WeeklyTopic #10: Something Writing Related

Since I feel so good about my Writers Block being gone, I thought I’d continue rolling with topic about writing. Before doing so, please let me say hello to those who just started following this little blog of mine, & fill you in on me and my work.


I’m a disabled ex console gamer that has lived in a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy all my life, but I’ve never let my disability define me. I’ve been lucky enough to train in martial arts, been to visit friends out of state, and more! However, there are more than a few people who don’t wish to look past the chair, my speech slur, treating me like I have no mind, which pisses me off.


Anyway, about my works. Well, my fingers are in two pies, writing erotic stories and the vampire novel that I came back to, after years of blockage. Both the erotic series and the novel are coming along really well, at least, in my eyes they are.


In this post, I’d like to talk a bit how I “try” developing a new character for either series. As in the post on how my vampire cat girl came to be, it took me years of revamping her to get her the way I see her now. With that said, my ex girlfriend and I use to Role play over the net, using characters we created, I used Blackrose and her troop, but as I wanted to branch out and add new characters, Deadra or my elf girl Skya, (both characters below), the ex would either make them a heartless cold witch, or just say she hated the character.








What I found, and still find a riot is the fact that she can redo her characters, having them be the same thing, “Queen of the Gods”  & have them be a recording artist, the same thing her old characters were, which gets old. Guess that’s the reason why I rarely Role Play anymore.

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