, but back when I played her full time, people complained she’s too sexualized, which half the creations most players showed were WAAAAAAAY worse, so yeah!! While she isn’t in the vampire novel, the princess is in a story I’m finishing up! Here’s Skya in action!

How did I do designing her? I heard her with a 20 year oldish voice, so I got the voice sliders close to mimic the young tone. πŸ™‚


Mei Xing

You’ve seen Mei Xing because I made Tekken 7’s Xiaoyu as this character. The idea behind her was I wanted a woman that knew some sorta martial art. She’s almost eighteen, but I dunno what story to stick her in, maybe due to her age. What’s your takes on it? Here’s her in action! πŸ™‚





Last creation to show my fans, peeps, readers is Seductress, above. For her, an idea sparked! πŸ™‚ Wanted to see what would come out if I took the Arroncar Nell from Bleach, but put my stank on her, making my own demon type sword user. Originally I saw her with wings, & different wings were tried, not looking right so they were dropped. How do you like her? πŸ™‚


Personal Blog For March 1st 2018

For those who are new to my bloggy here, I usually do a personal post at the start of each month as a way of cleansing my mind and let you into my thoughts. It also lets you know what’s coming etc. So without further words, let me begin!

It needs to be put out there that the wheelchair issue has stressed me out & when I took steps to resolve it myself, I got my head cut off. I called my sister who’s my Power of Attorney and her answer is to get me back on Medicaid to pickup the slack of what Medicare won’t cover, but she fails to see the state has denied me 4 other times to get state insurance, so I see no point in retrying. Even if granted, it might take awhile to kick in.

There is Easter Seals that help people like me get things such as wheelchairs & I tried telling her that yesterday, but trying to get points across with her can’t be done!




In other, more happier news, I can now get back into Tekken 7 if I want, which the rust shows on me badly! Tried a few online matches and my butt was beaten, slaughtered and destroyed, so two friendly matches with a β€œfriend” were tried. Check below, but in the matches, he acted as if they were a tournament, try harding me! Yes, the game’s competitive, I get it, but crap man…

(You may need to tweak you tube’s settings to get the videos to play all of the way through). Would you readers like to see more?



As for Anime stuff. I do plan on a post on RWRBY, (Hope that’s right) among other anime related goodness! πŸ™‚ Might take a night to binge Trigun, because a review was promised for a year?

Lastly: Stories will still be posted here, but my clause will be put up, due to a fantasy blogger linking to the Sailor Moon crossover without asking. Hopefully that will stop that.

Personal Blog For Feb.1st 2018

There’s a lot to cover in this month’s personal blog, so let us start with the elephant in the room, no news on my claim for the new chair. For the new readers who just followed me, & those who have been away, I’ll be brief. I’m way overdue for a new wheelchair, like three years? A script for one was FINALLY written and passed to me last year with a new chair picked out that same month. Easy right? Nope! I then had to wait for the therapist and the guy that I gotta get it through to communicate, taking weeks of phone tag!

Last week, my doctor asked if I talked to the guy and to be honest, I gave up because he rarely returns calls. Wish Mike was still in the game, I knew he got shit done! Guess on the upside, my tilt function works on this chair again, though I wanna new chair.



Moving on! Thank you to all who supported me after the post about our female pit bull passing, it helped so much. Before she passed, her son use to try attacking me, biting my foot once, which got him kicked off, but now that she’s no longer here, he’s bad. A week after, he didn’t do nothing, just looked at me chill like, then one day I was coming out for coffee, he went into my room, came out, looked at me and went Cojoe on my ass! I try to be cool with him and all, but…. Last week, had my door open, the dog came in friendly and left then came by the door, growling at me. I lost my temper and chased his ass, blocking him in a corner.

Not sure WTF it is with him, a gene, a male thing or what, but there are times I wish I could hold him down and run over him a bit! I don’t wanna have people thinking that I abuse dogs, I don’t, I just do nothing to the dog, yet he wants my head! Yes, it might be the wheelchair, & if so, there’s zero I can do about it.

Writing! As stated earlier, my muses have been on me about finishing older stories, which I’m dedicating some weeks this month to do, that’s part of my reason not being on Facebook. I’m going to attempt finishing the book chapter this month so I can start the next chapter. If all goes as planned, the book will be half done, yay! πŸ™‚

I haven’t posted about this, but one of my PC game pads, (the one I need for Tekken) crapped on me. Don’t buy the HORI Fighting Commander controllers, they die without warning. I’ve found an older version of controller I used on SC5, so I’ll order it soon & hope it works! Also buying another Logitech pad as a backup.

So Stupid It’s Funny!

Mei Xing


This is Mei Xing, (above), a character I had Tekken 7’s Xiaoyu made up as, please do not steal her. As much as I’d like to go on about her, something soooo funny and stupid happened over the holidays that I want to share it with you readers.

Before Christmas, a post went up talking about how Sc5, a PS3 fighting game was returned too, just to see how toxic the community was after all this time. Well, the word toxic might be too light of a description, but guess you knew that. No, there was an encounter that had me wanna get out of my chair and roll on the floor while laughing.

One day as I sat in a lobby, waiting for my turn to battle, not to mention watching for spammers, there was a Maxi user, (all they uses) was there. I knew how they fought so I left & went to relax in one of the global lobbies. Sometime later, that user entered & we talked, but the discussion turned weird at this point. In the course of the talk, this user asked if I’m interested in joining his Serpent Clan, (yes he role plays on SC5).

I told them that I rarely play anymore, and his response? β€œOh, so you’re one of those players?”

What the ….? I left the game due to the community & I wanted to get back into PC gaming, but the conversation continued with me saying I’m rusty.

β€œYour record says otherwise.”

My record’s a 98 percent win/loss rate because I watch for spammers and fools. If a player tries too hard or spams the same moves to get the win, I leave the match. Might be a dick move, but ain’t no way some no nothing will get a win off me like that. Continuing though, his answer to my I’m rusty was, β€œDon’t worry, we’ll help you become better. I just wanna see how good you really are.”

Talk about lame as sin, really. Later that day, just for giggles, I took them up on the offer and had a session with the person. Like I thought they were, try hard Maxipad spam, so the match was left. I’m good, I really don’t want or need help from people who spam, y’know?

Besides, the game’s mainly used for creation now, I rarely play it. Plus, I role play enough, thanks! πŸ™‚ If you wanna expand on this topic, talk to me more on it or just shoot the breeze, feel free to drop a comment. πŸ™‚

Personal Blog For Jan. 1st 2018: Happy New Year!!!!

Let me start this off by saying Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great New Years Eve & are enjoying what’s left of your day. There have been some issues in 2017 I don’t wanna repeat, (the recent being smashing my foot last week, fracturing or spraining my baby toe because OI!!!) In 2018, I hope to do more in the anime circles. Do my best getting to cons, buy more anime stuff & review the shows I promised you all before getting newer series. Yes, I know streaming anime is a thing now, but I like buying my anime, I’m old school, sue me! :).

There are A LOT of items I MUST see too, but most of all, the new wheelchair issue. I fail to see why this new guy is holding this process up. Yes, the holidays happened, that I get, but the chair was picked months ago, but he needed to be out here with the therapist to discuss the needs that I have, but every time we call, he calls late or says he’ll show and doesn’t.

On the writing end of things. The book chapter and another work has been added to lately Either the gates open better when I’m reeeeeeeeeeaaaaally tired or I’m fighting sleep because most of the progress was done late at night. Plus, a new idea with new characters sparked in me a few weeks ago, but while it sounds good on paper, there are hitches that need to be fixed due to the fact that I don’t want it to sound like a rip off of a movie.

During my time away, almost all of the character details were transferred to my PC so when SC6 comes down the pipe, my characters can be remade on the new game. Remember the red haired bikini wearing Xiaoyu I made on Tekken 7? The character was created on SC5 & she looks great, close to what she looks like in 7. If you want to watch the match below and let me know! πŸ™‚

Pointing Things Out



Please forgive if it sounds like I’m salty, I’m not and this isn’t a post about how snobbish about losing Tekken matches. Let me go on record as saying, if the match is close and the opponent plays well, without dirty spam or anything like that, then I will take the L with pride. In fact, the first weekend the game dropped, I found myself in a match vs a very good fighting game hype man on you tube, (I won’t put his handle here for reasons). Anyway, he had me dead to rights the first two rounds by air juggling me, but third round, the comeback of the ages happened, having me win.

Getting back on topic, a subber to my you tube channel ask why I only post wins and not losses, basically calling me two faced. As stated above, if I lose to a good player, posting it would not bother me, but as of late, players use spam tactics to win and I’m not putting up one sided bs matches. However, to prove to him I’m no snot, two videos of losses were uploaded, though the players spammed the same moves to win.

Please note the second match because the guy/girl pulled off some dumb sweeps to get a win. To me, the whole 2nd and 3rd rounds were stinky. Next we have video two.

In this one, the first Nina, who was a higher rank than me thought they could win by the same spam, but rage quit right when it saved my win. I hope the player enjoyed having to restart a new save file! πŸ™‚ This second match, the user was all trash and had a one sided win, but do you see my point?

A day after that person subbed to my you tube channel, he/she deleted me from their steam list, kinda funny, no? What I’m about to say may make me look bad, but it needs saying. I don’t have nothing to prove to anyone who views my matches. If I take a loss from a legit good player, I’ll show it, but these one sided spam fests, no thanks….

Am I in the wrong?

Some Goodness And A Example Of Why I Dislike Try Hard Gamers

For the last few weekends, some fire reawakened my interest to play Tekken 7 PC online & just chill. A couple posts back, a promise was made to you that stated matches would be posted here to let you see that though I’m disabled, games can still be enjoyed. πŸ™‚ Well, below are three matches in one video, me Rakiath_4000 (Xiaoyu) VS. random players.




However, before you watch, watch the end match closely. In it, the Nina user was pissing me off during and through a round, spamming the same two moves. I know Tekken’s very competitive, but that was what I call try hard gaming AKA trash! I HATE those types of gamers, now you know why I rarely play it online. Enjoy these? I have more. πŸ™‚