Floodgates Are Opening

Yes, here is another non-Monday update, but this has me so excited that I couldn’t hold it in! Something wonderful happened yesterday, something that had me go back and add to the chapter of the vampire novel I’m writing!


After some odd years of Writer’s Block and picking at the chapter, adding not much of anything, the floodgates have been open again, having the words flow last night! It felt great to be in the zone, pumping out goodness and feeling like Blackrose is here with me after so long. I really think I needed to tell myself to cancel the noise out and focus on writing, which last night, I hit hard!


Seriously, the words were going strong until late, making me have to rip myself away so I could sleep. After I read more of my brother’s work, I may get back into my groove and crank out more of Chapter IV, because without giving out spoilers, I’ll just say it is getting good! Now here’s a question for ya, because I’d like to interact with other bloggers, make connections with writers and get feedback whenever possible.


Once all the chapters are complete and edited, T’s are crossed I’s dotted, I’m debating on putting the first book on an old Fictionpress account I’ve had for a sneak peak. How many of you would like to read the alpha of the book? Please comment below or those who have it, email me.


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