Personal Blog For May 1, 2018

Welcome to May, the month it might get decent enough to do somethings outdoors! First in this month’s update, now that my new wheels are under me, I plan on doing more this year, like taking a trip to the hobby shop & see why baby keeps going out of control. Yes friends, when I took the R/C out last week and it got away from me twice, luckily a neighbor caught it. Don’t wanna risk running that truck or the new one until the guys at the shop can look at both.



In other news, thank you for the likes on the post about the story site, it was a pleasant sight! πŸ™‚ Did the AVS thing pop up? I do plan on posting the two stories that have Aki Yoshira in them later in the week, but like I said, they’re not up to the level I am but they’re good! After replying to a follower, an idea for a final story for her in that series got going in my head, but I wanna finish older works first.

Personal stuff: It was always known by me that my nephew, who’s also my roommate and care giver has been a conspiracy theory, homophobic jackass, but this April he reached a new low that I hit him twice. A few weeks ago I was watching a round table show that one of the you tube channels I subbed to puts on. In it, a couple of the people cosplay to promote what they have in the works on the channel. My nephew saw this and said β€œOh, I knew you were odd!” Um, what? Just cause I see a guy in cosplay doesn’t mean shit, but the sad thing is that he has been to anime cons and saw cosplayers before & thought they looked awesome!

Adding to that, two weekends ago his oldest asked me if I like Soccer and I say no, but his father chimed in β€œThe only balls your uncle likes are the kind he can put in his mouth!” Um, I like women, but most of all, your 5 year old doesn’t need to hear yur fucking comments, asshole! And he wonders why the brat’s screwed up, boom.

Anime stuff: I’m going to bring back a Spring/Summer binge thing so I can rewatch and review Trigun and Elfen Lied.






Personal Blog For December 2017



Sorry for going MIA again, but having to debate whether or not the new chair’s ordered & other things have been on my brain. Let’s start this on a positive note. Even though the Thanksgiving writing fest didn’t really take, some progress was made, which is good and I’ll show today in another post. In A Wife’s Wish, errors pointed out to me by a friend and my adopted bro were cleared up I hope.




Other news: Our female dog, who’s a sweetheart of a Pit Bull is messed up, a bit blind, way underweight etc. Yes, she eats well and everything, we just suspect the last litter took a toll on her, it is just sad to see her this way. My nephew wants to get her fixed and have a hysterectomy done so maybe it’ll clear some of the issues up, (and I hope it does, she’s an angel!) Adding a somewhat weird and dumb note to this. The therapist the doctors roped me into seeing to exercise me, which I’ll go into at a later date is scared SHITLESS of her that the guy won’t even come in the forking house unless she’s downstairs.

The first time he came, she was up here and sniffed him, making him flip out, saying where he’s from, stray dogs roam the area. β€œUm, A: She’s blind and harmless. And B: There’s a difference between dogs you see roaming and domesticated dogs!” but he left! Last week, 15 minutes was spent trying to convince the fool that the dog was downstairs, at that point I was about ready to yell at the guy because he would repeat the same thing! He got on me for the way I was sitting, I told him it was due to the chair and he was, β€œIts not the chair’s fault, you can sit better.” Okay, you try sitting better in this!



This Saturday & Sunday I’m planning to binge watch TRIGUN so a review can be written. Wanted to do it last weekend but due to issues I couldn’t, so yeah. After TRIGUN, Elfen Lied is on my list, sorry for the delays. 😦

Not this Saturday, next Saturday is my birthday and unlike last year, I really don’t have no plans to order anything. There are things I want/need, but bank issues are holding me up, so a six pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade will need to hold me I guess. Wish some of the anime club lived around here so we could meet up & do something.

Head Up On Plans


Seeing that the closing weeks of January are upon us, figured it would be a good time to let those who are expecting the things I’ve promise in 2017 know what’s up. Let us get into it, no? Originally my plan was to wait on my nephew to give me my ps3 before I rewatch my Blu-ray editions of Elfen Lied and Full Metal Panic to review them. HOWEVER, he has been giving me to run around on that, saying “Oh, he’ll be getting a new one in a week.” then the same excuse after that. Now, “Oh, this month were full of setbacks, I’ll get one next month when taxes come, but it gets annoying as shit ya know?


I do not use the PS to game much anymore, why would I? So, Shadowlight came up with a plan. Going on Amazon, I found an internal Blu-ray drive for the gaming rig for a decent price and I’ll snag it the week I get paid and have someone put it in asap. It just gets on my nerves when he says something but doesn’t do it. Speaking of the rig below, plans are still in place to get the Radeon 480 8 gig in Feb.


Gaming PC 1




Starting Monday, I hope to rewatch TriGun to post my review of it hopefully the first week of the coming month. Been lazy I know, but I do plan on getting my stuff together this week. All an all, that’s about it! πŸ™‚

A Late Merry Christmas But Early Happy New Year From Shadowlight996, And A Look Ahead! :)

Did all of you have a Merry Christmas? Aside from getting over what I have, Christmas was merry to me. Basically had the home to myself and played PC games, watched movies, ran my truck, (to drain the last of the charge) & did what I wanted. I’d like to wish all who follow me here and on Facebook an early Happy New Year and give people a look ahead for what’s to come in 2017!




Seeing that I’m midway through the first book, efforts will be made to get it done, proofed, edited etc. I feel like I’m becoming better at writing as time goes on, so progress will be shared here, please share your thought when it’s posted.




Haven’t worked the Sailor Moon/Star Cross Love crossover for awhile, I do plan on finishing it. Please bear with me because in 2017 I plan on finishing stories before starting new pieces.




Anime reviews and revisits will be posted here in the new year! Yes, in light of the news that my nephew will be getting me a ps3 with a working Blu-ray drive, I’ll be able to rewatch Elfen Lied, Full Metal Panic and M.S. Nadesico. Keeping in the anime camp, in a week, I’ll be saving to go to Youmacon in Nov. 2017, which I’m excited over! πŸ™‚ My first con since the mid 2000s, can’t wait! ^_^




Lastly, like last Spring/Summer, I’ll be out running baby, (below left) & the new truck (below right) will be enjoyed every decent warm day! Videos of them running are going to be posted and a pros an cons list of the trucks will be put up.


Again, Happy Holidays from me to you readers! πŸ™‚



New Members Of The Anime & R/C Family!

Might spam posts for the next two or three days because on the tenth, I won’t be doin too much, it is my mother’s birthday. True, though she is in a better place now, I still wanna remember her, but with that said, on with the post. A lot of good happened over the weekend that I would like to share, so strap in, grab popcorn and get ready! πŸ™‚




As reported Friday/Saturday, Trigun: the complete series would be here that Sunday, and well, it came, with the AA batteries for the item you’ll see a few pics of below. The first DVD with seven eps was enjoyed last night & it brought back memories of when my adopted family introduced me to it, which I liked. Planning on watching the second disc tonight over dinner and loving it! πŸ™‚ Once I watch all four DVDS, the plan is to write a review of the series and post it here.




Though the hobby shop forgot to send the most important piece home, (my controller I use for both this r/c and baby), guess you can say my birthday came Sunday! πŸ™‚ Meet the newest member of my collection of R/C trucks, the E-MAXX! The thing is huge, it’s heavy too that I have to work lifting it a small bit! With this one, I had them make the extended plugs as I did with my Stampede, (see below), but they gave me two battery packs for it, which two are due here Friday or next week. Eh, more for baby to increase his run time heh! πŸ™‚ I will run this thing next season to see how it handles, but with the convention and computer upgrades I would like to save for, this E-Maxx may not get loved like baby and get the blue upgrades. That isn’t saying small additions won’t be done, when tires and body are needed, I’ll get some, other than that, no.






Two shots with the body off, and hopefully you guys/gels see that this truck’s beefy! When I opened it, it made sense why it is heavy, but it takes two packs to run the thing, which I’m hoping it is fast with the twin motors, we will see. Can you see the extension plug? The shop made one for both sides and though my nephew thinks they would be a hassle, the short plugs are to hard for me to unplug, so I put em on. Sure, they stick out a little by the back tires, but with time and memory, the extensions will lay down!

Upcoming Anime Review



Well, my goodies were ordered earlier from Amazon and the first package with Trigun and the AA batteries will arrive Sunday, (Free two day shipping, love it)! Though thousands of reviews are littering the web, the anime will be reviewed by yours truly here, cause come on, a classic just gets better with age. πŸ™‚


That said, since I’m going to revisit the series, it won’t be rush through, tend to wanna take time with it, since not seeing it since my time with my adopted extended family years ago. Tell ya, the blood’s pumping & I am so excited to get a new addition to my anime collection! But, just wanted to let you guys know Trigun will be reviewed in the near future! ^_^

Personal Blog For December

This will stay a monthly post as it helps clear my head and aids in focus. So much went on in the past month that there is no shortage of personal crap to talk about so let me get to it!


If you read my post talking a bit about how my nephew’s girlfriend says I don’t contribute to the house, though I pay all the bills from my check, please allow me to start there. See, I try to keep my nose out of their little conspiracy theory driven world, really, but if I hear my name thrown around in a negative way, I get pissed. I mean, aside from some food, which I’ll give her credit because food ain’t cheap nowadays, she lives here for free. How bout putting money on the cable, electric, or water bill for once?


And if I’m on the Jon, (not to get too graphic), she opens the door and gets pissy, like last week. Sorry if I get in the way of your three to four hour mirror time babe! Don’t wanna voice my view about here her in public, but…


On a happy note: Some who recall last year know December is the month I was born, and you may remember, I bought my own gifts. Well, the same thing will be done this year, with something added, (hopefully it’ll be home this weekend!) I’m ordering the Trigun Collection DVD boxset, battery packs for the added something, pop and AA batteries. After the month, a part for my gaming rig, (below) and the anime convention will be saved for.


Gaming PC 1


To my writings. Though a few new ideas for stories have been bubbling, the stories I’m working now will take top priority. A few days ago, a fan story with a game girl was added too, & I may post the progress here, not sure. Other works made progress as well, which I’m pleased to report, but most of all, I’m hitting the book chapter hard & producing fine content! πŸ™‚